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Before we can consider what is meant by; “the Law of the Land”, we must first answer the question; “who owns the land?”.

Like the so-called “climate change”, we can use all sorts of facts and figures yet absent the owner’s manual and repair manual for planet earth how do we know what the climate ought to be. Other factors could include influencing weather through artificial means such as removal of the rain forests etc.

If any mere mortal claims they own the land then it would be up to them to produce the manuals and prove they own the land by showing us how they created it by repeating the process!

We all need law and order but the question is; “whose law and what order?”. In a democracy you supposedly have the will of the people through the politician. The law is enforced by the military. In a democracy the elected is put into power through public appeal. Monarchy operates through merit. You have to do your job faithfully, diligent and honestly.

One may also ask who constitute the people from whose will is being applied? After all, once you vote you have no say until the next election.

Who owns Canada? Who owns the 13 Colonies? How many countries are in debt crisis and to whom? What happens when those “indebted” countries goes bankrupt, what assets are auctioned off?

Canada, fortunately, holds no debt! “Why?” you ask? Well, in order to draw that conclusion we first must look at who the head of state is. The Colonial head of state is the president of that corporation. In Canada Elizabeth the Queen is head of state. Those who are employed with the various government authorities subscribe to an oath of allegiance to her. And just who is Elizabeth?

In order to understand the importance Elizabeth is given, on the currency, image in government buildings and the laws are given in her name as “Royal Assent”. Elizabeth’s representative here is the Governor General, and other conspicuousness; we must look at her genealogy.

From her genealogy we find her dating back to the Patriarchs; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Zedekiah, George VI and Elizabeth. So what does this mean?

When we look at our ancestors we find a certain God whom those aforementioned followed. The Laws flowing from this God are set out in a brief compilation called the “Bible”. There are over 20 different Bibles. One would suspect someone inclined to want to make lots of money could invent a religion therefore the requirement for an official cult, I mean religion. I would certainly place the King James Version of 1611. What is the importance of the King James Version?

King James was James the I from Scotland brought in to sit on the English Throne in 1603. Being of Judah the Pentateuch, or “Five Scrolls of Moses” would be in play as Judah is commanded not to add to or diminish from the Law. So Judah must be important?

Judah is of the 4th born of Jacob who would later be renamed “Israel” by God. Jacob had 12 sons and one daughter; “Dinah”. Esau was the boys and girl’s uncle.

The story goes; the tribes of Israel wanted to be governed by men thus, God gave them judges. The judges proved corrupt then our forefathers wanted to be ruled by a king thus Judah was appointed as prophesied at Genesis 49:10.

But we don’t have the Laws set out in the Pentateuch so what is happening? Well, before we can go that route we have to look at ourselves and the legal-judicial system. The next obvious questions is; “if the judicial-legal system is other than it ought to be then how has this come to pass?”. Who controls the political-legal-judicial systems? Lawyers! What is so special about lawyers?

To understand who the lawyer is one must look at the history of our political-legal-judicial systems inherited from England. This is referred to the “English Common Law”. Just what is the English Common Law?

The English Common Law has its roots in ancient England from about 300-600 common era. During this period there were several tribes throughout the land. There were the; Picts, Anglos, Saxons, Danes, Mercians, Northumbrians, and many others. Along with the many tribes were their many customs and traditions.

We may recognize such customs as “Wickerman” and the “Bog People” as part of such customs. But some laws conflicted with others. Within these various tribes there would be a tribal elder or chief or king. Every once in a while, or as the case may be, the head would meet with the people by the river, the big rock, the ancient elm or some other landmark where issues were raised and news shared. Trials were also held.

Around 597 Augustine was sent to establish the “monastic movement” with the conversion of the tribes to Christianity of the, I assume; “pagans”. Remember, the tribes had their own beliefs and Rome brought theirs giving them something they didn’t have before. Over the next few hundred years the various tribes were concentrated eventually into a single significant or backed king-head. Such king-heads would include; Ine, Alfred, Knutus, Offa and others. This was the start of the one-rule government and spanned several hundred years.

Leading up to the so-called Norman Invasion Alfred personally looked at all the laws of all the different jurisdictions and enumerated the best of all into what would come to be known as the “Dooms of Alfred”.
To digress for a moment, I would like to provide an interpretation from what I have researched. The kings were united as in “new world order”. These kings had their laws joined. What do you have? You have; “United” “King” “Doom” or the laws of the kings united! Thus, the “Union Jack” is actually the Flag of the United Kingdom.

What do the Dooms of Alfred say? Well, they make provision for what one would expect from non-scriptural tribes. Off the top, one penalty was to provide a pig to the damaged party while pig is taboo not only to the Israelite, Edomite but the Islamic as well. Another interesting point about the Dooms of Alfred, and it was right over my head when I first read them.

Seems on second look Thomas Jefferson was correct. He stated the Dooms of Alfred the Great were forged. He pointed out the Dooms themselves were contrary to the Ancient Scripture but there was an addition of a few passages of Leviticus and Exodus and disregards the rest of the Torah.

Excluding the select passages of Scripture the other laws formed what was known as the “common law”. Since Rome, for all intents and purposes, uses, or manipulates, some Scripture the common law didn’t. Also, it was the common law that permitted the ecclesiasts to establish themselves.

About the time of Alfred the witan or “witanagamot” was invented. The witan was the forerunner of the Imperial Parliament and co-operated with the ecclesiasts. In fact, one of the first orders of business was to exempt the clergy from taxation.

In regard to Roman tax exemption one would be well advised to review the Concordat between Von Papen and Pacelli, July 1933. Some of the highlights include; a priest’s habit is a military uniform, Vatican has free and full commercial authority as a separate country, is to be protected by the state, the contract goes on forever-and-a-day.

What happened in 1066 was the infusion of another race or tribe not unlike diluting the population with a particular religion. There were no battles per se as systems existed. There was law and order and didn’t want to upset the balances more then the influx was testing. Besides, the Normans didn’t have their own laws and were mostly illiterate.

This was the start of the papal revolution with the appearance of the schools of higher learning and ecclesiastic courts. I would assume the papal courts were more efficient and had a long established system of rule.

Turning to 1213 we have King John robbing from the parishes to the point the papacy eventually brought John to his knees causing him to sign an agreement wherein his signet ring was passed to the papacy. The signet ring of a pagan ruler is known as the “key to earth” whilst the signet ring of the Judahite ruler is referred to as the “key to heaven” thus when pope has both keys he holds the temporal and spiritual powers.

In 1215 Magna Carta comes about. I believe this was a come-on invented to say; “look; London is private property”. And we know the inner city of London is still a city-state. As time progresses the various law companies spring up; Grey’s Inn, Lincoln’s Inn, Inner Temple, Middle Temple and Temple Bar. These are where the lawyers owe allegiance. If you conduct some research into the Roman Empire you may find it was Cana’anite. Further research yields the Hittites were of Cana’anite descent. They were fierce warriors and the money masters then and now. It was Esau who became Edom when he did what he was commanded not to do; he mixed with the Cana’anites as described in Genesis 36.

Because the Vatican gained control of the signet ring of the rulers, and as its empire grew, there rose a need for management. The first step was in 1068 with the invention of the Lord Keeper of the Seal. This position was staffed with ecclesiasts for many years. In 1307 the office of Lord Privy Seal is invented. The Lord Privy Seal is the one who is privy to the ruler’s signet ring or seal. The Privy Council Offices are under the authority of this office.

Backing up to 1302 we come to unum sanctum. This is a papal bull which proclaims the pope owns the kings their armies (police) and human creatures, or “persons”. Remember the time of man? It was not until three hundred years before Judah is placed on the throne. And, yes, we do have the “Game of Thrones” going on! You have seen how the pagan kings were unified then brought under control of the papacy. That’s well and good for the pagans but what happens with Judah?

With Judah there are certain undertaking it has no option but to fulfill. One allowance missing from the Torah is the authority of Judah to delegate or sub-contract its authority to any other. Yet, this is exactly what has happened in the case of Elizabeth.

Have you ever wondered why King George VI died February 6th. 1952 yet her coronation was some 16 months later? The reason for the anomaly is on June 2 1953 she agreed to incorporate as HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND. Up until then she was Queen of Judah. On June 2nd., she gave up her signet ring (key to heaven) to Vatican.

So, what you have here is a donor-trustee arrangement. But with Judah the rules change! We are no longer under pagan or Roman rule, rather, as trustee, the pope must ensure the Laws attached to Judah are diligently applied. This latest run of Judahite rulers began with Judah George VI in 1937. How does the papacy manage Judahite affairs? He has his contractors.

Who are the papal contractors? The papal contractors are those who take it upon themselves to set up their own fiefdom called “government” through the scheme of “democracy”. The democratic process is pretty much a snare, a social contract and when you participate in the voting ceremony you become enfranchised and placed on the draft lists. If you vote you have no say in what government does however as previous provided, those who work for government take an oath to the Queen.

In taking an oath to the Queen they agree to the Laws attached to her. Therefore, we have a double play here. On the one part the contractors are in contempt of the God whose Constitution written in Heaven they pledged to uphold while on the other part they are portraying the trustee as fallible in failing to police its contractors. For a contractor, of the Catholic belief, who tarnishes the good; name, reputation, dignity and perfection of his eminence, under the Cana’an of the law, is guilty of “heresy” to which an inquisition to discover the breadth and depth of the alleged heresy would normally be called by the appropriate ecclesiastical authority.

Getting back to the Law of the Land and who owns the land there are possibly several answers however two come to mind. Dealing with the animal, brute force, might is right, king of the castle until toppled.

Dealing with the spiritual side we find the superior force in command through the Constitution written in Heaven. With Judah the land belongs to God and is not to be sold forever. Therefore, under the rule of Judah the land belongs to God and the Law of the Land is found in the Torah.

God delegated His Right to Rule to Judah.

Satan created Vatican to represent his interests.

Judah gave its authority to Vatican.

Satan receives God’s authority from Judah through Vatican.

Satan is God of this world and the council of Cardinals are Gods. I wouldn’t go so far as saying they are all Gods but would say genii!

How can anyone fail to see the shear brilliance in what has been accomplished? Stunning! Absolutely stunning!