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It has been said the only two guarantees in this life are death and taxes.

Well, that may have been true when the pagan rulers were sitting upon the English Throne of Thorns. However, Elizabeth the Queen is of Judah and not a pagan ruler!

What does it mean to have a Judahite ruler? To better understand this question one must first examine what a “Judah” is! The best place to find this is in a Bible.


Assuming the Constitution Act 1867 (British North America Act) was valid legislation then the power to create a tax falls under “Money Bills” per s. s. 53 and 54.

In order to comply with s. s. 53-54 the Governor General must recommend a tax (or impost). The tax can only be for the purposes stated and no more! Once the objective has been met the tax is ultra vires the power of the parliament.

For example, in 1917 the Governor General directed the Parliament to provide for “the effect conduct of the war”. That meant to raise the funds to pay for WWI. This caused the Income War Tax Act to be invented. The Income War Tax Act of 1917 met its objective sometime during the 1920 session but was unlawfully kept on the books. Unlawfully, assuming the British North America Act were valid!

The current scam of taxation came about in 1948 but the Governor General failed to authorize it! Even if the Governor General did authorize this tax it would have had to have been for a specific purpose not on a “might is right” basis!

Therefore, the current tax scheme is wholly absent lawful authority!

As you have noted, taxation is base on “money”. What is “money”? That is a good question!

In order to ascertain what “money” is we can look for a definition in 2 places. The first place would be the Criminal Code of Canada. Another place would be under the various financial Acts. Under the Financial Administration ACt 1985 s. 2 provides definitions. When you scroll down to “money” you will note an absence of a definition. Therefore, money fails to be defined therefore is non existent!

Without money, all taxation ends!

However, the aforementioned is based upon if the British North America Act 1867 was valid legislation. Unfortunately, the British North America Act failed to receive Royal Authority and Assent.

Moving to Elizabeth of Judah, under the Laws attached to her there is this “equality rights” provision. That is to say, if the ecclesiasts and diplomats are tax exempt all are tax exempt! This is part of the Law of the Land passed to Judah to administer in God’s stead!

All who subscribe to an oath of allegiance to Elizabeth instantly become her subjects and bound to the Laws of the Land set out in the Torah/Pentateuch. Failing to observe this fact renders the subject in contempt of the God of; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Zedekiah, James VI/I, George VI and Elizabeth.

But why are the Laws attached to the subjects not in force and effect?

The simple reason is founded in the law profession. The lawyers are the creation of the Vatican’s “papal revolutions”. The first obligation of the lawyer is to the Vatican under penalty of death! The lawyer is unable to bring the fraud of taxation to any court and if you conduct your own research and take it to a liar the lawyer will order you out of the office!

So, what is really going down?

If we read Genesis 36 we find the root of the 3 great cults; Jewdaism (Esau-Edom) Christianity (Cana’an) and the Muslims (as opposed to Islam).

Cana’an demands the land! The Edomites (Jews) have been authorized to take by whatever means the produce of the land and people’s personal effects BUT there are 2 conditions. 1. The land must be turned over to Cana’an and 2. the Edomites must destroy as many of the Chosen People as possible!

However, the “Jews” are in for a big surprise! This is because the Jews, though yoked to Vatican-Cana’an, are cursed twice. First of all Esau killed Nimrod. Nimrod was the founder of “Free”masonry, creator of the Tower of Babel and Cana’anite. Esau-Edom killed one of Cana’an’s prides and joys. The third and final strike against the Jews is found in God cursing Esau for marrying into Cana’an at Genesis 36. So, if you are wondering where “three strikes you’re out” comes from this would make a good starting point!

Vatican controls; Freemasonry (which the Mafia, Police, Judges, politicians and all other essential and important positions). Vatican controls the “money” systems. Vatican controls the militaries by way of unum sanctum 1302.

But, this is all well and good for pagan rulers. When Judah hits the Throne of Thorns Vatican becomes trustee for God’s earthly representative thus responsible for the administration of the Pentateuch. But, we don’t have those Laws do we!?

Pope, being front man for Vatican (Inc.) has its contractors. Through the frauds of Democracy its contractors atturn themselves from contractors to “government”.

The contractors subscribe to an oath to Elizabeth therefore the Law of the land apply. In failing to administer the Law of the Land the contractors portray pope as incompetent or “fallible”. Needless to say, when one of the Catholic (commerce) faith, denies papal infallibility, they become, under the Cana’an of the law; “heretics”! Oooooooooo! Inquisition time! It is not a good thing for a Catholic to tarnish the good; name, reputation and dignity of pope!