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The subject of the “Jews” is an interesting one, to say the least!

Relying upon basic logical deduction let’s explore a certain people who call themselves “Jews”. Before I tell you who the “Jews” are, I would like you to consider the following;

Who Are Those People Who Worship At the Western Wall in Jerusalem?
Before we get started perhaps questioning what the Western Wall is?
(It is the wall enclosing Solomon’s temple Herod built and ruled over his brethren “Jews” from)

The next logical question is; Who was Herod?

(Herod was an Edomite ruler at the time of Jesus. As usual, there are 2 Herods)


The aforementioned question logically begets the question;

What was Herod’s renown causing millions of certain people to stand praying to his wall non-stop?

(He ordered the murder of the first born males at the time of Jesus. He also successfully murdered his entire family. This is what had become of the Edomites after joining up with Cana’an. The Edomites can get away with murder as long as the murder is to the benefit of Cana’an-Vatican)

Who Are Those People Who Worship At the Western Wall?

Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt (Visit His Youtube)

West is the direction of Satan and so, it suits the Tares, the super bastard fanatic Devils – John8v44 – to worship and pray. Whereas the sons of Man, the wheat plants worship East.

Where is the Eastern Wall? None means there are hardly any men of conscience in Israel but the saltless sons of Satan. Sons of Man cannot live among the Troublesome Tares but leave the country.
These are the Ways of our Father.

To further analyze this question I am providing thoughts to consider.

The “Jews” claim to be “God’s Chosen People”.

Being Gods self proclaimed chosen, one would think they would be abiding by the Laws of God found in the Constitution written in Heaven as passed to Moshe.

Before we go anywhere, we must first take nothing for granted therefore we must define what a “Jew” is!

Assuming them to be the chosen people, and recognizers of the Torah, then it would be safe to assume they would acknowledge all tribes, and we are all tribal, would be set out in the first book of the Pentateuch; Genesis.

Upon review of Genesis we find many tribes.

From the genealogy of the Seed Royal, namely; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Zedekiah, George VI and the current incumbent; Elizabeth; the Queen. George the VI plays into this blog big time!

From Abram we get Abraham as God changed his name listed in the Book of Life.

From Jacob we get what are know as the “Israelites” or 12 Tribes of Jacob whom God changed to “Israel”.

We also find Esau being changed to Edom after Edom became entwined with Cana’an (Genesis 36).

Nowhere in Genesis is the “Jew” tribe listed.

Nowhere in the First or Second Witness is there a patriarch for the “Jew” tribe. In fact, the first reference to “Jew” is found in 2Kings during the 2nd captivity.

According to the “Jewish” Encyclopedia 1925 it states “Edom is 90% modern Jewry”. So, Esau, who became Edom, took his inheritance out of the Book of Life and renamed his group “Jew” to confuse others into believing “jew” and Judah hold the same meaning.

We know “Jew” and Judah are separate as proven by the implementation of the Balfour Declaration of 1948.

In 1948 we find Judah George VI of England, symbolically giving the Promised Land back to Cana’an which was Land David took from Cana’an then bought from God.

After Cana’an received the land it then loaned the Promised Land to the Edomites who, in turn, invented the “Jewish” state; ISRAEL.

We know it is a Cana’anite-Edomite state simply for the Banner bearing the double triangle of Nimrod as opposed to the Lion of Judah, image of a man etc. What is the symbolism? The symbolism is Canaan taking back the land David bought. Think Iwo Jima!

Who was Nimrod?

Nimrod was the builder of the Tower of Babel, first Freemason and Cana’anite.

What happened to Nimrod?

Esau killed him for his “majikal” cloak God gave to Adam after being booted out of the Garden of Eden.

Escaping the deed and hungry, Esau met up at Jacob’s place where he sold his birthright for red yentils. One can only conclude he was a dumb ass thinking the cloak was worth the birthright and if he didn’t eat he would have neither.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Isaac is dying and mom and brother Jacob trick Isaac into giving the birthright and blessings to Jacob. What ensued was Esau’s never ending fight to destroy Jacob ergo the Tribes of Israel!

As the self proclaimed “Jews” defied the command not to mix with the Cana’anites God cursed Esau-Edom.

What is the job of the “Jew”?

Their job is to get rid as many of the Israelites as possible and turn the land over to Cana’an. In exchange, the “Jews” can have all the mammon they desire, by hook and by crook!

Unfortunately, the “Jews” are cursed on three fronts. One by God and twice by Cana’an. Once for killing of Nimrod and the other for being a Shemite of the Seed Royal!

At the end of the day, once the “Jews” has done the biding of Cana’an, they will be allowed to take their mammon and to get off of Cana’an’s land.

In 1967 Cana’an sent Edom to take Hebron. Why! In Hebron lay the DNA of; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and others. After the mapping of DNA in the 70s Cana’an now knows exactly who has the DNA Royal and I believe the “Jew” does have that DNA but not of Jacob’s but of Isaac!

So when Cana’an sets about its business they will spare many Cana’anites who, through no fault of their own, might otherwise fall through the cracks.

One can’t but marvel at the beast power! Who is the “Beast Power”? Why it is the corporate Fascism of Vatican! They are the remnants of Cana’an easily identified in their “code of Cana’an law” misspelled; “code of ‘canon’ law”!

A few more thoughts on the “Jews”.

The Messiah was know as the “King of the Jews” but was of the Davidic line thereby co-joining “Jew” and Judah together. At around this time Herod ruled. Herod was an Edomite. The Western Wall is of Herod. Herod ordered the murder of children. The “Jews” worship at the Wailing Wall.

The misnomer “Jew” must be a recent concoction, a set up. To invent their version of the Promised Land, induce as many ignorant remnants of Israel to the area for their also symbolic demise.

It is all about the land and contempt for all God created. At the end of the day Satan will say; “look God, your creation, man, gave me your creation, the planet, for worthless paper! And I did with what I wanted with my property!

God delegated His Authority to rule over to Judah.

Satan created Vatican to have its authority.

On June 2 1953, 16 months after becoming chief of the Tribe of Judah Elizabeth made commerce with her position donating her signet ring to Vatican.

Vatican delegates this power over to Satan.

Satan is God on earth by delegation.

Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!

Revelation 17:9-The Harlot on the 7 Hills.

Balmoral Castle is in Argylshire, Scotland.

Comprising 50,000 acres it is private land separate from the “Crown” of England (meaning there are 2 Crowns; Judah and the Triregno).

It is also situated among 7 hills!

How is this for brilliance; using the twins to destroy each other! The Edomites v. the Israelites. Bribing Judah to destroy us! And we are letting it happen!

Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!

The Edomites are cousins of we Israelites. They, perhaps worse than us, will pay a much heavier price for worshiping Satan/Cana’an/Vatican and sticking it to us. They could repent and atone, turn their backs on Vatican and get out of this universal slavery.