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I am sure we all have heard the word; “Treaty”. We hear about treaties nearly every day. There are peace treaties, such as the Treaty of Paris 1763 and Treaties with the Anishinabe.

Who are the Anishinabe?

The Anishinabe are sometimes referred to as the “Indians of North America”. They are the original people of Turtle Island, which is, commercially speaking; “North America”.

Some of the Anishinabe have also been commercialized and you would better know those corporations as; “Ab-Orignal”, “Metis”, “First Nations”, “Canadians”, “Status”, “Treaty” and other unnatural identities.

If you were to ask an Indian; “who owns the land” he will say; “government”.

If you were to ask an Anishinabe, or any other rational man; “who owns the land” they will tell you a higher force-spirit owns the land.

What is a “Treaty”?

A Treaty is a contract or an international agreement.

The contracts are usually composed by a Superior Force then presented to an Inferior Force. The Treaty MUST reflect the Inferior Force indicates they own the land.

Why would the Superior Force want the Inferior Force to acknowledge they own the land? This is done so when the Superior Force wipes out the Inferior Force the Superior Force, under International law they invented, dictates the party left standing gets the land! Very smooth!

Take the so-called “Morris Treaties” of the late 20th Century.

The original Treaties were for merchandise, primarily for the beaver pelts so as to drain the land more effectively, more naturally. However, those Treaties never acknowledged the Anishinabe were land owners. Those Treaties were sent back to England, forged, then returned years later. Now you can see how important it is to get rid of the Anishinabe! The “Indians” have sold out years ago!

Exaclty who are the; Apples, Sell-outs, hangersaroundthefort? They would be all those you see or hear in the media, especially the Haudenosane or “Mohawks”! Just watch them work the people!

Exactly who are the Anishinabe? That remains elusive to me. I would like to believe the Anishinabe would be those who know the Queen is not permitted to engage in contracts-Treaties and that she can’t be involved in land sales. Once we find people talking in this language then you will find Anishinabe in that man or woman or child.

Everyone has gone mad for money.

There is no money!

There is a test and we are all being tested.

God created Judah and Judah holds God’s authority on earth.

Satan invented Vatican to hold its powers on earth.

June 2 1953 Judah gave the powers God delegated to her, to Vatican.

Vatican gave God’s powers of Judah to Satan.

Satan is God on earth.

Vatican curia’s council of Cana’anites are all [brilliant-illuminated] Gods!

Consequent to the papal revolution of 1066 the law profession were inventions of Vatican. This is why the liars wear black.

Like money? Take it with you when you leave! And shut the door behind you!