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There are two types of people in this world; Freemasons and non-Freemasons or “us and them”!

Freemasonry is an interesting subject however not too many people know about Freemasonry and its origins and function.

To examine Freemasonry properly we must trace its roots. It is rather surprising to find the founder of Freemasonry is none other than the builder, or mason, of the Tower of Babel!

What genealogy was Nimrod? He was of Ham or Cana’anite; arch enemies of Y’isra’El.

Whatever happened to Nimrod? He was executed by Esau because Esau wanted Nimrod’s Panther skin cloak God gave to Adam when he was booted out of the Garden of Eden, or could it be; “garden of Edom”?

Digression aside, after doing the deed, Esau was famished and, one would suppose, in order to live to try the magic of the cloak he thought nothing of selling his birthright for food! I assume Esau was happy with his lot in life, procuring the magic cloak!

By and by Jacob winds up with the birthright and blessings while Esau gets nothing. Annoyed at his new found poverty, Esau wanted to kill Jacob but eventually wound up marrying into the wealthy Cana’anites (Gen. 36). For doing this Esau was cursed and God changed his name to; “Edom” ergo; “Edomites”.

The Edomites would take over from Nimrod and advance Freemasonry to their own requirements. And, just who is the God of Freemasonry? Lucifer purportedly for the “light degrees” (1-180) and Satan for the dark degrees (181-360.

There is an oath to Nimrod within Freemasonry.

Just who are these “Edomites” today?

For that we have a few clues. First of all, we know Herod was an Edomite and we know Jobe’s wife was Edomite too!

Herod ordered the murder of certain children as he was fearful of a child born of the line of David Judah. Yet, the Messiah was crowned “King of the ‘Jews'”. Remember that!

And, just who bobs their heads wearing blues brothers geddup at a wall? Well, the wall is of the Edomite Herod and those who worship that pseudo graven image call themselves; “Jews”.

If we look at the 1925 Edomite Encyclopedia it says something about Edom is 90% modern Jewry.

If that is not enough lets turn to the implementation of the Balfour Declaration when the “what” state was created? This was in 1948 when Judah George VI gave David’s Land, the Promised Land back to Cana’an. In turn, Vatican then loaned the land to the Edomites who invented a “Jewish” state misnomed “ISRAEL” to make believe it has something to do with the so-called “Chosen People” and that they are the chosen!

If Judah already had the Promised Land why didn’t he just build the Temple, cities of Refuge, make the proclamation and be done with it!

The Edomites soak up all the brightest stars of Y’isra’El, give them mammon and bind them to secret blood oaths. The Edomites control the secret societies as managers for Cana’an. And Cana’an administers their “code of Cana’an law”.

The Police are Freemason.

Judges are Freemason.

EMS are Freemason.

Fire Department are Freemason.

Mazzini brought the Mafia into Freemasonry.

The Queen is a Freemason who happens to both be in contract with the Beast Power and lives amidst 7 Hills in Argyleshire, Scotland. If you read Revelation 17:9 you might find a striking resemblance to Elizabeth and the Harlot. Purely coincidental I would like to believe!

Of course, in this Game of Thrones, what better tribe to head the New World Order push than God’s personal representative! God delegated to Elizabeth. Elizabeth delegated to Vatican. Vatican delegated to Satan. Satan IS God’s representative on earth! Brilliant; Absolutely brilliant! No denying! One can only marvel at the Beast Power! Pure genii as Satan is allowed to get!

In life, you are either a Freemason or you are not! If you are not a Freemason, you are fair game!