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(Preliminary Release by Murray Sinclair)

Murray Sinclair has completed his mandate to investigate the issues surrounding the Vatican run Anishinabe Residential School scheme.

Murray’s findings include a cultural genocide was involved.

The role the Anishinabe play on Turtle Island is founded in fraudulent Treaties presented and altered by Vatican agents such as, but not limited to; Alexander Morris, William Robinson and the contractors erroneously referred to as; “Government of Canada” or, south of the so-called border the “Colonial Government”.

In 1862 the Duke of Newcastle; Henry Pelham-Pelham-Pelham CLINTON arranged a loan from the Bank of England [who some claim is owned by Cana’anóVatican] to build [Vatican] railways. The railways were useless in the sense of; public safety, public necessity and public interest. Why, then, build the railroads?

The reason for building the railways had at least 3 reasons. The reasons are; 1. to create, as Pierre Trudeau would agree; to set up a treadmill of debt. 2. To establish a means to move the natural resources to Europe and Vatican. 3. To move the hue man resources from Europe, to displace the Anishinabe, and to act as slaves for the commercial fascist interests of the lender.

Prior to 1867 the contractors of the province of Canada had two financial funds. One was called the Consolidated Revenue Fund while the other was the Indian [trust] Fund!

Henry’s loan was running from 1862 to December 1867 so a financial restructuring was required. At 1867 the contractors merged the Indian Fund Royalties into the Consolidated Revenue Fund as a money-laundering scheme. The newly formed Consolidated Revenue Fund formed the collateral the Bank of England required to continue with the loans.

In 1868 the contractors concocted private law with the Department of Secretary of State Act to provide a means to take the land from the Anishinabe. The next year the contractors invented another private law briefly called the “Enfranchisement Act”. This fake legislation provided a means of attorning the Anishinabe into; Metis, Ab-Original, First Nations, Treaty Indians, Status Indians etc.

By 1870, with the fake laws in play, the contractors set the pace with the likes of criminals such as, but not limited to; Buffalo Bill. What he and his type did was remove the Plains Anishinabe from their food supply in order to concentrate the control of the food supply to the Vatican’s commercial fascist interests.

The Anishinabe had few choices; accept the franchise or starve. In accepting the franchise they relinquished their rights to the land.

The reason for the Residential Schools was, in the main, for the purpose of committing the cultural genocide Murray wrote about. These schools were also used as slave labor.

As the Game of Thrones goes, when Judah was placed upon the Throne of Thorns ALL Treaties fell by the wayside. What happened to the Indian Royalties from the produce of the land? The former Indian Trust Fund was converted into the Common Wealth Trust, currently headed by Elizabeth of Judah aka Queen Elizabeth.

We are at the time of the 7th (rest) Blood Moon Tetrad) falling on Passover and Sukkoth two years back to back. This Tetrad is focused on the Americas, nowhere else!

Today, we also happen to be into the 7th Fire of the Algonquin Prophesy. There is an 8th Fire should WE ALL fail!

We know the Vatican’s banking fraud.

We know the Vatican’s Financial Frauds.

We know the so-called chiefs and council are the sellouts the 7th Fire speaks of and this is, perhaps, why those so-called chiefs and council are pretty quite with Murray’s PRELIMINARY report.

Murray’s report could not have come at a more appropriate time!

Expect the backlash from the Vatican’s hit men. In order to survive what is about to come down it is imperative people grow gardens and it is getting a little late in the game.

The cities are Cana’anite financial institutions invented by Vatican, using its “rule of law” ala “code of Cana’an law”. When Vatican pulls the plug on the commercial fascism it has going the cities shall become useless. The condominiums are pre-jails! Once the martial law is called NO ONE will be able to leave their condos and when the water supply is cut off there would be but weeks to live.

No one can deny the brilliance of Vatican and how it has conducted its control of the planet!

The Most High delegated His authority to Judah.

Satan delegated his authority to Vatican.

February 6 1952 Elizabeth became head of the Tribe of Judah.

On June 2 1953 Elizabeth delegated God’s authority to Vatican who, in turn, gave this power to Satan. Satan IS God over the earth and Vatican’s council of Cana’anites are all gods!

Elizabeth lives at Balmorel Castle.

Balmorel Castle is privately owned (But, the ONLY land God approved for sale was the land David bought from the Hivites, their threshing floor, and, in 1948 Judah George VI gave David’s land back to Cana’an under the implementation of the Ball Four Declaration. From there, Cana’an LOANED this land to the Edomites who turned the land into a “Jewish” state.

The Edomites, our cousins, are in a deep deep snare! They have a real good shot at the birthright if they would sever their ties with Cana’an. Though Y’isra’El are the so-called “chosen people” they have demonstrated they are worthy of nothing!

Now you know!