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In Canada, like most of the world, there is this “Muslim” thingy going on wherein millions of “Normans” are flooding other lands. Why did I say; “Normans”? Well, in 1066 a similar occurrence applied to England when the Normans flooded England to dilute the population.

What is Islam and what are Muslims? Islam comes from Ishmael, first born of Abram. The Muslims, I contend, come from Genesis 36 concerning the union of Esau-Edom and the daughter of Ishmael.

Those of Ishmael, as I understand, follow the 4 Wills of A_lah which include; 1 To be tribal-family 2. Earn an honest living 3. Not to cheat 4. Not to become involved in the politics of the land you are in.

If you have read my post on the “Jews” you should have concluded the “Jews” are a fabrication and cover for the Edomites thus the Muslim, to my mind, are no different coming from the seed of Edom.

In Canada, there was the report of the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Hot on the heels of this report Immigration Minister (ecclesial)  John McCallum announced the importation of some 25,000 Muslims into Canada. Remember, Canada is in debt and has a deficit. The Anishinabe continue to be decimated, royalties withheld yet the Parliament has the funds to import others at the expense of the Anishinabe.

The Muslim can be considered bastards. Because they are not tribal or family they cannot qualify to become sons or daughters of God. This is the reason they pray 5 times a day and if they blowed up real good taking out the infidel their sins are absolved and they go straight to heaven.

Muslimism is a peaceful religion. They will peacefully require you to bow down to their god and if you refuse to you will lose your head.

Just under whose authority are the Muslims being allowed here? The Parliament are employees of the Treasury Board (s. 5 Financial Administration Act R. S. C. 1985 c F=11). The Treasury Board, in the main, is Privy Council with a lone Parliamentarian as the president. In short, Parliament is controlled by the Privy Council Office. The Privy Council Office is under the control of the Lord Privy Seal. The Lord Privy Seal office was invented in 1307 and staffed by the clergy for many years after its inception.

Queen Elizabeth is being held out as the Chief of the Tribe of Judah. Accordingly, the Law of the Land flows from the Torah. Under Torah Law the Muslim are to be destroyed. Parliament, and the Privy Councillors all subscribe to an oath to Elizabeth thus yoking themselves to Torah Law. How they are able to circumvent Commands by the God of Israel with impunity is beyond me.

I contend Elizabeth became Chief of the Tribe of Judah February 6th 1952 but donated her signet ring on June 2nd 1953 to Vatican curia. I contend, at this time, Vatican became trustees and has its employees, Privy Council, to manage the Royal affairs. However, through the scam of democracy, the voter becomes enfranchised thus silencing one from speaking out but for the ballot box every few years. Through democracy the “contractors” (“Government”) take on the personae of authority when their mandate is to account for the produce of the land, distribute the royalties and maintain peace and order; nothing more!

What is interesting to note is pope has a bible quite similar to the Queen’s but Vatican has the “code of canon law”. “Canon” is a play on the word; “Cana’an”. With the canon of the law being different from Scriptural Law, and with all the corruption attached to Vatican, pope, but its own board of directors, is being portrayed as “fallible”. Imagine; pope charging Vatican curia with heresy?

You are welcome to correct me if you find any erroneous statements. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.