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Old World Concentration


Patrick Anthony Ellis


Old World Concentration

Copyright © 2010 Patrick Anthony Ellis (Me)

All Rights Reserved

(Reproduction of this book, in whole or in part, is prohibited with out written consent

Special thanks to those who have assisted me over the years while I undertook the research and writing of this exposé of the true founding of Canada and of “our” politicians, whom have misled us into believing they actually work for our best interests for nothing could be further from the truth.


Chapter Page

Forward iii

Introduction iv

One Tribal or country? 1

Two British North America Bill (1867) 20

Three Tools of the Trade 27

Four Other Tools of the Trade 49

Five Hudson’s Bay Company 53

Six Royal Proclamation 1763 61

Seven The True Reason for the B. N. A. B. (1867) 64

Eight MacKenzie “Byng” King Affair 68

Nine Taxation 75

Ten Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) 83

Eleven Laws of Canada 100

Twelve Casus Omissus 104

Thirteen Civil List 107

Fourteen Lawyers 109

Fifteen Scripturally Speaking 113

Sixteen Secret Societies 115

Seventeen The Beast, POPE Inc. 126

Eighteen What did Supertramp Know? 143

Nineteen Near Conclusion 145

Twenty Some Definitions 151

Appendix “A” 162

Appendix “B” 163

Quotes 165

Bibliography Scanned Reference Material Index 167

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


This book is my first attempt at writing therefore I ask you to please bear with me while I try to distill seeming eons of research concentrated in less than two-hundred pages. During my time researching, I have come of the opinion Meredith Quinn’s “The Eagle” is one of the most important works for those who have an interest in history and law. One of his sources of research came from a three volume set; “Brief History of the English People” by John Richard Green, 1899. Having been shown the methods and procedures employed in the destruction of nations, and people, I combined the works of those two authors with my own research on how the “powers-that-be” have been utilizing certain “tricks” in order to seize the riches of the world for their own and at our expense. The 5 “tricks” come from Edward Gibbons’ observations and include; 1. High divorce rate/population reduction. 2. Heavy taxation. 3. Government’s embrace of the occult. 4. Entertainment; sports/Olympics. 5. Hidden conspirators.

This book is an exposé on those people who have been born on the same land the Creator has given to us, some as our Birthright, and, under the pretext of; “public safety”, “public necessity” and “public interest” have taken it upon themselves for personal, self serving, reasons to serve foreign jurisdictions to our and the people of the world’s detriment. This is an exposé on deceit in action. However, what one may perceive to be deceit is merely a commercial transaction or a series of commercial transactions brought about by certain unknown and unseen investors. Those investors, I contend, are those who own the corporate nation called “VATICAN”. VATICAN agents, in CANADA are part of the wholly Roman commercial activity, known as “religion” with the divers Ministers, within the Government of Canada being ministers in a clergical sense. For example, the Minister of the Attorney General is a minister/priest/rabbi/imam/preacher/etc. lawyer holding rank of General. I contend we are under a clergical military occupation.

It is hoped with the culmination of my research, and the ideas of so many which have been blended into this publication, people may open their eyes and turn their backs on those who have been betraying us, continue to betray us and are planning to deceive us into the snare of the one world concentration of all life into the talons of one.

With that in mind, in reading this book you may come to as best an understanding why we are slaves and come to further understand we are, in a sense, authors of our own fate.

There are many very good public speakers conducting seminars in areas of personal sovereignty, debt reduction, tax avoidance, healthcare and other such topics geared to the so-called “sovereignty”, “de-tax”, “freedom” movements and there are many others who have been conducting their own research and I feel confident those of you aforementioned may find some of the valuable information gleaned from such session will make more sense.

I have found, through my research, all roads lead to Rome. Therefore, there is a heavy stress on the POPE, VATICAN and the English Monarchy.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

It has been some time since the time of Nimrod man has been on the threshold of world wide slavery as we find ourselves today. There are similarities in regard to the New World Order Nimrod attempted and what its ancestors are about to attempt now. You may recall what happened to Nimrod consequent that attempt. Nimrod was slaughtered and his slaughter is forever remembered by Nimrod’s gravity defying penis, also known as the obelisk, which you would be familiar with if you recall the Washington Monument, St. Peter’s Square and sundry other obelisk which dot the cemeteries far and wide. The Toronto Police Service, a standing army, also proudly displays the Babylonian Ba’al salute. It is interesting to note, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police once wore brown not unlike Hitler’s SA. Now, they wear black which Henrich Himmler modeled after the Society of Jesus, the “Zeusites”. There are parallels in the way the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Waffen S. S. and the Zeusites operated and it is NOT within the parameters of the Creator’s Laws.

At the time of Nimrod, there existed one language, the Ancient Hebrew language which much resembles “stickmen”, as opposed to the “Jewish-Rabbinical” Hebrew language which is “boxier”, coming into vogue in the three hundred years preceding Yahushua’s birth. The Creator intervened causing the people to speak in divers languages so much so a communication breakdown came about thwarting Nimrod’s grand plan. This would come to be known as “Babylon” which means; “babble on”. People could not understand each other and that is how Nimrod’s project failed. Today, we have divers languages which are being concentrated into one world language, English. We are about to come full circle with the PAPACY who could be classed as today’s Nimrod. The POPE, in case you are not aware, is an incorporation, a company, a “person” at law and, as such, the Creator is not a respecter of “persons” or those with titles. I shall make reference to the POPE as being; “POPE (Inc.)” throughout the read. As Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor and her Tribal ancestors I shall be relying up the Scriptures as well Elizabeth’s Bible to draw the parallels. I have limited knowledge of other religions so, those of other faiths may find something in their Holy Books which may confirm certain prophecies by the Prophets of their beliefs insofar as what you are about to read.

Delving into the history of the formation of countries is an interesting subject. What is man in relation to country and what is a country in relation to men? What does it mean to be a “Canadian”? Or an “American”? Or an Albanian? What does it mean to be of one country then the country is renamed? What happens to one who, for example, is born in Albania before the country of Albania was deleted from the history books? Exactly what happens to a man or woman who was considered to be an Albanian but now must call themselves a Kosovoan? What happens in the change? Does the man or woman gain or lose a body part? Does their hair change colour? Teeth fall out? Change of skin colour? Exactly what is the difference? You are Canadian? What happens if Canada is changed to “America” would you consider yourself to be an “American” or still a “Canadian”? And if “Canada”, like Albania for example, were to be dropped from the corporate books would this mean all those who were born during the term of Canada Inc. would die


instantly? I thought they were “Canadian” and to become “American” would result in a “rebirth” or “resurrection”?

Supposing you consider yourself to be a Canadian or a Mexican then, with a concentration brought about for economic, reasons, you are no longer known as either, but, as an “American”, in opposition to being a United States of American. In this sense, there has been a concentration of three countries, Mexico, the united States and Canada into one entity known as America, or “Amerounion”. One would suppose the riots will happen in America when the people find out “Ole Glory” is no longer their god. The god they sang to with their hand over their heart at sports games. The flag they pledge their lives for.

When you read Scripture you find clues on what countries are all about. Scripture speaks of; men, women, children, Tribes, Nations, Kingdoms and Lands while modern men relate themselves to corporations known as “countrymen”. The military involved in Afghanistan must consult with Tribal elders. The never ending uprisings in divers African “Nations” is Tribal in nature and in conflict with the forced scheme known as “democracy”, of which, there are as many forms as there are stars in the sky. Many others in the African continent have tribal heritage. Hutu, Tutsi, Bantu, Swazi and others and let us not forget the Indian Tribes of the Americas and, last but not least, the Tribal and Clan structures of the Scotts which prevail to this day and seemingly unaffected by the Tribal concentration into corporate nothingness.

Other than being a Jew or a lawyer, and I am not attempting to equate Jews with lawyers, everyone else is either referred to in a country sense, are assumed to be of a country or on a list for deletion. A Jew is a Jew and not a “Canadian”, “American” etc. just as a lawyer is a Templar of the Crown Temple. A further illustration can be found in the concentration of Labrador with Newfoundland. It is now correct to refer to Newfoundlanders as Newfoundland and Labrador. So, while one’s parents may have been born on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, their children now would be born on Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. What is this all about?

What I do know is leading up to Chief Aleric’s assault on the Wholly Roman Empire in 451 there existed; clans, tribes, elders and ouses. Justice was public and families were accountable to the rest of the family for wrongs done to others, locally established communities, by their kin. In order to defeat the Romans there had to be a concentration of communities into regions. Within those regions the people then select a leader. (In Scriptural times the leadership and Law fell within the different Tribal customs within the particular lands). Those several concentrations acted together to supposedly defeat the Romans.

Within one-hundred years after Alaric, the Holy Roman Empire resurfaced as the “monastic movement” led by Augustine. Augustine was a “freebooter” which you would better know as a “pirate”. This somewhat guaranteed religion as being the narcotics of the people, for many centuries, through the fruits of piracy used to establish higher schools of learing. From this point, the concentrations turned into incorporations and countries

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

began to sprout everywhere. If you review the maps on the accompanying compact disc (Map Tracks, Track “37”), you can follow the formation of countries through the

disappearance of Tribal regions. From the maps of the fourth-century to the twelfth century the Finnish Tribes occupied the northern part of the European continent. You will also note the Saxons, Goths, Visigoths, Osmans, Engles, Chazars and others of which little is known today. Elizabeth Windsor, carrying on the business as figure head for the Imperial Parliament, has a lineage to the Saxons, Goths and Coburgs as well being the second Elizabeth, Queen of Judah. I believe she is not “Jewish”. I shall delve deeper into this subject throughout my book.

It appears knowledge of one’s Tribal identity is of little or no consequence therefore such knowledge of one’s lineage has been ignored by most for hundreds of years so much so we do not know what blood lines we are creating or coming from. There have been many routes taken in the destruction of one’s Tribal lineage which is essential if the plan of concentration of the people and planet is to succeed. Without knowledge of their Tribal lineage, you are assumed to be incorporated, consequently, engaged in commercial activities. What then is a country? If it is a corporation, how does it relate to the men and women living within the geographical land area of the corporation? What are the ramifications of not knowing or rejecting one’s Tribal identity? That I don’t know. I do know a country is a corporation and to make reference to oneself being of such, a corporation, renders one subject not only to the limited rights, freedoms and privileges as demonstrable in a “free” and democratic society but are, more importantly, saddled with the debts created by corporations inducing the people into the so-called “franchise” known as the “voting scheme”. To “enjoy the franchise” means to be obliged to pay for questionable debt.

This book exposes the steps taken in the destruction of Tribal identity of the Tribes of the North American Continent which is known as “Turtle Island”. (There are 2 plausible reasons for the North American Continent being called “Turtle Island”. On the one hand, if you view the Aleutian Islands as the left flipper, the Florida and California panhandles as the rear flippers, Central America would be the tail. Also, at the time Mu sank giant sea turtles let the Indians ride their backs to the main land. Mu, Lumeria, is thought to lie off the coast of Oregon.) Although what I have found through the course of my research may apply to all other lands forming the common wealth of nations of the Imperial Parliament I focus in on how Canada was formed in 1867 and what the profits and the losses were, consequent to this “great experiment”. In any major criminal investigation the theme is “follow the money”. This means, follow the money and you will find the perpetrator of the crime. The majick is in the money and the money takes the land. Ironically, money doesn’t exist. Money is not worth the paper it is written on because the only valid system of exchange is provided in Scripture, and that system is known as the silver coin, or gold coin, or “Shekel”. Leading into chapter 13 of Magna Carta 1215 this was known as “maerra”.


I have undertaken the writing of this book for the purpose of enlightening the reader on the facts surrounding the establishment of Canada and the ramifications of calling one self a “Canadian”. We hear all too often about the misgivings of the political party in office and even more so wonder why the politicians usually get away with certain illegal acts if, perpetrated by you or me, would precipitate serious criminal charges. Since what you are about to read involves convoluted legal procedures and slights of hand by the

Politicians, who, strangely, are mostly lawyers, mixed in with a little history and Scripture, I have endeavoured to write this book in the simplest terms possible in order for the average man or woman to best understand what has been, and is still, going on. Nonetheless, I believe the average man or woman may find this work a little complex as well as somewhat detailed.

Rather than just make reference to the documents I relied upon in researching this book I have taken the initiative to include as much of my research material on compact disc as well an instructional video on how and where to conduct legal-historical research which would be available. In regard to the video, I have chosen to centre my instructional video on the Income War Tax Act of 1917, which expired during the 1920 session, and the so-called Income Tax Act the Ottawa authority is currently using against the people in what I claim is one of the weapons being used against the people in a centuries-old undeclared act of commercial warfare or, the second of five platforms in destroying a people, heavy taxation.

You see, certain individuals claim ownership of the land, Turtle Island. We have outlived our usefulness and the powers-that-be have no interest in keeping unproductive people hanging around. To “them” our purposes were solely based upon the rape, loot and pillage of the natural riches of the land by using “human” resources. Let us not forget the genocide which is essential to the grand plan of the one-world-government. All the resources have been mapped. There is a surplus of people needed to work as slaves therefore, the “powers-that-be” are “depopulating” the planet using war, drug induced disease, Goebblese media manipulation and the most reliable method, by laying siege.

When the economies finally collapse the cities become useless for the main purpose of cities is for the recording of commercial activities. Without commerce the major cities will be laid to waste. This could be done as simply as calling a “red alert”. On a “red alert”, nothing and no one moves. If “they” maintain a red alert for several weeks it could get quite desperate within the large cities. If a red alert were to be ordered, during the fall harvest, the only movement of the crops would be to the “safe storage” facilities which have been going up across the prairies over the past generation. Those facilities I call “concrete bunkers” and may be an improvement of what Stalin accomplished with the wheat famine of 1930. 65 million Ukrainians and Russians were starved to death.

When did Canada become a country? Was it in1763 the time of the Royal Proclamation? Was it during the formation of the Province of Canada? Was it at the time of the so-called “British North America Act” in 1867? In 1875 when the railway debt was paid off using Indian Royalties? In 1927 when the British High Commissioner appeared on the scene? Could it have been in 1931 with the Statute of Westminster? In 1933, as a result of

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

Canada attending the Montevideo Conference? In 1947, when MacKenzie King gave the prime minister authority to appoint the governor general, who appoints the prime minister? In 1952, when prime minister Louis St. Laurent used force to instill his Indian Act on the rest of the Indian Nations? In 1965, when Elizabeth Windsor gave the Dominion of Canada a new corporate flag, the leaf in exchange for the red British ensign and a new corporate name “Canada” replacing the Dominion of Canada? In 1982, when Elizabeth Windsor committed criminal trespass in coming here to give “Canadians”

Catholicism and certain rights and freedoms, something Canadians never, ever had before, and found within her so generous Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Or has Canada yet to become a sovereign nation at some other point yet to be ascertained, perhaps when Canadians surrender their Charter as the Hudson’s Bay Company supposed surrendered in 1870? At that point, would Canadians be inclined to surrender their Charter, just as the Hudson’s Bay Company allegedly did in 1870, in order to achieve “sovereignty”? What would Canadians have to look forward to when they surrender the rights and privileges given to them by Elizabeth Windsor? Are we really a product of a corporation or are we of a Tribe we can read of in Scripture? Or are we a mix of sundry Tribes of Scripture living a hodge-podge existence on the same land?

Pierre Trudeau had posed the question “what does it mean to be Canadian?” He also called Canadians “obtuse voters”. What does it mean to be Canadian? Are Canadians really “obtuse voters”? And does the act of being Canadian make one an “obtuse voter” or is it upon becoming an “obtuse voter” that makes one a Canadian? Does “voting” render one an “obtuse voter”?

What is Canada? Is Canada a country and if so, when did it become a country? What is a country? If Canada is not a country then what is it? What are the ramifications of being a Canadian? What was the land known as before it became Canada? What did Brian Mulroney mean when he admitted to being a thief in stealing Indian Land?

For those of you who have an interest in politics you may find this work helpful in guiding you to better identify what is going on around you and to better understand some of the legal variables which may have come into play, in your life, causing you to sit up and take notice. Before one considers the politics (poly ticks-many blood suckers) of society and the Law of the Land one must explore the history of the land wherein he or she lives. One of the best ways to understand the history of the land is to research the laws of the land. As well, it is necessary to understand how the system of governance works in a “free and democratic” society, and before setting on such a journey, you must ascertain exactly what type of “democracy” applies in your particular situation. Speaking in general terms, is a “free and democratic” society really free? Has democracy ever improved the plight of the people? People tend to assume too much, just like me. The people assume “democracy” means one thing but, when held to closer scrutiny under the various other “democracies”, people come to better understand why the “democracy” they think they are participating in, through their “vote”, is not one and the same. There


are more than 10 forms of “democracy”. Canada is 143 years old. Can you name me one significant thing any government, since 1867, has ever done for the benefit of the people? If all you can think of is “healthcare” then it is time to assess healthcare to determine what the actually benefit of government controlled healthcare really is, bearing in mind, one receives nothing for free.

In order to illustrate how government works, or how it ought to work, I have undertaken to show how laws come to pass and I have dissected the Income War Tax Act 1917, the

Income Tax Act 1948 as “amended”, and a fair portion the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1982 chapter 11 U. K.. I will explain how the parliament of Canada came about and how laws are enacted. The Senate Debates of 1917 clearly describe the procedure in the passing of bills into law. I can show you what law and research libraries are all about and the research material they hold and where to find a law library. Those libraries are opened to the people and very few, at this point, are restricted to members of a Law (secret) Society only. It is surprising to find law libraries are open to the people as the Law Societies and the authorities of the Provincial governing structures are engaged in a conspiracy to create a monopoly on the law therefore one would think the people would be restricted from such libraries. The Ontario Legislature Library is restricted to politicians and lawyers only. It could be said the Law (secret) Society of Upper Canada is engage in racketeering however, the lawyers may, in fact, be serving a secret, foreign entity we have no knowledge of therefore engagement in activities detrimental to our well being could lead to suspicions of grievous criminal allegations. But, the lawyers “own” the legal system. However, with the depth of the injustice it is probably wise to try to withdraw from their “system” as best you can rather than continue to participate in it.

We have been told Canada is a country…it is the greatest country in the world to live. The fact of the matter is Canada is a country and being a country means it is a corporation, not a nation, not of a Tribal lineage, and the reason it is claimed to be the best country in the world to live is it is a good corporate citizen paying off “its” bills diligently. Because Canada is a corporation, problems insofar as jurisdictional and law-and-order issues arise. If Canada is a country we must find out the ramifications of being part of it. The power to enact legislation, to pass laws, is found with “ownership” to the land. In one sense, if Canada was a corporation then the owners would be able to enact any laws the board of directors of that particular firm wish to enact. This is called “private law”. The Bank of England have their own private law and, it is the only entity I have found which is above the law, next to POPE Inc. Interestingly enough, the Bank of England, in all likelihood, is a PAPAL or VATICAN instrument.

As you will find, Canada owns no land. In fact, the land belongs to the Creator and those born on the land, especially the Indians, have been given it by the Creator as their birthright. The land was created by the Creator and in agreeing to “countryhood” empowers others to create artificial authority to enact laws which in turn gives the impression of “assumpsit” ownership of the land as well turning you into something created by Caesar and not created by the Creator. In digression, has anyone produced the

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

owner’s and repair manual for planet earth during the so-called “climate change” nonsense?

Therefore, in order for the legislators to obtain jurisdiction over you they must contract with you and this, allegedly, is obtained through documents offered by the various governing structures. Some of those documents include “birth certificate” and the “social insurance number”. (The legal definition of “insurance” is “contract”). In reality it is a “social contract”. This type of contract cannot pass a Statutes of Frauds test. There are also the; marriage license, driver’s license, library card and any other legal documents

generated by the state which you ask for. However, I contend “they” have no jurisdiction whatsoever to issue such instruments. But, who ever produces the “money” gets to dictate the law. Insofar as “license” is concerned not many people are aware there are two legal definitions of “license”. A license can be permission to do what is otherwise illegal such as what medical doctors require and a license can be a restriction on trade and commerce and commerce such as a hunting or driver’s for hire license. The trap is sprung when we ask for such documentation. At that point, the state assumes jurisdiction over us. This is called “assumsit” contract or assumed contract. The very fact the so-called government issues pseudo contracts suggests their sovereignty over the land is questionable otherwise there would be bona fide contracts. Also, since we are dealing with questionable banking practices what the law and history are about is the smoke and mirrors set in place to hide the facts of what is really going on, the trading of land for worthless paper. You must ask yourself; “when did Canada, or any of the several Provinces, gain ownership to the land in order to set up shop to create such documentation through legislation?”. Have you considered where the “Original People” or “Indians” fit and what role they play in the “schemes” of those officials you voted in?

The word “Indian” comes from the phrase: “Los In Dios” or “those without the Christian soul”. It is a slang expression not unlike “Chink” or “Nigger” or “Spic”. Therefore, for reasons of expediency and out of usage I shall continue to refer to the Original people, as opposed to the ab-Original people, as Indians who are unrelated to enfranchised Indians. Enfranchised Indians would include; Ab-Original, First Nations, Métis, Status, Treaty and other corporations created by “your” politicians.

“Anishinabe” means “People”. The names of the various Nations and Tribes of Indians all mean “People” in the specific dialect, i. e., Saulteaux means “People”. Mohawk, in that dialect means “People”. Cheyenne, in that dialect means “People”. And so on.

Throughout the book you will note references to statutes, or laws. For example, S. C. 1937, ch. 22 means; Statutes of Canada for 1937 and chapter 22 of the Statutes of Canada of the year 1937. Similarly, R. S. C., 1927, ch. 22 would mean Revised Statutes of Canada, 1927 chapter 22. This is one of the first steps needed in order to conduct research, how to read and find statutes and revised statutes.

By reading this book you may come to your own conclusions that could stand as reasons why Pierre Trudeau would call Canadians “obtuse voters”. Canada is a colony. Canada is alleged to be a constitutional monarchy and if it is, one must first ascertain what the word


“constitution” really means. When did the people in Canada, or England for that matter, ever implement a constitution? It is a constitutional monarchy, by expression, as there can be only one Queen and Elizabeth Windsor is the Queen in contract with the Imperial Parliament through the “Civil List”. The Canadian laws have its roots in the statute (canon) laws of Great Britain because of certain arrangements between the Imperial Parliament, the Indians, the Hudson’s Bay Company and other Nations or so we are told.

The constitution of Great Britain is not a constitution rather, it is the compilation of the Roman Civil Law, the written statute laws, commencing in 1215 with Magna Charta. One of the features of Magna Carta is confirmation of the laws of Ine, Alfred the Great and other leaders of that Island from about the year 600 positive from year zero. One of the documents included in the compact disc is a set of English laws from 1215 up to the Canadian’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982 for the convenience of the reader. Incidently, ch. 13 of Magna Carta 1215 contain two sets of laws. One set are the complex “canon-commercial law” of Vatican, through the inner City of London, while the other set, as best can be expected, contain the Laws of the Creator. One set is commercial the other related to the common usages and customs. The later Laws were eaten up through the Vatican’s involvement with King John, in 1213 and the 25 Barons sent to pass the Mosaic Law into the jurisdiction of the King, who was owned by POPE Inc.

Knowing the power of the Laws of Yahushua the Cana’anites, through the PAPACY, had the corporation INNOCENT III blackmail King John into signing the 1213 “agreement” then proceeded to employ the services of 25 Barons to concentrate Yahushua’s Laws into their talons. This is purported to have the effect of negating Magna Carta 1215 altogether. Unfortunately, it was through the concentration of the Laws of England, leading to the Norman Conquest, which the people embraced and led to the one head of the people, the King. Accordingly, any change in those Laws, being the Laws of Yahushua as given to Moses, would have to be agreed to by all the people. This has not occurred. Yet. This would not be unlike repealing Trudeau’s agreement to the Lateran Pact of 1969, the people were not asked, nor were the Original People.

Canada is a colony and in a colony you have the Governor, holding rank of General, supposedly the representative of the reigning sovereign, in this case the second Elizabeth, Queen of Judah. Elizabeth Windsor, a front for divers corporate entities, and carrying on business as Queen Elizabeth the Second, gives what is known as “Royal Assent” to laws in England and her alleged counterpart in Canada, the Governor-General, who carries on the same business of assenting to laws created by the parliament in Ottawa. The Governor-General once obtained Royal Instructions from the reigning King or Queen through the Secretary of State, U. K., then met with the monarch to receive his instructions. Since the Byng-King affair of 1926 the role and function of the Governor-General changed. In 1927 the British High Commissioner was appointed and in 1931 R. B. Bennett signed the commission for the Governor-General and not the eighth Edward, King of Judah. By this, the Governor-General effectively became the property of the

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

prime ministerpriest which could, in part, explain the role and function of the British High Commissioner. I have taken the liberty to include a copy of a “questions and answers” session conducted sometime in the 1940’s between R. Rogers Smith and George Barr, King’s Council. When you read the document you will find George Barr and R. Rogers Smith have somewhat summed up the position of Governor-General and the British High Commissioner and have given a fairly detailed account of the history of British North America. It is interesting to note R. Rogers Smith and George Barr, although fairly accurate in their questions and answers, fail to include the Indians, or, it could be they believed the Indians were all “citizens of Canada” therefore, the Indians

were, like Canadians, having just a wonderful time enjoying the franchise. However, with Barr being a lawyer, one can never be certain where the truth lies. Once you have considered the facts, and the thoughts of R. Rogers Smith, you will more than likely come to the realization everything concerning government is fictitious, reliant upon the ignorance of the people in order to maintain an illusion the state has some sort of bona fide authority justifying the plundering the nations’ wealth under the pretext of law. As Frank Baum suggested in his occult book The Wizard of Oz … we have no brains, no heart and are too shy to stand up to the wizard while those not loyal to the Indians or the people of Turtle Island build a yellow brick road for some unknown entity of a foreign land. I see the Queen as the smoke and mirrors, running a dog and pony show while the decrepit man behind the curtain is POPE Inc.

We all have been told we ought to vote in order to participate in the affairs of the country, to exercise our “franchise”. We are constantly reminded to participate in elections by the various levels of governing structures we live under, by our teachers from the schools we attended and let us not forget the media. What does it mean to vote? What are the implications of voting? Who are you voting for? What do you think you are voting for? Whose interests are those duly elected really representing? These are all questions requiring consideration before you enter into the scheme of the “democracy” game, before you partake in your own personal “enjoyment of the franchise” and certainly when you apply for any government generated documents or “money”.

When one hears the word “franchise” it conjures up ideas of owning a coffee and doughnut shop or fast food business, car dealership or any other chain of businesses one can buy into. When looking at the word from a legal or political point of view, as it applies to the people, “franchise” has totally different implications. Franchise in its legal sense is associated with suffrage, voting, and speaking in general terms, the removal of all the rights, freedoms and grants the Creator has given to us all in substitution of the limited and lien able rights and freedoms POPE Inc., through Elizabeth Windsor, feels you ought to have. In order to understand what “democracy” is all about, and I do not profess to have all the answers concerning this topic, one must look at the words the politicians flaunt to induce the people into participating in the election process. In order to understand what voting is and the ramifications of voting one needs to understand precisely what voting is all about and to help you better understand this you might want to find out exactly what certain words mean in relation to voting. I have included some useful definitions in a latter chapter.


The basic objective of this publication is to keep as simple as possible the facts surrounding the creating of Canada as a country and although I have included supportive documentation I chose not to inundate this edition with comprehensive proof as it may burden the reader. My effort is an attempt to expose the so-called governments for what they really are. They are corporate employees and not our servants as we have been misled into believing. Those front men, whether they know it or not and whether they like it or not, are engaged in genocide. The British are notorious for wars and genocide and one only has to look at the fruits of its colonial expansion experiment.

One could liken the government as a sports team. The prime ministerpriest is the captain of the team, the ministersclergy appear as different players on the team, the Governor-General is the coach and the Parliament of Great Britain the owners of the franchise called “Team Canada”. The people of Canada are the spectators or fans and they get to root for their favorite team at election time. Election time could be considered as a sports draft and depending on how the team faired since the championship, or election, they could be reelected as a team once the contract comes up for renewal. If the franchise didn’t perform to the fans expectations the franchise is folded and the fans are allowed to select a new Team Canada. This is called voting. I believe if there is to be voting it ought to be done once in the life of the leader who is elected not unlike the succession of the King or Queen. When we vote in the politician, especially a majority government, we become subject to a dictatorship. With a minority government nothing really is accomplished other than mud slinging and a show for the people.

I have chosen only to provide the reader with explanations based on what I have found through my research. I am merely presenting the facts as found in the various journals of the legislative bodies, other sources and from other people’s knowledge, revealing to the reader the fruits of the combined efforts. By reading this book it is hoped you may find for yourself what Canada is all about and why it is not a good thing to claim “I AM. CANADIAN”. It is also hoped you will discover you are neither an “obtuse voter” nor “Canadian”. You are what could be colloquially referred to as a “Turtle Islander” … one who is born on Turtle Island and who is not an Indian, a subject of the Queen or a slave. Better yet, it is hoped you will find your true Tribal identity as everyone has one. The laws applicable to you would be the Law of the Land, Indian Law and that Law is found in the Laws of the Creator.

It really doesn’t matter what the laws say as it really comes down to money. The law is made to confuse the people and the court procedure is a creation of, by and for the money masters utilizing their law profession in an attempt to shut out the common people from conducting their own legal affairs. The courts operate under private commercial law in protection of the creditors, so-called.

Based on what you are about to read the root problem of all the worlds woes stem from questionable banking and borrowing practices by both the Fleet Street concerns and all those you willfully chose to give permission to through the franchise by way of the scheme of totalitarian democracy, the vote.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

For those of you who insist to equate “religion” with Scripture, I would like to give a theory which is currently being promoted and it concerns the event of creation. We must, however, concede the Bible was messed with in a huge way with the advent of the Council of Nicea when POPE Inc. and the narcotics of the people were invented.

The Story;

There was a time when there was but one, Omnipotent Being. The Name of the Being is “Yahuah”. I would like to dissect the word “Jehovah” in order to provide a clearer understanding. “J” is a relatively recent invention and has substituted “Y”. So, if we substitute “Yehovah” for “Jehovah”, and we know the Romans used the “V” as a “U”. Therefore, if we substitute “Yehouah” for “Jehovah” it becomes clear on the Name. However, Yahuah is NOT our Creator, rather, we, and all we see, was created by Yahuah’s Son. His Son’s Name is “Yahushuah”, or slight variations thereof but the Name of the Son is certainly not Zeus, alias “Jesus”. So, what you have is Yahushuah as our Heavenly Father and Yahuah as our Heavenly Grandfather or Grandomnipotent. The way to the Father, Yahushuah’s Father, is through the Son, Yahushuah. When one prays to Jehovah, or Yahuah, their prayers go unheard. Each religion has a stumbling block for the people to trip over in their quest to find the Mighty One.

In any event, Yahuah went about creating the Angels, out of nothing, which has been equated with “majick”. Satan was Yahuah’s right hand Angel. All the Angles knew how to make majick but there came another time when Yahuah created a Being out of Yahuah’s self. None of the Angles were privy to this form of majick and they started getting a little curious. By and by, the Creator went about creating everything we see, and yet to see, as well as man and woman. Things started to heat up in Heaven to the extent there was a rebellion. Satan had to play second fiddle to the Creator and Satan did not like that one bit. This led to 1/3 of the Angles being expelled from Heaven or they left Heaven.

If we look at 1/3 as a whole number percentage we arrive at 33% or, Masonically speaking, 33rd., Degree. I have read some articles in regard to the Freemasons. A couple of sources indicate when an initiate falls to the 33rd., Degree he is allowed to summons the “seething power of Lucifer” who appears as the “light”, sparks, bright lights and colours not unlike fireworks without the audible “bang”.

What we have here is retribution by Satan against Yahuah for keeping secret the “special” majick private so much so Satan is doing the same thing with the law profession, the Freemasons, POPE Inc. and others. As history has shown Satan and the fallen Angels have been hard at work trying to destroy everything about the Creator. Satan even went so far as to have the Creator murdered and when this came to pass all Heaven fell silent.

The usage of the “trinity doctrine” is founded upon Satan’s desire to be a “part of the Team”. There is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost? No, there is the Omnipotent, the Son and the spirit of the Son which is in all life. Satan will stop at nothing to achieve the


end of getting back in favour with Yahuah and, in the process, Satan is out to prove to Yahuah Yahushua, the Creator, is no good and useless for Satan is able to destroy what the Creator has made. Satan figures there will come a time when he can stand up and say; “Look Yahuah, the Creator’s creation, man, has given over Your Son’s creation to me for worthless paper, for nothing and all based on illusion”. The Art of War by Sun Tzu is what has been going on for a few thousand years. There is and has been an economic war on going since time immemorial and this war is all based on a grand illusion. There are

those who do not believe in Satan, Lucifer, etc. rather, it is the evil within people which is the devil.

Since the evident demise of the monarch in 1657 the subsequent monarchs, to date, could not have had authority to give Royal Assent to any Bill. This would account for why the British North America Bill died on the order table for want of Royal Assent. This could also be the reason John MacDonald opted for the Second Law in the Twenty-fifth year of the Reign of the Third Edward, King of Judah to execute Louis Riel while the provisions of the Criminal’s Code of Canada provided for life in prison, for high treason, the Ancient Law provided for execution.

As a further note, on the Laws of Alfred the Great, one of its main features was the doing away of the Cities of Refuge. The Cities of Refuge would contain the Ark of the Promise, not the Ark of the “Coven”-ant. The Ark of the Promise contained the Torah, the Laws and Promises of Yahushua. With this out of the way, those who oppose the Creator could insidiously carry on with the Curse of Cana’an, Ba’al worship which “our” elected officials are entrenched with. In exchange for the Torah, we get the King James Bible.

Ladies and Gentlemen: WELCOME TO HELL

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


A Tribal people could lose their Land, and Tribal identity, through conquest by a foreign power or extinction through murder as the Kings and Queens of England have authorized through the ages by way of “colonial expansion”. The most effective way of extinguishment is genocide through statutes. In order for a tract of land to become a country it has to become incorporated. If the particular land is occupied by Original people, you would have to either defeat them or enter into treaties. Recognized ownership to the land is fundamental in asserting one’s rights to certain jurisdictional authority. For example, when one purchases real estate a lawyer is usually retained to search title. The lawyer advises the purchaser whether the title is subject to any encumbrances. The final step for the purchaser is at their lawyer’s office to sign the papers closing the deal. At this point the lawyer will ask the “purchasers” whether they want to be known as “joint tenant” or “tenant in common” in order for the property to be registered in land titles. Title does not mean private property and when you agreed to purchase the property what you were assuming to purchase is converted into a rental upon filing at the land titles or land registry office. This is how the governing structure is able to tax and expropriate the property. Not only that, but, the property is used as collateral for loans, not unlike what the Census achieves, tabulating “equity” for foreign creditors and when we cannot pay the “loans” we are executed, another term for “war”. But does the governing structure really have jurisdiction to pass such laws? Obviously, the lawyers are learned in the law and they know exactly what they are doing when dealing in real estate, they are holding in perpetuity land laundering for certain creditors.

Ownership to the land is particularly important when the creation and enforcement of law comes into play. In order to enact legislation, a legislative body must either own or have authority-jurisdiction over the land, and agreements giving jurisdiction over those living there. This is called “voting” and without such consent, there would be no base of operation “our government” could function from in order to give away our birthrights. In the case of Turtle Island, claims to commercial enterprise on the land would come about through the Treaty process and this would only apply as far as commercial activity is concerned and not the land proper. For example, when did the united States of America, or Canada for that matter, gain sovereignty over the land, through ownership or Treaty? To understand what “country” means you would have to look back through several hundred years of history. You would have to know about Tribal culture which is fast disappearing. You also have to look back to the early trading arrangements between various European nations and the original Inhabitants of the Americas, the Indians. You have to actually look further back when other nations were trading with the Turtle Island Indians without the benefits or restraints of contracts or Treaties. I do not wish to pursue anything prior to the advent of the current Treaty scheme but may, from time to time, make such references.


“Indian” is the catch-all name the original inhabitants of Turtle Island were branded with. The word “Indian” can be interpreted in two ways, by ordinary usage and the legal sense. The ordinary meaning involves the various Nations and Tribes of Indians and the legal

Indians are those who are defined by statute and include but are not limited to; First Nations, Ab-Originals, Status, Métis, elected Chiefs and council, apples, sell-outs, hangers-around-the-fort and others who are created by law. The correct way in describing “Indians” would be in their own words. The tribal names of the various nations of Indians of Turtle Island mean “People” in those various dialects. Cree means people, Navajo means people, etc.

Prior to Christopher Columbus’s, a title and not a name, alleged finding of Turtle Island, which was never lost, European Nations had been actively engaged in trade on the continent for thousands of years prior to Columbus’s “find” of the Americas. At about the time of Columbus certain contracts, or Treaties, were entered into with the Indians on different parts of Turtle Island. In 1763 the Treaties would become concentrated into the hands of the PAPAL Crown under the guise of the King of Great Britain and proclaimed under the Royal Proclamation 1763. What was highly possible in 1763, King George III was likely a slave to VATICAN as a result of the 1657 “revolution”. Also, in 1213 POPE Inc. and John, King of Judah, entered into contract in favour of POPE Inc. (Track “1”). The 1213 “deal” was not presented to the witan, the Parliament of the day, so I contend this presented a problem which was finally resolved in 1657. Later, POPE Inc. teams up with the eighth Henry, King of Judah when Henry takes over as head of the AnglicanCatholic Church of England which, through the “Monastic Movement”, was likely, a wholly owned commercial business run by POPE Inc. Again, with the advent of the execution of Charles VATICAN eventually spread to the Imperial Parliament and to the Bank of England (Track “2”) through the so-called English Revolution of 1657 and the insolvency of the early 18th., century due to the scheme of the fractional reserve system of the Bank of England. Canada and the “Federal Reserve” in the united States share the same yokes. The Bank of England Charter was to be temporary and could be cancelled with only one year notice. It doesn’t appear this will ever come to pass.

English Laws Relevant to Canada

Since 1763 the laws prevailing on Turtle Island, insofar as those being other than Indian are concerned, were and are the British statutory laws sometimes referred to as the “constitution” of England. The “constitutional” laws of England are supposed to be the written, codified laws, or Romanesque statutes, starting with the civil law Magna Carta 1215 (Track “3”). The law stating the laws of England are the laws of the colonies, such as Canada, is found in the Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865 (Track “3”) but since the Statute of Westminster 1931, (Track “3”) Canada has been permitted to repeal U. K. law. Between Magna Carta 1215 and today there are thousands of English laws that apply to Canada. I will only focus in on the more significant ones in order to give some of the key points found within. More English Roman Statute law may be found on the internet. As well, I have some key documents in my “Book of Statutes”, at Track “3”. We must remember the concentration of the Laws in Magna Carta 1215, would include, among

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

others, the Code of Ine and the Laws of Alfred the Great. This recognized two legal systems. One based on pure commerce with the complex “canon law” while the other primarily based upon the Laws of the Creator.

With the PAPACY taking control over the English Throne, as early as 1537 and as late as 1657, by revolution, and 1717 through the “fractional reserve” scheme, it is safe to conclude the only laws applicable to all of Turtle Island today, would be those private, PAPAL laws, and those laws include everything imaginable in order to raise money by PAPAL hook and by PAPAL crook. If you become a refusink, you get the “Inquisition”. Joe Ratzinger’s last position with VATICAN was head of the Inquisition. The Inquisition has not ceased since the time of the Moors.

Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865 (28-29 Victoria, c. 63 U. K.)

Sec. 1 “The Term “Colony” shall in this Act include all of Her Majesty’s Possessions abroad in which there shall exist a Legislature as hereinafter defined except the Channel Islands the Isle of Man and such Territories as may for the Time being be vested in her Majesty under or by virtue of any Act of Parliament for the Government of India.” (Canada, then as now, was, and is, a Colony having a Provincial Legislature and several such Legislatures. Canada was known as the “Province of Canada” and was part of Victoria’s responsibilities, so we were misled to believe.)

Sec. 2 “Any Colonial Law which was or shall be in any respect repugnant to the Provisions of any Act of Parliament extending to the Colony to which such Law may relate, or repugnant to any Order or Regulation made under Authority of such Act of Parliament, or having in the Colony the Force and Effect of SUCH Act, shall be read subject to such Act, order, or regulation, and shall to the Extent of such Repugnancy, but not otherwise, be and remain absolutely void and inoperative.” (Any Colonial Law repugnant, or inconsistent, to the provisions of an Act of (the Imperial) Parliament, and depending upon the degree of inconsistency, could be declared to be void and inoperative. Please refer to the so-called Income Tax Act Canada S. C. 1948 ch. 52)

Magna Carta 1215

Ch. 13 “And the city of London shall have all its old liberties and free customs as well by land as by water. Moreover we will and grant that the other cities and burroughs, and town and ports, shall have all their liberties and free customs The city of London, which is now referred to as the Inner City of London, is the ancient Roman city of “Londinium” and in preserving its ancient liberties and free customs renders it a sovereign city-state. Furthermore, the other cities and burroughs, towns and ports referred to are in relation to the other areas of England which held certain customs, traditions and Laws prior to the concentration of power to a central body. This provision would include the Code of Ine, Laws of Alfred the Great, Althelred and other Kings.


Ch. 35 “There shall be one measure of wine throughout our whole realm, and one measure of ale and one measure of corn-namely, the London quart-and one width of dyed and resset and hauberk cloths-namely, two ells below the selvage. An with

weights, moreover, it shall be as with measures.” (This either proves the metric system is unlawful, or, Magna Carta 1215 died.)

Ch. 40 “To none will we sell, to none deny or delay, right or justice.” (If still valid. rights or justice should not cost, be delayed or denied.)

Ch. 45 “We will not make men justices, constables, sheriffs, or bailiffs, unless they are such as know the law of the realm, and are minded to observe it rightly.” (Those appointed to judge and uphold the law have to know the law and conform to it. If Magna Carta 1215 is spent, or if we are under commercial law, then this could account, in part, for why there is such an inconsistency on the bench. One other reason is the fact the courts are commercial courts which operate within land they have no jurisdiction. The only saving is founded in the bearing of false witness in the form of any document generated by any level of governing structure in your fictional name, viz, your Christian and Sir Name written in full block/uppercase lettering.)

In order to defeat a nation you have to conquer the people who live there. Conquering a people can take several routes. One route is out right war, one could use germ warfare as a weapon of choice as Governor James Murray used against the Indians, take away their food sources by laying siege, such as the buffalo cull, statutize them out of existence through enfranchisement and, of course, tax them to death. The British have employed all of these methods in trying to get rid of the Indians. Governor James Murray used small pox as germ warfare in the extinguishing of the Indians immediately after the Royal Proclamation of 1763. To extinguish the Indians by statute you have to establish a governing structure. The establishment of a governing structure, through debt, is one of the fundamental prerequisites in Tribal ethnic cleansing and can currently be seen in the African Tribal Lands.

The European styled governing structures we currently “enjoy”, better yet deserve, came about as a result of colonization. The Hudson’s Bay Company had a governing structure with its monopoly on the fur trade and was commissioned, in part, to enact and enforce laws intended to keep the peace between the Indians and others who were granted a license to trade with the Indians. By destroying the Plains Indian’s main food source, the buffalo, the governing structure in Ottawa expedited the incorporation of the Indians through the scheme of “enfranchisement”. This is an example of murder by statute.

The immigration policies of the colonies soon caused the European population to out number the Indian population. The next step was to enact legislation aimed at enfranchising the Indians to the governing structure. This method was enacted in 1869, a year before the buffalo cull which had the effect of laying siege on the Indians. You must remember, at this time the governing structures were there to manage those other than Indians and to pay the Indians their royalties from the rent of from the land, natural

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

resources and taxation. Much of their mandate can be found in the Royal Proclamation 1763. (Track “3”). By laying siege on the Indians the only option available to them, other than starvation, was to accept the enfranchisement. “Public Safety, Public Necessity,

Public Interest”. This is how we have been getting thrashed for the past several centuries. Here, Public Safety; “Public” meaning “government”, “ … we must take away the buffalo or the human resources may hurt our commerce by not purchasing our product.”. Public Necessity; “ … in order to take over the resources for our master it is necessary we own the Indians.” Public Interest; “ … it is in our best interest to destroy the Indian otherwise the true party of interest will become upset. POPE Inc. attempted to gain a foothold in the Americas, using the Jesuits and failed for a time. POPE Inc. then tried the back door approach riding the coat tails of “Hail Britannia”.

Immigration was brought about for several reasons. The colonists migrated to Turtle Island due to an over population crisis in Europe. The Indians looked upon the Europeans as guests similar to you inviting someone into your house only the guests now claim ownership of the house. Therefore, before the Indian knew what was happening, we were overrun by others not of our Tribal lineage. Other reasons would include; dilution of the population of the Original people, human resources to work the natural resources, excuses needed to cover for germ warfare, slaves to service fictitious debts and other reasons.

Having set up the governing structure the next step was to assimilate the Indians and, as I have also indicated, passage of legislation in order to enfranchise them while diluting the population with Europeans. The Directors of the corporation known as the Dominion of Canada undertook this step first with the enactment of 32-33 Victoria ch. VI,

An Act for the gradual enfranchisement of the Indians, better management of Indian affairs, and to extend the provisions of the Act 31st Victoria, Chapter 42”. (Track “4”)

This occurred in 1869 and is to be read in conjunction with 31 Victoria ch. XLII, the

Department of Secretary of State Act”. (Track “5”)

In 1870 the Imperial Parliament turns a blind eye to the great Canadian governing structure slaughter of forty-million buffalo, the Indians main food, housing and clothing source, in order to lay siege against the Indians and to bring them to their knees begging for help, all the while allegedly trustees to the Indians. It was a means of coercing the Indians into the franchise. In order to get any assistance from the Ottawa authority the Indian would have to submit to its so-called legislative authority over them. I will elaborate a little more on those two Acts later on.

With the two Acts there now were systems in place to take over and occupy Indian Territory for commercial and other purposes. The statutization of the Indians expedites this process. The 1869 Act created corporate Indians via “democracy”. In 1870 the Hudson’s Bay Charter is surrendered and Alexander Morris, Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Manitoba, embarked upon the “Morris Treaties” in 1871. I will not go into


any detail about them other than to provide some illustrations of the goings on with those “Treaties”. There is another statute on the books of the Province of Canada having the same import, the enfranchisement of the Indians, and there were other Treaties prior to

the Morris Treaties. Before I continue on with the Alexander Morris Treaties I would like to focus in on two other Treaties that precede the Morris Treaties. They are the Robinson Huron and Robinson Superior Treaties of 1850. (Track “6, 7 and 8”)

(Before I carry on I wish to point out how private investors may have been active in the African Lands. The Tribal Identity is prevalent in the African Lands. The investors put in place a puppet, Mugabe for example. Next, they provide book-entry funding for a so-called Parliament (democracy) and a military to fight the local Tribes. This has a two pronged benefit. On the one part, the Tribal claims to the Land cease and there is instant debt creation so those Lands are relieved of their resources in order to pay the “debt”.)

(William) Robinson Treaties

Prior to the concentration of the three Provincial debts into one, in 1867, William Robinson undertook to enter into Treaties with the Indians of the Huron and Superior territory in 1850. Those Treaties would come to be known as the Robinson Huron and Robinson Superior Treaties. The Robinson Treaties are problematic in several areas but primarily it was William Robinson’s lack of authority to enter into Treaties with the Indians of the Huron and Superior regions of what is now a part of the Province of Ontario. The Royal Proclamation 1763 states if any land is to be surrendered it is to be done with the so-called Royal authority. The Province of Canada did not have that requisite authority. William Robinson was acting in his capacity as agent for the Province of Canada and not for the Imperial Crown. Nor, may I add, was POPE Inc. noted as being the true party of interest. You may review the areas known as the Robinson Huron and Superior Treaty land area by referring to the map. (Track “9”) Robinson was a “Free”mason and had fallen to the degree of “sublime perfection”.

The sources of information I will be relying upon for the following number of paragraphs are taken from Tracks “6 and 7”. The case involved a dispute between the bookkeeping of; the old Province of Canada, the Dominion of Canada and the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec with respects to the non payment of royalties due the Indians, the arrears and which governing structure was obliged to pay for those arrears. The arrears were in relation to the pledges made in the Robinson Treaties. Those particular arrears have yet to be settled. The Robinson Treaties have yet to be ratified by the Indians or commissioned in the first place.

The first of the Robinson Treaties was the Huron Treaty and came about on September 9th., 1850. Gleaned from the documents it is alleged Robinson was acting for the Provincial authorities and not for the Imperial government. I should point out with respect to the management of the Indian’s affairs the secretary of the Governor-General was kept in the dark about the duty the position entailed. Once the secretary gained sufficient knowledge of the duties of office he was called upon to leave that position and

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

the successor would enter the position with little or no knowledge about the duties and responsibilities involved in holding such an office. Consequently, the wheel of ignorance would continue in seeming perpetuity. You might say there was and is no job description

for the position of secretary to the Governor-General insofar as the Royal Proclamation is concerned. The same can be said in regard to ministers and deputy ministers. They too are also removed from office when they become aware of the true nature of their jobs. Such was the case of Michael Horgan, Robert Nault and Andy Mitchell. Once they were informed of their jobs, through legal actions, they were removed from office and replaced with someone having less knowledge than the predecessor.

At this time, the affairs of the Province of Canada were the domain of the Provincial “Crown” but Indian Affairs was managed by a special Imperial officer. This was because

management of Indian Affairs was handled out of the Home Office for Colonies and Plantations, in England, from 1763 until 1861. In 1861 the management of Indian Affairs was transferred from England to the Province of Canada then in 1867 another transfer. In 1867 the management was transferred to the junior governing structure in Ottawa under section 91.24 of the British North America Bill. (Track “3”)

It must be pointed out the management of Indian’s affairs affected the areas exclusive of the Thirteen Colonies. Had there been a real revolution in the Thirteen Colonies then there would have had to have been amendments to the Royal Proclamation 1763 to reflect this. Since there has been no such amendment at 1776 or 1789 or 1867 or 1982 it would stand to reason the Royal Proclamation 1763, with the transfers of the management of Indian’s affairs ultimately to the Dominion of Canada, there could be only one conclusion. The only conclusion one could come to is the Ottawa authority must ultimately have the responsibility to manage Indian’s affairs both within the corporate boundaries not only of Canada but of the united States as well. Otherwise, there would have had to have been amendments to the Royal Proclamation reflecting this, and there have been none. Since Canada is a corporation, duly registered as such with the corporation Washington, District of Columbia, it is easy to see management of the Indians ultimately fall to those controlling the money supply.

Some of the duties the Imperial Officers had towards the Indians included; the supply of suitable houses, fishing tackle, farming implements, education, protection of their lands from intrusion by White Settlers, “selling” Indian lands and investing the proceeds in safe investments, keep books and accounts of the Indian Annuities as well as to act as a liaison between the Government and the Indians on all matters either civil or political.

The liability to pay the Indians falls within section 111 of the British North America Bill 1867 and Indian land is referred to under s. 109. The franchise put an end to this.

s. 109 “All Lands, Mines, Minerals and Royalties belonging to the several Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick at the Union, and all Sums then due or payable for such Lands, Mines, Minerals, or Royalties, shall belong to the several Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick in which the same are situate or arise, subject to any Trusts existing in respect thereof, and to any Interest other than that of the Province in the same.


s. 111 “Canada shall be liable for the Debts and Liabilities of each Province existing at the Union.”

The produce of the land surrendered was the subject of which the Province had to keep close watch over as when the produce of the land reached a certain point the Indians would receive royalties. This was the result of a contract, or Treaty arrangements, transferred to the control of Victoria Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Queen Victoria) for the benefit of the Indians. After 1867 the junior governing structure in Ottawa became the paymaster of the Indians subject to a contract. The Ottawa authority became the legal guardians of the Indians, guarding their property and royalties but not the legal guardians under the doctrine of parens patriae, meaning “father of the people”, which is the doctrine the state holds the young, infirm, elderly or the mentally challenged as its property. I suppose this would include us for we are all “registered” at birth, perhaps at the census as well.

The reason the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec were involved in the arbitration hearing was due to their situations prior to 1867. At this time there was only one Province, Canada, responsible for the finances of all the Provinces and as such there was one treasury. The Province of Canada included Quebec. The Indian’s royalties were placed in the accounts of the Province of Canada but were not paid to the Indians. After the debt concentration of the three Provinces, in 1867, the one, then the two, (Canada then Ontario and Quebec) Provinces had a liability to pay the Indians. The action in this case was brought on by the Ottawa authority on behalf of the Indians. Incidentally, up until 1867 Quebec had a share in the lands of the Province of Canada and at the alleged Concentration of 1867 that ceased.

In order to cheat the Indians out of their land and royalties, the governmental authorities had to turn the Indians into “statutes”, or “persons”, or “individuals”, and better known as “corporations”. To that end an act was passed which facilitated this objective. The Province of Canada passed an act entitled;

An Act for the better protection of the Lands and property of the Indians of Lower Canada, S. Prov. C. 1851, c. 59”.

This is how they went about incorporating the Indians;

s. 2 stated the following persons and classes of persons, and none other, shall be considered as Indians—.

Firstly. All persons of Indian blood, reputed to belong to the particular Tribe or Body of Indians interested in such lands or immoveable property, and their descendants:

Secondly. All persons residing among such Indians, whose parents were or are, or either of them was or is, descended on either side from Indians or an Indian reputed to belong to the particular Tribe or Body of Indians

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

interested in such lands or immoveable property, and the descendants of all such persons: And

Thirdly. All women, now or hereafter to be lawfully married to any of the persons included in the several classes hereinbefore designated; the children issue of such marriages, and their descendants.”

It is interesting to note there was no legal definition of Indian prior to this and the word “person” is defined as a corporation in other statutes. In Scripture, The Creator is not a respecter of “persons” or those carrying titles. Due to commerce, the governing structures function by statutes and if there is no statute defining the subject matter, in this case nonenfranchised Indians, they have no authority. By defining the Indians under statute, or by creating a “statutory Indian”, the politicians could manipulate, and have manipulated, the legislative process in order to extinguish the Indians without a formal declaration of war. The Imperial Parliament was negligent in respect of the Robinson Treaties was the lawyer’s position but the fact of the matter was then, and still is, the unknown financier would likely be the party of interest. We must always bear in mind the governing structures have been given the guns to ensure the complete destruction of the Tribes and Nations of Indians.

The Indians were considered to be minors with respects to the legalities of the Treaties and European laws. They did not know the mechanisms, argot, fraud or other slights of hand prevalent in the Roman-commercial-canon statute laws of England. The Indians were not aware what was happening to them, and their land, was theft, using genocide to meet that end. We are misled to believe the Sovereign has been the Guardian or Trustee being represented by the Imperial Parliament then the Province of Canada then the Dominion of Canada. The Queen is merely a trustee. J. J. Curran, carrying on business as Solicitor-General for the Ottawa authority, summed it up best when he said;

We contend that these Treaties are governed by International, rather than by Municipal law. They were made with the tribes under the authority of the Sovereign, and the faith of the nation was pledged in dealing with those annuities. The Crown is a trustee in those matters, and occupies a special relationship towards those Indians, and is bound to watch over their interests and enforce their rights, and will not be allowed to set up its own laches as a defence against these claims.

The annuities and royalties due each Indian were to be paid to them individually and the payments also applied to those whom were not Indians but who were adopted into the particular Tribe or Nation. The way the Ottawa authority circumvented this was to force the Indian Act on the Indians. With the Indian Act came corruption of what is sometimes referred to as the so-called “democratic” system. With this “democratic” way of electing the Chief and council some of the money the Ottawa authority owed the Indians, or the amount Ottawa was willing to pay the Indians, was given to the elected Chief and council


and in most cases the Chief and council did, and does, what it pleases with those funds. In the main the funds were and are not being allotted to the individual Indian according to Treaty. There are some elected Chiefs and Council who are honourable. This is one way constructive genocide works. The Provinces raise the revenue, turn it over to the Ottawa authority and in kind those funds are to be distributed individually to the Indians. Of course, one must also consider the ambiguous nature of the Treaty scheme supposedly undertaken between the Indians and the various governing structures post 1763 and question whether or not Signatory Indians have the upper hand insofar as ambiguous Indians which are created by statute. Of course, the validity of the monarchy comes into play in the scheme of things.

The money due the Indians was to be policed by the Chiefs and the money to be paid had to be the Lawful currency (maerra, gold and silver) of the Province of Upper Canada. That is one example of a break down in the Treaty, if the Treaty was valid. It is safe to say there has been and still is a breakdown of Royal Instructions in this particular instance due to the fact there is no lawful currency on the North American Continent as it is private money. There is debt instrument known as “legal tender” and forms one of the many breaches of contract. The Indians who would qualify for the benefits would be restricted to those with Indian blood and those white males and females both Caucasian and Negro who married into or were adopted by the Indians. The annuities and royalties were looked upon as being a lien upon the land.

During the discussion as found in the transcripts (Tracks “6 and 7”) there is an attempt to twist the facts concerning the Royal Proclamation 1763. The domestic Crown advances a theory the sovereign, George the Third, through “his” Royal Proclamation 1763, granted the Indians certain territory and are under the protection of the sovereign Crown. I have made point form notes of the aforementioned transcripts. (Track “8”) The fact of the matter is there were several Treaties with several international Nations and the sundry Indian Nations and Tribes of Indians were not part of the six years war ending in 1763. The Royal Proclamation 1763 was a “presentment” or a formal warning, or assertion, to other nations and persons, if they were to come to British North America the sovereign Crown held a monopoly on the trade with the Indians, the Indians were not to be disturbed or molested and their lands could only be ceded, treatied, surrendered or sold to the sovereign and none other. To advance the theory the King granted the Indians certain lands and privileges would present an erroneous picture portraying the Indians as being defeated. There is, however, an insidious act of war still being undertaken.

This is precisely what I believe George the Third and the so-called “great Chief” Joseph Brant attempted to foster with the Haudenosaune, (pronounced; Hawd en oh shawn e) or Six Nations. This raises two questions. First of all, who are the Six Nations? And, exactly where did George the Third get Indian land to give to the Indians in the first place? Had the Indians been defeated there would have had to have been some sort of Treaty of surrender or capitulation. There were none. The only Treaty of surrender or capitulation occurred eight months prior with the Treaty of Paris which was the precursor to the

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

Royal Proclamation 1763. The Indians were not involved, per se, with the war which precipitated the Treaty of Peace and the Royal Proclamation. It was a war invented to strengthen the money masters, through debt creation, and to create a monopoly on Turtle Island using the Imperial Parliament as a front to meet this end.

I had an opportunity of trying to assist the Haudenosaune during their occupation of a housing development in Caledonia, Ontario in 2005. Boy, was I a fool thinking they were of the Original people. It took some time for it to sink in. I can come to only one conclusion concerning the Caledonia “occupation”. The Haudenosaune are what I call “European Indians” or those of the Original people, shipped off to Europe and their ancestors sent back to Turtle Island to displace the Iroquois and to discredit all Original people of Turtle Island. Oka is such an example. If you recall, it was “Lasagna” who said something to the effect it was “Canadian” land and get the f@&^ off my land!”. Let’s see now. “I’m Canadian”. What does that tell you about Mr. Lasagna? Also, as with Joe Brant, Indians have Tribal names which translate to things of nature, like “Moving Cloud” or “Mud Hen” or “Standing Eagle” or other such names. Also, when the REAL Indians signed Treaties their signatures were “pictographs” such as a swan, eagle, buffalo, crow or whatever. We remember Sitting Bull. Well, there is a classic example. Today, the Original people, like everyone else, have been dummied down. They accept the franchise for those who knew otherwise were taken care of and the de facto chiefs and council run interference to cover what is truly going on behind the scenes through greed and the miracle of turning worthless paper (legal tender) into land. Who needs to turn water into wine, lead into gold when one is able to turn paper into land? “Chief” Hudson, of Peguis “reserve” in Manitoba, reached a multimillion dollar settlement for the Selkirk Settlement. Paper is worthless. He ought to have kept the land and with the property tax base the settlement sum would have been met in no time.

If the Haudenosaune were real, Original people, and not a foreign occupying force, why would they pretend all the while to be of the Original people, occupy Original people’s Land and insist on having the crown on their car license plates and trucks? That was one tell-tale sign. Another sign of the Haudenosaune being Ab-original can be found in the facts on how they are carrying on business of discrediting, or better yet, betraying all Original people.

In Cayuga, Ontario there is a massive cigarette manufacturing plant and as of 2005 that plant was contributing about $140,000,000 per year in taxes to the junior governing structure in Ottawa. Let’s see, they claim they are on Indian Land, given to them by George the Third and Joseph Brant, which lies within the Indian Territory, are occupying the housing development in Caledonia and refuse to give up the crown on their license plates and affix their own car markers and don’t tax the tobacco factory. There is an IMAX here, a very, very big and dirty picture. Something is very, very out of whack there. Furthermore, of all the Tribes and Nations forming the Original people of Turtle Island the Mohawks are the most well armed and well organized. You don’t hear that from any other of the Original people of Turtle Island. Not the Cree. Not the Blackfoot.


Not the Cheyenne. Not the Navajo. The one exception of more recent times would be the “Wounded Knee” propaganda of the early 1970’s.As previously indicated the word “license” has two meanings in law, permission to do what is otherwise unlawful (doctors have licenses as do people who own commercial vehicles) and the other is a restriction on trade and commerce. Since there are no bona fide treaties, within the Indian Territory, the Original People are not required to obtain permission to be in commerce or to sojourn within the limits of Turtle Island. The Mohawks could be protecting the tobacco factory while the “Ontario” tobacco farmers suffer.

One would think with the “power” the Haudenosaune appear to hold they would take very simple steps such as rescinding all documentation generated by the various governing structures and produce their own rather than stage an “Oka Crisis” or seizing the Caledonia subdivision. When you connect all the proverbial dots it is a wonder why the Original people of Turtle Island don’t hold their own hearings, come to a consensus the Haudenosaune could be classed as “domestic terrorists”, then demand the governing structures take action to banish all of them off of Turtle Island.

The Royal Proclamation is not a statute as this document allegedly emanates from St. James and not Westminster. St. James is the place of personal business of the sovereign and Westminster is where the Imperial Parliament legislates. Try as Elizabeth Windsor may, to have the Royal Proclamation 1763 statutized through the “Canadian’s” Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982, the Royal Proclamation is a proclamation by one who is of the Sovereign, cannot be statutized and is not amendable by any parliament as statutes are.

“…I do not see the use of talking of vendors and purchasers, as between the Indians and the Crown. It is not a case of vendor and purchaser. It is a case of its own kind and character, and we are to look, not at what are the technical rules of ordinary procedure, as between individuals, and ordinary contracts. We are to look at what the nature of this transaction is, and the parties between whom it is, and that is what I shall endeavour now to proceed to do.

In the first place, I said I thought it was impossible to construe this Treaty, or this Imperial Statute, in the ordinary way in which you construe ordinary documents. The Imperial Statute is an instrument providing a Constitution for millions of people. A Treaty is a Treaty between two, Sovereign powers, so to speak. I shall not delay your lordships to prove what is merely elementary.

Clearly, the Robinson Treaties are statutory Treaties. They could not have been undertaken between enfranchised Indians and representatives of the particular governing structure as this would run interference with real Indians and their lands. But, when considering any claim non-enfranchised Indians made over the areas covering the Robinson Treaties any illegitimate Indian claim would have to be set aside. The Indian land carries a lien upon it. Annuities and royalties are a consequence of the produce of

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

the land. The lien is never lifted because the land is attached in such a peculiar way when another Indian is born the agreements survive another generation.

You have nothing like an Indian Title.”

Insofar as William Robinson’s credentials to enter into the Treaties is concerned, it must be noted he was not a lawyer, (what a surprise) he did not utilize the services of a lawyer (another surprise) nor did he seek any legal opinion about the document, not that not having a lawyer is always a bad thing. As well, acting for Colonel Bruce and not the Imperial Crown, coupled with the form and content of his efforts, it would appear William Robinson undertook those Treaties of his own initiative, perhaps for his own advancement, or decline, depending on one’s view. You see, in the book about the Robinson Treaties, William Robinson is described as being of the “sublime degree of perfection”. I am assuming this to be one of the lower degrees an “initiate” falls to after entering the lodge. Not having a lawyer to attorn the Treaties to the owner of the monarch may have rendered the Robinson Treaties private undertakings by and for Robinson.

Digressing into “Free”masonry, one of the lies the initiates are told is there is to be a building of the Third Temple of Solomon, which will not occur. We have been conditioned to think of “three”. Like the so-called “Trinity”, three little pigs, three blind mice, three stooges, three musketeers, and so on when we ought to be looking at things happening in twos, as in the Omnipotent and the Son. I believe there were only two Solomon’s Temples and there has been only one Fortress Zion, so far. I believe the second Fortress Zion will be built to coincide somehow with the 2012 Olympics. The

logo for the London 2012 Olympics abstractly spells “ZION”. The fortress could be brought about to coincide with the so-called “Wormwood” sometimes referred to as “Nebaru”, the brown star, etc. The original Fortress Zion was held by the Jebuzites who were Cana’anites. They were involved with what is known as “Ba’al worship”, perhaps child-human sacrifices to the gods. Not unlike “Free”masonry and Catholicism. The Sixth George King of Judah, assisted the Cana’anites in taking back the Land (Jerusalem) The Creator gave to Judah. Imagine that. The Creator gives certain Land to Judah, which was taken from the Cana’anites and Judah gave this gift, from the Creator, back to the Cana’anites in order for the second building of Fortress Zion and to invent the Cana’anite STATE OF ISRAEL. Elizabeth is in deep, deep trouble and along with it, we are too are slated for destruction. Perhaps her son Charles, William or Harry the Lost will put a stop to this, but not very likely.

William Robinson was acting as agent for the Crown of the Province of Canada and not the Imperial Crown, in other words, he had no authority to enter into the Treaties. William Robinson reported to Colonel Bruce. The reason for the implementation of the Robinson Treaties can be found in the untapped natural resources in those regions. Once the Treaties were in place, the Province of Canada quickly undertook the construction of railways, some believe were PAPAL, in order to transport human resources to the natural

resources. The railroads, unfortunately, encumbered the three Provinces to the extent the loans the Provinces took out for their construction placed a heavy financial burden on


them. The railroads were not needed for population reasons, commercial reasons and were useless, perhaps dangerous, for military purposes. The financial problems of the three Provinces ultimately led to the formation of a new corporation known as the

“Dominion of Canada” during the Concentration of 1867. This is consistent with Victoria Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s message to the Imperial Parliament for the 1867 session. There were also debates by the Imperial Parliament. (Tracks “11 and 12”)

We have seen an example of “statutory Indians” and “statutory Indian land”. It is easy to see the ulterior motive behind the manipulation of Indian land but the underlying motivation in the scheme of things was the ultimate incorporation of all Indians and all people everywhere for that matter. The Queen and the Imperial Parliament have been very cunning in fabricating the so-called Treaties of Turtle Island. As you have seen, the Treaties the Indians hold are between sovereign People and Nations. The alleged Treaties undertaken with Robinson, and others, do not meet with this description. Therefore, any land dealings would have to be undertaken with the monarch and the Indians themselves. What Victoria and the Imperial Parliament did was set up a series of statutes to slowly integrate the Indians into the Roman-PAPAL, civil-canon, statutory-colourable laws. They had to define Indians in a legal sense. Once defined in a legal sense then the business of legislating over the Indians and their property is available. This is the creation of the fictional Indian, the incorporated Indian and, in the process the statutized Indian replaces the flesh and blood Indian. Ergo, the Royal Proclamation 1763 and all Treaties prior to that date become redundant, that is if the Royal Proclamation 1763 was valid in the first place.

(Alexander) Morris Treaties

Having dealt with the subject of the Robinson Treaties I will now move along with the Treaties undertaken by Alexander Morris (lawyer). Alexander Morris was the Lieutenant Governor for the Province of Manitoba and North-west Territories. Had the Morris Treaties, or the Robinson Treaties been valid the boundary lines described in the Royal Proclamation 1763 would have had to have been amended and no such amendments have ever been undertaken to the boundaries as set out in the Royal Proclamation 1763 and certainly not since the “glorious revolution” commencing in 1776.

Another defect within the Morris Treaties, as with most Treaties, can be found in the signatures. Take Treaty 4 Adhesion for example. Of all the Treaties Alexander Morris entered into the Treaty 4 adhesion is the only document signed by the Traditional Inherent Head Chief, or King Chief, of Turtle Island, Che-ee-Kuk, of Salteaux Tribe. Upon further review of the Treaty 4 Adhesion signatures you will find one “Gabriel Cote” or Mee May. According to the Statutes of Canada Mee May was Canadian, or “enjoying” the franchise as one Gabriel Cote. Gabriel Cote, a Canadian, and a member of the purchasing team, signed on behalf of the vendors. A party of the first part cannot sign on behalf of the second part.

Prior to the surrender of the Hudson’s Bay Charter in 1870 it would have been prudent for the Indians to have been invited to enter into agreements with the Governor and

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

Company of Adventurers trading into Hudson’s Bay, North-west Company and the Hudson’s Bay Company relieving those firms from their duties, obligations and responsibilities respecting the Treaties entered into from 1670 on. I have found no proof

Treaty issues were ever dealt with prior to or at the surrender of the Hudson’s Bay Company Charter in 1870. Common sense would dictate in order for one trustee to take over for another there ought to be some sort of waiver between the signatories of existing treaties prior to the surrender of 1870. Without the Indians signing any waivers or agreements or transfers it would appear the original contracts are still binding between the Indians, their heirs and successors and the principals of the companies and their heirs and successors of the Hudson’s Bay Company who entered into to Treaties prior to 1870. Certainly, if it is possible, one would suppose the trustees could be fired and the original trustees brought back into as parties to the original agreements.

Another problem arising with the Alexander Morris Treaties can be found in the fact Alexander Morris was the Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Manitoba and the North-west Territories. We are (mis)led into believing s. 91.24 of the British North America Bill 1867 gives the parliament of the Dominion of Canada then, as now, the exclusive jurisdiction to make laws in the nature of “peace, order and good government” for the Indians and has the exclusive jurisdiction to enact laws for the benefit of Indians and Land Reserved to the Indians. Entering into Treaties is not part of the parliament’s or any Province’s authority. The parliament of Canada is not a sovereign state. It is not even a creation of the Imperial Parliament as the necessary construction of statutes was not properly followed. Canada is an entity which can be destroyed by a stroke of the pen, or by bowing out from it, as opposed to on the battlefield, in the lab or so-called legislatures.

There is no passage in the British North American Bill 1867 permitting the parliament to pass laws over the Indians, to pass laws having a negative impact on Indians or to enter into Treaties with them. So it is hard to see how Alexander Morris could enter into to those so-called “Morris Treaties”, in his capacity as a representative of the Province of Manitoba and the North-west Territories, and unauthorized by Victoria.

Finally, Alexander Morris was familiar with the debt of the Dominion of Canada as a former employee thereby setting up a conflict of interest. Alexander Morris was also Minister of Inland Revenue under the John MacDonald prime ministry, or vice-presidency as it was known in his time. Being the Minister of Inland Revenue, and only a few years after the Concentration of 1867, Morris would have had a good idea about the finances of the Dominion and the Provincial corporations, in particular, the debt due to railroad construction, and he would also have knowledge of royalties due to the Indians. If I were working behind the scenes to secure Indian royalties it would only make sense to have someone like Morris undertake those so-called Treaties in view of the alleged railroad debt and the need to push through the inter-continental railway to the Pacific coast. You might say there are at least four responsibilities the politicians have. Debt service, is job one. Creating more debt is job two. Getting rid of the Indians to meet this

end is job three and the enfranchisement of all others the fourth. Morris happened to work as a lawyer, pre-“Confederation”, with John MacDonald’s Kingston, Ontario law firm.


In any event, laying siege is the way to defeat the enemy and with the destruction of the chief food source for the Plains Indians, the buffalo, it becomes patently obvious Morris must have known he had the upper hand in incorporating the Indians when he presented

his Treaties as an option to starvation. The Treaties are concluded by 1879. In 1875 the North-west Mounted Police are formed, the Supreme Court of Canada is established, the Indians are considered to be defeated, the Duke of Newcastle’s personal loan is paid off some 25 years in advance of its schedule and the corporation the “Dominion of Canada” moves forward. The powers–that-be carried on with the business of genocide through the “democratic” process, statute law, escheatment of land (cheating), enfranchisement, Indian extinguishment and, in effect, by every hook and crook to meet that end with the monarch in a position to claim plausible denial.

Williams Treaties

Three other Treaties, or so-called Treaties, I would like to address are the so-called “Williams Treaties” of 1923 (Track “9”). If you refer to the map you will note the area in question appear as Treaties; “A”, “B” and “C”. The problem with all three of these so-called Treaties can again be found in the signatories to the contracts. The 1923 so-called

“Treaties” were a cover-up for the lack of bona fide Treaties of the 18th., and 19th., centuries. The Toronto Land Claims Commission Report 2003 bears this out (Track “10”).

In all three Treaties you will find the purchasers signed on behalf of the vendors. Also, all three Treaties were entered into with the Ottawa authority and while it is alleged the parliament has the authority under s. 91.24 of the British North American Bill 1867 to the exclusive jurisdiction to protect Lands Reserved to the Indians it cannot be said the Ottawa authority could enter into Treaties with the Indians. The reason for this can be found within the definition of “Treaty”. In order for the Ottawa authority to enter into Treaties it would have to first be sovereign and in order for Ottawa to become a sovereign state the Royal Proclamation would have to be repealed or spent. If the Royal Proclamation was repealed or spent the Indians would be have to be extinguished either legally or physically. Canada was not then, nor is now, sovereign and cannot achieve sovereignty as it is a corporation and not of the flesh and blood. That is, of course, if the Morris Treaties were valid. If those Treaties were valid, and caused the Indians to lose their sovereignty then there would be no flesh and blood men and women living on the Land of Turtle Island. If valid, and all Indians have not been extinguished, then there would be a conflict with the enfranchised Indians and the flesh and blood Indians.

If that were the case it would be prima facie evidence of a breach of trust, breach of royal instructions and genocide so I do not believe the authorities would want to assume that position. Furthermore, the Royal Proclamation would have had to have been amended which it hasn’t and it does not appear there is any likelihood any such amendments would be coming to pass anytime soon.

To understand what a government is, you have to define whether or not you are speaking of the noun or the adjective. In one instance “government” means the act of controlling or

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

administrating and in the other sense it means the sovereign or supreme power of a state or a nation otherwise known as a corporation. Therefore, if Canada were anything but a corporation (registered with Dunn and Bradstreet in Washington), “Government” would mean the noun, the supreme or sovereign corporate power. In this instance the parliament of Canada. If Canada were not a sovereign nation or country then the “government of Canada” would mean an action akin to the management of a corporation, governing or administrating as in a “trust-fiduciary-beneficiary” administration be it tax payers or signatories to bona fide Treaties.

It has been alleged the Dominion of Canada became sovereign in 1867 and John MacDonald was this great founding father of some consequence. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Dominion of Canada was formed as the result of a business concentration precipitated by the financial problems of the Provinces brought on by railroad debt. The railway debt is paid off by 1875 and the Morris Treaties attempted to turn the Indians into “loving subjects of the Queen”.

We are told the Dominion of Canada again became sovereign with the advent of the Statute of Westminster of 1931. With the Statute of Westminster, the Provinces were acknowledged as being sovereign independent states, the Dominion of Canada could pass its own laws and Canadian laws, since the passing of the Statute of Westminster, would not have to be consistent with the laws of England, or the Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865. This did not set aside other laws of England applicable to the Dominion of Canada pre 1931 but Canada could, after that point, rescind or repeal the English Roman-PAPAL-canon civil statute law applicable to the Dominion of Canada ONLY with the consent of the other party.

In 1933 it is alleged, by virtue of the so-called Montevideo Conference, the Dominion of Canada was acknowledged as being sovereign. It is unclear to me how the Dominion of Canada became sovereign in 1867. Then in 1931 the Provinces became sovereign and in 1933 the Dominion of Canada became sovereign. Sovereignty goes with land ownership. If the Dominion of Canada was declared to be sovereign in 1933, how did it come to pass the Provinces became sovereign in 1931? And, in 1933, where was the amendment to the Statute of Westminster? The answer could be found when one studies Adolph Hitler’s rise to power, particularly after the “National Concentration Party” came into power on Janus 30th, 1933. In June, 1933, Adolph Hitler entered into a “Crown Concordat” with POPE Inc. I have more to say on this subject later. (Track “34”)

If the previous dates don’t appeal to you there are other options available for you to select when you would like to think when Canada became a sovereign, independent nation owning land akin to a “designer date”. You can pick any date which you think sounds good and run with it. I personally like the “not yet” or “never” dates. There is one more time you may select in choosing when Canada became sovereign. 1982. In 1982 Elizabeth Windsor gave “Canadians” a Charter of Rights and Freedoms known as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1982, c. 11 (U. K.). Remember, what the Queen gives the Queen can, and does, take away. When it comes to the expression


“Indian giver” it becomes obvious that it is the King or the Queen who is the cheat and is not to be trusted.

Perhaps you would like to play the name game where you can pick and choose Elizabeth Windsor’s real name. It could be Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. It could be Elizabeth

Battenberg. It could be Elizabeth Windsor. It could be Queen Elizabeth the Second. It could be Regina. It could be “it”. It could be the Cana’anite Queen of Judah. It could, most appropriately be “Lizzy the Liar”, not to confuse “liar” with “lawyer” in this particular instance. It could be Her Majesty or any of the dozens of aliases or pseudonyms she is allowing to be used by some unseen hand that prefers to remain hidden. She could also hold the moniker; “the Wicked Witch of Windsor Castle”. But, she can hold only one name and only one title and I will explain this in a later chapter.

We now have several options available to help us decide upon which date Canada became sovereign land owner but the most glaring irregularity within the aforementioned options can be found in reviewing what Elizabeth Windsor did for, or to, “Canadians”. She gave them certain rights and privileges and, I assume, if it weren’t for those all important rights and freedoms given to “Canadians” by her, “Canadians” would have no rights and freedoms in spite of what the Creator gave to all of us. Also, if Canada had a constitution the people would have had to ratify it themselves. This has not happened nor could it come to pass with Indians still living on Turtle Island. The same can be said for the united States of America. A constitution is in contradistinction to a charter. Therefore, as the expression goes, “…what the Queen giveth…the Queen taketh…”. The Hudson’s Bay Company supposedly surrendered the charter given to them by a monarch. The word “constitution” is, in reality, a corruption of “constitutum” which relates to debt.

So, when do you think Canada became sovereign?… 1867? … 1931? … 1933? … 1952? … 1965?… 1982?…or a date yet to be fixed when the Ottawa authority finally murders off all Indians of Turtle Island. Instead of promoting a superior race the bureaucrats are attempting to murder off a Nation which, in many respects, was and is superior. In Nazi Germany there was the promotion of the “supreme Aryan race”. On Turtle Island it is the murdering off of a superior race. There is no other conclusion one can arrive at other than Canada, as well as the united States, are not sovereign but are corporations invented for the creation of debt and to turn the riches of the world over to the creditors.

What you have here is the incorporation of the Indians and those born on the Island, the theft of land and resources, the shackles of the shekels, the monetary system of slavery, through banking misrepresentation, the Roman-PAPAL canon-statute-civil colourable laws of England and the immigration of ignorant slaves in order to establish and maintain the grand illusions of nationhood and prosperity. As Joseph Goebbles once said;

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

Nothing has changed since the hay days of the Nazi Party. The methods of “ethnic cleansing” of the Second World War are alive and well and the state is carrying on the same business through the various governmental departments. They use more insidious methods and are protected, of course, by the enemies inside the gate, the hidden conspirators Gibbons cites. No war, no genocide, no medical experimentation, no ecological disasters, no drug manufacturer can be charged with murder and, in essence, nothing but nothing evil or sinister can occur, with impunity, unless a lawyer is involved. Ever taken a tally on how many politicians are not lawyers or are not under the control of lawyers?

While on the topic of Hitler and the Nazi regime it is worthy of note Prescott Bush was involved with the Union Bank in the united States and he was brought to the carpet to explain himself as to why he was bankrolling Adolph Hitler. The end result was he was absolved and rewarded with both his son and grandson being appointed as presidents of U.S.A. Inc. In terms of the “Trinity” one would think Jeb Bush is next up for presidency.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


Although it would be advantageous to the reader if I were to dissect the British North America Bill 1867 it could form the subject of a book in its own right so I have opted to highlight certain sections. The British North America “Act” 1867 was an attempt by the Imperial Parliament to concentrate the Duke of Newcastle’s personal debt of three Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick into a single entity, the “federal” governing structure and to create the four Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Bank loans, taken out in order to build debt creating railways, were maturing December 1867 and formed the main reason for the concentration. It was expeditious to form a new corporation, the Dominion of Canada, rather than manage the loans which were building due to interest. Interest is taboo according to the Imperial Parliament Version of Scripture. The British North America Bill 1867 was brought about for the purpose of concentration and not a confederation to create an independent, sovereign nation. Of late, the Falkland Islands were the focus of an attempt at “confederation” and we all know what happened with this “initiative”. The British North America Bill was a concentration of debt and a confederacy from Imperial Parliament debt creation to independent debt creators. But, there was another reason for the concentration. The concentration taking place of this year was the merging of the Indian Fund into the Consolidated Revenue Fund. Let us not forget, the Unemployment Insurance scheme was concentrated into the Consolidated Revenue Fund also as a money laundering scheme. To find the true intent of the British North America Bill 1867 you have to turn to the House of Commons and House of Lords Debates, U. K., Volume 185, 1867. (Track “12” British North America Bill; Track “13” Canada Railway Loan Bill).

In this volume you will note the monarch, Victoria, opened the session of the Parliament of Great Britain by addressing the Houses of Commons and Lords with a speech. In the opening session of the Parliament of February 5th., 1867, Queen Victoria addresses the issue of the Provinces of British North America when she speaks to the Houses. In her speech, relative to the Provinces of Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, she says;

Resolutions in favour of a more intimate Union of the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick have been passed by their several Legislatures; and Delegates duly authorized and representing all Classes of Colonial Party and Opinion have concurred in the Conditions upon which such an Union may be best effected. In accordance with their Wishes a Bill will be submitted to you, which, by the Concentration of the Colonial Interests and Resources, will give Strength to the several Provinces as Members of the same Empire, and animated by Feelings of Loyalty to the same Sovereign.”(Track “11”)

As you can see, there was no mention of “Confederation”. It was a concentration. It is not until you read the debates of the Bill you find it is the politicians who are calling the Bill a “constitution” and “confederation”. Victoria wasn’t calling for a constitution or confederation she was calling for a concentration. But, as you will note in a later chapter,

the monarchs since, 1660 were useless puppets there to serve the whim of the debt creating machine, the Imperial Parliament and its creation, the Bank of England. Both

British North America Bill (1867)

entities must be wholly owned businesses of the PAPACY. As you can see by definition, and instruction, a “confederacy” is not what one would expect in view of Victoria’s message of giving;

“…Strength to the several Provinces as Members of the same Empire, and animated by Feelings of Loyalty to the same Sovereign.” (Track “11”)

With the Civil List the sovereign is the Imperial Parliament and the monarch the fool. A confederacy is something done without consent not unlike the actions of the so-called patriots of the united States in their “confederation” from George the Third regarding taxation. You can also see this in action with the Haudenosaune of the Six Nations Confederacy. In this instance, it appears European Indians have settled into the Haldimand Tract, Indian Territory, in order to claim they too are Indians as proof, George the Third and Joe Brant gave “Indians” Indian Land. If this was true, how could it come to pass George the Third and Joseph Brant were able to give Indian Territory to Indians? This is one of the many tricks the Haudenosaune have been utilizing in order to deceive the people and to bring shame on the real, de jour Indians. Also, in consideration of the several Treaties in existence at this time it would be a slap in the faces of the Indians if Victoria was to have allowed a confederacy. A confederacy would operate in a manner consistent with colony busting at the expense of the Indians thereby breaching Victoria’s, or the Imperial Parliament’s so-called contractual or Treaty obligations with the Indians. I cannot imagine Victoria was authorizing the colonies to confederate from Imperial debt reliance to self administrated debt creation so it would have to have been the financiers, the creditors, giving this instruction. The Canada Railway Loan Bill gives some valuable insight.

Assuming for a moment the British North America Bill 1867, was valid legislation, and upon review of s. s. 91 and 92 you will note section 92 provides “Local and Private Matters” and “Property and Civil Rights”. Those two examples are exclusive Provincial jurisdictions and cannot infringe upon the classes of subjects enumerated in section 91, which are subjects reserved exclusively to the parliament. Conversely, the parliament has its exclusive jurisdictions and parliaments’ classes of subjects cannot infringe upon Provincial jurisdictions. Neither the parliament nor the Provincial Legislatures can inter-delegate their statutory authority to each other. This raises further proof of the invalidity of the British North America Bill 1867 as if it were properly authorized, and passed, the junior, “federal”, governing structure in Ottawa would be estopped from encroaching on exclusive Provincial jurisdictions. It becomes clear, in 1867, if the Indians were Canadians then, and not sovereign people, they would fall within the jurisdiction of the Provincial Legislatures. But, the Indians are found within the exclusive jurisdiction of the parliament therefore, section 92 does not apply to them at all, in theory anyway.

Furthermore, in placing the Indians under the exclusive jurisdiction of the parliament, the Indians were then “statutized” meaning, they have been converted into corporations created by men and not created by the Creator. This enables the “state” to assume

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

ownership of the Indians thereby usurping the Treaties in favour of the Bank of England, a creation of the Imperial Parliament, in turn, created by the creditors.

Parliament and only parliament has the authority to legislate in favour of the Indians and not to pass laws over them. Parliament is supposed to be entrusted with the upholding of the pledges of the Royal Proclamation 1763 and to manage the royalties due the Indians and the sovereign. Parliaments’ mandate would include a judicial arrangement where the Indians could take their grievances for such things as property encroachment by non-Indians, protecting the lands referred to in the Royal Proclamation 1763 which were recognized as being Indian Territory and other laws operating in a positive manner towards the Indians. The Superintendent for Indians used to perform this function. However, section 91.24 did not give the parliament the authority to legislate over the Indians and to turn them into slaves. The parliament has been in breach of the pledges since its so-called inception in 1867. Of course, you will find out exactly why.

Although it may have been the intent of the Imperial Parliament to enslave the Indians to satisfy fictitious debts, invented by its own treasury, due to its creation the Bank of England, the parliament of Canada was not formally given the authority to enslave the Indians, to cheat them out of land, resources and royalties in order to pay off fictitious debts. If this does not meet with their objectives, outright murder is the order of the day as exemplified with the premeditated murder of Dudley George, who was alleged to be under the direct protection of Elizabeth Windsor, by the standing army, or mercenaries, of the Imperial Parliament, the Ontario Provincial Police. Clearly, the British North America Bill 1867 has two solitudes, Indians and Europeans and not English and French. To date, the parliament has enacted no legislation to protect Indians and their territory as specified by the Royal Proclamation 1763 and there have been no court cases testing breaches of the Royal pledges on the basis of casus omissus. Casus omissus will be explained in a later chapter. This is what is known as “prima facie” evidence the Royal Proclamation 1763 is defective. On the other hand, the current and past monarchs have been negligent in failing to create entities entrusted with the protections claimed in the Royal Proclamation 1763.

I wish to also point out Prince Albert, Victoria’s husband, met an untimely death in 1861. In 1861 you have the American Civil War breaking out, the true intent may have been to create artificial debt to the southern people for they were in the “black” while the north was in the red. At this time, the management of the Indian Trusts were transferred over to the Province of Canada. Shortly after Albert’s death Prime Minister Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli “moved in” on Victoria. Although Victoria is reported to have not taken a liking to Gladstone, she did to Disraeli and he eventually became Victoria’s advisor. Disraeli was the head of the Exchequer. At this time England was undergoing its own financial stress purportedly because “…of centuries of wars.” Let us not forget how the Duke Newcastle set up the financial burden in 1862. When you consider the Provinces were encountering financial difficulties, because of useless and needless railroad construction, and the financing attached to their construction and maintenance,

British North America Bill (1867)

there was a concentration as opposed to a confederation, the Parliament of Great Britain had to debate a loan Bill for the Canadian railroads after the fictitious British North America Bill debates at the same time Great Britain was undergoing their own financial difficulties due to centuries of war one easily draws the conclusion there is something going on here rather than the “pomp and circumstance” the politicians give to the so-called great day in 1867 when Canada is alleged to have become a sovereign, independent nation. With that in mind, you have to question who the politicians are and who they are really working for.

Perhaps the correct question to ask would be to find out which “Crown” has the commercial monopoly with the Indians over Turtle Island? Elizabeth Windsor? The Parliament of Great Britain? Or the Crown Temple acting as agents for the monarch or the Imperial Parliament or both? There is another possibility and that would have to include the Crown Concordat, or the “Crown Conquor Dat”, which I will explain more fully later. There is the “Lateran Pact” which reestablished VATICAN as a city-state kingdom in 1929 and Trudeau attempted to put us all under the big toe of POPE Inc. in 1969 when he gave the impression he signed our birthrights away to the VATICAN. Trudeau could not do this for Canada is not a sovereign state and the Original People were not involved. At first glance it would appear the Parliament of Great Britain was responsible for Canadians and Indian issues were reserved to the Queen. This is evident in the Royal Proclamation 1763 as the Proclamation was a Royal pledge, emanating from the King at St. James Palace as opposed to the seat of Parliament. St. James Palace is where the King or Queen carries on their personal business and if you read the Royal Proclamation you will find the lands not subject to Treaty, session or surrender were recognized as being reserved to the Indians and that any Treaty, session or surrender would have to go through “royal channels”. The responsibility to manage the monarch’s business arrangements with the Indians was transferred first to the Province of Canada in 1861 then to the junior authority in Ottawa under s. 91.24 with the Concentration Bill of 1867. The management of the Indian’s royalties may have been transferred to subcontractors, the London bankers or the Crown Temple in 1861. However, it could have also fallen to the financiers of the so-called English Revolution of 1657 whom I believe to be the PAPACY. I provide criteria this in a later chapter. The last statement of the Lateran Pact 1929 is quite interesting. (Track “35”)

However, with the Civil List, the Imperial Parliament and its creditors all coming into play here we have the proverbial shell game. We have the monarch sitting as a deception and it is, in reality, the Imperial Parliament being the monarch. With the invention of the Bank of England by William and Mary or by the Imperial Parliament or unseen creditors, or the Civil List it is a question as to who actually said what. Clearly, one has to follow the money. When you follow the money the roads lead to the Bank of England. But, the Bank of England appears to be some sort of Divine Authority entrusted to own the planet through banking irregularities. One can only speculate about exactly who owns the Bank of England. Insofar as the Civil List is concerned I will cover this in a later chapter.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

As noted, after the British North America Bill was debated, the Imperial Parliament went on to debate whether or not Great Britain ought to be acting as surety for a loan needed to support the financially strapped Canadian railroads. Since there was no need for a railway

system at this time it could only be construed the railway construction and the financing thereof, had to have come about through fraud and for this reason alone the Dominion of

Canada was founded. In furtherance to my point, the settlement of Upper and Lower Canada was such there was no real need for railroads but one of the many excuses the politicians used was to show concern there might be an invasion by the united States and if such an invasion were to occur in winter, there would be no way in which to expedite the movement of British Troops from the east coast to Lower or Upper Canada let alone the maintenance of the rail line in regard to snow removal. There were, however, vast natural resources to be found within the Indian Territory which necessitated the construction of railways in order to make commerce with this newfoundwealth. So, the railroads were being constructed to reap the natural resources, providing a reason for immigration as a means to bring the human resources needed to build the railroads. After the railway construction the human resources could then be used to harvest the natural resources and at the end of the day, the Immigrants or “Canadians” and the Indians were saddled with the debt. It must also be pointed out there was no discussion regarding the Indians or the Royal Proclamation during those debates.

A classic example is played out every day. This is exemplified by the sports phenomena. The “taxpayers” finance the building of stadiums and “others” reap the benefits of the taxpayer contribution. The benefactors then steal the land, create more debt in the process and walk away with our equity. For example, the 1967 Expo in Montreal was only paid off in 2005. The “Dome Stadium”, also known as the “Roger’s Center”, was constructed in the 1980’s at a taxpayer cost of some eight-hundred-eighty million dollars. Ted Rogers was recently “sold” the stadium for thirty-five-million dollars. Assuming the debt for construction is front end loaded insofar as making interest payments, as opposed to principal payments, there should still be a substantial amount of debt outstanding from the construction of the stadium. And, who is going to pay for this? You are! And, for reasons unknown to me, Ted Rogers was “given” the gift of a life time. Exactly when was sports a productive part of society? Never! It is counter-productive entertainment with huge costs. Sports. Steroids. Fixed games. Huge debts. This is what the wholly Roman-Greco games may have been all about, except the steroids. Entertain the gods, under the guise of entertaining the people, while society is slowly destroyed through fictitious debts created by the politician.

One has to remember railroads were not part of any deals between the Indians and the so-called sovereign power, and in the instance of the Canadian Pacific Railroad the Indians were vehemently opposed. Therefore, any so-called debt as a result of the railroads would have to be the burden of the politicians who undertook this initiative as well the Fleet Street financiers and the Imperial Parliament. The people, and especially the Indians, ought not to be saddled with fictitious debts which were arranged in favour of the Fleet Street banking concerns using their agents, their “bought, sold and traded” politicians. But, if you peruse the finances of the Province of Canada before the concentration of

British North America Bill (1867)

1867 you will find the royalties collected on behalf of and for the Indians were kept off the records. The Indians were not receiving the royalties they were promised in the Treaties and as such the money was diverted to pay for the railroads.

With respect to the railways, the Provinces granted land for the railways. The lands were not the Provinces to grant out. The Provinces were liable to the Indians for the land so granted as well as to any financing for the railway construction the Province may have acted as sureties for. With no population base to support railways and owning no natural resources to finance their construction a path was created for an eternal treadmill of debt.

With the Provinces becoming insolvent, a new corporate entity, the Dominion of Canada, having to be formed and Britain financially unstable one has to question who all this debt is owed to. I suppose it would be safe to ask that question today for a corporation cannot “own money” per se, rather, the owner is, or the owners are, the principal or principals, or the shareholder or shareholders. Who is, or who are, the principal or principals or the shareholder or shareholders benefiting from the financial indebtedness of the several Provinces and Great Britain? That is the question which remains to be answered but, you can be sure there is more than likely a lawyer protecting the unseen hand, or wallet, through solicitor-client privilege.

There was no “Confederation” in 1867 and the reasons are two fold. First of all the word “confederacy” has certain implications. The so-called “Patriots” of the united States sought confederacy from George the Third’s taxes and were unsuccessful. Also, the act of confederation would be in opposition to the Indian Treaties allegedly concentrated into the hands of the sovereign power in 1763. Secondly, the Indians were needed in order to pay off the fictitious debts because the Provinces of Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were having financial problems due to railway construction. More importantly, it was a mechanism available to enlist the royalties due the Indians to pay for railway construction. This, in turn, would enable the corporate interests to further harvest resources situated in and on Indian Territory. Although there was an Indian Fund pre 1867, at the time of the 1867 concentration the fund was merged with the Consolidated Revenue Fund as a money laundering, or land laundering, scheme aimed at cheating the Indians out of their Land and Natural Resources, thereby making it more difficult to account which funds are royalties, which are taxes, which go to Victoria and which go to the Indians. Also, the railroad debt would not go on forever but the Indian royalties could only grow. With that in mind the Indians would start to become rich and such a windfall could not be tolerated. As I have stated a more recent example of the shell game the politicians are playing on the people can be found in the Unemployment Insurance Fund, or the “Employment Insurance Fund”. What was once a specific fund, the “money” raised by this particular fund is now being laundered through the Consolidated Revenue Fund, which is being used to pay down fictitious debt.

The politicians claim a “Confederation” occurred in 1867 probably because of some sort of conflicts of interests but now it could be sheer ignorance in that most politicians think the Indians were all defeated, notwithstanding the contrary is evidenced under section 25(a) of their Charter. The schools are teaching people using “pass-the-word” methods

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

without first researching. Whether or not this is done with genocidal intentions remains to be seen but I will say this much; the subject matter being taught in the higher schools of learning conflicts with historic reality. Currently, the government of Ontario is now committed to teaching “Canadian” history, post 1918. I trust you can see why. The Indians themselves are speeding this process along in their participation in the “democratic” scheme of elected Chief and council, keeping in mind there are as many forms of dem(on)ocracy as there are stars in the sky. The elective process violates Indian Customs and Traditions and most of those who are elected take full advantage of their control of the till. On the other hand, the traditional inherited Chiefs have lost their identities. They are disorganized, disenchanted and easily distracted. It doesn’t appear the Traditional Chiefs will be returning any time soon as they are the true warriors but don’t have the financial where-with-all to undertake any assertion of their birthright. As well, they have been cursed by their grandfathers as I shall elaborate on later. On the other hand, the corporate Chief in council have unlimited financial and media resources to thwart any attempt the Traditional Chiefs may make to return to their traditional societies.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration



Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.

(Joseph Goebbels)

The bureaucrats in the employ of the junior authority in Ottawa rely heavily upon the mass media to hide the facts about the Indians and the alleged debt formation which led to the creation of the Dominion of Canada and the massive “debt” Trudeau created after he removed silver from our currency. They control the mass media, in part, through the Canadian Radio and Telecommunication Commission, C. R. T. C., and as alleged trustees to the Indians they permit the airwaves to carry the disinformation aimed at diminishing or extinguishing the Indians and to cover up the theft of the riches of the Land under the false pretext of “debt”. Being alleged trustees and to permit radio and television outlets to broadcast and telecast propaganda claiming Canada to be a sovereign independent country, at the expense of the Indians, is done with intent to mislead the all people with the further intent to diminish the Indian’s identity and in breach of their alleged fiduciary responsibilities as trustees. That is to say, if the bureaucrats in fact work for Elizabeth Windsor and not the creditors they would not be “doing” what they are doing.

To minimize or trivialize the significance of, lets say the “Indian presence”, can only operate in a manner consistent with the extinguishment of the sovereign Indian. After all, exactly when were the Indians defeated? They certainly were not defeated in the alleged “Indian Wars” south of the corporate boundaries, the 49th., parallel of Canada and the united States border as what appeared to be Indian wars were, in reality, a gross breach of trust and negligence on the part of Victoria Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. However, it was not Victoria, rather, it was her “subcontractors”, the creditors who went to work on the extinguishment of the Indians through outright murder and other nefarious means to meet that end.

I suppose one could conclude the bureaucrats work for a foreign jurisdiction otherwise the C. R. T. C. would not permit any trivialization of the Indians by any electronic media nor would they ever demand the Indians first obtain a license to broadcast or telecast as a private entity. As evidence, you only have to watch and listen to the electronic media near the July 1st., date. Of course, Indians do not need the government’s approval to create and run a television or radio station. The media is controlled solely for the purpose of propaganda, no different than Nazi Germany, but more technical. The multi-cultural nonsense is further proof the bureaucrats work for some foreign jurisdiction. It is important the Indian population becomes extinct and, in part, forms the reason for boosting the number of immigrants. Immigrants are the slaves while the Indians are the Land owners, holding the gift as given to them by the Creator. When the Indians are completely extinguished the Land devolves to the trustees. As Brian Mulroney stated “ …


it is their (Indian’s) Land … we stole it from them … “. It was a mistake for Brian to admit to this fact. Why spend millions of dollars on the “AirBus” “event”? It is an inquiry, per ch. 13 of the Charter. All Brian has to do is tell the truth. NOTHING will come of it. This is one of the “anomalies” of the Charter built in, partly, to protect the politician, police and other favourites as directed by the creditors.


As the reigning sovereign sits until abdication, or death, it would stand to reason the Governor-General, as well the government, ought to sit under the same period of reign and not be replaced every four or five years. Under the scheme of things the Governor-General is changed every four or five years for the purposes of upsetting the continuity of the passage of Royal Instructions from one Governor-General to the next. It seems the usual way of doing business with those entrusted with the maintenance of Royal Instructions is to have them replaced as soon as they find out what their responsibilities are. Simply put, once the Governor-General understands his job the mandate ends, or he is replaced, and someone with little or no knowledge, or experience, takes over thereby effecting discontinuity of the Royal Instructions passed down through the chain of command. It could also be said the longer the sovereign sits on the throne the more likely he or she would have little or no understanding of his or her authority, responsibility and privilege. Further evidence can be found in the young age some sovereigns are when they ascend to the throne. Also, it could be said the monarchs are removed quite quickly when they become knowledgeable of their duties. In good health, it is a wonder how the Sixth George, King of Judah, would die after making good headway with recovery from surgery. Vincent Massey was the last one to see George alive. It is well know murderers are usually the last to see the victim alive. Vincent Massey became the first man born on Turtle Island to be appointed Governor-General. The question is, what did King George know which led to his death? Or, could it be, “they” wanted to put someone on the throne who would be willing to become the most reviled, most blood thirsty, most evil of all the monarchs of Judah, as is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. Although I have made references in jest, if she is not careful she could inherit such unsettling titles as; “Lizzy the Liar”, the “Wicked Witch of Windsor Castle”, Satan’s spawn and other unpleasant titles unbefitting nobility.


We have all heard the expression “church and state” or the division thereof. What about the division of state and education? I was in junior high school in the late1960’s. One day, the teacher showed us the new social insurance cards. We were then told a lie when

the teacher informed us we required the card in order to work. We know this to be a lie by virtue of the statement on the back of the newer cards and, the reason for the lie was to

enslave the people, through pseudo contract, to the fictitious debt. After all, the legal definition of “insurance” is “contract” so, in reality, one does not have a social insurance

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

number, one has a social “contract” number. We have all heard Bob Rae, former high priest of the Province of Ontario, questioning “who is going to pay for the social contract?”. Another lie fed at this time was the lie concerning the advances in technology would yield the 20 hour work week thereby freeing up more time to spend with our families. What happened to this lie? Both parents work, the children being raised by the state through the scheme of “daycare”, taxation going through the roof and grid lock on our highways? Where is the advantage to the people from the gains in technology? The spare time which ought to have come our way has all but gone to the quest for more household earnings to enable one to raise a family. Now, with the manufactured products, including food, coming from China, where is the domestic economy? Surviving on pensions and inheritances, through service industries? What happens if the economy collapses?

Letter Patent Constitution Office of Governor General

On October 1st., 1947 William Lyon MacKenzie King put into play Letters Patent Constituting Office of Governor General which completely removed the monarch from the equation thereby leaving the “Indian question” to the prime minister (high priest). Consequently, Jean is not the representative of Elizabeth Windsor. She is the representative of the prime minister each appointing each other.

Canada is 143 years old. Can anyone tell me one thing any government, since 1867, has done for the good of the people? If you say “healthcare” and only healthcare then we ought to take a closer look to see exactly what we are truly receiving from this “gift” from the government. Not one cent from the massive amount of profits being generated has ever been used for the betterment of society as a whole. Just a bunch of greedy politicians, ready to betray their brethren for the sake of worthless material objects in particular, worthless paper called “money”.

The governing structure in Ottawa is alleged to be here to serve and protect the Indians but, in reality, it is here for one purpose only and this is to ensure the genocide of the Indians and to pull everyone into contract through the franchise called “voting”, all on behalf of the creditors. By the state using its schools of instruction as breeding grounds of disinformation, or non-information, creates a gradual, insidious, constructive genocide of the Indians. Both Indian and immigrant children are taught nothing about how they ended up on Turtle Island. The schooling system established for them was perpetrated on genocide and slave labour as well. Indian children were placed in residential schools, away from family and friends, and taught the “Canadian” way. They were prohibited from using their Tribal language and forced, under penalty of death, to learn English within a short time. It is not as important what the Indian children were taught as opposed to what they were not being taught. They were taught the

“Canadian” way, and not the Indian way, but more importantly, when it came to teaching them beneficial subjects the institutions opted to teach them “spiritually” rather than practically on how they were going to make a living in the corporate world. This would


have a negative effect in two ways. They were taken at an impressionable age and were taught theoretical and abstract subjects, nothing of practical value. But more importantly, they were kept away from their families so they were not exposed to their traditional Tribal ways of life. The passing of knowledge from generation to generation was broken. This was done not necessarily for the natural resources but for the enfranchisement, the turning of the Indians into corporations or entities created by men and not by the Creator,

to turn them into faithful and obedient corporations as “Canadians” are. Importantly, it was the destruction of the Tribal identity in exchange for “personage”.

The Creator did not create “persons”, the Creator created men and women. Men and women are not born, rather, are created at conception and the precise time only known in the Book of Life. Birth is an attempt to create the straw man, “collateral” or the corporate fiction which is then claimed to be owned by the government and a way to generate worthless paper such as the fractional reserve bookkeeping entries of the private money supply.

Another reason to ignore the creation, fetus, can be found in “Thou Shall Not Murder”. A fetus, if left to maturity, will yield a female or male. If it can be said the fetus is not a female or male then abortion would not be classified as murder. Similarly, a marihuana plant is not a marihuana plant without the flowers. Even so, the standing armies routinely invade people’s houses, seizing plants, equipment then taking the “perpetrators” to gaol for prosecution of the offense of being engaged in commerce without a license under the Commercial Criminal Code of Canada.

Residential schools were another tool of genocide and one of the front men of the residential school scheme was a fellow by the name of Egerton Ryerson. He had a university named after him and it is called Ryerson, situated in the city of Toronto. Egerton thought the residential schools could utilize child labour in order to help subsidize or outright pay for the upkeep of the schools. Captain Richard Pratt embraced this idea and established three residential schools in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1883. Pratt utilized the services of the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian churches as well the New England Company to meet this end. Indian students would attend class for one half of the day and the other half would be related to work experience. In the end, the Catholics were preferred because they opposed the family along with their alleged celibacy. As the priests and nuns were “unattached” there wouldn’t be the extra costs incurred in the maintaining of a Parish family.


I find the “Métis” rather peculiar. While a Métis is one who has Indian blood, and having such blood would render one an Indian, we find the Government treating them as if they are entities separate from the Indian. How could that be? Perhaps a confidential memorandum from Colonel J. S. Dennis, Deputy Minister of the Interior to Sir John A.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

MacDonald and dated December 20th., 1878, obtained from the Saskatchewan Legislature Library, might shed some light on this “anomaly”.

The undersigned respectfully submits to the Minister that it is expedient, with as little delay as possible, to deal with the claims to consideration preferred by the half-breeds of the North-West Territories.

These Half-breeds are of two classes; first, the half-breeds of the plains, and second, those who, while spending part of the year in hunting buffalo, possess settled homes.

The class first alluded to differ but little, excepting in name, from the Indians. They have the tastes, habits and instincts of the Indian, and the only respect in which they differ from him consists in their occasionally building huts or shanties to winter in. Even these, however, they usually abandon the following spring.

These people are found in bands of a number of families together, and usually frequent the neighborhood of the Wood Mountains or the Cypress Hills, although other bands are found in certain parts of the Territories. Their only subsistence is the chase; their movements, like the movements of the Indian of the plains, being principally governed by the migrations of the buffalo, in proximity to the herds of which they are generally to be found, intent upon supplying from these animals the wants of themselves and families, in the way of food and clothing.

The second class may be illustrated by reference to those half-breeds who are found at Edmonton, St. Albert, St. Ann’s, St. Laurent, Victoria &c., &c., who have habitable – and in some cases goodhouses, where they reside and cultivate the soil to a greater or less extent; but still, mainly depend for their means of living upon the buffalo. The subsistence afforded to the half-breeds by the buffalo is, of course, intended to imply, in addition to the daily food supply, other necessaries of life, such as are obtained from traders in exchange for pemmican and robes.

Some uneasiness is felt by the half-breed element in the Territories in consequence of no steps having yet been taken towards the recognition of the demands put forward on their behalf. It must be freely admitted they have a claim to favorable consideration; and the question is- how is that claim to be satisfied, so as to benefit the half-breeds, and, at the same time, benefit the country? Certainly the experience gained in carrying out the policy adopted in regard to the half-breeds of Manitoba- that is, absolute grants of land to the parents and children, respectively- has not been such as would justify a similar policy with regard to the half-breeds of the North-West Territories. Indeed, it is anything but probable that a proposition of that nature could be again carried in Parliament. What then, are we to do for them? They have, as natives, as good a right to the


protection of the Government as the Indians, and, unfortunately, they are very little better able than are the Indians to take of themselves.

It is therefore evident that one or other of three courses must be pursued with respect to them:

  1. To treat them as wards of the Government in effect, make a treaty with them, as with the Indians, and look forward to their remaining for many years in their present semi-barbarous state.
  2. To give an absolute issue of scrip, to a reasonable extent, to each individual, and then let them take their chances of living or starving in the future; or
  3. To offer them certain inducements to settle on land and learn to farm-especially to raise cattle.

The course first suggested would, in the opinion of the undersigned, be in the interest of neither of the government nor of the half-breeds; indeed it is very doubtful if the latter would consent to it if it wer [sic] proposed.

The second alternative, if followed, would result in the last state of the recipients of the scrip being worse than the first, for the reason that the half-breeds, having no idea whatever of thrift, or of the necessity for making provision for the future, by locating his scrip and securing land for the benefit of his family, would, as our experience in Manitoba proves beyond all doubt, sell the scrip for whatever he could get for it, which, in most cases, would be a mere trifle. The result, therefore, would be, that on the extinction of the buffalo-an occurrence, unfortunately, but a few years in the future-we would find ourselves face to face with a formidable, nomadic, semi-savage element in the population, which, from the fact of being deprived of its natural means of subsistence, would prove a standing menance [sic] to the peace and prosperity of the Territories.

The third course, above referred to, remains open to the Government to adopt, and the undersigned is of opinion that in following it it will be found a satisfactory solution of the difficulty. Whatever might be the result, eventually, of settling the half-breeds on land, or, in other words, whether that policy might or not, in the end, prove successful-and-the undersigned, in view of the effect on the half-breed mind of the rapidly decreasing supply of buffalo, cannot but think that it would be successful-the immediate effect would be, assuming that the half-breeds themselves are willing to give it a trial, that we should have the whole of this element in sympathy with the Government in dealing with the plain tribes of Indians. In this way we should attract to our side a moral power, which, in the present critical relations of the various tribes of Indians towards each

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

other and towards the Government, would prove of the greatest value to the Dominion.

As an evidence that the half-breeds themselves are favorably disposed towards such a mode of dealing with the question under consideration, as is here suggested, it may be stated that during the past season memorial,

purporting to be signed by 272 half-breeds of the Cypress Hills, was addressed to the Governor and Council of the North West Territories, in which the memorialists express their desire to lead a more civilized life, and ask to have a tract of land set apart for them with that view. Their demands, however, are in some respects unreasonable. They ask (1) for a reserve of 150 by 50 miles in extent, which, assuming the population in

question to number 2,300 souls, would give an area of five square miles to each man, woman and child. (2) That they should be free of taxes, if not for ever, at least until such time as they can pay them, without detriment to

their families. (3) That they should be provided with school houses and teachers. (4) That they should also be provided with churches and priests. (5) That they should have instructors sent to teach them the various trades, such as blacksmithing, carpentering, shoemaking, &c.; and (6) that for the first five years they be provided with seeds, free of charge.

The Council of the north-West Territories, having given consideration to the memorial, passed the following resolutions respecting the same;-

That the Lieutenant-Governor be requested to forward the petition to the Dominion Government, together with the following suggestion, which they respectfully but strongly urge may receive the early and earnest attention of His Excellency the Governor-General in Council:-

  1. That it would be injudicious to set apart reserves of land for the half-breeds of the North-West Territories, or to give them negotiable scrip.
  2. That in view, however, of the fact that grants of land or issue of scrip were made to the Half-breeds of Manitoba, towards the extinguishment of the Indian Title to the lands of that Province, there will, undoubtedly, be general dissatisfaction among the half-breeds of the said Territories unless they receive some like consideration.
  3. That this consideration would most tend to the advantage of the half-breeds were it given in the form of a non-transferable location ticket for, say one hundred and sixty acres, to each half-breed head of a family and each half-breed child of parents resident in the said Territories at the time of the transfer thereof to Canada-the ticket to be


issued immediately to any half-breed eighteen years of age, or over, on furnishing evidence of claim, and to every child on arriving at the age, on furnishing the necessary evidence.

  1. That each half-breed holding such a location ticket should be allowed to locate it upon any unoccupied Dominion Lands, but the title of the land so entered should remain in the Crown for ten years; and if, at the expiration of three years after such entry, the half-breed locates has made no improvements on the land, his claim thereto shall be subject to forfeiture.
  2. To induce the half-breeds, who now procure their livelihood by hunting on the plains, to abandon their present mode of life and settle on their locations by which course it alone appears possible to avert the great destitution with which they are threatened, owing to the imminent early extinction of the buffalo, that aid in agricultural implements and seeds be allowed them for three years, but only once for each family that may settle within that time.’

The conclusions arrived at by the Council are in short, as follows;-

  1. Each half-breed should receive non-negotiable scrip for 160 acres of land, which he or she should be at liberty to locate on any vacant Dominion lands, but no land should be reserved for that purpose and the patent should not issue for ten years after the selection has been made.
  2. That aid, in the form of implements and seed grains, should be issued to such half-breeds to a reasonable extent.

The undersigned is of opinion that encouragement, additional to that recommended by the Council, would be required to induce the half-breeds to become settlers, and he fully believes that it would be in the interest of good government in the North-West Territories to grant the same.

He would, accordingly, respectfully suggest that the half-breeds, where wished for, should be permitted to take up their land in such a way as to enable them to settle together or in bands; and whenever a band of fifty or more families for themselves into one community or settlement, they should be provided with a school and teacher for a term of years, such teachers to be selected with a view to being able to instruct them in the raising and care of stock, also in practical agriculture, including the use and care of implements.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

The undersigned regards the state of affairs in the Territories, in relation to the Indians and half-breeds, as calling for the serious consideration of the Government, in view of additional complications, which are not unlikely to arise, owing to the presence, on our soil, of large numbers of armed Indians, refugees,

for the time being, from the state of war in the adjoining Territory. He is of opinion that further measures should be adopted to cultivate and half-breed populations, calculated to attach them to us, and to convince them that the Government is desirous of fulfilling its obligations to them in the utmost good faith. In no way could we more advantageously or more certainly effect this important object than by affording facilities for instructing them in farming, cattle raising, and especially in the mechanical trades, thus preparing them to

become self-supporting when their present means of subsistence, the buffalo, shall be no longer available, and paving the way for their emancipation from tribal government, and for their final absorption into the general community.

The only way to obtain this desirable result would appear, to the undersigned, to be by means of industrial schools.

Numbers of such institutions have been put into operation by the Government of the United States among its loyal Indians, and with the happiest possible results. It may be stated too, that although the Indians have shown themselves apt and quick in picking up knowledge of the use of farm implements, they are especially well adapted to succeed in raising cattle, for which the climate, and abundance of nutritious grasses in the Territory, affords every encouragement; moreover, they have a natural bent in the direction of mechanical work, in which with a moderate degree of instruction, they would become proficient. One or two such schools, established at convenient points in the Territories, where a certain number of young Indians and half-breeds, intelligent and willing, selected from the different tribes or bands, would be taught some practical farming; some the care of sock, and others the various more useful trades – would prove most powerful aids to the Government, both morally and materially , in their efforts to improve the condition of these people, and to gradually lead them to a state of civilization. The expense of such schools would be trifling compared with the value of the results which would be obtained from them. In fact the opinion of the undersigned is, that in a short time they might, by good management, be rendered, to a considerable extent, self-sustaining institutions, and be respectfully but strongly recommends the scheme to the favorable consideration of the Minister.

The Undersigned respectfully requests, for the whole question discussed in this memorandum, the early consideration of the Minister of the Interior, in order if thought desirable, that a measure may be prepared, embodying such policy as may be decided upon, in good time, for the ensuing Session of Parliament.”

All of which is respectfully submitted.

J. S. Dennis, Deputy Minister of the Interior


From this confidential document we gain insight on several fronts with the end run apparently being the establishment of a controlled food supply to sustain immigration. At

the time of this particular letter the “make believe” Morris Treaties are substantially completed and we find the purpose of those treaties. The purpose was to tie the Indians into Treaties in order to bind for many years in their “present semi barbarous state”.

Along with that information we also get the sense the Government felt the Métis to be of a higher intellect. This was as noted with the two cultures of Métis. One plains, who were dependent on the buffalo, and the other were more into agriculture but still relied upon the buffalo as their food and clothing supply.

The government has stolen the land from the Indians through the so-called Morris Treaties and was in a position to dispose of those lands. The Métis supposedly petitioned

the powers-that-be so they could acquire a certain amount of land. The government had an option to give certain land to the Métis in the hopes the Métis would work to grow seed and to raise cattle in place of the extinguished Buffalo herds.

What was finally suggested was to allot 160 acres per family head plus 160 acres for each child attaining the age of 18. However, the stipulation was the land had to be improved within three years of habitation and if the land wasn’t improved the land reverted back to the government. The government held the land, which it didn’t own, for the first ten years as somewhat of a probationary period.

Because of the European-Indian mix it may have been thought the Métis were easily swayed to the European mentality of commercial-canon law. It could be said the plan was to keep the Indians “busy” through; germ warfare, encroachment and starvation, turn them into loving subjects of the Queen then bring in the Métis, give them land to grow crops and raise cattle then destroy the free range food source in favor of promoting the kept animals. This way, the people, immigrants and Indians alike, would come to be reliant on food supplies from private owners as opposed to food available freely on the open range and given by the Creator. Wild meat and game are healthier and tastier than kept animals.

Having such a system in place could control the population influx thereby increasing the production of the land. Even if the Métis were able to maintain the production of the land in the end they could be destroyed by their liability to taxation with the land devolving back to the Government. Quite a smooth game your voted-in officials play, just wait for our time to come. This will not be pleasant.

What is even more interesting is the involvement of POPE Inc. from one of its agents. For example, Archbishop Taché of St. Boniface made quite a lengthy reply to the Dennis-MacDonald memorandum. He thought by making the Métis landlords they would attain

certain self-esteem. His plan involved allotting twelve square miles per one-hundred families. Within this confine eighty acres was to be set aside for;

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

“ … a church and its dependencies, a certain number of lots for school houses and a couple of lots near the church lots, to sub-divide into village lots, to be

ceded to strangers coming to settle in the reserve to exercise their profession or trade.”

This is how the building of Babylonian city-commercial enterprises came about and it all came to pass by the blessed creditors. Perhaps it is appropriate VATICAN control commercial activities world wide, through the guise of “religion”, for Scripture speaks

badly about lusting for material wealth not to mention the butcher job on the Ten Commandments, the Creator’s prayer and its beholding of graven images offer proof VATICAN has nothing to do with Scripture or the Creator. VATICAN deals exclusively with commerce and religion is commercial enterprise. The method was to bring in the railways, then the churches then the banks then the human resources.

Post 1867

In 1862 loans were undertaken by the three Provinces to cover the expenses of useless railroad construction. The loans were to mature in December 1867. February1867 Victoria authorized the concentration of the “debts” of the three Provinces of; Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick into the federal creation and the creation of four Provinces with the Dominion of Canada being a coordinator between the four Provinces. One of the features of the British North America Bill of 1867, forced the Dominion of Canada to push through an inter-continental railroad. In order to achieve this they first had to deal with the Plains Indian “problem”. They solved the problem through legislation.

Statutory Tools

Department of Secretary of State Act

31 Victoria Chapter XLII-1868 (Track “5”)

An Act providing for the organization of the Department of the Secretary of State of Canada, and for the management of Indian and Ordinance Lands”

Firmly on the road to genocide, in part through the concentration of 1867, the parliament of the Dominion of Canada had to devise a means of procuring Indian land in the most subtle way. The board of directors, viz, the parliament, for the Dominion of Canada passed an act entitled “The Department of Secretary of State Act”, 31 Victoria chapter XLII, 1868. This act was the precursor to the 1869 act entitled;

31-32 Victoria, Chapter VI

An Act for the gradual enfranchisement of the Indians, better management of Indian affairs, and to extend the provisions of the Act 31st Victoria, Chapter 42.” (Track “4”)


or as it may expediently known as the “Enfranchisement Act”. This Act was 31-32 Victoria ch. VI. Both Acts compliment each other. The latter Act was essential to the scheme of the former.

When those two Acts are read together you come to understand the underlying intent of the two Acts. Of course, one would require knowledge of Indians and Indian Customs

and Traditions. Section 8 of the Department of Secretary of State Act provides for the transfer of Indian Territory to the parliament of the Dominion of Canada. Section 8 reads;

8) “No release or surrender of lands reserved for the use of the Indians or of any tribe, band or body of Indians, or of any individual Indian, shall be valid or binding, except on the following conditions;

1. Such release or surrender shall be assented to by the Chief, or if there be more than one Chief, by a majority of the Chiefs of the tribe, band or

body of Indians, assembled at a meeting or council of the tribe, band or body summoned for that purpose according to their rules and entitled under this Act to vote thereat, and held in the presence of the Secretary of State or of an officer duly authorized to attend such council by the Governor in Council or by the Secretary of State; provided that no Chief or Indian shall be entitled to vote or be present at such council, unless he habitually resides on or near the lands in question;

2. The fact that such release or surrender has been assented to by the Chief of such tribe, or if more than one, by a majority of the Chiefs entitled to vote at such council or meeting, shall be certified on oath before some Judge of a Superior, County or District Court, by the officer authorized by the Secretary of State to attend such council or meeting, and by some one of the Chiefs present thereat and entitled to vote, and when so certified as aforesaid shall be transmitted to the Secretary of State by such officer, and shall be submitted to the Governor in Council for acceptance or refusal.

As mentioned, one has to have knowledge of the Indian way. Indians do not have the elected system they have a monarchy by way of what are known as “Lifetime Chiefs”. The Haudenosaune, or Six Nations, are confederates and operate under a different system. Also, insofar as the Haudenosaune are concerned they couldn’t possibly be of the Original people or the third George, King of Judah, wouldn’t have been able to give the Haudenosaune Indian land. Next, the Ottawa authority is barred from making Treaties with the Indians as it was not mandated by the sovereign power nor could or did the

Imperial Parliament delegate such authority. The Ottawa authority is statutory and not sovereign. What we have here is a mechanism that sets up the Treaty making process between Ottawa and statutory Indians. Companies cannot make deals. Only flesh and blood people can. Also, parties of the first part of a contract cannot sign as parties of the

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

second part and this is exactly what happens when enfranchised chiefs make “deals” with the federal government.

You will note land surrenders or releases have to be approved by the Chief of the area in question and where there is more than one Chief by the majority of the Chiefs present and eligible to vote. The Chiefs have to be authorized to be present by the Secretary of State and they have to be authorized to vote on the decision by the Secretary of State. Despite the fact Indians at this time, by and large, were roamers and that under this Act only those

Chiefs or Indians residing full time, on or near the land in question, could qualify to participate and would certainly exclude those whom were roamers. When roamers would return they would find they had lost access to land they had formerly lived on like the rug being pulled out from under them. This was undertaken after the so-called Hudson’s Bay Charter surrender of 1870. The enfranchised Indians are, for all intents and purposes, ex officio ministers (clergy) of Indian Affairs. Therefore, employees of the first part, masquerading as being of the second part of the contract, enter into a Treaty. Under “normal” circumstances this is fraud. However, what is really at stake here is genocide, through this insidious method.

Despite the Charter surrender of 1870 the Hudson’s Bay Company Treaties were and are still ultimately trustees as there is no evidence of any releases being signed between the Hudson Bay Company and the other contracting parties, the various Nations and Tribes. Furthermore, if you peruse Treaty 9, the James Bay Treaties, the representatives of the Hudson’s Bay Company were also on hand. Treaty 9 happened well after the so-called 1870 surrender.

Under section 8, subsection 2, the land “deal” has to be certified under oath before a judge of the Superior, County or District Courts. The Chief also has to swear an oath, a European initiative, and within the Canadian system. Does this mean that the oath is redundant because Indians are a distinct people or does it mean that the Chief who swears the oath is, or becomes, a Canadian? If the latter, it would clearly be a conflict of interest. Section 8 is in clear violation of the Royal Proclamation 1763 because under the Proclamation anything to do with the dispensing of Indian Territory had to be dealt with on behalf of the King or the Queen and in Ottawa setting up its own shell game they have usurped the Royal Instructions in order to escheat (cheat) the Indians out of the land. Again, there were other outstanding Hudson’s Bay Treaties not extinguished prior to the Alexander Morris’ effort. Alternatively, this provides further proof of the invalidity of the Royal Proclamation 1763.

31-32 Victoria Chapter VI-1869 “Enfranchisement Act

An Act for the gradual enfranchisement of Indians, the better management of Indian affairs, and to extend the provisions of the Act 31st Victoria, Chapter 42


With the Department of Secretary of State Act in place the Ottawa authority established a means for the taking of land from the Indians in violation of George the Third’s

Proclamation of 1763. Under section 8, if the Indians wanted to sell their land it could only come about when a Chief or, Chiefs, agree to sell it. To find out exactly who the Chief referred to in the Department of Secretary of State Act is you have to refer to the “Enfranchisement Act” of 1869. Under this Act the Chiefs are elected and you will find this under section 10. Section 10 reads;

The Governor may order that the Chiefs of any tribe, band or body of Indians shall be elected by the male members of each Indian Settlement of the full age of twenty-one years at such time and place, and in such manner, as the Superintendent General of Indian Affairs may direct, and they shall in such case be elected for a period of three years, unless deposed by the Governor for dishonesty, intemperance, or immorality, and

they shall be in the proportion of one Chief and two Second Chiefs for every two hundred people; but any such band composed of thirty people may have one Chief; Provided always that all life Chiefs now living shall continue as such until death or resignation, or until their removal by the Governor for dishonesty, intemperance or immorality.”

According to this section, the Chief is elected. According to some Indian Customs and Traditions the Chief is hereditary, or lifetime, similar to the monarchy. With the Six Nations, the Chief is chosen by the Clan Mothers who observe the children in their charge to determine who would be the next Chief. This statute determines elected Chiefs are created by the “democratic” scam which is in clear opposition to the Indian customs, traditions and beliefs. This provision is inconsistent with the Haudenosaune’s Clan Mother appointed Chief custom and tradition. Although there are many Tribes and Nations and there could be many different ways in which a Chief could rise to power it is highly likely the Haudenosaune are less than truthful for the so-called Act makes no reference applying to appointed Chiefs of the Longhouse, Clan-mother appointed Chiefs. This shows the nobility class is terminated by a “popularity contest”, known as “democracy” which makes it possible to purchase one’s position as chief.

Further in this Act you will find how Indians could go about becoming enfranchised. Section 16 reads;

Every such Indian shall, before the issue of the letters patent mentioned in the thirteenth section of this Act, declare to the Superintendent General of Indian Affairs, the name and surname by which he wishes to be enfranchised and thereafter known, and on his receiving such letters

patent, in such name and surname, he shall be held to be also enfranchised, and he shall thereafter be known by such name and surname, and his wife and minor unmarried children, shall be held to be enfranchised; and from the date of such letters patent, the provisions of

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

any Act or law making any distinction between the legal rights and liabilities of Indians and those of Her Majesty’s other subjects shall cease to apply to any Indian, his wife or minor children as aforesaid, so declared to be enfranchised, who shall no longer be deemed Indians

within the meaning of the laws relating to Indians, except in so far as their right to participate in the annuities and interest money and rents, of the tribe, band, or body of Indians to which they belonged is concerned; except that the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth sections of the Act thirty-first Victoria, chapter forty-two, and the eleventh section of this Act, shall apply to such Indian, his wife and children.”

An Indian who wants to become enfranchised has to “qualify” to become Canadian in that he or she has to be, of all things, of “good moral character”. Once selected he or she chooses a name, and surname, he would like to be known as then they would be issued Letters Patent which are not unlike Joe Ratzinger’s incorporation papers giving it the personage (title) of POPE BENEDICT XVI Inc. Ratzinger’s incorporation papers violate; (Deut. 10:17; Samuel 14:14).

“ … if there is hell on earth, Vatican must be built over top of it … ”.


What have we so far? The Provinces were about to run into financial difficulties which necessitated the formation of a new corporation, the Dominion of Canada, in 1867. We have the Royal Proclamation 1763 protecting Indians from the European settlers and reserving, and preserving, Their Land and special provisions if the Indians wanted to part with any of Their Land. We still have the Dominion of Canada in financial problems as a result of the Concentration of 1867 and we have the Indians being incorporated so Their Land and natural resources found therein can be taken by the Ottawa authority for the benefit of those whom they actually serve, the creditors.

There is the Department of Secretary of State Act 1868 providing a mechanism to “accept surrendered” Land from the enfranchised or “Canadian” chiefs and in 1869 the Ottawa authority provided a means of turning Indians into corporations. What could possibly come next? The siege commencing in 1870 is what came next.

The Siege of 1870

As the ancients have done for thousands of years the modern Roman-Anglo Empire continues the tradition of laying siege on nations they want to conquer. As the 1868 Act was a set up for the 1869 Act, the 1869 Act had to have been a setup for something else. That something else was the fake Alexander Morris Treaties. These Treaties cover the years; 1871-1879 and were an attempt to turn the Indians into wards of the state. But, before they began the so-called Treaties the trustees laid siege through the systematic slaughter of forty million buffalo that roamed and migrated freely on the plains of Turtle Island. With the food supply gone the Indians began to starve. With few options available the Indians were offered the Morris Treaties and the franchise. The Indians would be


protected and fed if they just signed a piece of paper relinquishing their Land and go away and be good “…loving subjects of the Queen…” (Alexander Morris). We have seen what J. S. Dennis had to say about Indians fending for themselves.

Even though there were very few options available to the Indians in the way of food those who were authorized, under Tribal Law, to sign did not sign the Morris Treaties. When you review the Morris Treaties you will note enfranchised Indians signed on behalf of the Indians who were not enfranchised. Since some of the Indians who signed were enfranchised, or incorporated under the laws of Canada, it had the effect of the purchasers signing on behalf of the vendors … the Indians enfranchised under the laws of Canada, or in other words, the party of the first part signed for the second part as previously explained. It is hard to see how this slight of hand would be in keeping with the doctrine of ubarrima fides, the doctrine all parties to a contract act with utmost good faith.

Another feature of the Alexander Morris Treaties is the way those Treaties were undertaken without first having the Indians release the Hudson’s Bay Company from their duties, obligations and responsibilities to the Indians with whom they had prior agreements. When you review the Morris Treaties you will find Morris tells the Indians what they were getting was on top of what they already had. What the Indians already had were agreements with the Hudson’s Bay Company and no one else or no other corporation in that part of the Land and for trade and not immigration.

The only Indians the Ottawa authority, or any other authority for that matter, may have had jurisdiction over would have been those who; knowingly, willingly and intentionally, with informed consent, chose to become enfranchised, and who would have then become dependant on statute for their very existence. This could come about by being elected a chief or councilor through their involvement in the scam of democracy known as the process of voting and this could only have come about through bribery, fraud, extortion or other “blessed” sacraments. Otherwise, Indians were and are of the Sovereign and not subject to the European systems and schemes in place in the corporate jurisdictions of Canada and the united States of America.

With the advent of the Royal Proclamation 1763 the boundary lines defining Indian Territory, ceded, Treatied or surrendered land and Rupert’s Land were described. The Royal Proclamation 1763 has not been amended, repealed, spent or extinguished therefore, not only should it still be in force and effect but the boundary lines referred to are still the same to this day, bearing in mind the Royal Proclamation 1763 came about thirteen years prior to the alleged “glorious” American Revolution. As I have mentioned, the management of Indian’s affairs were administrated out of the Office of Plantations and Colonies from 1763 until 1860. With the transfer of the Indian’s affairs to the

Province of Canada in 1861 the affairs of the Indians in Canada, and the American Colonies, must have been administrated from the Province of Canada then the Dominion of Canada then Canada because of the pledges to the Indians are alleged to have been made by the Kings and Queens of Great Britain.


NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

Between 1861 and 1866 the Province of Canada was entrusted with the management of Indian’s benefits and royalties yet chose not to pay them. This is evidenced in the accounts of the Province of Canada prior to 1867. In those books you will find the Province of Canada had a responsibility to keep track of two sets of financial books. One set was for the Consolidated Revenue Fund, dealing with the collection of taxes from all sources, and the other set of books represented the Indian Fund. The Indian Fund held, or was supposed to hold, Indian royalty entitlements. The printing of the accounts were suppressed by order of the Superintendent of Indians thereby hiding the amounts of Royalties due to the Indian thereby exposing the amounts being converted to make the payments to cover the bank loan for useless railways, useless in practical terms but practical for the creditors in the conversion of valuable Land for worthless paper, debt instrument, we know as “money”.

When one reads the House of Lords and House of Commons Debates of the United Kingdom you find the Imperial Parliament was not prepared to act as sureties to loans made to the Provinces any longer but due to the urgency of the maturing loans something had to be done. It is possible they agreed to act as sureties as there were vast natural resources on Turtle Island to be exploited which would ultimately be of benefit to the British budget. This is evidenced within the House of Commons and House of Lords debate following the British North American Bill. The debates I speak of are the debates on the Canadian Railroad Loan Bill (Track “15”). When you read this debate it becomes clear why the formation of the Dominion of Canada was necessary before any loans

to Canada were refinanced or guaranteed by the “British” Parliament. The sureties were needed as the loans to the three Provinces were coming due in December of 1867.

The Ottawa authority, alleged to be vested with the exclusive fiduciary responsibility of protecting the Indians from the Europeans, under section 91.24 of the Concentration Act of 1867, undertook the systematic extinguishment of the Indians, mainly through enfranchisement and by laying siege, in order to meet its fabricated financial commitments to the creditors. Even though Indian royalties continue to be used for the purposes of paying off fictitious loans, the corporate structure in Ottawa still claims there is both debt and, at times, deficits aside from the obscene revenues being generated through numerous taxes not to mention the Indian’s Royalties. One has to wonder how it came to pass Great Britain, with all its colonies, and as with all its colonies of the common wealth, is in financial turmoil. The question which begs to be answered is; exactly who is the holder of all this debt? Who is the lender? Who could possibly have more money than England and Canada, not to mention all “wealthy” nations of the world? And the people would rather sit back and listen to the words of those they “voted in” officials, willing to give up their first born to suffice “debt” which is never justified or challenged.


The power to pass legislation rests with the Land. Without Great Britain owning the land the Imperial Parliament cannot pass legislation governing the Original Inhabitants of


Turtle Island or those who are not a contracting party, if there were or are any contracts, but are born on Turtle Island. Does this mean if the Crown of Great Britain has no jurisdiction to pass legislation there is no law? No. The prevailing law would be the Law of the Land. The law of any Land would invariably have to flow from those who are the recognized Land owners. The Law of the Land therefore, would ultimately have to be Indian Law and Indian Law varies from Tribe to Tribe, Nation to Nation and region to region. In the main if there is no victim, there is no crime. Those alleged to be under the employ of the King, or Queen, of Judah, would be bound to ch. 13 of Magna Carta 1215 both in the commercial-canon law sense as well the Common Law as set out in the Laws of Alfred the Great. The Royal mentality is taxation by hook and by crook in spite of “thou shall not steal”. Of course, if you ask any Indian who owns the Land they will always say “the Creator owns the Land”. But, the Land belongs to the Indians as their birthright and have to either; fight for it, let it go or ask the Creator to protect the Land.

I have already mentioned how those who are contracting parties with the Indians set about to extinguish the Indians by; laying siege, germ warfare, population dilution, statutization and other methods but there are other methods and procedures the Kings and Queens have employed to meet that end. For example, the Indians are supposed to be under the protection of the monarch yet her criminal code is conspicuously devoid of any provisions to deal with crimes committed against Indians. Indian law differs from English law. English law is punitive, commercial and tax driven. Indian law is generally compensatory. As a loose example, supposing you were to premeditatedly kill someone, which is murder, then the death penalty would apply, assuming of course, the conviction was beyond doubt as opposed to beyond a “reasonable” doubt. On the other hand, suppose you inadvertently killed someone and it was your fault, drunk driving comes to mind but is a rather poor example, you cannot be charged with murder for there was no intent to cause the particular victim, death. Under the common law, you would have to make amends to the family of the victim, viz, you would have to perform a similar function to whom ever you killed. In short, you become a slave for up to 6 years. Otherwise, some sort of compensation would have to be advanced. Take for example the Somali who was killed by the Canadian Military. What was the compensation to the

family for the loss of the family member? While the family did not demand an eye for an eye they asked for compensation in the form of camels, I believe 120, as penalty. Therefore, Elizabeth Windsor’s Criminal Code of Canada ought to have a special part dealing specifically with crimes committed upon the Indian by Canadians but does not. This omission is what is known in legalese as “prima facie”, or first glance, evidence and

in this case evidence of genocide or constructive genocide. After all, the powers-that-be could have, should have and ought to have had a part within the Criminal Code addressing the royal pledges and protection of Indians and the lands reserved to them but not enforce those laws. The judiciary has no statutes they may rely upon to uphold the Royal Pledges and this is what is known as “casus omissus”. Similar to the divorce procedures wherein under section twenty-eight of the Charter everyone is alleged to be equal but when it comes to divorce, men have no voice because of the “affirmative action programs” under s. 15(2) of the “Canadian’s” Charter of Rights and Freedoms which is used to override the equal rights provision. The intent, of course, is the genocide of the

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

family unit. Divide and conquer dat, or “concordat”. You may also like to read of the stipulations of the “Lateran Pact” of 1929. In this treaty, the Laws of guarantees and all other Laws inconsistent with the canon law have been abrogated. In short; there is no law other than the laws of Zeus.

On the other hand, it is supposed to be Tribal hearings creating grievances to be presented to the powers-that-be. With the extinguishment of the Tribal hierarchy it would be rare to find a legitimate Chief and Council therefore “casus omissus” kicks in. When the Tribal hierarchy and casus omissus are pitted against each other we find; “as long as the wind blows, the grass is green and the rivers flow” the Treaties would be honoured even if one Indian is left standing. At this point, the Treaties would have to be honoured. However, when one reads the House of Commons and House of Lords debates, on the “Canadian’s” Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982 you will find the powers-that-be have a simple solution to this “problem”. The solution is approximately one ounce of lead sent through tube steel with an accelerant forcing the lead through the tube then into the skull of the last Indian standing.

Traditional hereditary Indian hierarchy has been extinguished, or in short supply, is in itself proof of genocide for when all the facts are in it would be highly unlikely for the Indians to fall in social circles through their own un coerced desires.

Another method the Ottawa authority employs in its never ending quest to extinguish the Indians can be found within the divisions of powers under the British North America Bill 1867. The Indians fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the parliament of Canada insofar as parliament’s obligation to enact protective legislation for the “peace, order and good government” of the Indian Trusts and Interests and to uphold and honour the pledges within the Royal Proclamation 1763. Under section 91.24 of the British North America Bill 1867 the parliament may exclusively make laws for the Indians and is also responsible to protect lands reserved to the Indians. The parliament has no authority to enter into Treaties with the Indians as this would have been added to section 91.24 or another section in spite of the fact Canada is a corporation.

Section 92 has provisions for property and civil rights as well as local and private matters. Section 92 classes of subjects are not applicable to the Indians. “Health care”, although an exclusive Provincial jurisdiction, as it applies to the Indians is the exclusive responsibility of the parliament to provide them with healthcare. If parliament provided

healthcare to the Indians, and the Provinces provided healthcare for the general population, the people at large would start questioning why the Indians are treated differently than others. But, exactly what is the intent of the health so-called “care” system anyway. Also, if Indians were at all subject to the jurisdiction of the Queen’s

courts their issues would have to be within the exclusive jurisdiction of parliamentary courts, the federal court. If the general population had to attend the Provincial and Provincial Superior courts and the Indians could only attend the federal courts the people would again question why the Indians are being treated differently than others. If people start asking the appropriate questions the whole nation fabrication scheme falls apart.


This also applies to the education of Indians but one would suppose the powers-that-be could say the residential schools were separate and apart from the European system.

We can draw some parallels between Indian rights and Provincial rights and how the Ottawa authority has usurped both. With respects to the Indian Trusts the proceeds from Indians Royalties, prior to 1867, once were in a fund known as the “Indian Fund”. That Fund was on the Province of Canada’s books until 1867. In 1867 the Imperial Parliament concentrated not only the “debts” of three Provinces but merged the Indian Fund into the Consolidated Revenue Fund. The Indian Fund was amalgamated with the old Consolidated Revenue Fund forming the one fund. All revenues due the Indians and the revenues generated by the dominion governing structure, as well any Provincial funds the Ottawa authority squeezes from them, went into one account. The Indians were to be paid out of the Indian Fund but without a separate account for the Indians it would be easy, and convenient, to “lose track” of Indian Royalties. Similarly, the Provinces have the exclusive jurisdiction over direct taxation within the Province, such as income tax, yet the Provinces have allowed the Ottawa authority to usurp that exclusive Provincial right.

With the Provinces giving up “their birthright (direct taxation) for a mess of red lentils” it forces the cities to incorporate and this incorporation involves incorporating the people and property contained within the limits of the city. The people and property are being used as collateral for fictitious loans thereby generating revenues from property taxation increasing beyond the creditor’s wildest dreams. The collateral then causes the creditors to print up their private “money” which we are allowed to use as a medium of exchange.

Under Indian Law, an Indian is one who has Indian blood or who is adopted into a Tribe or Nation. One drop of Indian blood, through blood transfusion for example, or through the adoption process, is enough for one to be considered Indian yet the Métis, who are of mixed Indian and predominantly French and other bloods somehow don’t qualify to be treated as Indians. Negroes, Chinese and Whites who are adopted into the Nation or Tribe qualify to be Indian yet the Métis don’t by their own choice. The Ottawa authority treats the Métis as non-Indian or ambiguous. They are separate and distinct from Indians so much so under the Manitoba Act of 1870 they were “granted” one million, four-hundred-thousand acres of Indian Land, Land the Province of Manitoba didn’t have. It is unclear as to how one entity, having no land, can give Land to the Métis. Sounds like something two Englishmen, George and Joe Brant, might have thought up for “their” Mohawks.

Rather than being “granted” Land the Métis were given “scrip”. Scrip is defined as being; “a conditional or absolute certificate of ownership of shares in a public company”. The

public company is the Dominion of Canada and the shares are for shares in the land only those shares were conditional. Eventually, the Dominion government changed the terms through orders in council and, as we will see, Orders in Council is not the parliament.

As scrip was issued a form of insider trading cropped up. When the chits flowed profiteers happened to know the date, time and place and to whom the scrip was to be issued and they conveniently showed up to swindle the Métis out of their scrip. Again,

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

the Dominion of Canada owned no Land so it had no authority to give Métis scrip in the first place. This event could be considered a form of “Land laundering”.

Privy Council, Orders In Council

The Privy Council for Canada is allegedly Elizabeth Windsor’s, and by extension, the Imperial Parliament’s, personal advisors on Canadian issues which in the main deals with her further alleged monopoly on the trade and commerce on Turtle Island. Members of the council are chosen and orders from Council are policies, and policies are not laws, created by the monarch’s Privy Council for Canada from behind closed doors. Taken from the government of “Canada’s” web site the following is their summary of the history of the Privy Council:

Although this was provided for in the Constitution Act 1867 the Privy Council was fabricated in 1891 consisting of non-ministerial people of whom five were chosen. Two were former speakers of the house of

commons, the lower house, and three from the senate, or the red room and also known as the upper house.

The first meeting of the Privy Council with someone close to the Queen, took place on October 14th., 1957 when Prince Philip met with it and participated in the swearing in of Privy Councilors. Prince Philip was not of the Sovereign, rather, Elizabeth Windsor was and is supposed to be. Elizabeth Windsor only met with “her” council twice, 1957 and 1959. Her absence from her ministers could explain why they are running out of control. Privy Councilors are ministers and other similar corporations chosen by the Queen, or in Canada, by the prime minister. A plausible reason for her absence could be found in the fact she actually has nothing to do with Canada other than having her graven image on some of the private debt instrument “legal tender” and to accept the occasional horse from the UNITED NATIONS (United Corporations) “peace keeping unit” known locally as the; Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Today, members of the Privy Council include former and current prime ministers and ministers. If you see someone’s name with the letters; “M. P., P. C.” following it, it means the individual is a member of parliament (M. P.) and a Privy Councilor (P. C.).

When you review the British North America Bill 1867, s. 91, you will note the parliament may “…make laws for the Peace, Order and good Government…”. What that phrase

means is the parliament, as in an open forum, may pass laws. The parliament, of course, consists of all elected member of the house of Common, all members of the Senate and the Governor-General. There is nothing in the British North America Bill 1867 permitting Privy Council to magickally kraft secret legislation affecting Indians from behind closed doors. This “procedure” amounts to turning the corporation into what could be called the “I Say So Corporation” meaning whatever the Privy Council wants the Privy Council gets because they say so, or, the law is what they say it is. If not, Privy Council will undertake to influence the parliament in order to meet whatever end it desires. This


would typically work in a governing structure with a party majority. The Privy Council is out of control. They are like children locked up in a candy store. I consider the Privy

Council a tool of genocide as they pass laws behind closed doors intended to impact the Indians in a negative way.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


We all know the definition of a “noun”. It defines a; person, place or thing. What we think a “person” is based on what we were taught a “person” was in grade school. Most would agree a “person” is a man or a woman. However, If we could go back in history we would see the Indians as a formidable force the Europeans had to recon’ with not to mention the land, virtually impenetrable to undertake a traditional European military event for conquest. So the alleged Treaty making process was undertaken and eventually the floodgates of immigration were opened. As the number of immigrants began to rise and the number of Indians began to decline, the systems in place to manage those other than the Indians came to take control over Indian and subject alike. If you read the Royal Proclamation of 1763 you will find, other than providing protection to Indians and Indian Lands, it is a commercial notice advising subjects of the King, and others, wishing to trade with the Indians could but were required to first purchase a license. In order to wrestle the land from the Indians the Indians had to be enfranchised. By enfranchising the Indians, the enfranchised Indian, who becomes a “Canadian”, allegedly becomes a subject of the Queen. Ergo, according to the Royal Proclamation 1763, the enfranchised Indian is now able to trade freely with the Indians provided they first obtain a license.

As an example, the Indians are to receive royalties from the monopoly the Queen allegedly holds on Turtle Island. Because they are not receiving their royalties the Indian engages in trade or commerce. When this scenario occurs, the Indian is charged by the “Queen’s” agents for being engaged in commerce without first obtaining a license. It is a vicious circle, sort of “damned if they don’t and damned if they do”.

Since all require licensing it could be said there are still non-enfranchised Indians. However, from my experience, there is no entity here to uphold the so-called “royal pledges” therefore, it would be indicative of genocide. Consequently, genocide must be admitted to and, with the extinguishment of the Indians the licensing proviso could not, technically speaking, be enforceable. If the holder of the Treaties is the last one standing then Indian land would transfer to the owners of the Imperial Parliament. At this point, law would be redundant as if you don’t like standing on the creditor’s land you are free to leave. The elected chiefs and council may very well be heading in this direction. Quite a few are living in the land of Eden enjoying them selves while trading land for worthless paper. There may come a time when the purchasers tell the chiefs and council to pack up their belongings and get off the land. This could prove to be rather interesting and I do not know how long they would be able to tread water.

There are several theories centered on the creation of the “fiction” or the “straw man” and this creation somehow represents the corporate side of the live flesh and blood man or woman. There are theories that the words; “Mr.” or “Ms” prior to ones name is an indication that a corporation is being addressed rather than what most people believe to be proper business or social etiquette. There are theories the Social Insurance Number or Birth Certificate creates the corporate side. The theory of the social insurance number


creating the fiction is found in the legal definition of “insurance” which is “contract” therefore, you do not really have an insurance number, you have a social contract number and such contract being a single signature contract, your signature, does not provide full disclosure on the nature of the contract. This forms the basis for misrepresentation for the purposes of theft. You may find the Statutes of Frauds on the compact disc. (Track “3”) However, when one asserts fraud, against the government, there exists an implied contract of some sort. Those so-called contracts are assumpsit and made “available” without having the requisite jurisdiction to commit to such undertakings. Technically, one cannot cry “fraud” without a contract. If you claim fraud, in this regard, you are admitting to a contract which has a minor flaw. I do not like to use the word “fraud” in dealing with the governmentministers-priests-rabbis-imams-preachers etc. of the Canadiancorporate theocracy.

If one were to take legal action against the government, for fraud, there is immediately assumed to exist a contract. Consequently, this would trigger s. 96 of the Courts of Justice Act for Ontario viz conflicts between common law and equity. The case is common law but the common law yields to the equitable claim and the equitable claim comes from the creditors. In short, this means “do not bite the hand that feeds you”.

The birth certificate on the other hand is thought to have been derived from the actions a ship’s captain undertakes in the berthing of a ship at a foreign port. The birth certificate has red numbers on the reverse and I have included a definition of “red letters” in my chapter of definitions. It is also printed on bank note. Similarly, if you or you mother, seek permission for you to set foot on “Canadian” soil you would need permission similar to what a ship’s captain might request to unload cargo. Imagine, one requires a “birth certificate” to prove he or she was born notwithstanding one; eats, sleeps, breathes, walks and talks which ought to be enough proof one is alive. Those are actions a corporation cannot undertake. It could be said by “enjoying the franchise” one is a shareholder in the corporation of Canada. Say you were the twentieth-millionth born. You may be entitled to a one twentieth-millionth share in the corporate profits. Unfortunately, with the fictitious debt you are a shareholder of one-twentieth-millionth of the so-called debt. When a policeman stops you and asks you your date of birth you cannot possibly tell them without being a liar. This is because one cannot ascertain, legally, their date of birth for we all don’t form thought and logic patterns until long after we come out the chute and what we rely upon is what we have been told. This, in a legal sense, is what is called “hearsay evidence”. In short, you are trying to deceive the policeman for unless you have your mother or father present you would be tendering “hearsay evidence”. Even when certificates are issued at birth, there are no affidavits tendered and certified by a court of law. It would stand t’reason the birth certificate is an incorporation paper turning the Creator’s Children into “persons” and we know the Creator is not a respecter of “persons”. This is why Elizabeth Windsor can hold only one title; “the Second Elizabeth, Queen of Judah”.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

If you take the time to investigate some of the thousands of laws on the books you will find the laws make reference to “persons”, “corporations”, “associations” etc. You may think of a “person” as being a man or woman or boy or girl yet according to the statutes a “person” is found within the same classification as corporations, natural persons and other non-flesh and blood entities. For example, you will note from the 1917 House of Commons debates on the Income War Tax Bill a “person” is defined as a corporation. Therefore, according to law there is no difference between you and a company and this is part of the set up for the slavery. Next, they pound it home through peer pressure with slogans such as “pay your fair share of taxes”. It all comes down to economics and accounting. Man has been reduced to a book entry which is another term for slavery. The way in which man is now known is written in upper case letters. Upper case lettering indicates corporations and the state has to operate in this manner because they have no ownership to the land or us for that matter. As well, in order to arrange “financing” for sports ventures the people have to be enfranchised before the creditors allow the fractional reserve deception to continue.

The way the slight of hand works is like this. The true owners of the Bank of England claim they own North America through debt creation. They make an “equitable” claim on the land. If you want to set foot on “their” you have to pay a licensing fee. In Scripture, we are not allowed to apply usury against our brethren but are allowed to apply it against foreigners. The King James Bible prohibits usury against us, as brethren. But, since we are considered to be strangers, or “persons”, on “someone else’s land”, we get stuck with paying interest and taxes. While we ought to be under the Great One’s Laws we are currently under “canon law”, which POPE Inc. heads. Under canon law POPE Inc. is above the law. So much for Elizabeth Windsor’s assumption of impunity. At the council of Nicea, POPE Inc. and Catholicism were invented as well a thoroughly corrupted Bible. The intent, as you will see, of the corruption of the Scriptures was partly to create “loving slaves” out of us as well to prove POPE Inc. is god of Heaven and Earth, not to mention, only Catholics will go to heaven.

There is a theory anytime one asks any level of governing structure for relief, whether it is baby bonus, G. S. T. payments, pensions or just about any other benefit offered by any governing structure the acceptance of a benefit supposedly puts one within their jurisdiction. Although there are merits to those theories you have to look at the actual contract offered allegedly giving the state jurisdiction over you. The problem is there are no contracts binding you to the state, nor does the state have jurisdiction to the land qualifying it to issue contracts. We the people have the power to stop this but we have yet to recognize this. Of course, the secret societies would have to be brought up to speed on the game plan of mass destruction of all life on the planet. Unfortunately, the hidden conspirators are well bound to serve the interests of the creditors.

The city of Toronto, correctly known as “the Carrying Place”, is situated within the confines of Indian Territory. Seems there was a “Treaty” entered into late in the 18th., century covering the area where Toronto is. The “Treaty” in question was a blank page


signed by a few Chiefs (Track “10”). I have a copy of the “Indian Land Claims Commission” covering the “Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation Inquiry/Toronto Purchase Claim” dated June 2003 for you perusal. This document provides an exposé on the finer workings of theft and deceit. The question which remains to be answered is how has it come to pass the various governing structures are allowed to trespass on Indian Territory without proper authority and compensation? Follow the money!

Remembering the only money power of the day which could finance, oppose or support the forming of a fractional reserve banking scheme of the Bank of Amsterdam may have been the VATICAN Inc. It has been alleged the Knights Templar found King Solomon’s gold and VATICAN Inc. took it from them. Subsequently, Ollie Cromwell was financed to do some dirty dealings causing Charles’s execution. From that point, the monarchy would have fallen to the creditors as the spoils of war. It is unclear to me what effect the Scepter has with this whole mess but it is stated in the Scripture the Scepter shall not part from Judah until Shiloh comes. In other words, Judah may be holding the Scepter but some hidden creditor could be calling the shots.

Consequent to VATICAN Inc. winning the Crown Royal the beast immediately came in through the sea, the Holy See of the Crown Concordat but with a twist. The twist is this; A Crown Concordat is an agreement between a Sovereign Nation and VATICAN Inc. a sovereign corporate city-state which was established in the early 20th., century when Italy recognized VATICAN Inc. to be a sovereign state. This was known as the “Lateran Pact” to which Peter Eliot Trudeau subscribed to, “for us”, in 1969. Bless him! When the monarch fell, the Crown Royal may have yielded to the victors, or VATICAN Inc. However, to ensure the full function of the Crown Concordat it was necessary to yolk the people to a fictitious debt, created by the fractional reserve “trick”. This was done with the establishment of the Bank of England in 1694 and bankrupting Great Britain by 1717. The Act of Union 1701 bound Wales and Scotland to the scheme. Elizabeth Windsor is a front for the creditors. She is running a “dog and pony show” while Rome burns, so to speak. Elizabeth Windsor, in committing her divers transgressions, has, in fact, deceived the people into believing she has some sort of majickal powers or “god” given powers as evidenced through her graven image on some of the “money”.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration



Bearing in mind the monarchy died in 1657, Radisson and des Groseilliers managed to receive financing through front man Prince Rupert to explore the trading potential of the areas where the continental North American rivers flowed into the Hudson and James Bays. Prince Rupert was the nephew of King Charles the Second of England. All parties met, an agreement was entered into which included venture capital and Radisson and des Groseilliers were commissioned then headed off to Hudson Bay on the ship called the Nonsuch. Two years later they returned to England with samples of furs. Shortly thereafter, a group of investors are granted a monopoly in the fur trade within the area which would come to be known as “Rupert’s Land”.


On May 2nd., 1670 King Charles the Second issued to a group of investors a royal charter granting them a monopoly on the fur trade in the area known as “Rupert’s Land”. Again, Rupert owned no land so it should be considered as to whether or not Rupert was pledging military support for the establishment of a monopoly, a policing authority to protect the lucrative fur trade. The group of investors would be incorporated as the “Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson Bay”. Radisson and des Groseilliers had contracted with the English prior to 1670 and when word of their discoveries spread to France, France claimed their discoveries belonged to France because of Radisson and des Groseilliers’ French heritage. This was contested for some time and in 1713, at the Treaty of Utrecht, France relinquished all claim to the trade area of Hudson Bay. The name of the company would stay the same until 1821 when the company merged with the Hudson’s Bay Company. The Hudson’s Bay Company eventually succeeded the former company thereby inheriting the fur trade monopoly for an area covering three million square miles and the name, Hudson’s Bay Company, would stay. This was for trade and commerce only and not for land ownership.

By 1763 you had three solitudes in British North America. On the first part you had the Hudson’s Bay Company with its monopoly in the area known as “Rupert’s Land”. Secondly, you had the Parliament of Great Britain supposedly in possession of the thirteen colonies as well as the areas the Spanish and French had business arrangements with the Indians. Next, you have the areas where no Europeans were present. Those areas were then, and are now, Indian Territory and cover the area noted in the map found on the accompanying compact disc. (Track “14”)

Between the time of “Columbus” (Christopher Columbus was not a proper name. Christopher Columbus was a title meaning; “one who seeks out land for JeZeus Christ”.


This entity was only known as the “Jew who lived outside the gates of the city”). The Royal Proclamation of 1763 reveals various European powers engaged in trade with the

Indians. France, Spain, Portugal, Britain, Holland and Scotland had commercial arrangements with the Indians which they are still obligated to. The Dutch for example,

although they transferred their Treaty rights with the Manhattan Indians to “English” concerns in 1640 for $2.00, is unclear but ultimately there exist Treaty obligations with the Manhattan Indians. Likewise, Spain has Treaty obligations with the Indians inhabiting the areas of East and West Florida. The English supposedly entered into agreements with the Indians inhabiting the areas known as New England or the thirteen colonies and Scotland in the area known as Nova Scotia. The “Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson Bay” and the Hudson’s Bay Company also had, and still have, arrangements with the Indians. The Treaties, although entered into with certain parties, may be transferred to other parties but, if the new holders of the Treaties fail to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility they can be fired and the original signers would have to return to the partnership.

Thomas Douglas, also known as Lord Selkirk, purchased 112,000 square miles of land along the Red River from the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1811. This became known as the “Selkirk Settlement”. The problem with this is the Hudson’s Bay Company had no land to sell as found by Governor-General Monck in his report on the surrender of the Hudson Bay Charter and dated 1869. By 1821 the Hudson’s Bay Company merged with the North-west Company, the successor to the Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson’s Bay, and was given a 21 year monopoly under the Hudson’s Bay Company name.

In 1825 Fort Vancouver was established as the company’s head office and, as was claimed, it was on “united States” territory, therefore its head office was moved to Victoria on Vancouver Island in 1843. Victoria is now the capital, or head office, of the corporation of British Columbia.

In 1840 the Puget Sound Agricultural Company was formed as a subsidiary of the Hudson’s Bay Company and mainly dealt with agriculture and settlement within corporate boundaries of the “Oregon Country”. The Owners of the Puget Sound Agricultural Company were directors and senior officers of the Hudson’s Bay Company.

The allegation the Hudson’s Bay Company had returned sovereignty of the three million square miles comprising Rupert’s Land to a “Crown” and in return, the Hudson’s Bay Company was given 300,000 pounds of silver and permitted to keep vast tracts of land must be considered. In 1869 Governor-General Monck was given the task of writing a report on the surrender of the Hudson’s Bay Charter and to consider whether or not 1,800,000 pounds of silver was a fair and just amount for the company to surrender “its” land. Governor General Monck concluded the Hudson’s Bay Company was making claims to owning land that was, in part, subject to other Treaties and in reality the Hudson’s Bay Company owned no land but merely had a trade monopoly with the

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

various Indians of the different areas and regions of Turtle Island. Although I do not know how this came to pass the Company was allowed to keep the land where their trading posts were set up and paid 300,000 pounds to settle the Charter surrender. It is highly unlikely the Indians authorized the Hudson’s Bay Company to possess those lands.

To this day, the popular conception is the Hudson’s Bay Company or the Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson Bay somehow was able to conquer all the Indians within the three million square miles to become owners of the land. It would appear this disinformation is an integral part of the misinformation campaign waged by the corporate elite in their quest for a Nimrodian New World Order in the conquest of the Original people. After all, had this come to pass it would have been nearly impossible to suppress knowledge about the wholesale slaughter of the Indians that would have had to happen to meet that end and to date, there is no evidence of such warfare happening.

In the absence of the Indians releasing the Hudson’s Bay Company, or the Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson Bay, of their Treaty obligations it would appear the Hudson’s Bay Company still has the powers it was given, by extension, through the Charter of 1670. It would be safe to conclude certain “Treaties” overlapping areas subject to agreements with the Hudson’s Bay Company, like the so-called Robinson and Morris Treaties, create a problem not to mention the company’s involvement with “Treaty 9”, the so-called James Bay Treaty of the early 20th., century entered into long after the Charter “surrender” of 1870.

We now know Canada and the united, or combined, States of America are not nations. We can see there is another side to politics requiring consideration. If Canada and the united States of America are not nations then what are they? The answer is they are corporations. In America, you have the president. He is the president of the corporation. Similarly, in Canada, the prime minister, in reality a high priest, is a vice president, vice president of Corporation Canada with the other vice-president(s) being the leader(s) of the opposition(s). The united States is corporate while Canada is corporate-religious, staffed with ministers/rabbis/imams/preachers/priests/etc. This comes about because of the Indian Land which underlies, for all intents and purposes, the real authority on Turtle Island is being pounded with commercial-canon law warfare. There cannot be a nation without the first people of Turtle Island, the Indians, being destroyed. When this comes to pass, America and Canada become sovereign nations. Until then, they are only corporations and by voting for the politicians, viz, participating in the selection of the board of directors-clergy, you unwittingly become their property, or that is what they assume. This is known as the “franchise”, “suffrage”, slavery.

POST 1763

With the advent of the Royal Proclamation there could be no war with the Indians as the Indians and Great Britain were in contract, directly or indirectly, with each other or so we have been led to believe. It wouldn’t look good if Great Britain started a war against the Indians while proclaiming them to be under the Great Britain’s protection from the


European style schemes. So there had to be a better, a more insidious way of going about the business of conquering a people without a formal declaration of war. In order to wrestle the land from the Indians those entrusted with carrying out the responsibilities and duties of and to the Indian Trusts and Interests, the trustees, had to resort to surreptitious means of extinguishing the Indians either physically or through statute. In order to accomplish this they had to, in part, invent a fiction of Canada being a nation. This went full scale with the introduction of the British North America Bill 1867. The Hudson’s Bay Company, the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Ottawa authority pushed land sales and land give-a-ways to encourage immigration in part, to dilute the population with those who would pledge alignment to those powers “letting them onto the free land”.

Through immigration the Indian population would be overwhelmed with the influx of Europeans thereby the numbers of Indians begins to shrink in comparison to the growing alien population. The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson Bay was opposed to immigration at the onset of its Charter as it would impact on the fur trade monopoly the company enjoyed. It was the Hudson’s Bay Company that looked to the “human” resources to exploit the natural resources, pay for the fictitious debts and to eventually displace the Indians. It could be said the former company set about “exposing” the hidden natural resources for the later company to exploit. Eventually, it was found, not only would the influx of immigrants dilute the population it also provided a vast pool of human resources which could be used to exploit the natural resources and pay off fictitious debts as I have previously pointed out. It made good business sense. Immigrants were brought in from European countries. Polish, Ukrainians, Germans, Hungarians, Mennonites, Hutterites and people from other corporations were brought to Turtle Island with the promise of “free land”. Let us not forget the cost of Chinese lives in the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The immigrants who came here were mainly uneducated but couldn’t resist the lure of “free” land. In having the Indian population outnumbered by the settlers, it would be easier for the politicians to deal with the Indian “problem”. As it stands, within the area known as Canada, there are about 35 million “Canadians” and about 1.8 million Indians. Clearly, we can see the death knell for the remaining Indians coming within one or two generations, especially with the “generous help” of the Haudenosaune and the enfranchised chiefs and council. I would love to see the looks on the faces of the voted-in chiefs and council when the creditors tell them to pack up their worthless paper (legal tender) and get off of the creditor’s land.

The suppression of, and interference with, Indian procreation combined with massive immigration seems to have served the politicians quite well. I suppose the operative phrase “babies win wars” is just as applicable to today’s population as it was back in the nineteenth century insofar as the necessity of reducing the Indian or domestic population by supplanting it with a new population. According to Avro Manhattan a similar situation occurred in Viet Nam when, he alleges, VATICAN shifted one million Catholic North Vietnamese to Buddhist South Vietnam. This caused an imbalance to the indigenous Buddhist population. But, as the politicians come and go it could be safe to say the

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

politicians have to be working for some unknown person or group of persons. For example, it could not be said William Lyon MacKenzie King was working for his own personal gain or for the personal gain of his family or for the Indians, nor MacDonald, nor Trudeau as there wouldn’t be bank vaults big enough to store the booty. Nor were any of them working for the good of the immigrants or those not being Indian but who were born here. After all, when was the last time the government ever provided anything for benefit of the people? …universal healthcare? Bearing in mind most diseases and cancers are curable and preventable could it not be construed universal healthcare was a set up for the pharmaceutical companies, the drug cartel and, in effect, nothing but a glorified tax and murder through acidification of the body?

The purposes of immigration were divers. First of all, the immigrants provided a vast pool of “human” resources needed to exploit the natural resources of the land. Another reason can be found in the fact Europe was undergoing a population explosion and some other place closer than Botany Bay, where people from Europe could be sent, was required. In committing to mass emigration from Europe to the “New World” the Fleet Street (Threadneedle Street) financiers could dilute the population with those who knew little or nothing about the Indians, Indian Land, and the purpose of the governing structures and what roles all those of Turtle Island were playing and for what, or whose, purpose or interest. Through population dilution, and by placing obstacles before the Indians, the politicians have been able to effectively seize the assets of the Indians and give those assets off to their masters of a foreign jurisdiction. Remember, they are born here and serve a foreign jurisdiction to our detriment. In short, they are traitors.

When it comes time to consider the Charter Charles the Second granted to his nephew Prince Rupert in 1665, you find the link to the King by the grant of a Charter to the Company of Adventurers etc. The Charter eventually devolved to the Hudson’s Bay Company and the Hudson’s Bay Company supposedly surrendered its Charter in 1870. Also, with the Imperial Parliament being involved, one has to ask why the Imperial Parliament has been undertaking nation building and wrecking and for whom. I believe the Imperial Parliament is owned or controlled by POPE Inc as evidenced with the mergence of the church and the state. The church is a corporation or commerce. POPE Inc. the “god” of a corporate theocracy with the shareholders dictating what religion shall be as well the “blessed” sacraments of extortion-blackmail/confession, murder, theft, occultism etc.

It does seem somewhat strange to note while images of the King or Queen may appear on our currency and the Union Jack appears on certain Provincial and International flags, there is no question it is the Imperial Parliament that has some sort of interest in, or obligation to, Canada or the Indians or its own self-interest or is acting for some other foreign interest perhaps a foreign creditor. After all, if the Bank of England was not under the direct control of other(s) then why would the Imperial Parliament want to shield the names of regular English, Welsh or Scotsmen, as true shareholders, from the people?


With respect to the Charter granted by Prince Rupert to the Company, the mandate of the Company was to trade with the Indians, issue licenses to those who wanted to conduct trade with the Indians and set up a governing structure similar to a judicial or policing system to protect the trade contract. The monarch would defend the Company’s interests in case any hostile take over attempt was made by any extraterritorial jurisdiction. The expression “Rupert’s Land” does not mean the land belonged to Rupert, rather, it denotes the three million square miles wherein he had a commercial monopoly which could be defended. If we look at “Rupert’s Land” as being “Rupert’s Land Inc.” we gain a totally different perspective.

The original instruction to the “Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson Bay” was to conquer the Indians in the areas of Turtle Island not already settled or explored. When they studied the possibilities of this undertaking they found it would be next to impossible to defeat the Indians. The region was heavily forested, the routes into the wilderness were unknown and they didn’t know how many Indians existed. Instead, the company chose to set up trading posts at the points where the interior rivers flowed into the James and Hudson’s Bays. They found the Indians would come to the posts bringing furs and other resources for trading. The employees found, with the backing of the English, “hail Britannia” and all, they could enjoy a lucrative trade monopoly with the Indians within the three million square miles and without necessarily having to go out into the land themselves searching for furs. The employees who manned the trading posts took several Indian wives and were not interested in pursuing search and destroy endeavors against the Indians. It appears they were quite content with the monopoly rather than the usual violence associated with conquest.

Rupert’s Land Act 1868

The Rupert’s Land Act 1868 was an Act of the Imperial Parliament setting up the surrender of the Hudson’s Bay Company Charter of 1870. I will show you anomalies contained within this Act clearly demonstrating the intent of this Act which was an integral part of the NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration.

An Act for enabling Her Majesty to accept a Surrender upon Terms of the Lands, Privileges, and Rights of “The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudson’s Bay,” and for admitting the same into the Dominion of Canada.

[31st July, 1868]

Whereas by certain Letters Patent granted by His late Majesty King Charles the Second in the Twenty-second Year of His Reign certain Persons therein named were incorporated by the Name of “The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudson’s Bay,” and certain Lands and Territories, Rights of Government, and other Rights, Privileges, Liberties, Franchises, Powers, and Authorities were thereby granted or purported to be granted to the said Governor and Company in His Majesty’s Dominions in North America:

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

Notice the word “purported”. Either the Company was granted land or it wasn’t.

And whereas by the Constitution Act, 1867, it was (amongst other things) enacted that it should be lawful for Her Majesty, by and with the Advice of Her Majesty’s most Honourable Privy Council, on Address from the Houses of the Parliament of Canada, to admit Rupert’s Land and the North-Western Territory, or either of them, into the Union on such Terms and Conditions as are in the Address expressed and as Her Majesty thinks fit to approve, subject to the provisions of the said Act:

And whereas for the Purpose of carrying into effect the Provisions of the said Constitution Act, 1867, and of admitting Rupert’s Land into the said Dominion as aforesaid upon such Terms as Her Majesty thinks fit to approve, it is expedient that the said Lands, Rights, Privileges, Liberties, Franchises, Powers, and Authorities, so far as the same have been lawfully granted to the said Company, should be surrendered to Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, upon such Terms and Conditions as may be agreed upon by and between Her Majesty and the said Governor and Company as hereinafter mentioned:

Notice the word “Constitution Act 1867”? What “constitution” would they be speaking of? As well, the phrase “…so far as the same have been lawfully granted to the said Company,…” Was any land “lawfully granted”? No! There was no conquest of the Indians within the limits of Rupert’s Land.

Be it therefore enacted by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by Authority of the same, as follows:

1. This Act may be cited as “Rupert’s Land Act, 1868.”

2. For the Purposes of this Act the Term “Rupert’s Land” shall include the whole of the Lands and Territories held or claimed to be held by the said Governor and Company.

Again, we note ownership of land by the Hudson’s Bay Company comes into question as there is the ambiguity found within the phrase; “…held or claimed to be held…

3. It shall be competent for the said Governor and Company to surrender to Her Majesty, and for Her Majesty by any Instrument under Her Sign Manual and Signet to accept a Surrender of all or any of the Lands, Rights, Privileges, Liberties, Franchises, Powers, and Authorities whatsoever granted by the said Letters Patents to the said Governor and Company within Rupert’s Land, upon such Terms and Conditions as shall be agreed upon by and between Her Majesty and he said Governor and Company; provided, however, that such Surrender shall not be accepted by Her Majesty until the Terms and Conditions upon which Rupert’s Land shall be admitted into the said Dominion of Canada in pursuance of the One hundred and forty-sixth Section of the Constitution Act, 1867; and that the said Surrender and Acceptance thereof shall be null and void unless within a Month from the Date of Such Acceptance of Her Majesty does by Order in Council under the Provisions of the said last recited Act admit Rupert’s Land into the said Dominion; provided further, that no Charge shall be imposed by such Terms and Conditions upon the Consolidated Fund of the United Kingdom.


In this section we find there is no question as to whether or not the Company was granted land as there is no phrase “held or claimed to be held”. The word “constitution” shows up again. The charges for the change over was not to come from the U. K. revenues therefore, the charges would becoming from the Indian Fund which, of course, was concentrated with the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

4. Upon the Acceptance by Her Majesty of such Surrender all Rights of Government, and Proprietary Rights, and all other Privileges, Liberties, Franchises, Powers, and Authorities whatsoever, granted or purported to be granted by the said Letters Patent to the said Governor and Company within Rupert’s Land, and which shall have been so surrendered, shall be absolutely extinguished; provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the said Governor and Company from continuing to carry on in Rupert’s Land or elsewhere Trade and Commerce.

Notice “land” does not appear in this section. “Purported” is raised once again. The Company is, however, permitted to carry on trade within the area of Rupert’s Land.

5. It shall be competent to Her Majesty by any such Order or Orders in Council as aforesaid, on Address from the Houses of the Parliament of Canada, to declare that Rupert’s Land shall, from a Date to be therein mentioned, be admitted into and become Part of the Dominion of Canada; and thereupon it shall be lawful for the Parliament of Canada from the Date aforesaid to make, ordain, and establish within the Land and Territory so admitted as aforesaid all such Laws, Institutions, and Ordinances, and to constitute such Courts and Officers as may be necessary for the Peace, Order and good Government of Her Majesty’s Subjects and others therein; Provided that, until otherwise enacted by the said Parliament of Canada, all the Powers, Authorities, and Jurisdiction of the several Courts of Justice now established in Rupert’s Land, and of the several Officers thereof, and of all Magistrates and Justices now acting within the said Limits, shall continue in full force and effect therein.

The Governor-General may address the houses of parliament by Orders in Council (in private) for the purposes of declaring Rupert’s Land be admitted into the Dominion. Once this happens then it would be lawful for the passing and implementation of laws etc. and the existing governing structure set up by the Hudson’s Bay Company would continue in full force and effect.

And, just what “land” are they talking about?

It was an insidious plan and very, very well thought out. Cozy up to the Original People, set up a governing structure, bring in the masses, set in place “laws” to override the Original People, take away the food then the People would line up for miles to embrace the franchise. Enfranchisement of the People to the laws of the “Canadian” governing structure was set in place by the financiers of the Hudson’s Bay Company.

I claim the dependency of the “Canadian” governing structure on the British armed forces ended in 1875 when the railway “debt” was paid. Without debt, the financiers had to invent new means of creating debt and this was founded, in part, with the creation of the domestic standing army known as the “North-west Mounted Police”.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


1763 was the culmination of the six years war. At this time the war between Britain and France, Spain and Portugal was raging for, among other things, a monopoly on the trade and commerce with the Indians of Turtle Island. Having won the war, George the Third was in put into a position of appearing to concentrate the Treaties, held between the Indians and France, Spain and Portugal, to the Imperial Parliament. He issued his Royal Proclamation in 1763 and not the Imperial Parliament. Even though the Royal Proclamation 1763 is 245 years old it is still in force and effect, as we are led to believe, and as evidenced in section 25(a) of the “Canadian’s” Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982. And, after 245 years since the Royal Proclamation there has yet to be an entity established in order to uphold the so-called “royal pledges” of protecting Us Original people from property encroachment and molestation.

To fully understand the terms, conditions, stipulations, protections and the maps of settled lands and lands reserved for the Indians one must read the Royal Proclamation 1763 and the Treaties for themselves. If you refer to the map taken from the Dorion Report of 1971, (Track “14”), you will note the lands settled included; the thirteen colonies, or New England, East and West Florida, Quebec, New Found Land, and Labrador. The land west of the thirteen colonies, north of West Florida, East of the Mississippi and to the western end of Labrador was and is recognized as Indian Territory. This vast stretch of land still stands as Indian Territory to this very day. If this were not true, the Royal Proclamation 1763 would have been amended, repealed or spent and would have been known as the Royal Proclamation 1763 “as amended”. This would have to have been done in consequence to the alleged American so-called “War of Independence” of 1776, if there was independence. The Royal Proclamation 1763 has not been amended, repealed or spent and is still in force and effect.

That is how things stood since 1763; Great Britain is purported to hold a commercial monopoly over the Thirteen Colonies, East and West Florida, the East coast of Canada and the rest were acknowledged as being Indian Territory most of what is today called Canada and the united States of America.

Since the days of the European explorers there has been a non-stop campaign, or reign of terror, or undeclared act of war, against the Indians particularly by the British since 1763, in order to extinguish the Indians and to gain their birthright to the land. For example, it is historical fact Governor James Murray employed the use of germ warfare on the Indians by giving them gifts of blankets contaminated with small pox. (If I may add, the Icelanders coincidentally suffered the same fate in the late 1800’s in the Gimli to Hecla Island-Lake Manitoba area. It would appear the Icelanders were setting up their own sovereign territory and had agreements with the local Indians). In later years other methods would include; escheatment (cheating) of land, destruction of food supplies, enfranchisement, infiltration, murder and indifference to achieve that end. There is also the media which has been used and is being used in order to create a court of public opinion in their favour. Joseph Goebbles would be tickled pink to see “our” media


propaganda machines and the lies being churned out. He could not have done better himself.

The reason the English are subjugating the Indians to genocide can be found in the ownership to the land. 1763 aside, the Indians have Treaties with several European nations. With this comes a trustee-fiduciary-beneficiary relationship. In 1763 all those Treaties were concentrated into the hands of Great Britain. The Imperial Parliament becomes the trustee with a fiduciary responsibility to the Indians. The arrangement between the Imperial Parliament and the Indians is such the monarch becomes a serf. There is no Queen of Canada. The Indians are the landlords and the monarch is allowed to work the land taking her share and giving the Indians their share. The Indians become the beneficiaries to the trust-fiduciary relationship with the Imperial Parliament allegedly being the agents for the Queen. Similarly, thinking Elizabeth Windsor has a significant financial interest in her Indian contracts one has to question what, or whom, motivated her in attempting to transfer her monopoly over to Ottawa in 1982 under s. 25(a) of her Charter?

Should the Indians become extinguished, statutorily or by what ever means the Imperial Parliament chooses to employ, the land devolves to the financiers of those holding the trust, in this instance, the Imperial Parliament, through Canada. There seems to be a pattern of genocide with respects to Treaties the Imperial Parliament is custodian over, in particular, the African nations. This is the precipitate of banking slight of hand from all privately liable men and women forming the current and past sessions of the Imperial Parliament. This is also why the Imperial Parliament has engaged in centuries of war. After all, the only good war does is to generate obscene profits for the money masters. This is evidenced in the debates of the senate of Canada in 1917 and the so-called Income War Tax Act.

King George the Third, the first “English born German King”, pledged the Indians were to be protected. Having become a member of the Saulteaux Tribe of the Anishinabe Nations of Turtle Island I had undertaken to write to then Chief of Defense Staff, Ray Henault, asking whether or not the Department of National Defense was the protection for the Indians contemplated in the Royal Proclamation to which counsel for Ray Henault, a lawyer with the Department of Justice Canada, confirmed the Canadian military was not the protection contemplated under the Royal Proclamation 1763. So, they are a foreign jurisdiction trespassing on Indian Territory. The response from the Department of National Defense came quickly, however, upon posing the same question to Commissioner Zacchardelli, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, it appeared they did not want to deal with the issue and finally after one and one-half years it was confirmed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police also are not the protection contemplated by the Royal Proclamation 1763. The Toronto Police Service arrested me for not conforming to Canadian law on Indian Territory for bicycle infractions and two other police officers stole my car, in spite of prior notices to the Toronto Police Chief Blair and to the priest (Minister) holding rank of lawyer-General Michael Bryant,

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

the head attornee for the Province of Ontario. The bottom line is there are no protective measures instituted by any monarch with the aim of protecting the Indian Trusts and Interests from the European scams as contemplated in the protection pledge of the Royal Proclamation 1763. Insofar as correspondences undertaken by me while acting as Administrator for the Anishinabe Nations are concerned all letters will be the subject of another publication.

Having not been able to ascertain what entity was established to protect Indians from the European systems I undertook to petition Elizabeth Windsor’s Privy Council for Canada to answer some forty-nine questions. Then clerk of the Privy Council, Alex Himmelfarb, delegated the questions to Michael Horgan, Deputy Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Michael Horgan’s replied was he wasn’t prepared to answer the questions. By May 2006 I undertook an application for petition for writ of mandamus in federal court to force Michael Horgan to answer the question. The court ruled against me and Michael Horgan, now being informed of his job, was removed from office and redeployed. The same thing happened with Robert Nault and Andy Mitchell whom were both Ministers/priest/rabbis/preachers/imams/etc. of Indian Affairs.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


The business of British North America began with the fur trade. (I wish to digress for a moment to explain what I believe to be the underlying business of the fur trade. The fur trade, primarily, was concerned with the Beaver. This was because of the numerous lakes and ponds they set up and the need to drain the land for commercial purposes. Beaver skin hats, coats and other uses for Beaver pelts would meet this end. This was the plan which would eventually allow for the drainage of the land. By removing the Beavers, the dams would not be rebuilt and the waters could be drained. One might wonder what the sea levels were in the days prior to this method of continental drainage.) The business then evolved to immigration and settlement and at about the same time the railways came on the scene preceding the churches, the banks finally, the human resources.

The railways were not warranted because of the financial burden generated insofar as construction, operation and maintenance. The railways weren’t warranted because there wasn’t a large enough population base to support such ventures. The railways were not needed for military purposes. The railways were of no commercial value. Clearly, the sole reason for the construction of the railways was to create debt, a never ending debt loop initiated first, with the unlawful construction of railways, then world wars, Olympics, sports palaces and other means of extravagant spending. The politicians, on behalf of the “voters”, saw fit to borrow the finances required to construct railways for the purpose of creating debt and to transfer the debt to the immigrants and the natural wealth of the land over to the financiers. Once established the precipitate of the railways was exploitation of the natural resources using human resources, better known as “slavery”. The current slave trade is not much different than the African/Moor (Tracks “16 and 17”) slave trade only the modern form of slavery is guised in taxation through the wonderful enjoyment of the “franchise” and the “social contract”.

The business relating to Canada consumed a great deal of the Imperial Parliament’s time and financial problems set in. In 1862 the Duke of Newcastle (Duke of Nuke) arranged financing for the railways of the three Provinces. Those loans were to run for a five year period and by 1866 there came a need to consider refinancing of the outstanding loan coming due December 1867. This led to a meeting of the delegates from the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for the purpose, so we have been told, of drawing up plans for “Confederation”. In any event, the lawyers for the Provinces agreed to concentrate the so-called debts and asked Queen Victoria to authorize the venture as evidenced in her message to the both Houses in 1867. We must remember, the Provinces can not ask for anything for they cannot speak. The true principals in agreement were the politicians working on behalf of unseen creditors. Accordingly, the British North America Bill came into being in the month of February, 1867, and without Royal Authority of Assent. This is what is known as “private law”

With the British North America Bill out of the way the debate on the railway loan was next. On March 26th., 1867 the Canada Railway Loan Bill was presented to the Imperial


Parliament. Victoria’s message instructed the Parliament to provide for the concentration of the three Provinces, and not a confederation, as well to provide for the financial needs of the Canadian railways. When you read the House of Commons and House of Lords Debates, U. K., on the Canada Railway Loan Bill, as with the debates on the British North America Bill, you will find the politicians calling the British North America Bill 1867 a “constitution” and a “confederation” when it was neither. The reason for using those words was ancillary to the scheme of land theft through the art of deception.

There were two schemes in play here the “confederation”, or concentration, of the three Provinces into four and railroad construction. The two schemes were interwoven and neither could stand independently. As Lord Adderley said;

The two schemes of the confederation and the construction of the railway were bound up together. It was now clear that the one could not stand without the other, and every argument that had been cordially accepted by the House of Commons in favour of the union between the provinces applied with equal force to the guarantee of a loan for the construction of the line”

The Railway Bill was a consequence to the impending expiration of a previous financial agreement drawn up by the Duke of Newcastle, Colonial Secretary, in 1862 involving the Provinces of Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The agreement was to run for a period of five years expiring in December 1867. Because the five year agreement was soon to expire there had to be a new agreement to replace the old one. The old agreement was subject to refinancing and the Province of Canada had voiced opposition on how the financing was to be distributed. In the end the three Provinces would concentrate the debts into the new central authority. If the Provinces obtained the loan on its own credit the interest rate would have been at 6%, but, with the Imperial Parliament guaranteeing the loan the rate of interest would be 4%.

By concentration there would be established one fund, the Consolidated Revenue Fund, to be handled out of one central authority. Previously, there were four separate purses to draw from, the Provinces of; Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Indian Fund and attempting to ascertain what percentage each Province would absorb from the railway loans was a rather onerous task. Through the Concentration Bill, a central authority would be created and known as the Dominion of Canada. Coming under the guise of the British North America Bill 1867 and under this Bill there would be established one Consolidated Revenue Fund which would be used as collateral for the railway loans.

Public (government) safety, public (government) necessity, public (government) interest are the three battle cries of the bureaucrats who, in the employ of any governing

structure, use to push through legislation for dubious reasons. In this instance it was the cry of public safety, or more precisely, “colonial” safety. The debate mainly focuses in on

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

two factors. The first being the defense of the country and the second reason, commerce. Commerce was what caught the public interest side or let’s say the interest of the creditors.

The debate centering on the colonial safety aspect took issue with the potential of an American invasion into the British North American Provinces. The Fenians Raid of 1866 for example, was cited as one such example of the need for a railway system for the expeditious movement of troops in the event of an American invasion. With the proposed railway the British would have a means of moving troops from the Atlantic to the interior. The Fenians were Americans of Irish decent or Irish men who made several incursions into the Fort Erie and Ridgeway areas of Southern Ontario between 1866 to about 1870. The only problem with that theory was the Americans could take over the railroads and utilize the system for the movement of their own troops, or, the lines could be destroyed. The destruction of the rail lines would be the best thing to happen for it would foster more debt.

The next excuse used was the interior did not have adequate access to Atlantic sea ports. However, it was pointed out there was a link between the two points by way of a rail route from Portland in the Common Wealth of Maine and Montreal. If England and Canada were to maintain peaceful relations with the Americans it would not be necessary to invest vast sums of money for a new service when there was an existing service. The English Parliament was also debating the Bill without choosing a predetermined route. The Imperial Parliament was to be the guarantor for the loan to the Colonial government trusting the credit, revenue (the Consolidated Revenue Fund which by 1867 included the Indian Fund) and good faith of the Colonial government. The Imperial Parliament would only be dealing with the exchequer of the state in British North America instead of several individual funds. The Exchequer court dealt with money issues and was changed to the Federal Court of Canada (Trial Division) in 1971.

Another attempt to justify the railways was for commercial reasons. The railway was useless and insofar as the construction for military use would be highly dangerous. The amount of commerce taking place in the North American Provinces wasn’t enough to justify the enormous debt the construction of the railway would run up. Insofar as the railway use for defense, again, the railway would be vulnerable to take over by those whom they feared the most, the Americans. So if railway construction wasn’t founded upon a need by a substantive population, the construction of which could have an adverse affect insofar as military purposes are concerned and commercially, it wouldn’t generate any profit, there can only be one other reason for the construction of the railways. Debt! The rates of interest consequent to the loans would out pace the revenues from the land thereby effectively rendering the natural resources the property to the financiers directly.

Prime Minister Gladstone promoted sovereignty of the Dominion and he wanted to “get rid of colonial dependency”. On the other hand, Mr. Lowe felt the construction of the railways for commercial purposes was useless and for military purposes outright dangerous. He also felt bribing the colonist into the concentration would be regretted one


day. Low(e) and behold, this regrettable day has arrived, or so I would like to think. At the end of the day the security for the loan would be the Consolidated Revenue Fund and in 1867 the debt the Dominion of Canada amounted to 12,000,000 pounds of silver.

The charges to the Consolidated Revenue Fund were; the costs of tax collection, the interest on the debt and the salary of the Governor-General which was 10,000 pounds of silver. That is what they said in the English Parliament but, what was conspicuously absent from the debates were the Indians and the Indian Fund. Concerns over the Indians are only raised in the Imperial Parliament, by J. Enoch Powell and Baroness Gaitskill, 1980-1982 during the debates of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982. (Track 18).

The Indian Fund was blended into the Consolidated Revenue Fund one month prior with the introduction of the British North America Bill and the interest on the debt, the second charge against the Consolidated Revenue Fund, effectively came from the Indian Royalties raised prior to 1867. The first charge to the Fund was to pay for the costs for the collection of the revenue. So, it can be safe to say the Imperial Parliament “voted away” Indian natural resources in order to compensate for the financial short-fall due to its own created debt. The railway Bill was finally given royal ascent because the Consolidated Revenue Fund was the collateral for the loans.

Without the help of the Indian Royalties the costs of borrowing for railway construction would have taken forty years to pay off. With the “help” of, or the theft from, the Indian Fund the loan was paid off eight years after “Confederation” or in 1875, the year the North-west Mounted Police, the standing army utilized in the war against the Original People, and the Supreme Court of Canada were invented. Both the police and the court, being debt generators and debt collectors are under control of the creditors to ensure the financial success in favour of the creditors.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


It is hard not to see whatever the Second Charles, King of Judah, had to say about anything is totally irrelevant due to the force and effect of being owned, by the financiers of the 1657 “event”. Accordingly, when Charles said; “My words are my own and my actions are of my ministers” it was Charles’s attempt to portray himself, and those monarchs to follow, as some sort of powerful, infallible entity when those who executed his father, placed him on the throne. And, Charles knew the only “thing” above the law is the creditor.

When we look back at the past Kings of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales we find many of them were murdered for their misdeeds and in some cases for reasons of outright greed. Today, it is a different story. Elizabeth has been insulated from her royal obligation by the advisors who surround her. She insulates herself from the goings-on within her colonies by letting others handle her affairs. In this way, the monarch could claim she had no prior knowledge of a particular negative matter therefore could not be held accountable for the misdeeds of her advisors. This is what is known as “plausible denial” the plausibility of not really knowing what had happened and the plausibility one of her advisors neglected to advise her. This way, nobody at the “royal” end really pays for the consequences as any incident having a negative impact could be viewed as somewhat of a “got lost in the translation” matter and no ill-intent was contemplated. However, if there is a major catastrophe, such as the genocide of the Indians, brought to a monarch’s attention it is highly likely the monarch would step down and someone else installed to carry on with the discontinuity of knowledge therefore holding in perpetuity the so-called doctrine of plausible denial.

When you look at Elizabeth Windsor’s advisors, you will note her subjects carry on business as if it were a “when the cats away the mice come out to play” scenario. With the Queen unable to oversee her vast dominions her subordinates plunder the lands they are paid to protect. When we steal and get caught, we are charged and have to attend court. At court, we are either found innocent or guilty then fined or jailed or both. When a politician is caught stealing, they call a public inquiry and are generally protected under section 13 of their Charter of Rights and Freedoms. (Track “3”)

Under section thirteen of the Charter no one can be charged as a result of the giving of incriminating evidence at an enquiry. You would think the politicians are a bunch of criminals but they are not. They belong to a foreign jurisdiction and the laws applying to us do not necessarily apply to them so the definitions of theft may not be the same. Under the law applying to most people “theft” means to take from or to deprive another of property. Based upon the way politicians are treated it would appear the word “theft” means “reward”. They are rewarded with a “truth hearing” … tell the truth and they’re off the hook and every time a malfeasance by a government official, functionary or minion the cry goes out “ … we need a public enquiry! … to save the necks of the


foreign agents”. Why? Those agents are tax creators and tax collectors not unlike those employed as individuals with the standing armies, the police, in short, “Sheriffs of Nottingham”.

If you look at any prime minister from MacDonald to the current incumbent there was or is some sort of scandal which has happened or is currently in the works. People have their favorite prime ministers for various reasons. MacDonald was the so-called “father of confederation” and during his term he managed to; eradicate the buffalo, enfranchise the Indians where possible, assisted in bringing about the residential schools and other initiatives during his reign. Louis St. Laurent had committed to a policy of turning all Indians into “citizens” of Canada.

Although I will be making reference to other prime ministers I would like to focus on one in particular to offer some illumination on what the business of the house of commons is all about. Before I continue on I would like to say those current “liberal” minded people who would like to think “that is old stuff” or “old law” it may very well be “old stuff” but it never ceases to amaze the way in which history keeps repeating itself. In any event I would like to continue on with a brief review of William Lyon MacKenzie King, the first King of Canada according to his Letters Patent Constituting Office of Governor-General of October 1st., 1947.

MacKenzie King had some very interesting business connections and his political career as prime minister spanned from December 29th., 1921 to June 28th., 1926 from September 25th., 1926 to August 7th, 1930 from October 23rd., 1935 until 1948 except for the 1931 to 1935 period of R. B. Bennett and the “fifteen minutes of fame” Arthur Meighan enjoyed as prime minister from June to September 1926, King would be in power for over two and one-half decades.

According to the parliamentary guide of 1921, William Lyon MacKenzie King was the Deputy Minister of Labour from 1900 to 1908. Between 1914 and 1917 he was engaged upon investigation of Industrial relations under the auspices of the Rockefeller Foundation. The Rockefeller’s are the main players in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and are involved with the world wide drug cartel. John D. Rockefeller was once alleged to have stated; “the goyum are nothing but canon fodder” to which people have misquoted him by changing “canon” (PAPAL law), with “cannon” (the artillery piece). There are several exceptional books on the Rockefellers and their drug carte “Murder by Injection” by Eustace Mullins, and “The Drug Story” by Morris A. Beale provide interesting accounts of the Rockefellers. In 1919 MacKenzie King was chosen leader of the Liberal Party of Canada … the liberal party of Canada, could this be prima facie evidence there are other liberal parties than of the Liberal Party of Canada? Yes, the Liberal Party of Canada is part of the Liberal Party International. With respects to Arthur Meighen, in 1917 he was Minister of the Interior and Superintendent of Indian Affairs. He also served as prime minister, or Premier as the position was known at the

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

time and as noted in the Parliamentary Guide, and Secretary of State for External Affairs from July 20th, 1920 until December 29th., 1921.

MacKenzie King served his mandate from 1921 to 1925 and an election was called. Due to the corruption of “his” government MacKenzie King and nine other cabinet ministers lost their seats in the election of 1925. That is not all. It was no obstacle for MacKenzie King. When the new session of parliament commences on January 7th., 1926 MacKenzie enters the house of commons and takes the seat reserved to the prime minister. He sat in the prime minister’s chair without being elected. On January 8th., 1926 the house begins quite a lengthy debate on the government’s right to office. The debate centered on MacKenzie King sitting as prime minister unelected and by February 15th., of that year he managed to win a by-election … after he promised the people of Prince Albert a Hudson’s Bay Railway spur worth between twenty and forty million dollars. You might say he purchased his position using Indian Royalties. I would suppose this could be a form of “prostitutional” democracy or bribery democracy. Enjoying democracy so far? Isn’t Canada the best country in the world to live in?

The 1920’s were truly roaring for MacKenzie King. In 1924, as prime minister of the Dominion of Canada $800,000,000 disappeared from the Canadian National Railway Fund. There was no accountability. During this decade MacKenzie King was implicated with Frank Bronfman, of the then Dominion Distillers Company, with the running of spirits to the united States during prohibition. Legitimate distillers were having their alcohol confiscated, without a bona fide reason by the Customs Department, and the booze was then sold to Frank Bronfman’s Dominion Distillers without the mandatory tendering process. It was the Bronfmans who took two billion dollars out of Canada not long ago and were not subjected to the usual taxation. In fact, there was a court case in Manitoba’s Court of Queen’s Bench to ensure there was court support for this theft. I believe that case was staged. Similarly, when ever the creditors bring in new laws the laws are sometimes “tested” in the courts. Once “tested” the laws become valid as the agents for the creditors, the lawyers and judges, are bound to the creditors.

Customs and excise, a branch of the tax people, would confiscate alcohol from legitimate business people. In some cases there would be rail tank cars full of alcohol seized. The tax man would confiscate the shipment then Dominion Distillers would pick it up at a discount and without the mandatory tendering process. There is a process involved wherein alcohol can be natured and denatured. Dominion Distillers, picking up the confiscated spirits, would send the shipment south of the border in its not fit for consumption state. Once at its destination the process would be reversed with the result being it would now be consumable spirits to be sold on the black market, at American “speak easies” for example, while it was against the law. The way the tax people operated then is no different than the way they operate today. Today, they move in under false audits, assessments and failures to file in order to conscript the wealth of the people under the pretext of an income tax law, a law which does not exist. There is an uncanny similarity on how Canada Revenue Agency operates and how the Nazis operated. When


Hitler entered Austria the Tribes tried to escape but the Nazis seized their bank accounts. Similarly, the Canada Revenue Agency seizes one’s bank account then sends a letter out days later advising their victim the intention of seizing the account. These are some of the ways your “democratically” voted for officials carry on business as members your parliament of the Dominion of Canada. How do you like totalitarian democracy so far?

During this rum running someone may have mixed up the process and the result was several deaths attributed to bad alcohol. It is unclear as to whether or not Rocco Peri took the fall for this one but the whole business of “rum-running” came to a head in what was called the “Customs Inquiry” of 1926. The Inquiry was undertaken by members of the House of Commons and involved questions about MacKenzie King’s involvement with the customs department and Dominion Distillers. (Rocco Peri hypothesis gleaned from the Customs Inquiry and the History Channel program on Canadian Mobsters).

Quite a lengthy debate ensued on the liberal government’s methods and procedures with respects to the confiscation of alcohol and the selling of the booty to Dominion Distillers without tender so much so MacKenzie King was being threatened with censorship by his peers in the House of Commons. I have not included a copy of those debates as it is quite a lengthy one but you may find it in the Hansard’s House of Commons Debates Vol. 5, 1926.

The Byng-King Affair

Censoring of a member of the house of commons entails the alleged offender being summoned to the floor of the house. He stands in front of the speaker of the house where the charges are read. He is verbally “tarred and feathered” by his peers, then forced to sit in jail for the remainder of the session. MacKenzie King could not allow this to happen. Rather than face the music and incarceration MacKenzie King asked the Governor-General, Lord Byng, to dissolve the parliament but Byng refused. This did not stop MacKenzie King as he was a very krafty fellow. When Byng refused MacKenzie King’s request, MacKenzie King and “his” government resigned. This meant he and all the sitting members of the Liberal party resigned their seats. To my mind, and as Byng stated, the house of commons either serve out its mandate or it is defeated by a non-confidence vote. Being elected under the “democratic” system the electors voted-in a particular member to sit in the house of commons until the next election. In failing to serve out their mandate those members of parliament who chose to resign ought to have been held in contempt of the Imperial Parliament. They would ultimately be accountable to the Imperial Parliament as the Canadian parliamentary system came into being as a “creature of so-called statute” of Imperial legislation. That episode was nothing more or less than a breach of trust by MacKenzie King insofar as using his position of authority to protect himself. Ultimately, he was engaged in commercial “activity” and the people enjoyed this aspect of the franchise through the democratic process.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

The Governor-General, finding he was about to have no parliament approached the leader of the opposition, Arthur Meighan and asked if he would form a government. Meighan agreed and the parliament continued with a minority. It must be noted at this time, there were only two political parties. The liberals and the conservatives, the conservatives may not have international connections. Arthur Meighan formed the government, as a minority, and about three months later a non-confidence vote was held, Meighan’s governance falls and an election is called. Arthur Meighan was prime minister from July 10th., 1920 to December 28th., 1921 then June 29th., 1926 to September 24th., 1926.

Politically speaking, the parliamentarians operate under “privilege”. Anything the members of parliament say in either house are privileged and no member can pursue another member for things said in either house. This sets up an interesting scenario. Had there been an investigation by any policing authority the mere fact the House of Commons held a debate upon the very issue could, in theory, effectively thwart any police investigation due to what is known as “parliamentary privilege”. This would tend to prejudice the alleged offender’s right to a fair trial. But, with evidence having been given during debate, within the confines of the houses, the evidence would have to stay there. If not, I am sure the House of Commons would pass legislation to protect all members in order to indemnify their own anyway.

This is a good reason why the people have to exercise their due diligence insofar knowing what is going on around them and what the politicians are doing, why they do what they are doing and, in some instances, why they are not supposed to be doing what they are doing. In conducting your own research you should come to the conclusion they really don’t work for you or apply to you. Insofar as the law is concerned, do no one wrong. Do not create a victim. If you have, make amends and offer compensation as amends to tortuous acts, unless of course you cause grievous bodily harm, like murder.

Along with those questionable incidents attributed to MacKenzie King it must also be noted when it came to arranging financing for the “country” MacKenzie King turned to J. P. Morgan and Company, a banking firm in New York City, allegedly a front for the Rothschild. Instead of borrowing the money domestically, say through bonds, he chose to arrange financing from a foreign jurisdiction. Had MacKenzie King borrowed the money domestically the rate would have been 4½ – 5% as opposed to the 7% the New York bankers were asking in the mid 1920’s. This not only came up in the debates of the 1920’s it also came up again in the 1950’s. Although I must admit that I do not know where the Ottawa authority is currently borrowing money from, it would not surprise me in the least to find out money is still being borrowed from J. P. Morgan and Company at a premium rate of interest.

It doesn’t appear MacKenzie King was working on behalf of the Indians or on behalf of those not Indian but born on Turtle Island. Therefore, it would be safe to conclude while born here and being appointed to the parliament, all the while working for a foreign


jurisdiction, MacKenzie King had to have been a traitor. That is of course if the laws we are led to believe apply to us also applied to him.

1931 sees the end of the liberal mandate for five years, the election of R. B. Bennett (lawyer) who was born in England, the midst of the great “depression” and the Statute of Westminster. Bennett serves one mandate then it is back to the MacKenzie King liberals from 1935 up until 1948. Some of the highlights of MacKenzie King’s initiatives would include; the unauthorized, un-debated and non-assented Income Tax Act (Canada) S. C. 1948 ch. 52 and the “passing” of Letters Patent Constituting Office of Governor General. With the latter Act MacKenzie King authorized the prime minister to appoint the Governor-General … who appoints the prime minister … who appoints the Governor-General. Although I could go on with MacKenzie King for some time I wish to end this study of MacKenzie King with a focus on the so-called Income Tax Act the tax people are currently imposing on the people.

For the details surrounding how tax bills, money bills, are passed, you must refer to the 1917 Senate Debates, Senator W. B. Ross in particular. As well, from Track 4, British North America Bill 1867, you will find the sections being referred to.

Insofar as the “real deal”, the invalidity of income taxation, I have had a video made showing how one would undertake legal or historical research and it would be made available on “speaking sessions”. This video focuses in on the; Income War Tax Act 1917 as well the so-called Income Tax Act most are being yoked to.

As I have previously stated, the power to enact law flows from the Law of the Land. Since the Imperial Parliament has not yet secured ownership of Turtle Island, the only way in which it can claim jurisdiction over anyone on Turtle Island, save and except its subjects if there are any, is through dolus fraud, assumpsit contracts and, in the extreme, by way of armed force. This is how it put a stop to the alleged sovereignty of the Six Nations in the early 1950’s. It is interesting to note, while this was being inflicted upon the Indians, the monarchy was in transition. George the Sixth meets an untimely or “expeditious” death and Elizabeth Windsor became the heir to the throne fourteen months later. It is quite plausible there may have been an advantage in favour of the owners of the Imperial Parliament with its quest for ownership of the Indian Land. With the upheaval created upon the death of George the Sixth the opportunity presented itself to the Ottawa authority to use armed force to extinguish Indian customs and traditions, with the forced implementation of the Indian Act 1951 on the Six Nations Reserve outside of Brantford, Ontario. Prior to the enactment of the 1951 Indian Act the Six Nations were recognized as sovereign to the extent of being able to issue passports to its own people to travel in foreign lands while the Ottawa authority could not. (Track “15”) At that time the British High Commissioner had the authority to issue passports and the Dominion governing structure could not.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

What was going on behind the scenes during this period is worthy of note. Vincent Massey from the Massey Harris/Massey Ferguson farm implements fame, was selected as Canada’s first Canadian born Governor-General to be appointed. He was appointed on February 1st., 1952 and sworn in on February 28th., 1952. George the Sixth “died” February 6th., 1952. Elizabeth Windsor did not become Queen until sworn in June 2nd., 1953. Between the “death” of George the Sixth and the swearing in of Elizabeth there were nearly sixteen months wherein there was no legitimate monarch. You must also consider the day before George the Sixth died he happened to be entertaining Vincent Massey. Hmmmmm.

On the day before George the Sixth died Vincent Massey and George were having a splendid time wandering about the royal gardens. George the Sixth had been recuperating from surgery to his leg, previously had a lung removed sometime before and was semi-wheelchair bound. Vincent Massey and George would take turns in the wheelchair as they pushed each other about the grounds. (Memoirs of Vincent Massey) Unfortunately, George the Sixth died that night. Vincent Massey was the last one to see George alive. It is alleged a murderer is usually the last one the victim sees before death. Of course, it is pure conjecture on my part but a lot of seemingly healthy monarchs met untimely deaths. Similarly, on the day Pierre Trudeau died one of his neighbours was somewhat shocked to hear of his passing and thought it rather strange how he could have been walking to his work one day then end up dead a few days later.

The lapse between the time of George the Sixth’s death and the swearing in of Elizabeth could account for the way the Indian Act was forced upon the Six Nations in spite of their rather dubious Indianness. With no lawful authority in power, forced legislation could be, and was, implemented with seeming impunity. That action was nothing more and nothing less than an undeclared act of war to which there were no monarchs in power to intervene or to give royal authority to Vincent Massey. Vincent Massey and all Governors holding rank of General do nothing without first being advised by their lawyer. Today, the Judge Advocate, holding rank of General, is the legal advisor to the Governor General and the military.

What is also known about Vincent Massey was his association with the Canada wing of the Liberal Party International and specifically William Lyon MacKenzie King. In 1926

the Liberals were at an all time low due to corruption. King asked Massey if he would run as a Liberal in the federal election and Massey agreed. Before Massey could join the party he had to resign from the board of directors of the Massey Corporation. When he tendered his resignation to the board the “fur flew”. The corporation was also a victim of the customs scandal of the mid 1920’s and thought lowly of the Liberals and thought even less of one of one of their directors joining the undesirables in Ottawa.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


Petition of Right 1627 (Charles the First)

X “They do therefore humbly pray your Most Excellent Majesty, That no Man hereafter be compelled to make or yield any Gift, Loan, Benevolence, Tax, or such-like Charge, without common Consent by Act of Parliament (2) And that none be called to make Answer, or take such Oath, or to give Attendance, or be confined, or otherwise molested or disquieted concerning the same, or for Refusal thereof; (3) And that no Freeman, in any such Manner as is before mentioned, be imprisoned or detained; (4) And that your Majesty would be pleased to remove the said Soldiers and Mariners, and that your people may not be so burthened in Time to come; (5) And that the aforesaid Commissions, for proceeding by Martial Law, may be revoked and annulled; and that hereafter no Commissions of like Nature may issue forth to any Person or Persons whatsoever to be executed as aforesaid, left by Colour of them any of your Majesty’s Subjects be destroyed, or put to death contrary to the Laws and Franchise of the Land.”.

XI “All which they most humbly pray of your Most Excellent Majesty as their Rights and Liberties, according to the Laws and Statutes of this Realm; and that your Majesty would also vouchsafe to declare, That the Awards, Doings and Proceedings, to the Prejudice of your people in any of the Premises shall not be drawn hereafter into Consequence or Example; (2) And that your Majesty would be also graciously pleased, for the further comfort and Safety of your people, to declare your Royal Will and Pleasure, That in the Things aforesaid all your Officers and Ministers shall serve you according to the Laws and Statutes of this Realm, as they tender the honour of your Majesty, and the Prosperity of this Kingdom. Qua quidem Petitions lecta & plenius intellecta per dictum Dominum Regen Taliter eft refponsus in pleno Parlimento, viz, Soit droit fait come est Defire.”

Section 54 British North America Bill 1867

It shall not be lawful for the House of Commons to adopt or pass any Vote, Resolution, Address, or Bill for the Appropriation of any Part of the Public Revenue, or of any Tax or Impost, to any Purpose that has not been first recommended to that House by Message of the Governor General in the Session in which such Vote, Resolution, Address, or Bill is proposed.”

Do you pay your “fair share of taxes”? What does it mean one must pay their “fair share of taxes”? Are you required to pay taxes? Why do we really pay taxes? Where or to whom does money raised from taxation go? There can be no taxation upon the people


unless first they have been represented, so we are told. This is evident under the Petition of Right as well the British North America Bill 1867. The power to impose a tax is found in the British North America Bill 1867 and is an extension of the Petition of Right. No money Bill can enter the House of Commons unless the Bill was first authorized by the Governor-General and insofar as the 1948 “Income Tax Act” is concerned, the Governor-General did not authorize the implementation of a new tax law. For a comprehensive account of how money Bills, tax laws, are enacted you might like to review Track 19.

In digression, one question people are not asking is this; nearly all nations of the world are in debt … “who or what entity is, with its combined financial strength, more powerful than all the common wealth nations and able to finance all those “indebted” nations”? FOLLOW THE MONEY!

Currently, the Ottawa authority is taking the direct taxes raised in the Province then giving some of it back to the Provinces to be used for Provincial purposes. Only the Provinces are permitted to raise direct taxation within the Provinces to be used for Provincial Purposes, under section ninety-two of the British North America Bill 1867 and it is unlawful for the Ottawa authority to take over this exclusive Provincial jurisdiction. Direct taxation within the Province for Provincial purposes is an exclusive jurisdiction of the Provinces under section ninety-two, sub-section two, of the British North America Bill 1867 while the parliament may raise taxes by any mode or system of taxation, as an exclusive jurisdiction of the parliament under section ninety-one-three, as long as it doesn’t trespass on the Provincial taxation rights. If the raising of money by any mode or system of taxation could super cede the Provinces’ right to direct taxation, within the Province, for Provincial purposes, then the provision found in section ninety-one sub-section three would render section ninety-two, subsection two redundant. The courts have held, interestingly enough, the money Ottawa raises through the direct taxation of incomes within the Provinces is not then going back to the Provinces for Provincial purposes. The fact the money goes into the Consolidated Revenue Fund means that the money cannot be said to have been going back to the Provinces for Provincial purposes. The Employment Insurance surplus or Customs and Excise Tax or other tax goes to the Province and the Provincial tax as raised goes to the Employment Insurance payments or Customs and Excise or other operating expense. How absurd! If the Provinces were to withdraw direct taxation to its own uses the federal governing structure would wind up having to pursue the current and past politicians and the estates thereof of those deceased in order to satisfy the alleged debt and alleged deficit.

Looking at it simplistically, you might say the Ottawa authority is raising money on three fronts. The Indian Royalties, Provincial direct taxation and money it raises under its own schemes. The Indian Royalties could go to the Provinces. The Provincial tax base could go to pay for federal “initiatives” while money raised by Ottawa, could be nominal payments to the Indians. Clearly, it is a shell game.

As you have noted, Ottawa has no authority to tax without consent of the parliament. It may seem rather odd the Petition of Right 1627 would somehow apply to Canada but,

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

since Canada is still a colony it would have to have a “mother” authority to protect and guide the colony. Subsequently, the Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865 confirms the sovereignty of the Imperial Parliament and its Statutes over the colonies but also authorizes the colonies to enact its own legislation as long as the laws being contemplated are not inconsistentrepugnant with the laws of Britain. The Statute of Westminster 1931 allows for the repealing of English Statutes applicable to Canada. In Canada the Governor-General must first give authorization for the parliament to enact laws specific to taxation. Should they choose to repeal the Petition of Right then logic would dictate s. 54 would have to be repealed.

The Income Tax Act is not a valid act of parliament. It is not a valid act of parliament because it was; 1. not authorized by the Governor-General, 2. it was not introduced into the House of Commons as a Bill, 3. it was not debated, it did not receive Royal Assent, 4. it amalgamates the expired Income War Tax Act without the Governor-General’s authorization and 5. was not posted in the Canada Gazette. The final step in the enactment of legislation is the posting of assented Bills in the Canada Gazette. If the enactment is not posted in the Gazette, it is not law but it cannot just be placed into the Gazette without “representation by the people”. Caligula used to pass laws, print the law in small letters then had the law posted in high, out-of-the-way places so the people would not readily see them. The law would be posted in an inconspicuous place not readily visual to the people therefore, the people would break the law unknowingly but the law was, at a minimum, passed and posted. The Income Tax Act of 1948, as “amended”, was not.

Insofar as taxation is concerned, the governing structures do not require money from the people in order to run its administration. On the contrary, the sole purpose of all governing structures requiring money from the people is to ensure the people have no money to run their lives. The reason for the RRSPs. is to tie your children’s inheritance into the talons of religion. This is the slavery, bondage and captivity we have read about in Scripture only today, it is a “clinical” captivity. The captivity is so subtle we actually think life couldn’t get any better. You might say the shackles are due to a lack of shekels, maerra, undebased god and silver coin are the true currency of the land.

I was lied to in junior high school in the late 1960’s. I was told; “ … with the advancement of modern technology we will enjoy 20 hour work weeks and have more time to spend with our families … ”. Well, look at what we have with this modern technology. Both parents have to work, the children are raised by the state, through surrogate parents operating daycare, and we have grid lock on the highways.

There could be a reason for the parliament not having dealt with the Income Tax Act as a Bill and it could be because of the Governor-General. The Governor-General is the one who gives Royal Assent to legislation and since the Byng/King Affair of 1926 the office may have met its demise. In 1927 Lord Byng finishes his mandate and his replacement takes over. A British High Commissioner is appointed this year and the Governor-General authorizes a revision to the Income War Tax Act S. C. 1917, ch. 28. The Income


War Tax Act S. C. 1917 ch. 28 came about in 1917 upon direction of the Governor-General and in keeping with sections 52-56 of the British North America Bill. Upon

review of the Governor-General’s message for the 1917 session you will find he authorized the parliament to “…provide for the effective conduct of the war…” or to pay for the costs of the First World War. When you read the senate debates on the Income War Tax Bill, you will find an income tax law was not really necessary as there were other war taxes generating substantive revenues. (Tracks “19, 20 and 21”) If the governing structure did not require the Income War Tax Act then why was it authorized? In my opinion the Income War Tax Act was brought about for the purpose of slowly indoctrinating the people they need the tax and to leave the tax on the books until such time as the general Population reached the lower limits of taxation against their compensation of work for value.

Nonetheless, the costs due to the First World War were met during the 1920 session of parliament. Therefore the Income War Tax Act S. C. 1917, ch. 28 expired, or became ultra vires the authority of the governing structure in Ottawa, during the 1920 session. (Track “22”)

The tax law officially expired when the purpose for the tax was met. The bureaucrats in Ottawa couldn’t just “leave it on the books” for to do so would constitute contempt for the Imperial Parliament. Unfortunately, they did just that and those who are alleged to be responsible for law enforcement, and who ought to have ensured the law was followed, were the result of democracy, the vote. The British North America Bill 1867 is an enactment of the Imperial Parliament and for a politician to ignore the laws of the Imperial Parliament would put one in the same position MacKenzie King faced in 1926, censorship. But, since the parliament is infested with the agents of the creditors it would be next to impossible to have any of them censored for they control the judiciary. As well, they can kraftily pass laws to cover their crimes, not unlike ch. 13 of the Charter, whitewashing crimes of “our” servants.

The Income War Tax Act, S. C. 1917, c. 28 was the only income tax act the Ottawa authority passed with a degree of lawfulness. I say “with a degree of lawfulness” because, although the Act followed the rules of parliamentary procedure, was authorized by the Governor-General, debated as a Bill in both lower and upper houses, committees were held, received Royal Assent and was Gazetted, it was passed into law on the basis of retro-active legislation. What this means is, although it received Royal Assent in the fall of 1917, it came into force and effect commencing January 1st., 1917, months before the Bill was even drafted. The law prohibiting retro-active legislation is; 33 George the Third, Ch. 13 (Track “23”).

As stated, I have the entire research on the Income War Tax Act 1917 as a point of reference so you may become familiar with parliamentary procedures in the law making process. As an example of a specific topic of research I chose the Income Tax Act S. C. 1948, ch. 52 so you may compare which Act followed parliamentary procedures. The so-called Income Tax Act appeared toward the end of MacKenzie King’s career, and life, and is catalogued as the Income Tax Act, S. C. 1948 ch. 52. Since the proper protocol was

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

not followed for the 1948 Income Tax Act, so-called, there could only be one other way in which it was “allowed” to be put on the books. The only other way would have been through “orders in council”. (Tracks “24 and 25”)

Orders in council come about as a consequence to a closed door meeting with all members who have the designation “P. C. (Privy Council)”, the Governor-General, and let us not forget the enemy inside the gate, the lawyer or Judge Advocate General. If the so-called 1948 Income Tax Act was “authorized” by the Privy Council, it is ultra vires the authority of Privy Council due to the fact Privy Council is not parliament.

Orders in Council operate in a similar fashion as the Royal Charters. They are private, “deals” kept from the people’s scrutiny of the parliament and the Imperial Parliament for if certain enactments stemming from the Royal Charters and Orders in Council were made open to the people, through debate, there would be official records thereof and in all likelihood would have caused a backlash or thwarted any enactment.

The “law” the tax people are now applying to the population is the 1985 “Income Tax Act”, which is a revision of the 1952 Revised Statutes of Canada and the 1952 Act is a revision of the 1948 Income Tax Act. In 1948 the Governor-General’s message with respects to taxation for the 1948 session was to “revise the tax law”. The only tax law “on the books” at the time, and relevant to personal taxation, was the Income War Tax Act 1917, as amended, which was part of a series of amendments well after the Act died a natural death in 1920 just prior to MacKenzie King’s reign as totalitarian, democratic, prime ministerhigh priest began. (Track “25”)

A revised statute is a modification of a statute. Before you can have a revised statute you have to have a statute as a revised statute cannot stand on its own. A revised statute is a revision of a statute therefore, there is no such thing as a revised statute standing independently as the law, as a revision is yoked to the original statute. If a statute requires a modification it becomes a revision of the statute or a revised statute and usually the revision of a statute ought to be as a consequence of some unforeseen mischief the original statute causes or a redundancy or for the reason of an obsolescence having occurred within the statute necessitating a revision or an amendment. That is usually the case. However, the practice has been the powers-that-be amend the statute with the intent of convoluting the law in order to confound the people even further as well as for the never ending ulterior motive of oppressing the people with heavy, heavy taxation. Canon law is complex for reasons of confusion, pseudo Babylonian. If a statute becomes obsolete then the statute and all revisions to the statute are repealed. The Income War Tax Act of 1917 expired during the 1920 session as it met its objective yet there were several amendments to this Act long after it had officially expired.

The Governor-General’s message regarding taxation for the 1948 session was to revise the tax law. Accordingly, the parliament passed an act entitled; “An Act to Amend the Income War Tax Act” as it was the only income tax law on the books, whether legitimate


or not. This Act is catalogued as S. C. 1948, ch. 53 and its foundation is the Income War Tax Act, R. S. C. 1927, ch. 97, an unlawful amendment of the 1917 Act. But then again, the law is what the creditors say it is.

As a continuing effort to wrestle the exclusive jurisdiction of the Provinces right to Direct Taxation the MacKenzie King cabinet found another means of attacking the Provinces. During the 1940’s we saw World War Two and the advent of MacKenzie King’s infamous “Tax Rental Agreements”. Those agreements were between the Provinces and the Dominion Government. The jurisdiction over taxation of the junior authority in Ottawa is subservient or residual compared to Provincial rights. This is evident when you find the Ottawa authority asked the Provinces to borrow their class of taxation, direct taxation, for the duration of the war. If Ottawa had the Imperial Parliament’s authority to the field of Provincial direct taxation Ottawa would not be asking the “favour” from the Provinces.

But again, because of a war “public safety, public necessity, public interest” kicks in and the Ottawa politicians have to secure the exclusive Provincial jurisdiction over direct taxation supposedly for the duration of World War Two. This was just part of the scheme of the concentration of power Hitler the Catholic undertook in the 1930’s with his “National Concentration Party”. It is interesting to note while the Provinces are entrusted with the management and upkeep of property, within its corporate boundaries, the Ottawa authority is entrusted with no land, yet Ottawa requires Provincial direct taxation? And the Indian’s Fund? And funds generated by other schemes? Exactly what cost does the Ottawa authority incur in maintaining its bureaucracy as compared to the Provinces? The Ottawa authority is quite resourceful, with our wealth, to invent various bureaucracies, debt and sending the riches of the land off to others. The service of the fictitious debt is the theft of our children’s inheritance. Remove the “debt” factor then exactly how much taxation would be required to run things?

The transcripts, of the dominionProvincial Conference on Taxation of 1942, makes for an interesting read. In it you will find Mr. Ilsley, minister of finance, strong-arming direct taxation away from the several Provinces. When the Provinces brought to Mr. Ilsley’s attention they will suffer financial hardship in agreeing to the transfer of direct taxation to the junior authority he replied by reminding the Provincial representatives they had such an “…underutilized property tax base…” and he could hardly see why the Provinces would have any financial problems at all. In more recent times, the Province of Quebec has been enforcing its prerogative to direct taxation much to the disappointment of the Ottawa authority. The cost of Quebec’s insolence to the Ottawa authority is, in all likelihood, being absorbed by the several Provinces, Territories and Indian Royalties. (Tracks “26, 27 and 28)

It appears the purposes of taking the field of direct taxation away from the Provinces was two fold. Primarily, the money raised is being used to pay off fictitious or orchestrated debts. As well, by depriving the Provinces of their tax base it would bring financial crisis to the cities, ultimately forcing them into borrowing. When you read the House of Commons debates on the Income War Tax Act 1917 you will find this tax wasn’t really

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

necessary. However, I believe the reason for the 1917 tax was to establish a form of personal tax just to have a tax on the books. The median rate of income at the time of the Income War Tax Act 1917 was such the tax had a threshold of which the bulk of the population would not reach for some fifty years.

Keeping the direct taxation away from the local level and giving it to the Ottawa authority strangles the local economies. When the financial crisis hits the city, the city would have to borrow money to pay for its upkeep and its bureaucracy. To obtain the loans, the city had to incorporate. Of the many times the city of Toronto was incorporated for this purpose, in more recent times, with the restructuring of Toronto and the surrounding cities into the Greater Toronto Area, there was a corporate restructuring and refinancing. In order to borrow, the city would have to put forth collateral which would consist of the people (census) and property (property tax) registration within the corporate boundary lines and such property includes me and you. This is accomplished when you “register” (to give away) your property under “land titles” not to mention birth registry. Property tax should not exist for houses (please see Laws of Alfred the Great Track “36”), the gasoline tax pays for the roads and the corporate taxes can pay for the other local services, initiatives and bureaucracy so why would the people have to pay anything else in taxation? The reason, of course, is spending the loans from creditors for useless things such as “peace keeping”, sports, arts and other useless extravagances.

MacKenzie King was quite the man. He was on the cutting edge in “innovative” governance. Some might question his reasons for talking to his dog “Pat” but my research persuades me to believe MacKenzie King was involved with the corporate elite. MacKenzie King was born here and wasn’t serving the interests of the Indians or those who were also born here and who were not Indian or subjects of the monarch. He was serving a foreign jurisdiction to the detriment of the Indians and others of Turtle Island. To be serving a foreign jurisdiction to the detriment of the domestic population can only be classed as treason. Had he been caught he could have been executed but, he could have pled insanity, as evidenced in his talking with his dog thereby avoiding the gallows.

Since the MacKenzie King years we have had; St Laurent, whose “policy”, and policy is not law, on Indians involved the compulsory enfranchisement of all Indians and imposed his Indian Act on the Indians. Diefenbaker; who scrapped the Avro Arrow and failed to comply with the Supreme Court insofar as turning direct taxation back to the Provinces, Pearson; who was in power when Elizabeth Windsor authorized a change in the name of the corporation from the “Dominion of Canada” to “Canada” along with the change of name a new corporate flag, Trudeau; who removed the silver from our monetary system, gave buckets of money to the International Monetary Fund, the F. L. Q. event, dragged us into the Lateran Pact with POPE Inc., divided the family at the expense of the husband/father/man/children with the Divorce Act then later made it “constitutional” with the “Catholic” Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982, Mulroney, with his G. S. T., to compensate for the loss of the 19% manufacturer’s tax due to our manufacturing base being shipped to China and India and the allegations of the Airbus scheme, Chrétien; being rewarded with the position of “prime minister-high priest”


for his role as the Attornee holding rank of general in his conspiracy with Trudeau, Roy McMurtry, Elizabeth Windsor, the Imperial Parliament and Canadian parliament in the creation and implementation of the “Canadian’s” Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. Paul Martin Jr. also had turmoil during his reign and Steven Harper who is currently considering judicial and senatorial reforms and who knows what other tricks he may be told to pull off. Paul Martin played a real smooth trick on the “obtuse voters”. Using weasel words Paul claims to not let his Catholic faith guide him when he votes in the house of commons, rather, he relied upon the Charter. Guess what? The Charter brings in the PAPACY. I have more to say on this point later. Furthermore, Chrétien, Bush (X2), Martin Jr. and Clinton were busy sending our manufacturing off-shore, to destroy our economy, the Goods and Services Tax was the “sliver bullet” to maintain fictitious debt payments for a brief period. When this collapses we have the “carbon tax”, a death struggle of man kind verses nature disguising oppressive tax make up for lost manufacturing taxation and employee taxation. I would assume by the time the “free”masons build Fortress Zion one could sacrifice their first born to the fires of Moloch in order to absolve themselves from “debt”. Surprisingly enough, I would suspect a majority of the population would buy into this “Penn and Teller”, also known as “bull ___”.

Do you like being a tax payer? Do you like to pay your “fair share” of taxes? Are you a tax payer? It doesn’t appear to me there is any requirement for the people to pay any tax. With the obscene revenues being generated from all sources those officials elected under the democratic, or more correctly, “demon cratic”, process are really working for foreign entities to our detriment and historically, spies were either executed, jailed for life or exiled back to their own land, perhaps exotic places such as Elba or Devil’s Island or, how “Canadian”, Baffin Island.

Finally, when one reads the Lateran Pact of 1929 you will find, at the end of the Treaty, the law of guarantees and all other laws inconsistent with the Treaty are abrogated, or done away with. Now you see the Charter … now you don’t. It’s majickal! It is esoteric.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration



We now come to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. The “Charter”…the so-called “Constitution”. As we have seen from the legal definitions of “Charter” and “Constitution” they are in opposition to each other. And, by those two definitions it is obvious Canada is not a Nation as some make us believe it to be, but a commercial entity known as a “country”, registered (given away) in Washington D. C.. Proof Canada is not a country can be found within the Charter, those rights and privileges the Imperial Parliament gave to its dependants in 1982. You will note from section 25(a) of the Canadian’s Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982, the Imperial Parliament acknowledged the Royal Proclamation 1763 and Indian Customs and Traditions as reflected under section 35(1) of the “Canadian’s” Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982.

Former prime minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney, once stated the constitution of Canada was not worth the paper it was written on. I have read some material on Mulroney’s reasoning why it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. He felt the

“override” section, section 33, effectively nullifies all personal rights. I have taken the liberty in dissecting the opening sections of the Charter for your information and it appears in the next chapter. Sections 2 and 7 through 15 of the “Canadian’s” Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982 have been extrapolated from the “Canadian’s” Canadian Bill of Rights 1960. If the Charter is very similar to the Canadian Bill of Rights then why would the lawyers want to have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to supersede the Canadian Bill of Rights? The answer is divers. First of all, the lawyers had to “statutize” the Royal Proclamation 1763 so it could, and the Indians could, be amended out of existence. Another reason for the Charter was to divide the population on gender lines by way of the lawyers “affirmative action program”. Section 15(2) provides a mechanism for female gender specific programs, such as arresting all males at all costs on the slightest and flimsiest information concerning allegations of “domestic violence”. The affirmative action program divides the population on gender lines in violation of s. 28, the “notwithstanding” section. One more reason for the lawyers wanting the Charter was to build in a mechanism which could indefinitely remove all “rights and freedoms” under the “override” section, s. 33. Finally, the Charter firmly establishes POPE Inc. as the true party of interest. We must always bear in mind the Lateran Pact and with this “Treaty” the Charter is merely smoke and mirrors intended to keep the people busy.

So, the reason the lawyers needed the Charter was to destroy all remaining Indians and to keep the population “busy” with broken lives, dreams and families and should anyone catch on the lawyers have another weapon, the override. Roy McMurtry (lawyer) drafted

the Charter. Trudeau and Chrétien were the ring leaders and this was all undertaken by a foreign jurisdiction, the lawyers. And just who is responsible for letting the enemies

inside the gates? Ultimately, we cannot forget Elizabeth Windsor and the role she is playing as acting as a diversion not to mention our indiscretions of “voting”.


By acknowledging the Royal Proclamation 1763, and Indian Customs and Traditions, the Imperial Parliament acknowledged it had breached the Royal Proclamation 1763 by effectively statutizing it in 1982. The Charter does not and could not apply to the Indians as a whole but it does apply to those enfranchised Indians who fall within the laws of Canada and to those who subscribe to the authority of the Charter. By including the Royal Proclamation 1763 within the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it gives the impression the Indians are the same as the immigrants and the same as those who were born on Turtle Island and who are not Indian and the same as those whom have chosen to become incorporated Indians through enjoyment of the “franchise” scheme. I have taken the liberty to list several of the sections of the Charter in an attempt to give my explanation to each of the sections chosen. However, what the Imperial Parliament has done with the “Charter” is to incorporate a non-statute, the Royal Proclamation 1763, within a statute in order for the statute, and the Proclamation found therein, to be amended. This is how smooth the Imperial Parliament has been in implementing slavery and genocide in order to pay down its self induced “debts”.

The “Canadian’s” Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982 came about on April 21st., 1982. Politicians, lawyers and “Canadians” claim the Charter is, in the popular sense, a Constitution but as you have seen, by definition and fact, it is anything but and Canada is not a Nation, rather, it is merely a corporation called a “country” and “constitution” is rooted in “constitutum” which is in regard to debt. Although there are several theories and reasons concerning why the Charter came about it can be said the Charter is not a Constitution, the Charter provides for the taking away of all of one’s “rights and freedoms” and the Charter divides the population right down the middle, on gender lines. The Charter only applies to corporations. The people, in general, are not subject to it, but they think and act as if they are bound to it due to the brain washing by the lawyers not to mention through the controlled media.

The following is my summary of certain sections of the Charter in order to give you insight and some possible interpretations. After all, the politicians preach the Charter almost every day and not many people know what it is all about. Most people believe in

fatalism insofar as their preference to leave the law up to the lawyers and this is the probable cause for the grief we are currently experiencing. It is my firmest belief the enemy has been inside the gates for some time and that enemy is the politician, under control of the lawyer, in fact, all lawyers protecting the creditors as members of the “Inns of Court” in particular, the Inner and Middle Temples of the Crown Temple.


Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize

the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

Traditionally, and legally, the preamble is there to establish the reason and the intent for the enactment of legislation. Unlike the British North America Bill 1867 which has a preamble, the preamble to the Charter does not accomplish this. It merely states there are

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

principles recognizing the supremacy of God and law rules. In other words, God may be supreme but this is a religious society and law rules. Of course, there also arises the question as to which God, or better yet “god”, the Imperial Parliament, Pierre, Jean and the other co-conspirators were contemplating at the time. It could be amen rah or the Creator of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or the god of currency or the god of gold.

“In God We Trust” (united States), “God Save the Queen” (united Kingdom), “supremacy of God and the rule of law” (Canada). “God”, in those senses, mean the concentration of the poly gods of Grecian antiquity. When you read the Book of Isaiah, towards the end you will find we are commanded to call Him by His Name. “God” is not His Name and His Name is not well known but it is suspected His Father’s Name is “Yahuah”. (Those who worshipped Yahuah were called “Yahoos” and “Yahoo.com” could be intended as a slur against Him). So, when The Son divided the Church and the State, as exemplified when Sampson separated the pillars at the Temple of Dagon, we were left with this division but the politicians have merged the church with the state bringing Ba’al worship in as the church with POPE (Inc.) being the head of; “Church, State and Justice”, the triregno.

As previously mentioned a “person” is defined as a corporation and this definition can be found within the debates on the Income War Tax Act 1917. When you read the Charter you may see through it and find the Charter does not apply to you despite of what the judges, lawyers, politicians and especially the media may claim.

It could be symbolic but it could be true. Canada, which is awfully close to “Cana’an” is the land of the Church, or priests. This could explain why there are “ministers”, or priests, etc. While in the united States, it is the “state” with the president and secretaries. The division of the Church and State is the 49th., parallel.

Section 1

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the

rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable

limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free

and democratic society.

By this is meant the rights and freedoms set out in it are guaranteed (please review the Lateran Pact of 1929 in regard to “guarantees”) but can be limited as the law may prescribe and Canada is a free and democratic society but there are at least ten types of “democracy” including “totalitarian democracy”. “Democracy” and “freedom” are contradictions and just when did “our” democratic “system” do anything to help the people and not just the politicians and their masters, the creditors?

Section 2

Fundamental Freedoms


2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;

(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and

expression, including freedom of the press

and other media of communication;

(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and

(d) freedom of association.

With section 2, a Canadian is free to have a conscience, religion (the state gives the authority through corporation soles to the priest, ministers etc., and in the absence of permission religion cannot be practiced as the commercial enterprises or institutions they really are.). Religion is not faith. It is, in reality, commercialization of the corrupted Scriptures. When you read the Concordat between Von Papen and POPE (Inc.), entered into mid 1933 you will find “religion” is commerce and a minister’s clothing is a military uniform. One is free to think, believe in things, have opinions and a right to express oneself, can assemble peacefully, and a “Canadian” can join any association he or she chooses but are limited in scope due to the totalitarian nature of the “Canadian” democratic scheme.

As an aside, and further to the debate on religion, there are some factors one must consider. First of all, the one who has lent the money calls the shots. For example, if VATICAN “owns” “Canada”, through fictitious debt, then VATICAN calls the shots with respects to legislation. The religious leaders must obtain authority from VATICAN, through government, to preach the word of the Creator and not the Creator of the Hebrew Scripture. The clergy are issued Letters Patent. The Letters Patent enables the clergy to issue tax receipts to the parishioners for a tax law which does not exist. Also, insofar as religious observances are concerned, the Jews worship on their Sabbath from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday based upon the POPE (Inc.)/Gregorian calendar. This day is in honour of Satan’s home, the planet Saturn and Saturday is derived from “Saturna”.

Ever hear of “Lord of the Rings”, of Saturn? The “others” worship on Sunday. Sunday is the special day in honour of the sun god Amen Rah. True Sabbaths, Feasts and Festivals can be found in Scripture and those dates are His appointed times and are to always be followed. For example, can anyone show me in Scripture the named days of the week, months of the year as we know them today? Of course not. The calendar currently in vogue is the Pagan PAPAL Babylonian Kaballic Commercial Canon Calendar, “PPBKCC”. Jews have the day of atonement once a year. On this day they supposedly get absolution for the sins committed through the year, then after, go about sinning throughout the next year. The Catholics get to do this every sun day and we all know only Catholics will go to heaven because POPE Inc. says so.

There is no reference to; Monday/Moon day, Wednesday/Wodensday, Janus/January, Mars/March etc. as the days and months are numbered and the new year commences after the Summer Vernal Equinox which is separate and apart from the spring solstice. The Equinox occurs when there are 12 hours of daylight and night in one day. The spring

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

solstice is when the sun changes its elevation on its rotation around the earth. As an aside, according to Genesis, the Creator made the greater light and the lesser light for the appointed times and seasons. We know the sun is the greater light which emits light and heat through nuclear fusion. The lesser light, the moon, emits its own light, as well, under the mystery of “cold fusion”. This is why man has yet to land on the moon. This is why we see no pictures of the earth’s rotation from cameras in space. This is why there are no T. V. cameras on the moon facing earth for we don’t quite know the consequences of men standing on cold fusion. This is why, with all the earth telescopes, we have seen no images of the junk supposedly left on the moon when man “landed” there. In my “book of Statutes, there is an Act of 1850 which distinguishes between calendar and Lunar months. It appears at Track 3, pages 59-61.

Section 3

Democratic Rights of Citizens

3. Every citizen of Canada has the right to vote in an election of members of the House of Commons or of a legislative assembly and to be qualified for membership therein.

To be a citizen of Canada, as opposed to a citizen of the one of the several Provinces, States, Territories or Municipalities, or to trade your Tribal heritage for incorporations, makes you a subject of the Ottawa authority. The “federal” governing structure in Ottawa owns no land therefore, to be a citizen of Canada renders you a book entry. In fact, “Canada” created you and you were not the precipitate of the miracle of conception. Otherwise, you would be a member of a particular Tribe such as; Edom (Jewish), Yisra’El (Israelites/Judah/Levites), Cain, Ishmael, etc. As further proof one only has to look to Africa wherein the Chiefs and Tribes of the African people are being decimated because of their natural resources and this genocide is no different than what the Ottawa “authority” is doing to the Indians of the Americas. It seems as though “Columbus” and Cortez missed a few. A citizen of Canada is allowed to vote for members of the House of Commons in Ottawa. A citizen of Canada is also able to vote for members of the Provincial legislatures although there is no reference a citizen of Canada, upon voting in a Provincial election, becomes a citizen of one of the several Provinces. Technically I suppose, a citizen of Canada could mean; a section ninety-one public servant, an Immigrant or an alien. Along with the “right to vote” comes the contract or the enfranchisement. Isn’t it interesting they do not use the words “franchise” or “contract” within but, then again, that is what the Charter is all about. Deception! And we continue to suffer the sins of our fathers and pass those sins down to our children.

Section 4

(1) No House of Commons and no Legislative Assembly shall continue

For longer than five years from the date fixed for the return of the writs

at a general election of its members.

(2) In time of real or apprehended war, invasion or insurrection, a House


of Commons may be continued by Parliament and a legislative assembly

may be continued by the legislature beyond five years if such continuation

is not opposed by the votes of more than one-third of the members of the

House of Commons or the legislative assembly, as the case may be.

The House of Commons and the Legislative Assemblies shall not sit for longer than five years after being elected to the House of Commons. However, at times of unrest, or apprehended unrest, the five year proviso may be extended according to the terms set out in sub-section 2. As well, the “override clause”, viz Martial law, section 33, can apply.

Section 5

There shall be a sitting of the Parliament and of each legislature at least once

every twelve months.

The parliament has to sit at least once every twelve months. “Once” is not defined therefore, it is open for debate on exactly what the minimum sitting time per year would be. Charles the First suspended Parliament for a number of years which caused so much unrest the suspension, combined with other misdeeds making for creditor opportunities, culminated in his execution.

Section 6

1. Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.

2. Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent

Resident of Canada has the right

(a) to move to and take up residence in any province; and

(b) to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.

3. The rights specified in subsection (2) are subject to

(a) any laws or practices of general application in force in a province other than those that discriminate among persons primarily on the basis of province of present or previous residence; and

(b) any laws providing for reasonable residency requirements as a qualification for the receipt of publicly provided social services.

4. Subsections (2) and (3) do not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration in a province of conditions of individuals in that province who were socially or economically disadvantaged if the rate of employment in that province is below the rate of employment in Canada.

Citizens of Canada, as opposed to Provincial Citizens, as opposed to “people”, are allowed to leave, enter and remain in Canada. Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada can reside in any Province and gain

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

a livelihood in any Province. These laws are subject to the laws or practices of a Province which discriminate against people of another Province or of a Province of previous residency. It also recognizes Provincial social service laws requiring minimum residency requirements. There is provision to make adjustments in Provinces economically or socially disadvantaged compared to the other Provinces. “Resident”, by the way, is in reference to commerce just as “home” is commercial as opposed to house. “Your home town”? “Home Sweet Home”?

Section 7

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

Everybody has the right to live, freedom to move around and to be secure. These provisions apply to “persons”, or corporations, and those rights cannot be denied except through the principles of fundamental justice. Remember, the law is what the courts say it

is. While on the subject it is worthy to note Canada, being in such a financial mess, is under the control of a receiver-priest holding the rank of general. The Receiver General receives all revenues in order to satisfy the creditor’s loans and interest on those loans. This is a contentious section as it makes no reference to what one would normally think should be automatic. That is to say this section is void of any reference to “property”. The land is, for the time being, subject to Indian ownership and the people have been pledged as collateral to the loans, through the “census” and through “voting” therefore, in reality, no one can really own property as it is all purportedly owned by creditors and the scheme of “registration”.

Section 8

Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.

Everyone is protected against unreasonable search or seizure. The question is; what is unreasonable?

Section 9.

Everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned.

Everyone has the right to protection from arbitrary arrest, detention or imprisonment. As you will see, this provision does not apply to the arbitrary arrest and detention of fathers, husbands and males of a heterosexual relationship. In this scenario the opposite is true for there exists a mandatory arrest order against males who are victims of domestic violence. Remember, Karla walked and Paul rots.

Section 10

Everyone has the right on arrest or detention


(a) to be informed promptly of the reasons therefore;

(b) to retain and instruct counsel without delay and to be informed of that right; and

(c) to have the validity of the detention determined by way of habeas corpus and to be released if the detention is not lawful.

Points “a” and “b” should be straight forward. Point “c” is habeas corpus or “have” “body”. In other words, the state is in possession of the body, the prisoner, and prior to pleadings or trial, which could be months or years away, the prisoner has a right to file paperwork in the nature of habeas corpus in order to have the validity of the detention tested. Once the paperwork is served and filed the body must be brought to the court within two days for the test. If insufficient evidence is presented by the state then the prisoner is released immediately.

Section 11

Any person charged with an offence has the right

(a) to be informed without unreasonable delay of the specific offence;

(b) to be tried within a reasonable time;

(c) not to be compelled to be a witness in proceedings against that person in respect of the offence;

(d) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal;

(e) not to be denied reasonable bail without just cause;

(f) except in the case of an offence under military law tried before a military tribunal, to the benefit of trial by jury where the maximum punishment for the offence is imprisonment for five years or a more severe punishment;

(g) not to be found guilty on account of any act or omission unless, at the time of the act or omission, it constituted an offence under Canadian or international law

or was criminal according to the general principles of law recognized by the community of nations;

(h) if finally acquitted of the offence, not to be tried for it again and, if finally found guilty and punished for the offence, not to be tried or punished for it again; and

(i) if found guilty of the offence and if the punishment for the offence has been varied between the time of commission and the time of sentencing, to the benefit of the lesser punishment.

A, b, c, i and h are straight forward.

Turning to “d” with the Law Societies engaged in racketeering with their monopoly of the legal system, and the judges being lawyers, it is safe to say in matters contrary to the “well being” of the state people are not going to receive a fair open hearing. This is particularly evident in the evil divorce game and income tax matters which are “tribunals” governed by “decrees”.

“E” reveals a misspelled word. The word, to my mind, ought to be “Ba’al” and not “bail”.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

“G” states if you commit an act or omission which isn’t criminal by nature you cannot be found guilty. It is obvious if you commit an act or omit to do something being neither criminal in nature you could not be charged with an offense. What I think this subsection is all about refers to public servants. For example, if you give a neighbour a court document to file for you and he loses it then it would, at best, be a civil matter. However, when a servant, such as a court clerk, “loses” or omits to file a document in the court file then there is a liability to that servant. The servant is paid to protect the file and to properly file documents. For a court clerk to lose a file is a misfeasance and criminal in nature. “h” and “i” are straight forward.

Section 12

Everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.

This section ought to prohibit the Divorce Act as well as the way police carry on with the business as family wreckers. This section has a similar limitation in its application as set out in section nine.

Section 13

A witness who testifies in any proceedings has the right not to have any incriminating evidence so given used to incriminate that witness in any other proceedings, except in a prosecution for perjury or for the giving of contradictory evidence.

Let’s say there was a public inquiry regarding financial irregularities within a governmental organization. You were an active participant in an illegal activity but weren’t the one who was caught. You give testimony at an inquiry and that testimony implicates you. That evidence cannot later be used to incriminate you in any other proceedings. The only way in which one would wave this protection is to give contradictory evidence, or lie. This is quite evident in the Derrick Harvey Zinc problem

and whom the judge stated something to the effect; there are many who believe you got away with murder. Zinc was an off-duty West St. Paul, Manitoba cop, who got intoxicated, fell asleep at the wheel, plowed into a stopped car killing the operator, Crystal Tamin. What happened in this case was more than likely, the “brotherhood” or fraternity protecting their brethren. No one can tell me the cops at the station “inadvertently” screwed up by failing to administer breath samples and investigation. What ought to have happened was Zinc gets away with the allegations and the servant, the police breath analyzer technician, who did not perform his paid duty, and immediate supervisors, should have been charged with; criminal malfeasance, obstruct justice, assault with a dangerous weapon causing death perhaps forcing the technician to spend life in prison. Unless the police are held to the same test, at law, as applied to most of us, the standing armies of the police, R. C. M. P., and all other “law enforcement” agencies will just keep steamrolling over the people. The evident murder of Robert Dziekanski is a classic example the standing army, in this case the R. C. M. P., are out of control. They protect themselves through the “brotherhood fraternity” and of course, sanctioned by


YOUR “elected” officials. The standing armies could also be in the process of being set-up as pariahs of society. Enjoying democracy yet?

Section 14

A party or witness in any proceedings who does not understand or speak the language in which the proceedings are conducted or who is deaf has the right to the assistance of an interpreter.

Interpreters are available to an accused who cannot understand or speak the language of the court.

Section 15.

1. Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

2 Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

Section 15.1 acknowledges all “individuals” have equal protection and benefit of the law and cannot be discriminated based upon; race, where you come from, the colour of your skin, your religious (but not spiritual) beliefs, sex, as opposed to gender, age or disability.

Section 15.2 is a very interesting subsection with its trail of debris of broken lives and families. In this section the state, being the public, and the private, meaning flesh and blood men or women or men and women, may establish programs aimed at the amelioration of conditions causing discrimination on the basis the classifications as set

out in 15.1. What is unusual about section 15.2 is there may be programs set in place of a gender specific nature, that is to say, “special programs” could be put in place catering only to men or only to women. An example of this would be the “Woman’s Directorate”,

“Wife Assault” programs, “Women’s Shelters”, Ministers (priests) responsible for “Women’s Issues”. Unfortunately, this is what I call target gender malice. The problem also lies with the “Notwithstanding” section of the Charter, section 28. Although I ought to continue on in chronological order, I find it necessary to explain the “guarantee” section, or the “Notwithstanding” section, or what guarantees apply under the Lateran Pact, if any.

Section 28

Notwithstanding anything in this Charter, the rights and freedoms

Referred to in it are guaranteed equally to male and female persons

“Notwithstanding” is defined as meaning “in spite of”. We have reviewed section 15, subsections 1 and 2, and have found everyone is equal under the law and cannot be

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

discriminated against upon certain prohibited categories, except females. However, section 28 is “in spite of” any other and all other sections within the Charter. Therefore, section 28, in effect, overrides the word “sex” found in section 15, subsection 2.

Unfortunately, there appears to be some sort of “legal argot” when you note section 28 provides for “male and female ‘persons’” as opposed to “sex”. By usage and practice the state have acknowledged their intent is to maliciously prosecute the males, especially involving allegations of “wife” or “spouse” assault, at all costs and the police have to arrest the males or they would face charges themselves. This is a fact in relation to the Toronto Police Service and their “protocol” on “wife” assault. The Toronto Police, in some instances, obstruct justice and fabricate evidence in order to justify the arrest of the male.


I thought I would give you some insight on how this gender specific, target malice plays out. I do agree both Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka ought to have been subject to the death penalty, which is still in force and effect, or life in prison for both. I believe the reason why she got the cozy deal was because of her gender and the objective of the so-called creditors, in part, the ultimate destruction of the family unit with father figure as the target of this exercise.

Although it may appear I am trying to minimize what Paul Bernardo did I am not but, he was only a violent rapist. He was getting along “just fine” attacking women for a number of years without getting caught. Then he meets and marries Karla Homolka, from St. Catherines, and the two stay in St. Catherines. For all we know this is where the murders

started. Although there may be unsolved murders in the Toronto area attributable to Paul Bernardo, he was, for all intents and purposes, “only” a violent rapist and it takes a special personality to cross the line to murder someone. The facts tend to agree with this. Again it is not my intent to trivialize his endeavors but Paul Bernardo was “plying his trade” in a big city like Toronto with seeming impunity. He meets Karla, they marry and

settle in the city Karla was born and raised. She wanted to partake in Paul Bernardo’s activities for her own nefarious reasons but as it was a small town and she would have been readily identifiable, I believe she couldn’t take a chance in getting caught. We are told she procured the drugs. She participated in the “acts”. She knew about the murders. I believe she partook in the murders because she didn’t want to get caught then she breached her contract with the priest-attorney holding rank of General in the Province of Ontario in failing to disclose one “Jane Doe”. Maybe she was not the “battered wife” the lawyers portrayed her as. Rather, she may have been into rough sex.

Even though she was as guilty as Paul Bernardo, or guiltier, the Attornee General Marion Boyd and Murray D. Segal, Deputy Attornee General, turned things around in favour of Homolka first by giving her a break in the form of a contract then allowing her to breach the contract with impunity. What the contract amounted to was if she “spilled the beans” on Paul Bernardo she would serve less time than him, but she would have to come clean about her activities. She breached the contract by failing to come clean about one “Jane Doe”. At this point the contract would have been null and void but Murray D. Segal and


Marion Boyd had to follow the creditor’s orders and those orders are to blame the man for everything. So, again, they attorned this situation around in favour of Homolka and chose to give Karla Homolka easy street in keeping with the agenda of the creditor’s target gender malice aimed specifically at men.

Section 33

1. Parliament or the legislature of a province may expressly declare in an Act of Parliament or of the legislature, as the case may be, that the Act or a provision thereof shall operate notwithstanding a provision included in section 2 or sections 7 to 15 of this Charter.

2. An Act or a provision of an Act in respect of which a declaration made under this section is in effect shall have such operation as it would have but for the provision of this Charter referred to in the declaration.

3. A declaration made under subsection 1 shall cease to have effect five years after it comes into force or on such earlier day as may be specified in the declaration.

4. Parliament or the legislature of a province may re-enact a declaration made under subsection 1.

5. Subsection 3 applies in respect of a re-enactment made under subsection 4.

The parliament or the Provincial Legislatures may pass laws in order to override sections 2 and 7 through 15. This is what is colloquially known as the “override” clause and erroneously referred to as the “notwithstanding” clause, which is section 28. An enactment contrary to sections 2 and 7 through 15 may be put into force. If this is done,

the override to sections 2 and 7 through 15 would have to apply to both men and women, but would it?

So, you can see gender specific programs are in clear violation of the Charter as the “notwithstanding” provision does not permit gender specific programs and if section 33 provided such override then section 28 would be redundant. The override may be in effect for only 5 years but sub-section 4 provides the override may be renewed for

another five years. You will note there is no limitation period and any such override legislation could go on indefinitely.

Divorce and the Charter

I thought this would be an appropriate time to make comment on the Charter and divorce in Canada. But before I proceed I wish to point out the only jurisdiction the parliament had over divorce was recording the divorce bills into the parliamentary record. In the early 1960’s the divorce bills were conveniently “delayed” in being read into the parliamentary records for about three years. Within a short time divorces were not being decreed years after the parties were able to be divorced. The divorces were not finalized because of the DELIBERATE backlog in the parliament. What we have here is one of the three war cries the governing structures pull-off on the people in order to achieve their own ends. The three are; public safety, public necessity and public interest. In back-logging divorces there was created an artificial public interest and necessity in preventing this from happening. In 1968 Pierre Trudeau gave the solution with his Divorce Act. As an aside I feel compelled to make a comment on this Act in order to illustrate what law is

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

all about. I was researching at the great law library located in the Ontario Court of Appeal in Toronto. I selected the 1968 Statutes of Canada in order to look at the Divorce Act. More so then than now I was shocked to find the statute book not only had dust on it but some of the pages within the Divorce Act were still stuck together from the printer. Evidently, the book had not been opened in more than 30 years, if at all, after being placed on the shelf.

Although divorce is a local and private matter, and is a concurrent Ottawa/Provincial class of subject, Ottawa claims, like everything else, it has the exclusive jurisdiction over divorce. Ottawa also seems to claim to have jurisdiction over all the finances within the corporate jurisdiction of Canada and the Provinces have all the costs. In practice, the politicians in Ottawa are “gods”, free wheelers, operating with impunity as long as they do the biding for their masters, the creditors, and to continue to oppress us. This could be both levels of government have ministers, who are clergy, but the federal government has a “prime minister”, or high priest, while the Provinces merely have a “premier” but Ministers as well, who take orders from the “prime” priest in Ottawa.

The way divorce works, the husband is pitted against the wife and the lawyers turn it into a “ping-pong” match with the lawyers taking the litigants children’s inheritance for their own as the spoils of war. There are times when the family splits up and the “custodial” parent is so financially strapped the parent ends up on a pubic assistance program. Eventually, the children, by extension, become wards of the state because the parent is incapable of handling her own children so she has to rely on the state, or welfare. In turn,

the state becomes the father of the child or children. This is partly what the doctrine of parens patriae is about.

It is the mandate of the corrupt “family” courts to give absolute custody of the children to the mother, with the occasional father being given custody. In turn, the mother refuses to let the children see the father. Unfortunately, the children don’t see it the same way as the

mother does and want to see their father but the mother refuses. What goes around comes around. The sons of the mother often incur the same sexist dictates of the “family” court when they have families and their wives pull the same stunt as their mothers pulled on their father. Subsequently, the mother gets to share the misery of the sons when they too

are denied access to their children and, in turn, the mother doesn’t see the grand children. The creditors have been practicing this with the Moors, the North American Indians and now to all.

There are many systems in place catering specifically to the woman and her children, prior to divorce or separation proceedings and after, and in keeping with the so-called “affirmative action program”. Aside from the usual governmental pro woman-anti man, agencies the lawyer-priest (Attornee) General has the silver bullet available to women who are seeking the upper hand in pending or anticipated divorce or separation proceedings. The silver bullet is all local police forces, which are standing armies, and are, as mentioned, being “deployed” against us to raise taxes as “Sheriffs of Nottingham”.


The protocol on domestic violence the police rely is to arrest the male. In fact, former lawyer-priest (Attornee) General for the Province of Ontario, Marion Boyd (surprise, surprise, a non lawyer), issued a directive to the police when attending a “domestic” disturbance call. When in doubt, they have to arrest the male. This is backed up by the police themselves. If the police officer didn’t arrest the male the police officer would face charges under the Ontario Police Act. That is the way the Toronto Police Service operates with respects to this genocidal provision of the Charter.

So what you have here is a situation where the police are active participants in the genocide of the father from the family unit. This is a cost effective tool many women utilize in order to obtain the upper hand in divorce proceedings. When a woman calls the police claiming to have been assaulted by her husband, or live-in boyfriend, the police attend for one objective and one objective only, to arrest the male. Once the male is arrested he has to attend a “show-cause” hearing wherein several restrictions are usually imposed upon the man if he is deemed releasable. The irony is, the police employ a slight of hand to meet this end. Under the 503 process hearing, Criminal’s Code of Canada, the

informant is the one who is supposed to swear an affidavit. From the sworn affidavit the Justice of the Peace either issues an arrest warrant or a subpoena to appear. Without the affidavit, the charges are worthless, not only that, the police commit to; kidnapping using deadly weapons, assault, battery, forcible confinement, duress, extortion and pretty much every prohibited act they can in order to destroy the family unit. A man is not even allowed to bow down to Ba’al for his release. He is required to beg a judge for permission to leave. Permission is granted to attend the house, once, with police for the purpose of retrieving personal affects. In short, goodbye to everything.

One of the most damaging restrictions is for the man not to be able to see his children until ordered by the corrupt “family” court, that is, of course, if the corrupt “family” court allows the father to see the children. In many instances the man is literally thrown onto

the streets with only the clothes on his back. The resulting trauma could include; murder, multiple murders, suicide and abandonment.

According to the Law, if a man finds his wife in bed with another man the husband is allowed to execute both, with impunity from prosecution. (Laws of Alfred the Great)

Indians and the Charter

Section 25

The guarantee in this Charter of certain rights and

freedoms shall not be construed so as to abrogate

or derogate from any aboriginal, Treaty or other rights

or freedoms that pertain to the aboriginal people

of Canada including;

a. any rights or freedoms that have been recognized

by the Royal Proclamation of October 7, 1763; and

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

b. any rights or freedoms that now exist by way of

land claims agreements or may be so acquired.

The Royal Proclamation of 1763 is acknowledged to be in full force and effect. It also has not been amended since George the Third’s Proclamation as it is referred to as the Royal Proclamation 1763 and not the Royal Proclamation 1763 “as amended”. By placing the Royal Proclamation 1763 in the Charter does not mean the Charter applies to those Indians who do not wish to “enjoy the franchise”. “Aboriginal” is a legal definition of those Indians who prefer to “enjoy the franchise”. However, I believe the intent for placing the Royal Proclamation 1763 into the “Charter” was to “statutize” it. Once statutized, the Proclamation could be amended and the Ottawa authority has its puppets, the elected Chiefs and council, to help this process along. Once in statute form it can be amended, otherwise, it is next to impossible to amend the Proclamation. Evidence of this can be found in the fact since 1763 there have been no amendments or modifications to the Proclamation, not since 1776, or 1789, or the time of the so-called Haldimand Treaty which came about between those two dates.

With the Royal Proclamation 1763 being in full force and effect it means the lands detailed in the map of 1763 still stands, the Indian Territory is still Indian Territory and all revenues generated within this region belong to the Indians. Although the lawyers claim the Royal Proclamation of 1763 is the first “Constitution” of the Indians, the Indians were never involved with it so how could it be “their” Constitution. Also, since “Constitution” is in rooted to “constitutum” exactly what debt did they agree to get into? Similarly, it is only the lawyers who claim Canada has a “Charter” and a “Constitution” and we know those two phrases exist only in the narrow minds of lawyers. The Royal Proclamation of 1763 was merely one of royal instructions, the other being the British North America Bill of 1867, the former alleging the Crown of Great Britain has a monopoly over trade and commerce within Turtle Island, are partners with the Indians

and the latter providing the carrying out of the royal instructions of the former. The Proclamation describes Indian Lands, trading restrictions and other provisos. There is no historical evidence any of the Nations or Tribes of Indians of Turtle Island agreed to the

concentration, or should that be “confederation”, of all Treaties with the various extraterritorial Nations into the hands of the monarch of Great Britain. This section is evidence of the fact the Royal Proclamation 1763 is still in force and effect and hasn’t been amended. This section cannot be included within the Charter as the Charter would only properly apply to corporate or enfranchised Indians and when it comes to dealing with land claims the Ottawa authority has no jurisdiction to deal with Indian Land insofar as enfranchised Indians are concerned or the non-enfranchised or “real” Indians are concerned. But, then again, with the fall of the monarchy in 1657 how could any King or Queen undertake anything as a monarch and in place of the creditors? This could only be accomplished if the monarch is allowed to by the creditor. The facts do tend to speak for themselves.

Section 35


  1. The existing aboriginal and Treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada are hereby recognized and affirmed.

  2. In this Act, “aboriginal peoples of Canada” includes the Indian, Inuit, and Metis peoples of Canada.
  3. For greater certainty, in subsection 1 ‘Treaty rights” includes rights that now exist by way of land claims agreements or may be so acquired.

  4. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, the aboriginal and Treaty rights referred to in subsection 1 are guaranteed equally to male and female persons.

We are dealing with corporations here with the reference to; “persons”, “Inuit”, “Métis” and other labels given to enfranchised Indians. Again, there was no agreement with the Indians whereby they asked to be placed within those certain rights and privileges handed out by Elizabeth Windsor for the Indians already have the rights, freedoms and privileges given to them by the Creator so why would we want inferior rights and freedoms from owned, bought, sold and traded men? It recognizes existing Treaty rights which would have to include the Hudson’s Bay Company Treaties. Treaties cannot be “acquired” by the Ottawa authority as Ottawa is not a sovereign nation rather, it is a pack of greedy and ruthless politicians, and clergy, who serve a foreign jurisdiction. By attempting to place Indians within the Charter the Indians would also be divided on gender lines.

Section 35.1

a. constitutional conference that includes in its agenda an item relating to the proposed amendment, composed of the Prime Minister of Canada and the first ministers of the provinces, will be convened by the Prime Minister of Canada; and

b. the Prime Minister of Canada will invite the representatives of the aboriginal peoples of Canada to participate in the discussions on that item.

In this section “aboriginals” of Canada have existing rights and Treaty rights recognized and affirmed by this section. “(ab)-original peoples of Canada” include Indians, Inuit, Status, and Métis. Under Indian Custom and Tradition you are Indian by virtue of having

at least one drop of Indian blood in you or through adoption. As Canada is a corporation consisting of agents for the creditors, the “people” of Canada are also corporations or employees thereof.

Section thirty-five, sub-section three recognizes Treaty rights as those which were illegally undertaken with Canada and those yet to be undertaken with Canada. Again, you

have this “equal rights” nonsense as noted under s. 28 and 15.2. There are no equal rights within the corporation of Canada.

When you read the House of Commons and the House of Lords, United Kingdom, debates on the Charter, 1980-1982, when ever the Indians are brought into the debate the Lord Privy Seal refused to address the Indian issues other than to say the Indian issues are between the Indians and Canada and the Imperial Parliament has no responsibility to or for them. Elizabeth had to be out of her mind to allow the Imperial Parliament to give up the wealth being generated in her favour due to our agreements and those agreements

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

transferred into her care, with or without our consent. That is, of course, if Elizabeth was a monarch and not under the spell of the creditors.

One has to question to whom has she given up all her royalties generated within Turtle Island? Stephen Harper “found” a twenty billion dollar surplus which he used to “pay down the debt”. Is anyone curious as to exactly who is holding the mortgage on the land? Also, for those of you who may recall Elizabeth Windsor trespassing on Turtle Island to give the “Canadian’s” their Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982 she wore a hat when she allegedly gave “Royal Assent” to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. For those of you who recall Elizabeth Windsor showing up in Lexington, Kentucky prior to the Kentucky Derby, Elizabeth was wearing her common wealth crown. (Tracks “29 and 30”) As you have noted from the maps I have included you would appreciate the 13 Colonies are under the spell of the Imperial Parliament while the area where the corporation of Ottawa stands is clearly within her description of “Indian Territory”.

Charter, with this “Act” the Provinces surrendered their sovereignty to the parliament rendering that institution supreme. The proof can be found in the repeal of section ninety-two, sub section one of the British North America Bill 1867. This can be further proof the New World Order is, in fact, an Old World Concentration.

As a final note, now you have reviewed the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, let us see what the Lateran Pact, which Trudeau signed onto in 1969, has to say about the guarantees and laws contained therein;

The Law of Guarantees and any other Law or Act contrary to the present Treaty is abrogated.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


We now know the whole business of government is exactly that, business. What is now known as the Imperial Parliament of Great Britain had its roots with Edward the First, in 1295. If you recall modern legal history it was the twenty five Barons who persuaded King John to concede to Magna Carta in 1215. The Barons happen to pop up from time to time and in 1275 Edward the First decided rather than arbitrarily make laws he sought to consult with his Barons when contemplating ambitious ideas. In 1295 he incorporated the church, the Barons and people from the towns and villages in those consultations, and from this devolved the Parliament of England or, the “Lords Spiritual, Temporal and Commons” with the monarch giving Royal Assent. Leading to the Norman Conquest Parliament was known as the King’s “witan

The Canadian parliament was modeled after the Imperial Parliamentary system or, better yet, “scheme”. The procedures in both places are also somewhat the same. The opening of both Parliament and parliament are carried out with the sovereign in England, and here, by the prime minister’s representative, the Governor-General, giving a speech, or a “message”. The speech essentially outlines the business of the previous year and what is to be accomplished during the new session of the Parliament. It could be compared to the “state of the union address” down south. When the sovereign, or the Governor-General as authorized by its lawyer, advises certain undertakings were to be dealt with by the presentation of the particular subject to be considered for legislation, those instructions enter the lower house for debate, as a Bill. In some instances, the Bill enters the debates from the House of Lords, such as was done with the British North America Bill 1867.

A Bill can enter the house for debate in certain ways. One way would be a private members Bill. This is a Bill which could be considered as not being essential legislation and private members’ Bills rarely receive Royal Assent. Another way in which a law enters the house would be as a Bill consequent to the Governor-General’s message. Take, for example, the 1917 Income War Tax. Under s. 54 of the British North America Bill 1867 the parliament of Canada cannot implement a tax without the Governor-General’s prior direction. In 1917 the Governor-General directed the parliament to “…provide for the effective conduct of the war….”. Accordingly, a Bill was presented to the House of Commons and met with the requisite readings and committees prior to receiving Royal Assent.

Because Canada is a colony of England, before it can enact legislation there has to be active Imperial law to support the proposed legislation. For example, if Canada wanted to enact slavery legislation it could only do so if there was valid British legislation. In this case, there is no such direct, “official”, English legislation therefore, Canada cannot directly enact slavery legislation but can and has done an end-run around this issue using the monetary system and, in effect, causing monetary slavery. The former slavery legislation specifically referred to certain people as slaves while current legislation makes a slave out of everyone and we think it is just wonderful. Except of course, those who are


favoured by the politicians. One only has to look at the relationship between the Bronfmans and MacKenzie King. It would not surprise me in the least if the junior

government has no tax records for the Bronfmans perhaps other “privileged” members of society. Insofar as legislation is concerned, slavery was abolished. But, under the Laws of Alfred the Great, which are, by and large, the Creator’s Laws, slavery is still in force and effect as is the death penalty.

Another example of supportive legislation I wish to address would be the taxation by the Ottawa authority. Under U. K. law, parliament cannot tax without the consent of the people. In other words there can be “no taxation without representation”. This is found in the English Bill of Rights 1627. The income tax law from the Ottawa authority is in breach of this enactment which was supposedly applicable to Canada through the Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865 and section 54 of the British North America Bill1867. Therefore, if you know your law and procedure you will be better able to address the tax man from Ottawa when they knock on your door to steal your property.

When Governor James Murray took command of Turtle Island, on behalf of King George the Third in 1763, he immediately ruled as a dictator. This was, and is, the common practice where ever the sovereign power undertook a conquest or a trade monopoly of, or in, a foreign land. This mode of operation is still being practiced today. He or she would have his general govern the new territory, hence, “governor general”. As I have said, this is currently in place today as evidenced with the Governor-General, Lieutenant-Governors, attorneys who also hold the rank of general even a receiver and registrars who are Generals. There are similar positions south of the so-called border. There you have; state Governors, and a surgeon and attornees who also hold the rank of General.

The phrase “parliament of Canada” in itself is prima facie evidence of the efforts of the Imperial Parliament to extinguish the Indian’s right to the Land because the expression has a connotation of being anything but purely commercial. Its intent, or course, was to hold out a parliamentary system such as the one in Great Britain and once the Indians are completely extinguished you have a turn-key official government with a history of legislation. This was a useful tool to apply to immigrants in the illusion, or experiment, misleading the immigrants into believing Canada was a bona fide Nation and had land to “give away”. What immigrant is going to say Canada is not a Nation when they received land for free?

The state uses their media and statute laws to keep the public’s attention to matters other than the ancient and legal history of the land and its original inhabitants. Utilizing its schooling system the state teaches our children what the bureaucrats require them to know. It also indoctrinates the Indian children into believing the laws of Canada apply to them as they apply to the Canadians at large. By denying Indians their Land and by telling the people and Indians lies about Canada being some sort of great “Nation”, the corporate officers for Canada are able to siphon off trillions and trillions of dollars of natural resources for the benefit of people of foreign jurisdictions and not for our benefit.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

A final word on Magna Carta 1215 is warranted. As stated, the Laws the Creator gave to Moses on the mountain were, by and large, part of the concentration of the Laws by

Alfred the Great. Alfred the Great incorporated certain provisions, such as; removing the Cities of Refuge, noting the “confessor”, adopting the gods of Grecian antiquity and other changes. However, he did manage to hold the Ten Commandments as the first ten laws. We do know some of the Commandments have been altered, in some cases deleted, as the PAPACY Inc. ten commandments show. For example, the 4th., Commandment is somewhat flawed for it is impossible to work for six days and rest on the seventh only. Certainly, there are feasts and festivals, not to mention the New Moon days of rest. The Israelites, of the Walls of Jericho time period, marched for seven days before the walls came down. The Israelites of that time were keepers of the Law. There is no mention in Scripture indicating the Creator permitted the Israelites from keeping the Sabbath therefore, the question arises as to exactly how did the Israelites keep the Law and manage to work for seven days. The answer is found in the New Moon phase of the moon. The Israelites had to have commenced marching on Jericho on a New Moon day. The New Moon days are “days off” or festivals. You do not work on a New Moon day but it is not a Sabbath. So, they commenced marching on a New Moon then for six more days for a total of seven. The next day would have been the Lunar Sabbath. This is one example of the Decalogue being altered.

Back on track with Magna Carta 1215 we have the concentration of the True Nobility of the Tribes of England into a single entity, the King or Queen. King John appears to be the first monarch of this concentration and in 1213 he entered into a contract with POPE INNOCENT III Inc. which caused John to turn over all his wealth, duties, obligations and responsibilities to POPE Inc. as well “those who were to come after”. In effect, King John sold out to the corporation “POPE Inc.”. I contend, in 1215, 25 Barons were “sent” to threaten King John. The threat was for John to sign Magna Carta or he would forfeit his life. Certainly it could have been viewed as extortion or other illegal means but, with John choosing fealty to the PAPACY in 1213 it could very well have been a two fold “effort” to subvert the Law of the Land. On the one hand, the Inner City of London was “given” sovereign city-state-kingdom status at the same time recognizing, or enshrining, the Laws of Alfred the Great. With John’s signature on Magna Carta, and with John being owned by POPE Inc. it could be said the Laws of Alfred the Great were further concentrated into the talons of POPE Inc. Magna Carta 1215 has been cited in numerous cases in these modern times but still stands silently in the background, I suppose awaiting the day when people wake up.

Personally, I subscribe to Stephen C. Perkes position on the Laws of the Creator. He claims the Laws are still in force but we have allowed the politicians to bend us toward the canon law. We have to assert the Creator’s Laws other wise we shall continue to suffer the heavy, oppressive canon law, in other words, to be the canon fodder of the creditors. In order to break the yoke of canon law one must not ask for or receive any “benefit” from any level of government. One must resign from the corporate systems which are currently in place. It was not that long ago when the children were educated at


their house and attended school after entering their teens. The Jesuits have an adage they use; “give me a boy before the age of 9 and I will have him for life”. By enrolling your

children, in the school system, they are being molded and shaped the way the creditors want people to be twisted for they tend to make obedient slaves.

Although a theory requiring further research, the dividing line between canon law and the Creator’s Law may very well be reflected under statute; 13 Victoria chapter 21 (this means “13” as in the 13th., year of Victoria’s reign, from 1837 or 1850, chapter or law 21, of this year). Under section 4 of this statute, visible at page 60, Track 3, you will find a reference to the “calendar month” or the “Lunar Month”. We know calendar month belongs to the PAPACY, invented by POPE GREGORY Inc. while the Lunar Month is a time piece from the Hand of the Creator. On the one hand, the Creator is too stupid to make a “perfect calendar” so much so a corporation, POPE Inc., had to create a “proper” calendar. Unfortunately, POPE Inc. is fallible for the corporation must add an extra day every 4 years.

The Lunar Calendar is a perfect calendar, never changing. You can see the gradual waxing then waning of the phases of the moon over a 28 day period. Then there are the new moons wherein the moon doesn’t light up for one or two days. And, exactly where does the moon go to for the one or two days? An eclipse is different from the new moon as you can still see the moon during an eclipse. As it is written in the Book of Genesis, He created the greater light and the lesser light for the appointed times and the seasons.

Meredith Quinn stated there was one day every 7 wherein a portal opens for us to reach the Creator and he concludes that day has been lost. That day has been found and it is found in the perfect phases of the moon. From a new moon to the first quarter is 7 days. From the first quarter to the full moon add another 7 days. From the full moon to the last quarter add another 7 days and 7 more days to the last waxing crescent of the moon just before it goes new.

So, when we deal with the PAPAL calendar month we are submitting to the commercial-canon law otherwise in subscribing to the Lunar Month one submits to the jurisdiction of the Creator and not to the whim of one who claims to be the Creator’s earthly and heavenly Personal representative. I believe, unless the law states Lunar Month the law would then only apply to others and not the flesh and blood who were created by the Creator.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


The term; casus omissus was first drawn to my attention through the work of Meredith Quinn from his involvement with the Wounded Knee “event” of the 1970’s and Judge Urbum’s statement in a subsequent court case. The reason the “powers-that-be” can and do get away with what they are doing can be identified in two areas. One area is the courts and the second area deals with the so-called “grandfathers” of the Indians. First, I would like to focus in on the courts.

The way the Indians lose and the state wins on matters germane to Indian Land is very simple to understand. The state sets up shop on Indian Territory, then proceeds to enact statutes “intended” to apply only to those other than Indian. Next, the agents for the creditors incorporate Indians through the enfranchisement scheme. The state is not to enact legislation in relation to Indian customs, traditions and laws but the state can, but doesn’t, enact legislation to deal with those who molest the Indians in violation of the Pledges of the Royal Proclamation 1763. When an Indian appears before a judge, whether of his own volition or dragged kicking and screaming into an audience with a judge about his rights under the Royal Proclamation 1763 the court has to rely upon statutes to address the Indian’s issues. Without any statutes with which to rely, the judges proceed to deal with the matter under the common law, or more likely, “equity”. This is what is known as omitting the case. In legalese it is what is referred to as “casus omissus”. I have included the definition of casus omissus in my chapter on definitions but the definition is as follows; Casus omissus means;

A case omitted; an event or contingency for which no provision is made; particularly a case not provided for by the statute on the general subject, and which is therefore left to be governed by the common law

Note, “to be governed by the common law” and section 96 of the Courts of Justice Act for Ontario wherein “equity”, the creditors, super-cedes the common law. Unfortunately, when an Indian appears in court as previously stated, the judge deals with the issue according to the common law. The problem with this can be found under section 96 of the Courts of Justice Act (Ontario). According to s. 96 of the Courts of Justice Act, the common law and equity can conflict and when this happens equity prevails. Taken from section 96 of the Courts of Justice Act (Ontario) we find the remedy when the common law and equity conflict.

s. 96.1 Courts shall administer concurrently all rules of equity and the common law. R.S.O. 1990, c. C.43, s. 96 (1); 1993, c. 27.

s. 96.2 Where a rule of equity conflicts with a rule of the common law, the rule of equity prevails. R.S.O. 1990, c. C.43, s. 96 (2); 1993, c. 27.


(We must bear in mind the Common Wealth of Nations of Great Britain. It is common for “Canadian” courts to use case laws from the united States, Britain, Australia etc. therefore, and by extension, the statute laws must also somewhat be relevant amongst the Common Wealth hence, s. 96 may be a hidden law which invariably extends to the entire Common Wealth.)

Equity, in this case, falls to those who are alleged to have spent the “big bucks” on the Island and those “investors” more than likely are the remnants of the financiers of the 1657 “event”. They are satisfied through what is known as “latent” or “secret” equity and is the sole reason why one obtains no relief in the courts when opposing any governing

structure on any matter which poses a threat to a reduction in the amount of money flowing off of Turtle Island to foreign creditors. The creditors protect themselves through their agents, who are lawyers, by way of “solicitor-client privilege”. This is the sole purpose of the legal “profession”. To download ALL wealth generated world wide into the hands of the PAPACY Inc. because POPE Inc. is god on earth and calls the shots in Heaven and on earth.

The next fatal blow to Indian Land comes in the form of the “grandfathers”. Seems the grandfathers sought the wisdom and insight of the “creator” before signing the so-called Treaties, more precisely, when the governing structures utilized their own enfranchised Indians to sign on the line. When the people were down and out from the pounding they were taking from the different governing structures, coupled with an orchestrated starvation campaign, the “powers-that-be” made them an offer. The offer came in the form of pseudo Treaties with the end run being the genocide of the Indians, escheatment of their Lands and natural resources.

When confronted with having to consider either signing the Treaties or face starvation the grandfathers of the Indians prayed to the Creator for help and guidance. The Creator, the all knowing and all seeing protector of the Indians, advised the grandfathers to allow the enfranchised Indians to sign the Treaties. You might say the grandfathers sought and got the “good housekeeping seal of approval” from the Creator before they signed their, and those who come after, lives away. Any attempt by the Indians today to override their grandfather’s decisions, as guided by their Creator, in entering into those Treaties would be an act of disrespect to their grandfathers. How could it be the Creator of the Indians would approve of the grandfathers signing fraudulent Treaties which would ultimately lead to the demise of millions of them? The only plausible answer would be the Indians may have thought they were praying to the true Creator but may have been praying to some other entity.

From what I have read, and heard, Lucifer appears to certain Indians the same way the god of the “free”masons appears by way of; sparks, bright lights and colours. If there were loud noises then its appearance would be not unlike fireworks. It would appear the “free”masons and the Indians have at least one thing in common.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

It has been said there were about 100,000,000 million Indians exterminated in the beginning of the 16th., century. If those numbers were allowed to flourish there would have to be tens of billions as of today. But, it would appear to me, the “creator” the Indians rely on is defiantly not looking out for their best interests. This is exemplified in the numbers of Indians in existence today. In the upper part of Turtle Island there are less than two million. Perhaps the Indians are praying and relying on some sort of entity whose focus is on sending the Indian people, en masse, to the buffalo jump. What else could it be? The Mayans appear to have been listening to the same “creator”. Where are the Mayans today? How could or did the Mayans build such fabulous palaces yet they, and the Indians of Turtle Island, are considered backward savages?

One is not a “Canadian”, “American”, “Scotch”, “English” etc. One is of a Tribal relation as we were all created in His Image and not as a creation of lawyers (government). We can see this in the “ethnic cleansing” being undertaken as against the African Tribes and Tribal Chiefs. We all have to realize the earth is not the Creator. The moon is not the Creator. The sun is not the Creator. No animal is the Creator. If we keep thinking money and other intangibles are our Creator we will think ourselves, and those-who-come-after, out of existence as exemplified by the Indians of the Americas. Their current population numbers bear this out.

As the Indians have been divided, the normal approach they would have taken, insofar as transgression are concerned, would be to strike a Chief and Council meeting and come to a consensus. Once achieved, the judgment from such meeting would be sent to the “powers-that-be” for correction. If there is no response, or correction, from the “powers-that-be” then the Indians would take the grievance into the International Court. The fact there are only “Canadian” chief and councils is in itself prima facie evidence of genocide for if there was no genocide there would be de jour or legitimate Chiefs and Council. Also, it is alleged as long as there is one Indian standing the Treaties would continue on. So, this would negate the “casus omissus” excuse the courts use. On the other hand, an ounce of lead would solve the lone Indian standing theory.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


Throughout this work I have made many references to the monarch as well the Imperial Parliament however, what appears to be two entities is, in reality, one. The Civil List came about in 1660 shortly after the extinguishment of Charles. Not only was his head severed but the monarchy, such as it was, was severed as well turning England into a republic. (John Richard Green, Brief History of the English People, Volume 1)

In sum and essence, the Civil List was an arrangement between the Imperial Parliament and the monarch wherein the monarch would yield up all its inheritances, be they statutes, obligations, income, power or whatever, to the Imperial Parliament in exchange, the Imperial Parliament pensioned off the monarch. From this point onwards, the monarch became the puppet to the whim of the Imperial Parliament or its creditors.

Having read my thoughts on Privy Council you will understand when I posit the monarch is there to act as a “smoke and mirrors” or a pseudo “Privy Council” in order for the Imperial Parliament to by-pass the debates in the Parliament when it came to subversive laws, edicts, proclamations, decrees or charters. Bearing in mind the Civil List removed the power from the monarch and placed it with the Imperial Parliament, William and Mary could not unilaterally charter the Bank of England in 1694, Charles the Second could not charter the Governor and Company of Adventurers Trading into Hudson’s Bay, through Prince Rupert, George the Third made the Royal Proclamation 1763 not on his own behalf, rather, on behalf, perhaps under orders of the Imperial Parliament, or the creditors. Victoria could not give royal assent to the British North America Bill in 1867 and Elizabeth could not give royal assent to the “Canadian’s” Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. With this last illustration it could explain why Elizabeth wore a hat and not a crown when she trespassed on Indian Territory to give the impression of giving royal assent to the Charter in 1982.

I am not sure where the expression “dog and pony show” originated however, if ever there was such an example to be found one needs to look no further than Elizabeth Windsor, or whatever alias she prefers, with her corgis and horses.

It could also be said, the King, or Queen, might very well have subcontracted management of the royal affairs, the management of the divers colonies, over to the Imperial Parliament. This could be plausible due to the fact there is a lot of work involved managing the “Royal Holdings”. However, once this happened, the King, or Queen, could easily be misled or connived once his or her back were turned.

For example, according to the Queen’s bible, the King James Version, the, Creator, is not a respecter of “persons” and this is the key because Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor is the Queen. She is considered to be a remnant of the Tribes of Judah therefore she can only be known as the Queen of Judah. She can Lawfully hold only two names. One, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor and the other, “Queen of Judah”. For her to hold


other names such as; “THE QUEEN”, “REGINA”, “HER MAJEST IN RIGHT OF”, etcetera would mean she has taken corporate names other than her birth name and Scriptural Lineage. Those other names therefore, would be indicative of a “personae” and Creator is not a respecter of “persons”. Therefore, she would be in violation of her own Scripture. If she subscribes to the Lateran Pact then her Bible is totally meaningless, despite the corruption of her Bible.

What appears to be happening is found in the adage; “when the cat is a way the mice come out to play”. While the King, or Queen, has his or her back turned corporations may have been invented in order to confuse the people into believing they have something to do with the Queen of Judah but do not. The Imperial Parliament set about manipulating the Bank of England, perhaps the Bank of England manipulated the Imperial Parliament, for reasons unknown to me, and consequent to this, have incurred massive debts thereby precipitating the requirement for colonial expansion. With this colonial expansion, and according to the Bank of England Charter, all colonial banks must be chartered through the Bank of England. William Cobbett summed it up rather articulately in his comments on the Bank of England.

If you take a rational look at economics you will find every single colony is in deep, deep debt. The united States of America, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and the list goes on. England as well is in debt and the debt was created by its one charge, the Bank of England. Well, exactly who has been lending all that money to create the debt owed by all nations of the Common Wealth of Lands? Furthermore, who is the one in receipt of all the interest payments owed by debt? Imagine, every Land forming the Common Wealth is in hock so it would stand to reason someone or some other Land “owns” the planet.

Could that be the anti-Christ? Conspiracy theory? Certainly not. There is no conspiracy. There exists simple financial transactions to which all the Lands forming the Common Wealth owe that money to the owners of the International Bank, of which most of those indebted Lands are shareholders in. As Cobbett would opine, the indebted Lands formed the International Bank and they all now owe themselves all this money. Hmmmmmm …. There must be a bigger picture, an IMAX, going on here. Conspiracy theory? Nope! Just sound business practices I’m sure! After all, would our elected officials actually betray us? Never!, they are our saviors, our god! Adolph Hitler, Ein Yah!

If creditors so not own Elizabeth Windsor, then it would be appropriate for Elizabeth to take personal charge of her duties, obligations and responsibilities. However, with the blood mixing, between Judah, Edom and Cana’an, it is not likely this will ever come to pass.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


This and the following three chapters hit at the heart of the problems we are facing. Taken from a court case, LaBelle and the Law Society of Upper Canada, (January 5th., 2001) we learn from Justice McKinnon;

The legal profession is a fundamental component of our historical system of government and pre-dates Magna Carta. Self-government was assumed by the English Inns of Court since the fourteenth century. The independence of the bar is a conventional constitutional requirement designed to maintain a free society.

Grey’s Inn, Lincoln’s Inn, Inner Temple, Middle Temple and Temple B. A. R. are 5 Inns of Court located in the inner city of London therefore have nothing to do with England.

I have eluded throughout the preceding chapters lawyers have been responsible for the problems the Indians and those others who were born here faced and still face. As well, the world wide carnage of past and current upheavals can also be attributed to them. Lawyers were absolutely essential to the scheme of genocide and “land for paper” swapping. The lawyers set up the fictitious debts. The lawyers set up the fictitious income tax law. The lawyers protect the identity of the creditors through self-serving “solicitor-client privilege”. And without the lawyer, no world war would ever have been started and started on behalf of their client, the money masters. The lawyers put down the stumbling blocks before the blind and curse the deaf. The lawyers were instrumental in the invention of the British North America Bill scam. We must bear in mind most politicians are lawyers.

Lawyers are kind of like Jews. A Jew is not a “Canadian” or an “American” or of any other corporate entity. Only the non-Jew is a corporation. A Jew is a member of a Tribe which can be found in Scripture. A Jew would be of Edom/Ishmael or Edom/Hittite-Cana’an one sect of the Jew could be Chazar while the other could be Ashkenazi which remains for clarification. The same can be said for the lawyer for a lawyer is not a “Canadian” or an “American” or any other corporate entity. They are sovereign, so to speak, as a Jew is of a sovereign, Edom-elohim. The Jew has it right. You have to belong to a Tribe and if you don’t you are corporate and engaged in commerce to which creditors claim sole jurisdiction over you. And, to be controlled by the creditors is not a good thing. It could account for why the Zeusites (Jesuits), the lawyers and judges all wear the black robes and I do not believe it is a “Jesuit Logic” thing I think it is more than likely they work for the same masters. The commonality is the black robes which indicate they are wearing black not meaning the reverse, white, and possibly instilling on others they are into the forces of the dark side, perhaps the dark degrees of “free”masonry.

While cancer is curable and has been curable for thousands of years, the creditors, through its medical and law profession, have set up a veil of secrecy and deceit in order to hide this fact and to eliminate as many Tribes as possible, in particular the Tribes of


Israel, using money as the carrot to meet that end. The Tribes of Yisra’El certainly deserve what we are getting. (Track “31”)

There are differences between; lawyers, barristers, solicitors and advocates however, I have chosen not to distinguish them and when I say “lawyer” I am speaking of the legal profession in general. I am referring to those who work within the judicial system except the judiciary. I have excluded the judiciary because a lawyer who becomes a judge cannot “practice” law from the “bench” but are still brethren to the lawyers. As well, when a matter concerning high treason against a lawyer is brought before the court, technically speaking there has to be someone to prosecute and pass judgment on the traitor and it is not proper for a fox to adjudicate matters concerning certain transgressions by one of its brethren fox. All Law Societies are secret societies. All members of Law (secret) Societies, whether they like it or not, whether they know it or not, work for Fleet Street (Threadneedle Street) and are the personal lawyers for the creditors. This is why if an Indian approaches a lawyer in regard to breaches of the Royal Proclamation 1763 the lawyer will always decline assisting the Indian. Similarly, if you approach a lawyer in regard to the so-called income tax law, and begin to explain there is no bona fide tax law the lawyer will immediately order you to leave its office.

The lawyers hold a monopoly on the legal profession, and the court system, and the following is one way in which they have established their monopoly and racketeering of law within the Colonies. I shall focus on “Canada” and how the lawyers established the monopoly in 1867, based upon an assumption or presumption if the British North America Bill 1867 was valid Imperial Legislation. We find the monopoly of the legal scheme under Part VII, of the British North America Bill 1867, entitled “Judicature”, sections 96 through 101. Section 96 reads:

The Governor General shall appoint the Judges of the Superior, District, and County Courts in each Province, except those of the Courts of Probate in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.”

The Governor General has the sole authority to appoint the judges to those specific courts as applicable to those specific Provinces. The Governor General does not require any legal background. Take Ms. Clarkson for example. She was a journalist. Strangely enough she was not a lawyer but was appointed Governor General. However, as we now know the Governor General can commit to no legal initiative without authorization by its lawyer, the Judge Advocate General. So, if a Governor General were to appoint a lawyer to the bench the Judge Advocate General, a lawyer, would be the one actually doing the recommendation in order to ensure another fox is appointed to the bench. There was a time when the lawyers let it slip when Senator Lougheed was petitioned about a judicial vacancy which ought to be filled by a member of a Law Society rather than a politician. The passage can be found in the Income War Tax Bill senate debates of 1917. The current Governor General, Jean, has Vou Dou related images on her coat of arms.

Where the lawyers have it all sewn up can be found under s. 97. Section 97 reads;

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

Until the laws relative to Property and Civil Rights in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, and the Procedure of the Courts in those Provinces, are made uniform, the Judges of the Courts of those Provinces appointed by the Governor General shall be selected from the respective Bars of those Provinces.”

As of today, 2010, it has been 143 years after the alleged “passage” of the British North America Bill into law. During this time span the politicians have not been able to, or cannot, or will not, streamline property and civil rights and the court procedures relevant to property and civil rights. The lawyers are thought to be the “brains of society” yet have been unable to undertake a simple procedure of equalization of property and civil rights

and the court procedures. It could be they are deliberately maintaining this imbalance for their own personal ends, as a secret society, engaged in racketeering or it could be the

Imperial Parliament lawyers purposely included this section knowing there could be no equalization in this regard thereby maintaining their control over the people, on behalf of the creditors. However, the British North America Bill 1867 was not authorized nor given Royal Assent which is another reason to use the Lunar Month as a time marker.

Under s. 98 of the British North America Bill 1867 judges of the Quebec courts can only be selected from the Bar of that Province. Section 98 reads;

The Judges of the Courts of Quebec shall be selected from the Bar of that Province.”

One could suppose the reason for s. 98 could be found in the fact the people of Quebec are governed by the Napoleonic Civil Code as opposed to the common law, or equity, the other Provinces operate under.

As with “free”masonry and the legal profession there are no secrets or “mysteries” as anyone can, with a degree of due diligence and His guidance, seek out the information which invariably will expose the lies they rely upon for the profession’s very existence. This publication tends to bear this out.

All lawyers are members of the British Accredited Registry, or “B. A. R.” which is a foreign jurisdiction owed by creditors. All lawyers subscribe to oaths with this organization. All lawyers are members of one of the Inns of Court found in the inner city of London. In Canada, I believe the lawyers belong to the “Inner Temple” and in the united States, the “Middle Temple” and “Inner Temple”. (Tracks “32 and 33”)

From the statement made by McKinnon we can better plot out the progress of the New World Order. We have the concentration of the Tribes of England leading to Norm’s “conquest”. We have seen the nobility, interbred with other Tribes to create blood line loyalties, replaced with those with money. During the 11th., and 12th., centuries we have the creation of the complex canon law. In the 13th., century, desirous of seizing the Creator’s Laws, we see King John bowing down to POPE Inc., in 1213, then we see the 25 Barons setting up PAPAL control over the Creator’s Laws with Magna Carta 1215. In


the fourteenth century, as McKinnon says, the Inns of Court, the lawyers, take control of managing England. During this century we find the Knights Templar finding Solomon’s gold and becoming rich lending to the royals and PAPACY. Jacques de Molay was executed and, while it is not widely known to be true or false, I believe POPE Inc. seized the Templar’s gold and from there, the PAPACY turned management of the royal PAPAL affairs over to the law profession, lawyers as spawned by the efforts of Augustine and its monastic movement.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


We know the Scriptures have been tampered with in 321 P(agan) P(apal) B(abylonian) K(aballac) C(ommercial) C(anon-fodder) C(alendar) Y(ear), “PPBKCCCY” at the Council of Nicea, as there is a vested interest by those who are in opposition to those people, places and things created by the Creator. Certainly, with the advent of POPE Inc. there has been an onslaught of terror and destruction supposedly in the Name of the Creator. For example, the King James Version speaks of the Jews and Tribe of Judah. Since the King James Bible contains the Law of the Land, by extension, I shall shed some light on this. In order to better understand it one must become familiar with the story of Jacob and Esau, the twins of Rebekah and Isaac. Before we begin, Elizabeth Windsor is a remnant of the Tribe of Judah. If Judah and Jew were interchangeable then why is Elizabeth Windsor not the head of state of the corporate Cana’anite State of Israel?

Jacob and Esau were twins born to Isaac and Rebekah. Esau was ruddy, or red, and was the first born. Cain was also red. It was prophesized the elder would serve the younger and, during the course of their lives, it would come to pass Esau would trade his birthright, the blessings and inheritance from their father Isaac, for a mess of red lentils from Jacob. The birthright, under the Hebrew Law, as opposed to the “Jewish” law, was assigned to the eldest son and involved transferring the estate and blessings of the father to the son. By birth, Esau had that entitlement. Eventually, Isaac was about to pass on from this life and at this time, Rebekah and Jacob conspired to cheat Esau out of his birthright. Isaac was nearly blind at this time. Esau was hairy and Jacob smoothed skinned so the coconspirators devised a plan wherein Jacob would place woolen lamb skins on his arms so Isaac would sense, by touch, he was speaking with his first born, Esau. As an aside, upon the death of Isaac, Jacob became “Israel” while Esau became Edom, or, the Israelites and the Edomites.

Jacob received the inheritance and the blessing. Esau found out and became livid so much so he wanted to kill Jacob and to this day, the Edomites appear to be committed to the task of revenge. I can not say I totally blame them. Jacob fled for a time and after the smoke had cleared and the dust settled Jacob returned and Esau had calmed down. You will note, the state of Israel today has nothing to do with the Tribes of Israel and while there are many theories on the colour of red, one can see there is no good in the colour of red, for it is the colour of Edom and the colour of blood.

As mentioned, Edom became livid upon finding out he was cheated out of his birthright and blessing leaving him flat broke. Despite prophecy, Jacob became greedy and opted to cheat Esau out of his right. I believe had Jacob abided by the prophecy this world would not be in the situation of the current mass melt down.

Esau was prohibited from associating with the Cana’anites and, after being cheated out of the blessings, birthright and entitlements, he married into the Cana’anites by marrying two Hittite sisters. The Hittites were the money power of the day. Again, I can not say I


would totally blame him, but, if we submit to our Heavenly Father, nothing but good can come to pass.

Having learned a valuable lesson from his younger brother Jacob, coupled with his newfoundwealth, Edom went about playing similar deceitful tricks upon Jacob and his offspring, the tribes of Israel. One of the tricks I have surmised to have happened is the misnomer of “Jew” in order to confuse people into believing the Jews and Judah were one in the same for Judah consisted of; the high priests, the rulers and secular teachers. There were 10 tribes of Jacob/Israel and three tribes of Judah with the Tribe of Dan being expelled for Ba’al (Ba’al pronounced “bail” … sound familiar?) worship. While there are some who believe Esau to be “Elohim” Scripture says otherwise. However, with the bastardization of the Bible over the years there exists much confusion and in order to attempt to clear up some misconceptions one must consider the following.

The tribes of Israel have been paying the price ever since Esau was “Jacobed” out of his birthright so much so there virtually exists no tribal identity at all. However, if correct, the tribes of Edom/Cana’an are everywhere, for we hear of the Jews to no end. The holocaust, the Jewish Defense League, B’nai B’rith, the state of Israel, anon. The Jew knows no nationality. They are tribal but are disguising their true tribal identity of Esau-Edom/Cana’an with the misnomer “Jew” to confuse the world into believing they are the ruling tribes of Judah-Israel, the “chosen” people. The tribes of Judah are supposed to be ruling according to Scriptural Law or they would pay the price but we can see the contradistinction with the tribes of the Jews in their ruling through slight of hand and their oppressive ways through the doctrine of “might is right”.

Furthermore, we can see a parallel between the Cana’anites and the Jews today as gleaned from Scripture. Cana’an was, and is, out to destroy the planet and everything the Creator created, including the Jews. The Cana’anites have been relying upon the Jews lust for material wealth to meet this end and we know the Jews were deprived out of their birthright by Jacob and Rebekah so this could substantiate the Jews apparent lust for material wealth and luxury. We can see both of them at work wherein the Jews are rape-looting-and-pillaging the planet for material wealth while leaving a path of destruction in its wake. For example, the Gobi, Prairie, Amazon, Pacific and Atlantic Oceanic deserts as well the Sahara Desert with its myriad underground rivers which are not being and are not to be exploited in order to regenerate life.

We see another tie-in with the Cana’anites and the Jews through the old town of Jerusalem where Fortress Zion once stood. Fortress Zion was in the eastern end of the Land of the Cana’anites and was occupied by the Jebusites. The Jebusites were of the Cana’anites and, although I have not been able to ascertain the goings-on within the walls

of that fortress, I would assume the Jebusites were involved with heavy Ba’al worship, perhaps human sacrifices. The tribes of Judah made an attempt to take the fortress by scaling the walls but were unsuccessful. King David was finally dispatched by the Most

High and was able to take the fortress by gaining entry through the underground water system leading into the fortress.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

As stated, Fortress Zion was within the city of Jerusalem and today, the Jews, on behalf of Cana’an, pretty much control this city. Since the time Edom entered into the house of Cana’an the “Jew” was founded. Since the Jews, Ishmaeli and Cana’anites control the city of Jerusalem I verily believe the agenda is to reestablish Fortress Zion in order to return to the ancient Ba’al worship and sacrifices of long ago. I also believe the third temple of Solomon will be, in reality, the reconstruction of Fortress Zion in guise. The stones have already been cut for the building of this “third” temple and all which is needed is to raze the temple of the Dome, the Muslim Mosque. In order to avoid a huge backlash by the Ishmaeli and Mohammedans there must be mutual consent to bring it down or it must come down in one of two ways. The temple of the Dome can come down either through natural disaster or through man-made technology such as “Tesla vibration technology”. Tesla was able to develop “his” technology by purportedly accessing the information stored in the VATICAN libraries. This raises questions as to what else VATICAN is hiding from the people.

We must remember prophecy regarding the destruction of the Second Temple of Solomon. It was prophesized not one stone would be left standing on another stone. This happened in 70 PPBKCCCY. The “wailing wall” the Jews adore is thought to be the last wall of the Temple of King Herod. King Herod was an Edomite who ordered the murder of the first born males. Also, there is joinder between the Jews and the Cana’anites. When the Assyrian, Joe Ratzinger, became the corporation “KING BENEDICT XVI” the rabbis were lined up at the doors of VATICAN waiting to see King POPE Inc. From the seed of Abraham you have the Edomites mixing with the blood of Cana’an and Ishmael forming blood-family ties. This has been going on now for thousands of years and the Windsors are no different with its ancestors interbreeding with the Cana’anites. One also has to understand there are 4 races, the; black, white, red and yellow. Edom and Cana’an were red. The Negros blame the whites for the slavery thing. The problem is, there is the white race and there is the white tribe.

Having reviewed “The Underground Cities of the Hittites”, from the History Channel, I found the Hittites lived in underground caves-cities which were capable of holding tens of thousands of people. The Hittites lived underground for several generations thereby losing the pigment of their skin rendering them white. It would appear confusion runs supreme. Meredith Quinn states the White Race is the ”Kleopatra Tribe” in contradistinction to the woman, ”Cleopatra”.

“Free”masonry and Catholicism are pretty much one in the same, insofar as Ba’al worship is concerned. Although very similar in Ba’al worship the “free”masons worship Lucifer and Satan but POPE Inc. worships many, many other gods such as, but not limited to; Isis, Horus, Set, SatanSanatSanta and Zeus. In “free”masonry there is a “wizard” who leads the “congregation”. The wizard has a wand with 12 of the 13 signs of the zodiac. The wand is made from the wood of the holly tree, hence, “Hollywood”. It’s majick! Like the “silver screen”. It could very well be the creditors are manipulating


honest people into believing they are important or have some sort of pre-ordained destiny to fulfill and through trickery and slight of hand the creditors, or “free”masons, show the

victim their importance through astrology and numerology instead of praying to the Creator for answers, guidance and protection. The victim is usually seduced into such fraternities through their own insecurities or outright greed. Although I haven’t but rudimentary knowledge on the subject, it would seem to me dates, times and planet alignments come into play when the initiate is duped into believing they are someone important. But, POPE Inc., Julius Caesar, George Washington, possibly others, have altered the commercial calendar thereby throwing time out of kilter.

It is rather uncanny what the Jews have been able to pull off. There are but few exceptions insofar as tribal identity is concerned. The Jews have maintained their tribal identity, through misnomer, yet there are still a few tribes left to destroy. In Kenya, for example, one of the divers forms of “democracy” is supplanting tribal identity and in order to suppress tribal identity the Jews, through the Cana’anites, are financing the “democratically” imposed governing structure. In Afghanistan, the insurgent military deal with Tribal elders. At the Pakistani-India border, the so-called Taliban will not enter into the tribal areas. In the Americas there, just barely, are tribes and nations of the Original People and in Scotland, they have managed to retain some of their tribal and clan heritage.

Digression time. While on the topic of the so-called “Taliban” I was wondering if anyone knows if Ollie North finally got Abu Nidal? Or, is Nidal retired somewhere in Crawford, Texas?

What the “new world order” is, it is a “concentration”. A concentration of the tribal identity into corporations such as; “Canadians”, “Americans”, “Chinese” and those corporations concentrated into unions such as; the “European Union”, “Amero Union” with the ultimate end run the concentration of those unions into the one world union and controlled by only one entity, the one whom all debtor nations owe money to, the anti-Christ, a remnant of Cana’an or some other entity. Of course, the riches of the planet are also being concentrated into the hands/talons of the creditor.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


So, you don’t accept my interpretations outlined in the preceding chapter. You don’t believe a Creator exists. While each is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions you might want to consider the following in order to test the legitimacy of some parts of Scripture. Bear in mind, according to Scripture, one does not have to take “secret oaths” to the Creator. All one has to do is to follow His Laws and observe the weekly Sabbaths He gave to us and the 7 Sacred Feasts and Festivals of the year He gave to us to honour Him. Although the “powers-that-be” have certainly corrupted Scripture, it is my sense all one has to do is resign one’s self to worshipping the Creator and He will enter your heart and mind and show you what His expectations are and He will also show you how the “other side” is deceiving us and what their ultimate plans are. This book is such an example and would, most certainly, have been impossible without His DIRECT intervention. He is quite clear in His Words. Obey Him or He will not recognize you. Live of this world and die of this world. Live in His World with His Words and live forever. After all, exactly where did I obtain the “light” necessary to write this? A lodge? A worshipful master? Not likely, for, if I did, I would not be allowed to publish this work. All the light given to me, as found in this work, has been given to me by the Creator.

Before I delve into the Freemasons we find there are at least two Gods of the Freemason. As He divided the night with the day we have a 50-50 split with night and day each having 180 degrees. In a carpenter’s square you have 90 degrees. “Four” is the number of foundation and to come full circle one must one must be “foundationally square”. There are four squares or 360 degrees in Freemasonry. A Swastika has four squares. It is my understanding the Light Bearer, Lucifer, is the God of Light, for the first 180 degrees (outer masons) while Satan, the Prince of Darkness, is the God of degrees 181 through 360 (inner-hidden masons). From what I have also read if one’s father fell to the degree of Master Mason and died, his son, if also a Mason, would fall to the 65th., degree which is the combined Scottish and York Rights of 32 and 33 degrees. The reasoning is founded on the fact the father was trusted, tested and true, squaring with the lodge therefore, through the sins of the father, the son falls further. I have no idea about the methods, procedures and time frames required on how the initiate falls to the 360th., degree however, I would think it could involve generations if not centuries of “royal blood” falling through the Freemason’s rituals. As well, there are those whose lineage can be traced back to those masons who constructed the Temple of Solomon.

According to some “Free”masonry writings it appears the “Free”masons built Solomon’s Temple. Since there is no reference to Solomon using slave labour it could quite possibly be the “Free”masons of that day were followers of the Laws of the Creator. After the building of Solomon’s Temple forty-thousand “Free”masons were held in captivity for four generations. This sounds not unlike what the Jews, Assyrians and Cana’anites accomplished with Judah as set out in 2Kings25 v. 21-28. Consequently, the mason’s “hermetic”, meaning “known”, knowledge became Cana’anite “esoteric”, or hidden from us.


If correct, to fall to the 360th., degree would encompass generations of father to son to grandson initiations. The Sherffs, alias “Bush” family, may very well have fallen to the degrees of darkness. What Prescott Sherff/Bush was doing during the Second World War is readily available and he was “rewarded” with his son and grandson becoming the chief executive officers of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc. As well, there is a special place, in the lowest of the dark degrees, for those remnants of the masons who were involved in the construction of the Temple of Solomon.

Masonic Oaths: Entered Apprentice Degree;

When a candidate is inducted into the First Degree of the Blue Lodge, he is blindfolded, a noose is placed around his neck his left chest is bared, his left pant leg rolled up and he is told to take off his shoes and kneel before the Worshipful Master of his Lodge. He must then swear he will never reveal what he is about to learn. Although there are some minor variations in wording throughout different Lodges, all Masonic oaths are similar in content. Upon entering this degree the candidate must swear the following oath;

All this I most solemnly, sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steadfast resolution to perform the same, without any mental reservation or secret evasion of mind whatever, binding myself under no less penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by its roots and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea, at low water mark, where the tied ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, should I ever knowingly violate this, my Entered Apprentice obligations, so help me God”

Second Degree/Fellow Craft;

As aforementioned PLUS;

“… my breast torn open, my heart plucked out and given as prey to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field”.

Third Degree;

As aforementioned PLUS;

“… body severed in twain, my bowels taken from thence and burned to ashes and scattered before the four winds of heaven”.

During each ceremony the victim is asked;

What do you desire most?”

The victim is told to respond by saying either;

The Light” or “more light”.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

What is not revealed to the victim is exactly what is meant by “the light”. In order to define what “the light” really is, you have to make reference to Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma”.

On page 104 of his work you will find Pike stating;

Masonry … conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it”.

Furthermore on page 819 of “Morals and Dogma” Pike goes on to say;

The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry”.

Page 781 of “Morals and Dogma”;

If you reflect, my Brother, you will no doubt suspect that some secret meaning was concealed in these words.

There are secrets being concealed. The “initiate” does not have full disclosure, however, it could be said the “initiate” fails to ask the appropriate questions which, invariably, leads it to lose its soul to who?

There is, as Albert states; “ … some secret meaning … “

The “secret meaning” can be further inferred to at page 219 of “Morals and Dogma

That Rite raises a corner of the veil, even in the Degree of Apprentice; for it there declares that Masonry is a worship.

Remember what the initiate says re: “worshipful master” … The “worshipful master” is none other than the Grand Architect of the Universe, also known as “GAOTU”. At page 840 of “Morals and Dogma” Pike says;

It was the remembrance of this scientific and religious Absolute, of this doctrine that is summed up in a word, of this Word, in fine, alternately lost and found again, that was transmitted to the Elect of all the Ancient Initiations; It was this

same remembrance, preserved, or perhaps profaned in the celebrated Order of the Templars, that became for all the secret associations, of the Rose-Croix, of the Illuminati, and of the Hermetic Freemasons, the reason of their strange rites, of

their signs more or less conventional, and, above all, of their mutual devotedness and of their power.


That statement was designed to help those entering the 32nd., Degree of the Scottish Rite understand the secret of Masonry. They are told that the “… word …”, the secret knowledge, was transmitted to the leaders of the Ancient Initiations, the “Elect”, preserved by the Templars (of the Crown Temple), and then passed down through the Rose-Croix, the Rosecrucians of which Pierre Trudeau was a “member”, and the Illuminati, to the Hermetic Freemasons. The “… word …” or secret knowledge was incorporated into the symbolism of their rites. What is the “ … secret …”? When an initiate learns the mystery of his Kraft he has access to “ … power …”.

In order to fully understand the occult of Freemasonry I now direct you to one “Manly P. Hall” in his book; “Lectures on Ancient Philosophy”. In his book, he clearly shows there to be two levels of Freemasonry. An “outer fraternity” and an “inner fraternity”. The outer is one everyone is familiar with and this would include the Shriners. But the inner fraternity is immersed with the study of the “mysterious Arcanum arcanorum”.

Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity, an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect. The visible society is a splendid camaraderie of “free and accepted” men enjoyed to devote themselves to ethical, educational, fraternal, patriotic and humanitarian concerns. The invisible society is a secret and most august fraternity whose members are dedicated to the service of a mysterious ‘arcanum arcanorum’”.

One cannot understand the strange symbol on the back of the American dollar bill until you understand the mysterious “arcanum arcanorum”. The mysterious unfinished pyramid and “all seeing eye” described by experts as;

the Eye of God on the seal is a symbol representing spiritual vision that was used in many secret societies, including the Rosicrucian’s and the Freemasons. The pyramid is a symbol of material power and was used by many ancient cultures as an initiation chamber.

We know the number “13” denotes evil and bad luck and superstition claims Friday the 13th., is a dangerous date. Many high rise building do not have a 13th., floor, the Royal Bank of Canada at Portage and Main in Winnipeg, Manitoba being one of the exceptions,

but not many know the reasons as such. Jacques De Molay, leader of the Knight Templar, was arrested on Friday, October 13, 1307. Others tell us;

the number 13 embodies a key quality for the united States, as it appears repeatedly in the Great Seal as well as being the number of original colonies. Throughout the seal the number thirteen is used thirteen times. In the number of stars, clouds around the stars, stripes, arrows, leaves and berries in the olive

branches, feathers in the tail, layers of stones in the pyramid, number of letters in ‘E Pluribus Unum’ and in ‘Annuit Coeptus.”

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

Novus ordo seclorum’ beneath the pyramid means; ‘New Secular Order’ which is coming. The Wholly Roman numbers; MDCCLXXVI refers to the year of the

Declaration of so-called Independence was allegedly signed as well the year the so-called “Illuminati” was formed.

Hall continues with his explaination of the origins of the emblems on the back of the u. S. dollar bill;

For more than three thousand years, secret societies have labored to create the background of knowledge necessary to the establishment of an enlightened democracy among the nations of the world

Did you catch that? Democracy!

Men bound by a secret oath to labor in the cause of world democracy decided that in the American colonies they would plant the roots of a new way of life. Brotherhoods were established to meet secretly, and they quietly and industriously conditioned America to its destiny for leadership in a free world …

Again, democracy!

On the reverse of our nation’s Great Seal is an unfinished pyramid to represent human society itself, imperfect and incomplete. Above floats the symbol of the esoteric orders, the radiant triangle with its all-seeing eye … There is only one possible origin for these symbols, and that is the secret societies which came to this country 150 years before the Revolutionary War.

The emblem was placed on the back of the Great Seal of the united States in 1789, and hidden from public view until Henry Wallace convinced president Roosevelt it should be displayed on the back of the dollar bill. Both Henry Wallace and president Roosevelt only fell to the 32nd., Degree Masons not even 10% of the way down. Henry Wallace was also involved in other occult activities.

Some historians trace the origin of modern-day Masonry back to the Knights Templar, a religious order (and we know religion has nothing to do with Scripture) was organized in Jerusalem in 1118 (a perfect “11” … 1+1+1+8=11). The Templars were supposed to guard the pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land but many of them were far more interest in

learning the forbidden knowledge of the Sages. After the Moslems seized Jerusalem in 1187 a group of Templars returned to Europe and used their esoteric knowledge to amass a great deal of wealth. They soon became the central bankers of Europe and both the Catholic Church (commerce) and the monarchies began borrowing from them. It seems

everything the Templars did turned a healthy profit. Then, in 1307 (1+3+7=11), Jacques de Molay, their leader, was arrested and accused of heresy. Several years later he was burned at the stake. Some of his followers escaped to Scotland, where they lived out their


lives in obscurity. Many people believe that modern-day Masonry carries on the traditions of the Templars because both the York Right and the Scottish Rites of Freemasonry offer Knights Templar degrees.

Catholic historians claim the Order was suppressed because it blasphemed God, and not that many Templars confessed their heresy. Masonic researchers claim the Templars confessed their heresy. Masonic researchers claim the Templars were outlawed

because the papacy and the monarchies didn’t want to repay their loans, and the confessions were invalid because they were extracted by torture. How can we discover the truth about the suppression of the Knights Templar? Manly Hall had access to hidden knowledge.

Was Jacques de Molay burned by the Holy Inquisition merely because he wore the red cross of the Templar? What were those secrets to which he was true even in death? Did his companion knights perish with him merely because they had amassed a fortune and exercised an unusual degree of temporal power? It was not the physical power of the Templars, but the knowledge which they had brought with them from the East, that the church feared. The Templars had discovered part of the great arcanum; they had become wise in those mysteries which had been celebrated in Mecca thousands of years before the advent of Mohammed: they had read a few pages from the dread book of Anthropos, and for this knowledge they were doomed to die”.

The Templars were doomed to die because they discovered the “secrets” from the “dread book of the Anthropos”. This is the instructions given to the victims entering the 32nd., Degree of Masonry;

It was the remembrance of this scientific and religious Absolute, of this doctrine that is summed up in a word, of this Word, in fine, alternately lost and found again, that was transmitted to the Elect of all the Ancient Initiations; it was this same remembrance, preserved, or perhaps profaned in the celebrated order of the Templars, that became for all the secret associations, of the Rose-Croix, of the Illuminati, and of the Hermetic Freemasons, the reason of their strange rites, of

their signs more or less conventional, and, above all, of their mutual devotedness and of their power.”

Pike explains the secret of Masonry originated with the ancient Magi(ck) was imperfectly revealed by the Gnostics, and guessed at by the Templars.

The Occult Science of the Ancient Magi was concealed under the shadows of the ancient Mysteries; it was imperfectly revealed or rather disfigured by the

Gnostics; it is guessed at under the obscurities that cover the pretended crimes of the Templars; and it is found enveloped in enigma that seem impenetrable, in the Rites of the Highest Masonry. Magism was the Science of Abraham and Orpheus,

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

of Confucius and Zoroaster. It was the dogmas of this Science that were engraven on the tables of stone by Hanoch and Trismegistus.

Therefore, there are two forces at play here, the force of good and bad as found in the teachings of “Zoroaster”. This battle is in constant force and began in the Garden of Eden. Pike says;

The Prince of Darkness … made Adam, whose soul was of the divine Light, contributed by the Eons, and his body of matter, so that he belonged to both empires, that of Light and that of Darkness. To prevent the light from escaping at once, the Demons forbade Adam to eat the fruit of ‘knowledge of good and evil’, by which he would have known the Empire of Light and that of Darkness. He obeyed; an Angel of Light induced him to transgress, and gave him the means of victory; but the Demons created Eve who seduced him.”

There you have it. The Lord of the masons is the “Prince of Darkness” and the Serpent of Eden was the Angel of Light. What is black is white and white is black. What is wrong is right and what is right is wrong. The true god of the “free”masons is exposed at page 210 of Albert’s book wherein he states;

Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not! For traditions are full of Divine Revelations and Inspirations.

You must now cross reference Manly Hall to get a clearer picture.

When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands.

For those of you who are into the “New Age” movement you would be familiar with the channeling of one “Madam Blavatsky”. Channeling is the ability to down load Lucifer’s

thoughts and plans on paper such as some rock stars are alleged to have done. The most influential people since Blavatsky were devout followers of her channeling efforts and it could be the reason they were used, as tools, for nefarious reasons. Hitler and Alice Bailey, founder of the Lucis Trust were big fans of Blavatsky. I would suppose if Hitler was a follower of Blavatsky then this is the type of work one ought to avoid like the plague, but, by the same token one must, I believe, understand those deceptive works in

order to “know thy enemy”. Certainly, the Jesuits (Zeusites) must be included as a useful tool of Lucifer.

In one of her volumes called The Secret Doctrine Blavatsky wrote;


In this case it is but natural. To view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind. For it is he who was the ‘Harbinger of Light,’ bright, radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automation created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was the first to whisper; ‘in the day you eat thereof ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil’ can only be regarded in the light of a saviour.

And now it stands proven that Satan, or the Red Fiery Dragon, the ‘Lord of Phosphorus’ (brimstone was a theological improvement), and Lucifer, of ‘Light Bearer,’ is in us; it is our Mind-our tempter and Redeemer, our intelligent liberator and Saviour from pure animalism. Without this principle … we would be surely no better than animals.

The ancient Magi(ck), the Adepts of the Mystery (Babylon) Religions, Confucianism, Zoroasterism, the Knights Templars, Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, the esoteric Freemasons and other secret societies all worship Lucifer. The reward for worshiping Lucifer is fame and fortune. Most of the Freemasons are clueless as to who the “behind the scenes” Masons really worship. All major entertainment celebrities, all world leaders, all major corporations, the United Nations, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund are all tied in with Lucifer and are attempting to deliver the world and all on it to Lucifer and we are allowing this to happen.

The key here is “concentration”. The plan here is for the concentration of the planet and its contents into the talons of Satan. The plan is told, in part, from the magazine; New Age, in 1950 wherein it is written;

God’s plan is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions, and creeds. This plan, dedicated to the new order of things, is to make all things new-a new nation, a new race, a new civilization and a new religion, a nonsectarian religion that has already been recognized and called the religion of ‘The Great Light’.

Looking back into history, we can easily see that the Guiding hand of Providence has chosen the Nordic people to bring in and unfold the new order of the world.

Providence has chosen the Nordics because the Nordics have prepared themselves and have chosen God.”

When Chief Alaric defeated the wholly Roman empire in the fifth century it resurfaced under the monastic movement started by Augustine the pirate. The single headed eagle of

the wholly Roman empire was replaced with the double headed eagle which is also on the 33 degree Masonic ring. As well, this symbol is found throughout Europe. The one head

faces west to Rome, the other head faces east to Byzantium. This was brought about by the Arians, the “supreme Arian race” Hitler spoke of. The Aryans Hitler adored may very well be the Edomite-Hittite who became the white tribe.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

It is hoped by contrasting this chapter with my previous chapter you will see there certainly is a Creator and He has been hidden from sight, deleted from books and covered over through various “tools” of the “other side”. According to Pike, “et al”, “their” god is quite mean and vicious, demanding certain hideous oaths with penalties of extreme, violent deaths for breaching their “sacred” oaths, duties and obligations. “They” place themselves above all others. “They” have their chains of command. “They” work behind the scenes. “They” are flesh and blood like the rest of us but serve a god bent on the

destruction of the planet and “they” use; fraud, deception, manipulation, threats, coercion, blackmail and other cowardly acts to carry on with some plan and for some entity of which both are not fully known or understood. Let us not forget the “carrot” is money or fame or fortune or material wealth in general. Although it could be considered demonic, it is truly quite brilliant the way “they” operate. And we fall for it every time. They are employing the Art of War by Sun Tsu. ALL war is deception as with this economic war which has been waged against us using Chinese slave labour to undercut our manufacturing and WALMART to usurp the small mom and pop stores.

As a final note, the building of the Temple of Solomon utilized the services of Hiram and the Freemasons. It would be safe to conclude Solomon would not use un”godly” people to build the Temple. There is no record he used slaves. Therefore, it could be safe to conclude those employed in the service of building the Temple had to have been observers of the Law.

In order to build the Temple, although I have seen no proof of this, Solomon may have fallen for the fractional reserve trickery of the HittitesCana’anites. Solomon was kept busy, creating babies, while the Cana’anites encouraged him to use their “financing” to send workers hither and yon to effectively map out the riches of the world under the pretext of finding the necessary materials to construct the Temple. After the Temple was built, the pressure of the debt must have caused the collapse of the Solomon empire thus the collapse of the Temple. We must remember, aside from the labour, the Temple was built with some of the finest and valuable materials the world had to offer. Therefore, in order to attempt to suffice the “debt” the Temple may have been dismantled and the valuable materials given to, or taken by, the creditors.

I felt it fitting this chapter, on secret societies, precedes the next chapter on POPE Inc. as they are both intertwined.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


Canon (fodder) law

Art. 1.


Can. 331 The bishop of the Roman Church, in whom continues the office given by the Lord uniquely to Peter, the first of the Apostles, and to be transmitted to his successors, is the head of the college of bishops, the Vicar of Christ, and the pastor of the universal Church on earth. By virtue of his office he possesses supreme, full, immediate, and universal ordinary power in the Church, which he is always able to exercise freely.

Can. 332 §1. The Roman Pontiff obtains full and supreme power in the Church by his acceptance of legitimate election together with Episcopal consecration. Therefore, a person elected to the supreme pontificate who is marked with Episcopal character obtains this power from the moment of acceptance. If the person elected lacks Episcopal character, however, he is to be ordained a bishop immediately.

§2. If it happens that the Roman Pontiff resigns his office, it is required for validity that the resignation is made freely and properly manifested but not that it is accepted by anyone. (emphasis added)

Can. 333 §1. By virtue of his office, the Roman Pontiff not only possesses power over the universal Church but also obtains the primacy of ordinary power over all particular churches and groups of them. Moreover, this primacy strengthens and protects the proper, ordinary, and immediate power which bishops possess in the particular churches entrusted to their care.

§2. In fulfilling the office of supreme pastor of the Church, the Roman Pontiff is always joined in communion with the other bishops and with the universal Church. He nevertheless has the right, according to the needs of the Church, to determine the manner, whether personal or collegial, of exercising this office.

§3. No appeal or recourse is permitted against a sentence or decree of the Roman Pontiff.

Can. 334 Bishops assist the Roman Pontiff in exercising his office. They are able to render him cooperative assistance in various ways, among which is the synod of bishops. The cardinals also assist him, as do other persons and various institutes according to the needs of the times. In his name and by his authority, all these persons and institutes fulfill the function entrusted to them for the good of all the churches, according to the norms defined by law.


Can. 335 When the Roman See is vacant or entirely impeded, nothing is to be altered in the governance of the universal Church; the special laws issued for these circumstances, however, are to be observed.

“In God We Trust”, “God Save the Queen”, “ … the supremacy of God and the rule of law.”. Thank “God” the United States, Britain and Canada have the mergence of the Church and State. Mergence of the Church and State? How can that be? Didn’t the Creator divide the Church from the state? Exactly who or what is “God”? To reiterate;

If you ask a Jew who they worship as their Creator they will tell you it is “Esau-Elohim”, but not “God”.

If you ask a member of the Tribe of Judah who their Creator is they will tell you “The Messiah” but not “God”.

If you ask an Israelite who they worship as their Creator they will tell you “The Messiah” but not “God”.

If you ask the Freemason who their Creator is they will tell you it is “Lucifer” the bearer of light, for the 180 degrees of light but Lucifer is not “God”. The other deity the Masons worship is Satan, the Prince of Darkness for the 180 degrees of darkness, 181-360. But neither of them is referred to as “God”. However, one of them is referred to as the “Grand Architect of the Universe” or “GAOTU”.

If you were to ask a Muslim who their Creator is they would tell you “Allah” but Allah is not God.

There you have it. “God” carries different meanings to many Tribes as we have seen so, who then is “God”? God is the concentration of the poly gods of Grecian and Roman antiquity, concentrated into the “trinity” then to the one, “God”. They are the pagan deities of POPE Inc. and VATICAN Inc. and as evidenced on the back of a Catholic priest’s vestments, which is a military uniform, through the letters; “IHS” standing for “Isis, Horus and Set”. That fancy hat POPE Inc. and the boys wear is the Temple of Dagon “Dagon” fish hat. Sampson pushed the pillars of “church and state” apart at that temple of Ba’al.

When you understand what happened to the world after Chief Abdullah es Zeghal sold his treaties to Isabella of Spain, who, in turn, “donated” them to POPE Inc. as a tie diem you will better understand it is the PAPACY working with the Society of Zeus and the other secret societies planning to destroy the planet. Nothing more and nothing less! When one considers the planet is seventy-five percent water, there are water shortages and we supposedly have a cod fishery problem yet cod lay many eggs you can plainly see there is an effort under way to destroy all forms of “free” food sources and the planet in general. Cod lay one-million eggs a year. Even if one-percent of the eggs from one-million spawning cod survived would mean a huge amount of fish. Chemicals aside, I

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

would not put it past VATICAN to have factory ships with the sole purpose of catching fish, grinding them up and spewing the mulch back into the ocean.

We can see VATICAN’s effort with the Prairie soon to be deserts, Lake Winnipeg is being murdered, the Pacific salmon migration routes were plotted in order to ascertain where the most effective location fish farms could be placed so parasites (not lawyers) would multiply and attack the wild fish stocks. Very, very smooth! And just as I am finishing this book, on August 13th., 2009, it was reported some 9-11 million Pacific salmon are unaccounted for. Hail POPE (Inc.)! Looks like it found their natural habitat and POPE (Inc.) destroyed it. Of course, I am off the wall, and there is a “plausible” explanation for the decrease in salmon stocks.

The harvesting of the old growth forests and replanting with pine trees. Now we have the pine burrowing beetle, devastating the forests and with the forests barren there would be no place for the wildlife, meaning, further loss of wild food sources.

If one would like to read more of what VATICAN is up to, you might like to obtain a copy of the “The Jewish Peril, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, which I call; “The Jesuit Peril, Protocols of the Learned Elders of VATICAN”, By Marsden. In this book they detail how they will teach “their” children to be; doctors, lawyers and accountants and the doctors shall experiment on the goyum”. True, with VATICAN Inc. owning most businesses and schools, they would obviously control the flow of thought. Tesla for example, obtained “his” technology from VATICAN Inc. library. The former hermetic (known) knowledge, taken and suppressed from the masses by VATICAN Inc., and now held as their esoteric (hidden) knowledge and this knowledge is being used to “wow” political leaders into submission not unlike showing Adolph Hitler the Messiah’s seamless robe. PBS had an excellent documentary on Japan. Seems Japan was a powerful nation until the Zeusites showed up in the mid 16th., century then all hell broke loose.

This is what also happened in China. China was responsible for many, many inventions and was creating major inventions for thousands of years. The Chinese invented; gun powder, fireworks, toilet paper and the first printing press around 600 years positive from year “0”. This time period coincides with the decades immediately following the Moorish Treaties of the late 15th., century. It would appear POPE Inc. was busy sending its troops, the Society of Zeus, Zeus their Christ, to corral the riches and nations of the world. Or dazzling world leaders with some sort of numerology or astrology showing the victim he or she has some sort of spiritual destiny rather than allow the Creator to accept your apologies, in turn, rely on His protections and forgiveness for their transgressions against the people.

After all, by and large, we are all the same. We walk, talk, eat, sleep, think, and have the same attributes. We all have bodies, which can be compared to Temples holding the Spirit of Life, a Royal Gift, given to us by the Creator. We come into this world with


nothing. We leave with nothing. But we leave our marks in the book of life and our lives are measured in the amount of grief we have caused to each other and whether or not,

before passing on, we came to our senses, ask for forgiveness and to not transgress on others again. Once we realize our bodies are Temples, Churches if you will, then you will come to realize the Spirit in all of us is the Spirit from our Heavenly Father and when I

hurt you or you me we are actually hurting our Heavenly Father. Certainly, there is plenty to go around. Just look around! The cities are where you definitely do not want to be for they are useless commercial centers and with the economic meltdown the cities would be

the first to fall. One would not want to be caught in the crosshairs of urban meltdown, which is coming fast! As we know, the cities have been fitted up with closed circuit

cameras in order for POPE Inc. to see live action of the people and society breaking down due to the economic collapse which is just about here. And when there is an economic collapse, the solution is to remove the worthless eaters. Have a war! Clear up the “debt” then rebuild the “New Jerusalem” or “New Atlantis”.

As of 2009 the industrialized nation of the world are in financial crisis. In the spring of 2008 Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a twenty billion dollar budgetary surplus. He promptly pledged to use that surplus in order to pay down the “debt”. Funny, no one asks whom the money is going and from whom Canada, and all other industrialized nations, is borrowing. Although I have no substantive proof I would like to offer this rather long winded hypothesis.

In the times of ancient Greece, the Cana’anites had a system of Ba’al worship enacted through the “Olympics”, games and the construction of lavish temples dedicated to the gods. The society became encumbered with the debt which eventually crushed the empire. From there, the Cana’anites moved over to Rome. Merrily on their way with their pagan deities they too had the Roman games with the Coliseum and gladiators. The Romans changed the names of the Greek gods to conform to the Roman concepts. Along comes the Creator and throws a wrench into their flight plan by rendering unto Caesar what he creates and instilling the division of the church from the state.

From this point forward it became rather difficult in restraining the logic and spirit of the Creator so much so throwing the “Christians” to the lions could not stop this. So, in 321 Constantine concocted a plan with his bishops (Philistines) resulting in the corporation known as the “PAPACY”. “Religion”, as invented by Constantine and his bishops, would become the narcotics of the people for thousands of years. The head of this new Ba’al worship would become known as POPE Inc. a “person” at law, a legal entity, one who has cast off being recognized being created by Creator in favour of being created by men.

Catholicism would be the leading religion. The religion of Catholicism is commerce. VATICAN is commerce and one look at Vatican City speaks volumes. The blessed sacraments of Catholicism include, but are not limited to; rape, loot, pillage, theft, extortion, blackmail, murder, genocide, abortion, and everything generally considered evil in this world.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

At 451 PPBKCCCY Chief Aleric supposedly defeated the (wholly) Holy Roman Empire, but, it would only resurface as the “Monastic Movement” headed by “freebooter” (pirate) Augustine. Augustine would set in place the “higher schools of learning” bent on controlling the masses through indoctrination, capitalizing on the “sacrament of confession” as a means of raising money through extortion. We all know no mere mortal man can absolve anyone from any crime for crimes against people are things of a moral nature. You may receive “justice” in man’s courts but, some believe in the judgment day wherein all transgressions will be dealt with according to the True Law.

At 1213 King John and POPE Inc. tried to enslave the people to POPE Inc. That did not work out too well, then, during the time of Henry the Eighth’s reign, he severed ties with POPE Inc. then took over as head of the AnglicanCatholic Church of England, which, through the Monastic Movement, was a wholly owned company of POPE Inc.

From 321 PPBKCCCY to the seventeenth century VATICAN wealth grew so much so it was the most likely power able to create the central banking systems of Amsterdam and the Bank of England. Therefore, I have concluded the only power of the day, which could either sanction, create or oppose a central banking fractional reserve fraud would have to have been VATICAN fronted by POPE Inc. The booty collected from the scheme of the Bank of Amsterdam was used to finance Ollie Cromwell with “his” English Revolution” of 1657.

Following the English Revolution, a series of orchestrated wars were brought about in order to create debt and by 1694 the Imperial Parliament’s need for more money was solved with the invention of the Bank of England. Once in place, the fractional reserve system of the Bank of England began to bear fruits so much so there had to be a union of Wales and Scotland in order to drag those people into the slavery and this was done through the Act of Union 1701. This union would come to be known as “Great Britain”.

Twenty years is about the time required to bankrupt a land of people through banking tricks and this occurred by 1717. At this time, George the First tried to raise money and invented the South Sea Trading Company which went bankrupt. Swift documented this experiment in his book “Gulliver’s Travels”. Consequent to this slight of hand, the scheme of Colonization was a means of trying to pay for the debt. In 1657 the Monarchy came under control of the financiers of the English “Revolution”. With the Monastic Movement the “Lords Spiritual” would come. With the insolvency of Great Britain, through monetary trickery, all people of Great Britain became the property of the creditors.

Once Charles the First was executed, the Monarchy came under the direct control of creditors of the Revolution, the Lords Spiritual were owned by VATICAN through the Monastic Movement and the people became owned through the banking scheme. From there, through Colonization, and the Bank of England Charter, other people of other


lands were wiped off the face of the earth or became slaves to VATICAN also through the scheme of banking.

With the Queen alleged to have something to do with Colonies such as the united States of America, Cana’anada, Hong Kong, China, etc., nothing could be further from the truth

for when she pledged to be “defender of the faith”, coupled with being head of the AnglicanCatholic Church of England means she took the position of protecting POPE

Inc. According to Avro Manhattan, to be a “defender of the faith” is to be a defender of Catholicism. Therefore, Elizabeth Windsor is, in fact, Lizzy the Liar, Lizzy the toe kisser, Bloody Liz, “it”, the wicked witch of Windsor castle, a diversion shifting attention from POPE Inc. while POPE Inc. attempts to turn the entire planet into its own possession to then destroy everything on the face of the earth. Once a critical moment of destruction has been reached there will come a point of no return with total destruction the precipitate. Certainly, POPE Inc. and the shareholders of VATICAN Inc. have enough resources to murder off the population without destroying the planet but this is not how “they” operate. Imagine that, POPE Inc. and VATICAN Inc. control “Free”masonry and all other secret societies then send them to the slaughter, pitting one lodge against another not unlike a hockey or football game and the initiates believe they are doing some good for something or someone when all they are doing is participating in the grand scheme of things, the destruction of all life.

The Holy See

When VATICAN carries on with its business of religion, in foreign lands, it does so either through conquest or through what is known as a PAPAL Concordat. A PAPAL Concordat permits a corporation, POPE Inc., to carry on with its commercial enterprise, religion, within a sovereign state. The concordat is signed by both parties to the contract and this contract can only be broken upon mutual consent. Once a PAPAL concordat is established, the sovereign land permitting PAPAL commerce becomes what is known as part of the “holy see”. As well, POPE Inc. applies the “triregno” or the Triple Crown of; church, state and justice, hence, when we hear of the “Crown” in Canada we think of Elizabeth Windsor, but, this “Crown” has nothing to do with Elizabeth Windsor but everything to do with the “Crown Concordat” viz the nation is now subject to the “church-state-justice” of POPE Inc. This is why we shake our heads at “our” judicial courts and “their” decisions. The courts are bowing down to the dictates of POPE Inc. Remember, through (PAPAL Inc.) chaos come (PAPAL Inc.) order.

On Janus 30, 1933, the German people elected Adolph Hitler, as the head of state. A few months later he entered into a concordat with POPE Inc. (Track “34”) Avro Manhattan has written several books, about 20, on the subject of POPE Inc. and the nasty affairs of Catholicism. (It must be understood Manhattan was a Knight of Malta, which is closely associated with VATICAN) According to the Goebbles diary, the plan Adolph had was to concentrate the large corporations and trusts into state control. Because Germany carried

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

a heavy debt load, due to war reparations, I believe what Hitler did was not unlike what appears to be happening today. Hitler used the now state owned corporations as collateral

in order to borrow “money” from VATICAN to have a war. Once POPE Inc. ended the Second World War, the businesses would then devolve into PAPAL possessions in order

to pay the “debt”. Similarly, we have POPE Inc. collapsing the world economy and Canada and the united States are attempting to seize control over; General Motors, Ford

and Chrysler into the hands of “Ba’al”. What most people are not asking is “what about the shareholders?” The shareholders have, for years, enjoyed profits. However, in time

of need, would it not be right and just for the shareholders to anti up a few dollars per share to keep the ark from sinking? That is, of course, if POPE Inc. is not the major shareholder of the big three auto assembly plants or attempting to take control of those corporations in collapsing the share price in order to purchase shares for a song, using worthless paper.

“Hitler then touched upon the Jewish question again stressing the fundamental agreement between National Socialism and Catholicism, pointed out that the Church always had regarded the Jews as parasites and had banished them into the ghetto.  He was merely going to do what the Church had done for 1,500 years.  Hitler suggests that his anti-Jewish actions are ‘doing Christianity a great service.’”

Altogether, Hitler affirmed, he was personally convinced of the great power and significance of Christianity and he therefore would not permit the founding of another religion. Being a Catholic himself, he would not tolerate another Kulturkampf and the rights of the Church would be left intact.

Concerning the school question, Hitler declared he would never accept an entirely secular school system.  Character could be built only on the basis of religion.  We must have believers, Bishop Berning reports him saying.  “We need soldiers, devout soldiers.  Devout soldiers are the most valuable, for they risk all.  Therefore we shall keep the parochial schools in order to bring up believers,” and in this task Church and State must co-operate closely.  Hitler also promised to continue the Catholic organizations if they promoted Christian ideas and at the same time maintained a positive relationship to the state and were public-spirited.  But all residues of liberalism and Marxism would have to be eliminated.  Hitler ended the talk by stressing the great importance he attributed to working closely with the Catholic Church. [Lewy p. 51-52]

And we all thought POPE Inc. was working for the Almighty. It is, but most people’s concept of an Almighty Creator differs greatly from POPE Inc.’s.

Triple Crown

I have found a brief on the history of the PAPACY, written by Monsignor Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo, an Apostolic Nuncio, who describes the head wear of the POPES, PAPAL coat of arms and Joe Ratzinger’s. When a man agrees to be sworn in as a corporation, viz, a POPE the man recites the following;


Receive the tiara adorned with the three crowns and know that thou are Father of princes and kings, Ruler of the world, Vicar of our Saviour Jesus Christ.”

How revealing! A corporation, POPE Inc., is the prince and king above kings, ruler of the world and vicar of its saviour Zeus Christ. No wonder the planet is in such turmoil for

POPE Inc. has some sort of authority to take as much as possible, destroy as much as possible for who, or what? Zeus? He, who is above all but is appointed by those above him!

The Crown Concordat

The Triple Crown is the concentration of the Trinity of “Church, State and Justice”. The “church” level of the triregno is attributable to St. Augustine, who we remember as a “pirate”. The church is spiritual symbolism matching up our minimal understanding of the infinity of “God”. From about 1130 PPBKCCCY a crown was added to the POPE’s coat of arms signifying the supremacy of the PAPAL church’s sovereignty over secular states.

In 1301 a second crown was added signifying the authority of the PAPAL state over all other states, authority over the state in secular or commercial affairs. This came about when POPE Inc. had a disagreement with King Philip of France.

Finally, in 1342 a third crown was added which would signify the POPE’s moral authority over all secular monarchs. At that time POPE Inc. reaffirmed ownership of Avignon.

There you have it; church, state and justice, the triple crown, the “trinity” one of the reasons for the world’s woes. When the Creator made His appearance, He divided the church from the state, meaning, the state has no business in the hearts, minds and spirits of men. Again, this would mean Commandments 1-4 are the sole jurisdiction belonging to men and their personal beliefs in a Creator, or their non belief, if this is their belief. While on the other hand the state does have jurisdiction over Commandments 5-10. And we know the state does bring liars, thieves and murderers to (commercial) justice. However, with POPE Inc. claiming ownership over the land the law is as according to the dictates of POPE Inc. and, for certain, POPE Inc. has nothing to do with Scripture, other than the commercialization thereof. We also now know Pierre Trudeau had no authority to remove adultery as a cause of action in divorce proceedings. Trudeau also removed the jury from divorce in order to relegate “judgment” to the PAPACY owned judiciary, instead of the people to judge. It is easier to own a handful of judges than to own the population at large. No wonder Trudeau was so brazen and cocksure when he went about his business of escalating debt and destroying the family structure then his conspiracy with Jean Chrétien and Roy McMurtry when they set about sticking it to the family and men through the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

PAPAL Coat of Arms

Below is the PAPAL Coat of Arms

The scallop shell is symbolic of pilgrims. The scallop was part of the symbolism associated with the Catholic monastery of Schotten in Bavaria.

There are two traditional Bavarian symbols which Joe Ratzinger utilized in his coat of arms in 1977. The image on the left is a Moor’s head and, from reading Meredith Quinn and the “Moorish American Lawsuit”, we know the Moors were Israelites who settled in the Austria-Germany area upon the dispersion and before migrating to Iberia about 800 PPBKCCCY. They accepted Islam about the eighth century. We note the Moor’s head is wearing a crown, possibly signifying nobility as a part of the Tribes of Israel. The coats of arms of German nobility depict the Moor’s head wearing a crown. The Moors were black as coal and even the palms of their hands and soles of their feet were black. Whether or not they had red lips, as depicted, is unclear to me, but, I do know crowns are of gold and the crown depicted on the Moor’s head is red, consistent with Cain as well Esau-Edom. There also appears a red collar which could be symbolic as “yoked”. This could indicate the Moors (Israelites) being under the “royal authority” of the Cana’anites, such as the Windsors are today. There are some instances when the Moor’s head is shown with a white head band signifying a freed slave.


Furthermore, or should that be “furthermoor”, the Moor’s head was adopted by the diocese of Freising about the same time as the Moor’s switched over to the Koran, 800 positive. At 1817 the King of Bavaria and POPE Inc. entered into a Concordat.

The top right corner, which is the top left corner in description, is known as the “sinister corner”. Anyone who may have attended grade school run by the Catholic Church may recall writing with one’s left hand was sinister and a sign of the devil therefore, we were instructed to write with our right hands. The yarn about the saddled bear comes from a story about a bishop of Freising traveling to Rome, from France, when a bear attacked his horse, killing it. The bishop then tamed the bear and had the bear carry his belongs the rest of the way. The actual story is of the bishop himself and the burden he had to carry, in creating PAPAL pagans, and was probably strong as a bear, or as big as one.

So far, we have the pilgrims, the Israelites, crowned and collared, and the bear. Since the shield somehow depicts the nature of the bearer, one could assume the mission is control of the pilgrims, the Israelites, which would include the fourth son, Judah, perhaps the bear representing the mission yet to come for the pilgrims are corralled, the Israelites are crowned and yoked but the bear has a pack on it’s back which could be construed as some sort of “plan” for Russia.

Adorning the shield we find reference to social, or other, rank, the degree of respect commanded and what jurisdiction the bearer has. Traditionally, above POPE Inc.’s shield appear crossed keys, one gold, thought to represent some sort of ordained spiritual power, the other, silver. The silver is representative of temporal power.

Here is the way it works. According to Matthew’s Gospel (16:19), invented at the Council of Nicea, Christ said to Peter;

I will entrust to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you declare bound on earth shall be bound in heaven; whatever you declare loosed on earth shall be loosed in heaven …”.

There we have it. Zeus Christ gave St. Peter AND his successors, both spiritual and temporal powers and this is why the keys appear on the coat of arms. Not only that, but whatever POPE Inc. says becomes law and is equally applicable for the earth and for Heaven. Huh? Well then, POPE Inc. must be “God” itself! Who would have thunk it? Perhaps we all ought to be kissing POPE Inc.’s big toe? In non-PAPAL heraldry a head piece, usually a crown, appears above the shield. In ecclesiastical heraldry a crown was rare. Although a miter (Dagon fish hat) was the PAPAL head wear in vogue, and is today, a silver crown, as in “Crown Attorney” perhaps, became more fashionable and, in time, three gold crowns were added signifying the triple crown, or “triregno” of the; Sacred Orders, Jurisdiction and Magisterium, or; church, state and justice.

When a new POPE was incorporated, or made into a “person”, the ceremony was called

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

a “coronation” but now-a-days, POPE Inc. has full jurisdiction once the board of directors, the Cardinals, accept the candidates’ application or nomination. This is called the “solemn inauguration of his Petrine Ministry*”. This was how and when Joe Ratzinger gained his power as POPE BENEDICT XVI Inc. Joe opted out of the ornate crown and went with the simple mitre, Dagon hat, which excludes the small globe and cross. However, the mitre Joe uses is silver with three bands of gold with a center showing the unity in the same wearer. Simple, but not lacking the same effect.

Joe also went with the non-traditional “pallium” which is a typical liturgical insignia of the supreme PONTIFF Inc. The pallium represents the POPE’s Inc. alleged responsibility over the flock also entrusted to him by Christ. The real key, perhaps the third key, is “which ‘Christ’” are they talking about? Non-other than Zeus Christ, alias Jesus Christ! So, we have to give everything to POPE Inc. for POPE Inc. is Zeus’s representative here on earth and this is proven because POPE Inc. says so. Not to mention POPE Inc. only came about with Constantine and new found commercial enterprise of Ba’al worship, known as “religion inc.”.

The pallium shows up around Constantine’s time and about the sixth century POPE Inc. passed along sheep’s skin, as in the Masonic apron perhaps, to metropolitan archbishops and from the archbishops to the bishops, sort of like subsidiaries.

Although not shown here, in heraldry it is customary to have a ribbon below the shield with a motto which would sum up the character, ideal or duty in life. Joe’s motto is “cooperators veritatis” (collaborators of the truth) which appears only on his Episcopal coat of arms and not his PAPAL.

The following is from the M+G+R Foundation. They still embrace “God” and “Jesus Christ”, not being familiarized with “Yahuah” and “The Creator”.

[The M+G+R Foundation The True Petrine Ministry

NOTE: Before digesting the contents of this brief document, we invite the reader to familiarize him/herself with our position regarding, and endorsement of, the Catholic

Faith and the Bishop of Rome and Successor of Peter-the Pope. (0)

* Petrine Ministry: Taken from the internet;


The Roman Catholic Faithful has become very sensitive about the function and titles of the Bishop of Rome – the Pope. Of course, this has not been a random occurrence; this has been programmed (not necessarily by the Popes) by those who want to utilize the Papacy to further their own agendas.

This is quite similar with what the Vatican power seekers (not necessarily the Popes) of


many centuries ago did by producing a false document, the bogus Donation of Constantine (1). By means of said document the world was made to believe that Emperor Constantine had allegedly willed the Roman Empire to the Successors of Peter.


Who is the “Rock” upon which the Church was founded?

This was clearly and unequivocally established by the Word of God as manifested in the Holy Scriptures.

The Rock / The Cornerstone

In Matthew 16: 16-18 we read:

Simon Peter said in reply,

“You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God….. And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church,…

In 1 Corinthians 10:4 we read:

…and all drank the same spiritual drink, for they drank from a spiritual rock that followed them, and the rock was the Christ.

In Romans 9:33 we read:

…as it is written: “Behold I am laying a stone in Zion that will make people stumble and a rock that will make them fall, and whoever believes in him shall not be put to shame.”

In Ephesians 2:20 we read:

…built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Jesus Christ himself as the corner stone.

In 1 Peter 2:8 we read:

…and “A stone that will make people stumble, and a rock that will make them fall.” …by disobeying the word…

The Head

The “Head” [Cephas] is one thing; the “Rock” [Kephas] is another.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

In 1 Corinthians 9: 2-5 we read:

2 And if unto others I be not an apostle, but yet to you I am. For you are the seal of my apostleship in the Lord. 3 My defence with them that do examine me is this. 4 Have not we power to eat and to drink? 5 Have we not power to carry about a woman, a sister, as well as the rest of the apostles, and the brethren of the Lord, and Cephas?

In John 1:42 we read:

Then he brought him to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, “You are Simon the son of John; you will be called Kephas (or Cephas).”

“Kephas” and “Cephas” do not have the same meaning but their spelling has allowed much latitude for confusion or outright deceit. “Kephas” = stone/rock: “Cephas” = head

For example – In the Greek version of the New Testament (2) 1 Corinthians 9:5 the word “Cephas” is shown beginning with a Kappa, i.e. Κηφας

We also read that Cephas is a Syrian surname and that cephalo – head – is the form of Greek kephale “head,” as in cephalopod.

We are not linguistic experts but being quite familiar with the manipulations of the Vatican to achieve their very worldly agenda, there is enough confusion about the root word of Cephas and Kephas that the deceit of transforming Simon into the fundamental Rock of the Church was a very easy procedure – notwithstanding all other quotations shown above which clearly indicate the Rock is Jesus Christ – the Word of God Incarnate.

THE ROCK – In Conclusion

If all of the above quoted Scriptural Words are copied and recopied, translated and retranslated as well as manipulated for centuries, the result is just what the man of iniquity needed to spring upon humanity the ultimate snare: Through a carefully orchestrated “tradition”, the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, has been made both, the Rock upon which the Church is founded as well as the Spiritual Head of the Church. Why did the man of iniquity need this duality to be so? The answer is quite simple. The man of iniquity reasoned that if he can control and manipulate a man who is the Pope, a position who people have been made to believe is occupied by a God-like man, he can lead all to perdition.

The glaring Biblical truth is that the Rock “upon which the Church is founded” is Christ whom Simon had just recognized as such as we read above in Matthew 16: 16-18.



This is not only confirmed by the fact that upon a fallen man, even a Pope, a Divine Edifice like the Church cannot be founded, but also by the above cited words to the Corinthians, Romans and Ephesians by Paul, as well as Peter’s own statement.

We would have to ignore 2,000 years of error plagued applied Christianity, and  all the Popes since the beginning (3), to believe that God would set the foundations of His Church on such weak support – fallen man – any man.

In the rush to make Peter the foundation of the Church, it was ignored that Jesus Christ clearly and unequivocally named Peter the Head, the Cephasnot the Kephas, of the Church as Paul also confirmed.

We shall close this section with the Words of the Master – Jesus Christ:

24 Every one therefore that heareth these my words, and doth them, shall be likened to a wise man that built his house upon a rock, 25 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and they beat upon that house, and it fell not, for it was founded on a rock.  26 And every one that heareth these my words, and doth them not, shall be like a foolish man that built his house upon the sand, 27 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and they beat upon that house, and it fell, and great was the fall thereof. [Matthew 7]
Those who fundament their faith upon what the Church Administrators say and not on the Holy Word of God (4) will, as the Church is purified (5), collapse just as a house that is built on sand.


To ensure that his plan would be as perfect as possible, man was enticed to define and proclaim the concept of Infallibility. No one checked that such claim did not even apply to St. Peter as it is clearly illustrated in the letter of Paul to the Galatians:

When Peter came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he was clearly in the wrong…. The other Jews joined him in his hypocrisy,… When I saw that they were not acting in line with the truth of the gospel, I said to Peter in front of them

all, “You are a Jew, yet you live like a Gentile and not like a Jew. How is it, then, that you force Gentiles to follow Jewish customs?…[Galatians 2: 11-21]

This rejection of “blanket Papal infallibility” was confirmed on Dec. 7, 1965, when, a day before closing the Council, Paul VI and Athenagoras I made a joint declaration in which

they mutually deplored and lifted the excommunication that were pronounced in 1054 and that gave rise to the schism between the Churches of the East and the West.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

This rejection was later confirmed by no less than H.H. John Paul II himself during the Jubilee Year. During the course of this year, H.H. John Paul II repeatedly asked forgiveness from God for the past and present faults of the children of the Church. Many of those “faults”, read: “sins”, committed were either committed by or approved by the Pope of the particular era (3) in question.


It should then be clear, to even the most feeble minded individual, that an Infallible Pope would not make mistakes, yet they were many and very serious mistakes made over the last 2000 years starting with Peter as we have illustrated above.

Therefore, Papal Infallibility, in terms that the Pope is infallible in everything he does and/or say, falls in the same category of the already mentioned Donation of Constantine.

(1). A myth to consolidate the Temporal Power of the Pope – something that Jesus Christ Himself rejected from the beginning:

…give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.

For an in depth evaluation of the claim of Infallibility visit our document addressing this issue at length. (6)


In there lies the reality of the Petrine Ministry which H.H. John Paul II was trying to correctly define – a job started by H.H. John XXIII and continued by H.H. Paul VI. A definition which is completely acceptable to the Eastern Church.  H.H. John Paul II was not allowed to do so by the Temporal Power Brokers of the Church.

The Bishop of Rome, the Pope, was unquestionably named the Spiritual Head, the Cephas, (Leader) of the Church which was founded upon the Rock of Christ.

We realize that the above will cause much consternation among some of Roman Catholics but, as we have said before, we do not exist to please people, but to please God [Paraphrasing Galatians 1:10]. What we write and say is only to be “seen” and “heard” by those who have “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” (7).

You may freely reproduce and distribute this document as long as: (1) Appropriate credit is given as to its source; (2) No changes are made in the text without prior written consent; and (3) No charge is made for it.]

I have made previous mention of the Pagan PAPAL calendar which is, for all intents and purposes, all we know of time. As early as 2012 the VATICAN will invent a new, and improved, commercial-canon calendar to be known as the; “Benedictine Perpetual Calendar”, “BPC”, and thought to be in place of Janus 1 2012.


The BPC will have four blocks of three months each. Each block will have the first month yielding 31 days and the other two 30 days with the 365th., day to be done away with altogether. Ok … those born on Mars 31 now have their birthdates changed to April

fools day. Those born December 31st., like the other months, I suppose, have no birth date. No leap year. Boy, what a bunch of party poopers! Taking away our holy occult days of interest!

At page 60 at “Track 3” in the cd of documents you will find, at section IV (catch the Roman numeral?) which reads, in part; “ … and the Word “Month” to mean Calendar Month, unless Words be added showing Lunar Month to be intended; … “.

Here you have the pagan PAPAL calendar and the Scriptural Calendar standing side by each. We know how the PAPAL calendar works but exactly how does the Lunar Calendar work?

As we read in Genesis, The Creator created the greater light (sun) and the lesser light (moon) for the Mo’edeem, or the appointed times and seasons. The sun gives off heat and light through nuclear fusion. The moon gives off light through the unknown phenomenon known as “cold fusion”.

We know the moon gives off its own light for if it did not, and was a mere reflector of; direct sunlight or deflected or refracted light from the sun due to the earth’s interference the light as reflected would cause the moon to be whimsically lit and not preprogrammed as we see it. If it did not give off its light the moon would be primarily full. We also know at the time of the new moons the moon disappears while at an eclipse, the moon doesn’t totally disappear. It is well known, even on the PAPAL calendar, you will note; ¼, full, ¾, last crescent, new moon. This continues on and on and if one were to plot the phases of the moon using the “x” axis for a 30 period and the “y” axis divided into four segments of 7 (28) you will get a 45 degree angle from the “0:0” coordinates. If the moon was a reflector the graph would appear more as a line stretching from “0-x”:“y-14 to “28-x”:”y-14”. It is somewhat like; are we helio-centric or geo-centric? One only has to ask yourself; “does the sun rise and set” or does the “earth rotate into light and into darkness”? I am not going to get into it. Finally, if the moon did not emit its own light then Genesis is wrong or, exactly what is the “lesser light” gleaned from Genesis? The mourning star? The Lord of the Rings-Saturn?

When the Creator divided the night with the day this means 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark. During the year, there are two times this occurs as opposed to the 4 solstices each year. The first equal division, known as the Summer Vernal Equinox occurs on the 17th., or 19th., of Mar(ch)s each year with two years on the 17th., and the next two on the 19th. This date is the marker. Next, you go to the first moon, a new moon, and this is another marker. The day after the new moon, when the first waxing occurs, this is day one and you count 6 of these days and the 7th., is the Sabbath. Seven days later is Passover which the Cana’anites call; Oester, and we know as “Easter”. There are 7

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

feasts and festivals during the Lunar Year and the Cana’anites have turned them into the 7 sacraments.

At about the year 538 POPE Inc. dumped the Emperor and went its own way. POPE Inc. would reign for 1,260 years, as in the Book of Daniel, and this reign of terror ended in 1798 as previously mentioned.

The Cana’anite kingdom of VATICAN did not return until 1929 with Mussolini recognizing VATICAN as a sovereign kingdom through the Lateran Pact. From this point forward, POPE Inc. became a King once again. According to Revelations 17; 10-11, POPE JOHN PAUL II Inc. was the King “that is” and five Kings had fallen. If correct, the Assyrian, Joe Ratzinger, will bow down for the reincarnation of POPE JOHN PAUL II Inc. who will be Satan itself. Again, Ratzinger will not leave office horizontally as noted in the “canon code”. Therefore, if Revelation is correct, we are very, very close to the end of the line.

Remember, He divided the night with the day therefore, the day commences at dawn and ends just prior to dawn the next day. The phase of the moon has to be in place at sun rise. The Jews’ Sabbath falls on the PAPAL Friday and they go into darkness. The Muslims, while Ramadan is stellar-lunar their weekly Sabbath also falls on the PAPAL Friday. The Seventh Day Adventists worship on Saturday, the day of Saturn, while most other worship on amen rah’s day, Sunday. Only His remnants will know the True Sabbath and His Name at these end times.

In closing out this chapter you have noted I have taken the position “Jesus” is “Zeus”. I base this upon the fact the occultists in government would not allow His True Name to be mentioned let alone have Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of Judah, celebrate “Jesus’s” so-called birth day. If the Messiah’s Name was “Jesus” you can bet your life we would not know it. Whatever the government says, or does, look for the opposite, true intention.

For more information on the Lunar Months you can refer to the following websites;




NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


This chapter comes to you courtesy of one who wishes to remain anonymous. His name is Sidney (Sid) L. S. and this, I am certain, you will find very, very interesting.

Supertramp was a rock group of the 1970’s and on. They produced some of the more memorable songs of the baby-boom era and quite a few of their hits are still popular to this day. Crime of the Century was a good album but I have not explored the significance of this album. The album Sid brought to my attention was Supertramp’s Breakfast in America.

I have not explored the lyrics of this album as a picture is worth a thousand words. The album cover is a painting of someone in an airplane looking out the window at the Manhattan skyline.

The picture shows a waitress in a pose simulating the Statue of Liberty. She is fat, and holding the menu cradled in her left arms. The waitress of Liberty is singing as if to exude the expression; “it isn’t over until the fat lady sings”.

In her right hand, simulating the torch of the Statue of Liberty, the fat lady is holding a small tray with a glass of “flaming orange” orange juice. The flaming orange juice is situated across the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre at about the same location the jets hit.

Breakfast time in America, ala executives, is at about 9:00 in the morning. The airplanes hit the towers at about this time.

Supertramp produced this album more than 20 years prior to the World Trade Centre attack.

We have heard about how the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and other rock groups are involved in the occult, Alistaire Crowley, Helena Blavatsky and other occultists and how some of the rock stars claim they are given the tunes and words through what is called “channeling”.

Could it be, Supertramp are also involved in the occult and were shown, in advance, what was to occur some years after the fact? I would like to think this is but a coincidence. However, I am a firm believer in there being no coincidences and perhaps it is time for Supertramp to step up to the plate and explain exactly what they knew back then and how they came to use the particular graphics they used for their album; Breakfast in America.

Personally, I totally reject any sort of defense to this as stemming from pure coincidence and perhaps there are those of you who may have seen other album covers, such as Joe


Jackson’s “Night and Day”, with inferences or “coincidences” in relation to other tragic and planned events.

It is hoped this revelation will stimulate thought on exactly what our morals and principles are and ought to be. And, when you evaluate all the facts surrounding the attacks on the World Trade Centre there is only one conclusion to be drawn and this conclusion is there was a deep, deep governmental conspiracy, by your elected officials, to destroy all our hopes and dreams of our present and futures and the fable we have been taught right from the instant of birth. Not surprising, the rock scene is just as much a part of this as the so-called government.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration


This chapter ought to contain the author’s conclusions or solutions to problems exposed within a publication. I have a practical idea which ought to do the trick and I will present my idea later on. By reading this book you should be able to come to your own conclusions. People generally do not like to do anything out of the ordinary. People like to be led and are being misled in the wrong direction. All one has to do is look at what is on the television. Take commercials for example. Most commercials, or a great many of them, are pharmaceutical in origin. What are the commercials telling you? They are telling you that if you have a certain ailment, or think you have a certain ailment; you can take a particular medication that will have you feeling like you are running in fields of daisies in no time. Such commercials also carry a disclaimer warning some of the side effects could be dangerous enough to cause serious harm, in this context you indemnify the doctor as you have knowledge of the potential ramifications of taking acidifying drugs as you have seen the commercial, with disclaimer.

When the patient attends the doctor’s office requesting the particular medication seen on the television the family doctor knows the patient, or the subject of an experiment, has seen the commercial and has had to have heard the disclaimer therefore, if the patient wants the medication he or she takes it at their own peril. But, people ask for the petroleum product and die from it while most of people’s ailments can be traced to the old adage “you are what you eat”. If you eat genetically modified organisms, plastic foods such as margarine, and meats contaminated with growth hormones and vaccines you are going to get what is coming to you.

After reading this book you ought to have come to the conclusion there is an undeclared administrative war going on against the people and in particular, against the Indians. Your neighbour is the greatest guy you would ever want to meet. He is, however, a police officer and when he puts on his uniform he becomes a soldier aligned with a foreign jurisdiction. They pledge their allegiance to a corporation and go out and attack the people for tax money under the pretext of law and under the deception of jurisdiction. But, those same police, in Ontario for example, subscribe to one of two oaths. One is to the “Constitution” of Canada and the other to the Queen. The “Constitution” of Canada exists only in ledgers or book entries as debt. Elizabeth Windsor has no business within the confines of Indian Territory, at least not the way she is “allowing” business to be carried on. In short, each police officer who subscribes to either oath is really taking an oath to protect creditors, lawyers and to work against those born here. In short, they too are betraying their neighbours and the Indians. Lizzy the Liar is merely a front and tool used by POPE Inc. and the shareholders of VATICAN Inc. and is receiving her cut, which is permission to continue to live, and in the mean time, to give her goddess status her graven image appears on our “money”. As our forefathers told the Creator we preferred to be ruled by men and not Him (Judges 8:7), making sure it was what they really wanted, He proceeded to let us be ruled by men. This is the price we pay for being ruled by men. It is my belief until such time as we decide what our forefathers asked for, and received, was not what we want and what we are getting, we will be stuck in slavery until such time as the planet is completely and utterly destroyed. The Creator is said to


have told us to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto the Creator what is His. I suppose the only conclusion one could come to would be we have to follow the yellow brick road, follow the money, the gold. Wherever the yellow brick road leads to, is the source of all our problems. Those problems can only be settled by each man and woman. Don’t give the lawyers the authority. Ask the state where they derive their authority over you. Have them produce the contract. Rescind your assumpsit contracts. You can be in Babylon but don’t have to partake of Babylon. Just because you walk on the sidewalk doesn’t mean that you are now the property of the city. And for Heaven’s sake, don’t vote because you will only empower “them” more and in exchange for your vote the state takes away, or you give away, all your rights given to us by the Most High.

I think what also may be necessary, and drawing back to Judges 8:7, is for a court to be forced to enforce the law or, in the alternative, for the court to declare “there is no law”. Should any court take the position there is no law the arrangement between our ancestors and the Most High would be broken paving the way for the return of the Creator to clean shop. We do need law and order but the so-called law we are oppressed with is 99 44/100% tax driven and based upon “slight of hand” banking practices which have been going on at least since Esau/Edom got “Jacobed” out of his birthright and teamed up with the Cana’anites. If I personally, could apologize to Esau/Edom for the sins of my father I would, but since Esau/Edom united with the forbidden Cana’anites I believe there is no salvation for his remnants, notwithstanding “All those of the seed of Abraham are entitled to the promise”.

When we review the facts, we see the Council of Nicea inventing a corporation, POPE Inc., Catholicism and the modern “Bible”. If you don’t agree with Catholicism there are other religions you can choose from and all those who preach such religions must obtain a license from Caesar to do so. Augustine being a pirate, and the “blessed” sacrament of “confession” a means to an end of raising money through the other “blessed” sacraments of; blackmail, extortion, bribery and other “technical” means of raising money, we begin to appreciate “religion” has two objectives. One objective is control of the people and the other is to be able to claim the riches of the world for POPE Inc., and those who sit behind the veil of VATICAN.

As stated, at the Council of Nicea, POPE Inc. was invented. In the pagan year 538 POPE Inc. divided the Emperor from the PAPACY. For 1,260 years, POPE Inc. ran its reign of terror. At 1798 Napoleon sent a general to arrest POPE Inc. and POPE Inc. died in captivity. This was the 1,260 years of the Book of Daniel. When Napoleon’s general, Berthier, arrived at Rome, there were no riches to be found. I assume Napoleon had a “confessor”, a Zeusite, who promptly informed POPE Inc. of the plan and the gold was shipped from Rome to Switzerland. Perhaps the use of Swiss Guards make more sense now as well it could explain both the secret bank accounts and why the Swiss are all armed and trained.

After the fall of POPE Inc. in 1798 it took until 1929 when POPE Inc. would have a sovereign nation once again. This happened with the Lateran Pact when Mussolini

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

acknowledged VATICAN as being a sovereign city-state-country-kingdom.

Turning to the King James Bible and Revelations 17:10-11, we find, at the time of King JOHN PAUL II Inc., there were 5 Kings (POPE Incs.) which had fallen since 1929. One is, King JOHN PAUL II, one will come for a short time BENEDICT XVI, who will step down, as opposed to leave office horizontally, and will coronate Satan, who appears as the resurrected JOHN PAUL II Inc. Pretty wild should this come to pass. Only time will tell.

It must be born in mind, those who are partaking of the fruits of the tree of knowledge, viz, seeking “light” from the Masons and other secret societies, if they are not of the seed royal, Cana’anite, they are completely expendable. The Cana’anites are merely doing their job in their betrayal of those of the same land they were born and live on but those who don’t have the seed royal, such as the standing armies of the police, are totally

expendable for they have betrayed their brethren therefore, cannot be trusted. Those mayors, premiers, governors, prime ministers, presidents of the various nations of the

world think they will emerge unscathed have another thing coming to them for they will be some of the first ones relieved of their lives. I am white but was adopted into the Salteaux Tribe. I too, have betrayed the white race in becoming a “Red Man”.

Here are some facts you may like to consider. We are told there is a world population crisis. If you calculate the total square acres the united State and Canada have it would yield some 5 billion square acres. This would amount to a little less than one square acre for every man, woman and child of the planet. Alright, there are bodies of water, mountains, deserts and generally uninhabitable land. Therefore, if each man, woman and child took one square acre of land the entire population of the planet would not fill the north, central and south American Continent rendering the rest of the planet to produce food for the entire population of the world. This would mean; Africa, Europe, Asia, Asia Minor, Australia and all other oceanic islands could be used for food production. This is quite the mass of land to grow food and quite the disinformation campaign POPE Inc. is fostering.

We are also told we have a water problem. The last time I looked at a map of the world water occupies about 75% of the world. So, where is the water problem? The water problem, as well the population problem, lies in “your” “elected” officials who are serving a jurisdiction foreign to you and me.

Climate change, or global “warming”, is nothing more and nothing less than “the sky is falling” peer pressure in order to subdue us into wanting to give up everything we own, and our first born, to save the planet. In Manitoba, for example, the last two years have been the coldest and wettest in years. Also, if Canada were to have a climate increase of even 5 degrees Fahrenheit we would be able to grow other specialty crops. Ask any “Canadian” if they would like a warmer climate and you would find very few opposing this proposition. However, with technology, I would not be surprised if “they” are using

some sort of infra-ray device to heat up the permafrost in order to eventually get at more of the riches of the world.


Some years ago “they” tagged wild Pacific Salmon in order to find their migration routes. Now “they” know the wild fish stocks travel between Vancouver Island and the mainland. From there, “they” provided an incentive for fish farms to be established along the migration route. The carrot is money, capitalizing on greed, the fish farmer can have a monopoly on salmon for the raised fish breed parasites which, in turn, will invariably destroy the wild fish stocks. Smooth, very, very smooth! As previously mentioned, “they” found their Pacific Ocean habitat and must have destroyed most of it.

Is it any coincidence “they” harvested the western forests and replanted pine trees, instead of a mixture of other soft and hardwoods? No! The game plan was to replant with softwoods then introduce the pine burrowing beetle or create an environment conducive to their propagation in order to destroy the forest leaving no wild life which could sustain life for people. However, when you plant only one variety of plant, that plant takes certain, specific nutrients from the soil. Consequently, mineral depletion occurs and the plant’s natural immune system becomes compromised. In a boreal forest, you have divers plant life all giving and taking between plant life creating harmony and building strong immune systems. Like apple orchards etc. those type of agricultural systems are chemical intense as the plants holding the “monopoly” deplete the nutrients from the soil thereby rendering the plant’s immune system compromised.

Microwave ovens destroy all the nutrients in the food which is cooked or heated in this device. Teflon no-stick frying pans emit toxic gases, heavily subsidized canola oil is an industrial strength light penetrating oil thought to cause mad cow disease. Pasteurized milk is another weapon your “elected” officials are using against us and this is how I understand how pasteurization works. For the lack of a better explanation, the linings of our blood vessels and heart are lined with a “no-stick” surface. Pasteurized milk etches the no-stick surface from the blood vessels and heart. When we become stressed, our blood precipitates calcium, and, without the no-stick protective coating the calcium has a place to settle, causing hardening of the arteries and blockages. According to Caesar, if the milk is not pasteurized we can come down with diseases. According to D. C. Jarvis, M. D. and his “Vermont Folk Medicine” contaminated milk comes from an infection of the cow’s udders. To avoid this, a few drops of “Lugol’s Solution of Iodine” added to the cow’s water will prevent the infection. The only thing coffee is good for is for enemas to clear the colon and intestines. When one drinks a caffeinated beverage the body’s ability to absorb calcium is stopped and typically, the little old lady does not fall and break her hip, rather, her hip snaps causing the fall. This is osteoporosis. This toxification the politicians are subjugating us to is our fault and all could not come to pass without the due diligence of your elected officials looking out for “your” best interests because we have fallen for the lie in regard to “voting”.

I am certain everyone has seen the chemical trails left by high altitude and low altitude jets. What I have seen this year and last is the rain water is red. After conducting a web search I have found there are at least two materials being sprayed into the atmosphere. One is alleged to be freeze dried red blood cells. The logic of this spray is supposed to have an effect of the blood cells entering one’s respiratory system which, in turn, would

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

enable the pig flue to penetrate deep into the lungs thereby causing a high mortality rate. Whatever the reason or whatever the chemicals, or other, the fact of the matter is, it is not normal to spray the atmosphere with anything. The other chemicals being spread are

alleged to reflect the heat of the sun away from the earth thereby cooling the earth thereby speeding the global cooling currently under way.

White sugar suppresses the immune system so why do your “elected” officials not outlaw refined sugar? While there are many, many other examples of governmental approval for things detrimental to our health and well being, such as; mono sodium glutamate, table salt, black pepper, the white plastic liners in canned food and the list goes on. The one and only common denominator is this; “our” politicians do not work for us.

A couple “purchases” a house and the lawyer attorns the purchase into a tenancy. The lawyer asks the couple if they want to be known as “tenants in common” or “joint tenants”. Tenancy is opposite to owner so when I sell you a house, the lawyer turns the “sale” into a rental. Lawyers do not wear black robes for nothing!

We have to give everything to “God” for “God” created everything, viz, render unto Caesar what is Caesar and to “God” what is “God’s”. “God’s” representative on earth is POPE Inc. and POPE Inc. even invented a Bible to prove it has that “God” given right. The Zeusites would concur and if you oppose this, you get the “Inquisition”, death.

We are ALL Tribal through lineage. We ALL come from one Tribe or another and what we have been deceived into believing is we are ALL corporate. “We’re American”, (“Americans are perhaps the most brainwashed people of the planet. They think a flag is their god when all it is, is a corporate logo, a rag) “we’re Canadian”, “America is the best place in the world to live”, “Canada is the best place in the world to live”, but, as Trudeau said many times; “what does it mean to be ‘Canadian’?”. The maps tracks, accompanying my documents cd-rom ought to hit home profoundly for those who do not quite fully understand. When you look at the maps of the 4th., century you will note Tribal areas, such as “Finnish Tribes”. By the time we reach the 11th., century we see fewer and fewer Tribal regions. The Tribal identity is currently being destroyed and ALL nations having Tribes are slated for annihilation. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Africa and, saving the best for the last, the Scots are slated for destruction as well the Irish, more so the Scots as they make no secret of their Tribal identity.


Daniel Lavigne, of Humanity House International, has a great idea. He promotes bowing out from taxation with his tax exempt card. He went through the hail of fire and brought an action into the Federal Court. His position is the Nuremberg Principals condone people withdrawing their support, through tax refusal as best as possible, as the governing structure is utilizing the tax base to build weapons of mass destruction.

Along those lines, according to the Laws of the Land, as pretty much summed up in the Laws of Alfred the Great, the privately liable men and women of the divers governing


structures are involved in the occult. Under the Laws of Alfred the Great this is strictly prohibited. Therefore, we all could generate similar tax exempt cards not unlike the great

idea Daniel Lavigne initiated. Also, try purchasing a house, with cash, by-passing the liarslawyers and notifying the land registry/land titles to remove the property from

their records. In this way, the corrupt “elected” officials would start to have problems creating more fictitious debt with lessening collateral. Try driving the speed limit so the police have no reason to stop (tax) you. This will impact local revenues to the extent the police will become outright oppressive in order to raise more revenue for ”your” corrupt officials.

Should we the people, en masse, commit to such undertakings you can bet your first born POPE Inc., the beast, will blow a fuse. Therefore, it would be prudent to commit to your own gardening. Root vegetables, such as; carrots, beets, parsnips and others, can and do grow through the winter in sub-zero temperatures. What you do is this; as the frost is setting in you cover the root vegetables with a cloth, not plastic, tarp. You can roll the tarp back in the day when there is no frost and sunny. But, when the snow falls, the snow acts as insulation therefore the tarp should only be rolled back when harvesting, say, in the middle of February. Care should be taken when harvesting the roots in sub-zero temperatures as although the soil is somewhat hard as steel, you can pop the root out but the harvest can and does freeze when exposed to the air so care should be used to insulate the crop once removed from the ground. This is somewhat like what Fidel Castro did. He mobilized the population to create their own gardens. We can live on vegetables, and not meat, and, when POPE Inc. clears the supermarket shelves you will have something to eat through the winter and into the next growing season. Buddy up with your neighbours. Adopt an apartment dweller.

Apartment dwellers can also set up their own “grow-operations”. A 1,000 watt metal halide bulb uses about forty dollars of electricity per month. With this, one could grow tomatoes, peas, perhaps corn, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables which then can be traded for root vegetables. Getting to know some of the Original people, or hunters, can bring meat or fish to the table. It is time to ignore Caesar and embrace the One, True Living Creator and reject the Catholic/PAPIST politicians who cater to Ba’al through the “abracadabra” of POPE Inc.

When we vote, we assume we are involved in a “trust/fiduciary-beneficiary” relationship with the governing structures. Normally, that is how the “election process” is supposed to work. However, since the politicians are working for others, the trust/fiduciary-beneficiary relationship is also attorned to the creditors. Hence, “our” elected officials are given the green light to continue on with their trust/fiduciary-beneficiary relationship with the money masters to our detriment.

There are two faces to chapter 13 Magna Carta 1215. The City of London’s commercial-canon-PAPAL laws and customs and the laws and customs of the other cities, towns and burghs of England. The latter laws can be found in the Laws of Alfred the Great which form the Common Law of England. The Laws of Alfred the Great (Track “36”) are, in essence, the laws of the Creator, The Creator, and we can see the weasel words used with

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

the intent to insidiously bring POPE Inc. into the equation. Such examples would include; a confessor, a Zeusite, the words “Lord” and JesusZeus as well the abandonment of the Cities of Refuge. The Laws have been extracted and further translated, by me, from Stephen C. Perkes; “Christianity and Law”, and I highly recommend one reads his work.

Having read this far you can see what Edward Gibbons was saying hundreds of years ago. To recap, we are being destroyed by;

  1. High divorce rates. Elizabeth Windsor, Roy McMurtry, Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chrétien (the ring leaders but the Imperial and “Canadian” parliamentarians must not be excluded for none resigned their seats) moved this along with the so-called “affirmative action program” gender specific targeting the male figure. The intent of this is to raise fatherless children.
  2. Heavy taxation through extravagant spending, particularly for the gods, through sports. Trudeau was a huge spender of fiat, private money and he catapulted the so-called debt through the roof.
  3. Entertainment. This coincides with point 2 wherein “your” government is “financing” non productive ventures such as sports and arts financing.
  4. Government’s embrace of the occult. We see “god” has been forced upon us through “hail Britannia” then with the “Canadian’s” Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982. Governments celebrate many pagan days in order to take us as far from the Creator as possible.
  5. Hidden conspirators. Those who are in league with the PAPACY are the ones shaping social attitudes. To ensure the agenda is met the law is controlled by the creditors through the “law” profession. This is accomplished through what is known as “racketeering”. The Law (secret) Societies have a monopoly on the law.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Now you know! WELCOME TO HEAVEN.

NEW WORLD ORDER Old World Consolidation


The words I have chosen have been taken from various sources and are as follows;

Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, 2001


n.1. a specialized idiomatic vocabulary peculiar to a particular class or group of people, especially that of an under world group, devised for private communication and identification: a Restoration play rich in thieves argot. 2. the

special vocabulary and idiom of a particular profession or social group: sociologists argot.”

Black’s Law Dictionary, Third Edition


A special privilege conferred by government upon an individual or corporation, and which does not belong to the citizens of the country generally, of common right. It is essential to the character of a franchise that it should be a grant from the sovereign authority, and in this country no franchise can be held which is not derived from a law of the state. In England, a franchise is defined to be a royal privilege in the hands of a subject. In this country, it is a privilege of a public nature, which cannot be exercised without a legislative grant.

A franchise is a privilege or immunity of a public nature which cannot be legally exercised without legislative grant. To be a corporation is a franchise. The various powers conferred on corporations are franchises. The execution of a policy of insurance by an insurance company, and the issuing a bank-note by an incorporated bank, are franchises.

The word “franchise” has various significations, both in a legal and popular sense. A corporation is itself a franchise belonging to the members of the corporation, and the corporation, itself a franchise, may hold other franchises. Also, the different powers of a corporation, such as the right to hold and dispose of property, are its franchises. In a popular sense, the political rights of subjects and citizens are franchises, such as the right of suffrage, etc.

The term “franchise has several significations, and there is some confusion in its use. When used with reference to corporations, the better opinion, deduced from the authorities, seems to be that it consists of the entire privileges embraced in and constituting the grant. It does not embrace the property acquired by the exercise of the franchise.

General and Special


The charter of a corporation is its “general” franchise, while a “special” franchise consists in any rights granted by the public to use property for a public use but with private profit.

Elective Franchise

The right to suffrage; the right or privilege of voting in public elections.

Franchise Tax

A tax on the franchise of a corporation, that is, on the right and privilege of carrying on business in the character of a corporation, for the purposes for which it was created, and in the conditions which surround it. Though the value of the franchise, for purposes of taxation, may be measured by the amount of business done, or the amount of earnings or dividends, or by the total value of the capital or stock of the corporation in excess of its tangible assets, a franchise tax is not a tax on either property, capital, stock, earnings, or dividends.

Personal Franchise

A franchise of corporate existence, or one which authorizes the formation and existence of a corporation, is sometimes called a “personal” franchise, as distinguished from a “property” franchise, which authorizes a corporation so formed to apply its property to some particular enterprise or exercise some special privilege in its employment, as, for example, to construct and operate a railroad.

Secondary/Special Franchises

The franchise of corporate existence being sometimes called the “primary” franchise of a corporation, its “secondary” franchises are the special and peculiar rights, privileges, or grants which it may receive under its charter or from a municipal corporation, such as the right to use the public streets, exact tolls, collect fares etc. The franchises of a corporation are divisible into (1) corporate or general franchises; and (2) “special or secondary franchises.” The former is the franchise to exist as a corporation, while the latter are certain rights and privileges conferred upon existing corporations.”


A vote; the act of voting: the right or privilege of casting a vote at public elections. The best is the meaning of the term in such phrases as “the extension of the suffrage,” “universal suffrage,” etc. Participation in the suffrage is not of right, but is granted by the state on a consideration of what is most for the interest

of the state. The grant of suffrage makes it a legal right until it is recalled, and it is protected by the law as property is.”


NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

Suffrage; the expression of his will, preference, or choice, formally manifested by a member of a legislative or deliberative body, or of a constituency or a body of qualified electors, in regard to the decision to be made by the body as a whole upon any proposed measure or proceeding, or the selection of an officer or representative. And the aggregate of the expressions of will or choice, thus manifested by individuals, is called the ‘vote of the body’.”


A written assurance, or official representation, that some act has or has not been done, or some event occurred, or some legal formality been compiled with.


In Constitutional Law, and in the Law of Contracts: A permission, accorded by a competent authority, conferring the right to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal, or would be a trespass or a tort.


An instrument emanating from the sovereign power, in the nature of a grant, either to the whole nation, or to a class or portion of the people, or to a colony or dependency, and assuring to them certain rights, liberties, or powers. Such was the ‘Great Charter’ or ‘Magna Charta,’ and such also were the charters granted to certain of the English colonies in America. A charter differs from a constitution, in that the former is granted by the sovereign, while the latter is established by the people themselves.


In Public Law

The organic and fundamental law of a nation or state, which may be written or unwritten, establishing the character and conception of its government, laying the basic principles to which its internal life is to be conformed, organizing the government, and regulating, distributing, and limiting the functions of its different

departments, and prescribing the extent and manner of the exercise of sovereign powers. A charter of government deriving its whole authority from the governed. In a more general sense, any fundamental or important law or edict; as the Novel Constitutions of Justinian; the Constitutions of Clarendon.

In American Law

The written instrument agreed upon by the people of the Union or of a particular state as the absolute rule of action and decision for all departments and officers


of the government in respect to all the points covered by it, which must control until it shall be changed by the authority which established it, and in opposition to which any act or ordinance of any such department or officer is null and void.


An agreement between two or more independent states. Brande. An agreement, league, or contract between two or more nations or sovereigns, formally signed by commissioners properly authorized, and solemnly ratified by the several sovereigns or the supreme power of each state.


The person appointed, or required by law, to execute a trust; one in whom an estate, interest, or power is vested, under an express or implied agreement to administer or exercise it for the benefit or to the use of another called the cestui que trust. … Trustee is also used in a wide and perhaps inaccurate sense, to denote that a person has the duty of carrying out a transaction, in which he and another person are interested, in such manner as will be most for the benefit of the latter, and not in such a way that he himself might be tempted, for the sake of his personal advantage, to neglect the interests of the other. In this sense, directors of companies are said to be ‘trustees for the shareholders.’”


The term is derived from the Roman law, and means (as a noun) a person building the character of a trustee, or a character analogous to that of a trustee, in respect to the trust and confidence involved in it and the scrupulous good faith and candor which it requires. Thus, a person is a fiduciary who is invested with rights and powers to be exercised for the benefit of another person.”


One for whose benefit a trust is created; a cestui que trust. A person having the enjoyment of property of which a trustee, executor, etc., has the legal possession. The person to whom a policy of insurance is payable.”


A league or compact for mutual support, particularly of princes, nations, or states. Such was the colonial government during the Revolution


In a general sense, to unite into one mass or body, as to consolidate the forces of an army, or various funds. In parliamentary usage, to consolidate two bills is to unite them into one. In law, to consolidate benefices is to combine them into one. The term means something more than to rearrange or redivide. To consolidate

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

cases for trial simply means that all are to be tried together by the same jury; but separate judgments may properly be entered. To make solid or firm; to unite, compress, or pack together and form into a more compact mass, body, or system.


To create a corporation; to confer a corporate franchise upon determinate persons”.


Omission to assert a right for an unreasonable and unexplained length of time, under circumstances prejudicial to adverse party. The omission of something which a party might do, and might reasonably be expected to do, towards the vindication or enforcement of his rights, under circumstances making the present enforcement of such rights inequitable. A want of activity and diligence in making a claim or moving for the enforcement of a right (particularly in equity) which will afford ground for presuming against it, or for refusing relief, where that is discretionary with the court. ‘Limitations’ and ‘laches’ are not synonymous; but ‘limitations’ signifies the fixed statutory period within which an action may be brought for some act done to preserve a right; while ‘laches’ signifies delay independent of statute.

Casus Omissus

A case omitted; an event or contingency for which no provision is made; particularly a case not provided for by the statute on the general subject, and which is therefore left to be governed by the common law

Latent or Secret Equity

An equitable claim or right, the knowledge of which has been confined to the parties for and against whom it exists, or which has been concealed from one or several persons interested in the subject-matter.

Other Definitions


The juristic federal unit, the law makers in parliament.

The geographical land area including the sum total of the Provinces and Territories.

The corporation, or “Canada Inc.”, brought about with the concentration of 1867.

Canada is Indian Affairs and Indian Affairs is Canada.

A trustee with a fiduciary responsibility to the Indians and Elizabeth Windsor.

A fictitious country.


Canada, a corporation registered in Washington D. C. as noted in Dun and Bradstreet.

Definitions from the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

by Albert MacKay, 1927


The Bible is properly called a greater light of Masonry, for from the centre of the Lodge it pours forth upon the East, the West, and the South its refulgent rays of Divine truth. The bible is used among Masons as the symbol of the will of God, however it may be expressed. And, therefore, whatever to any people expresses that will may be used as a substitute for the bible in a Masonic Lodge. Thus, in a Lodge consisting entirely of Jews, the Old Testament alone may be placed upon the altar, and Turkish Masons make use of the Koran. Whether it be the Gospels to the Christian, the Pentateuch to the Israelite, the Koran to the Mussulman, or the Vedas to the Brahman, it everywhere Masonically conveys the same idea-that of the symbolism of the Divine Will revealed to man.

The history of the Masonic symbolism of the Bible is interesting. It is referred to in the manuscripts before the revival as the book upon which the covenant was taken, but it was never referred to as a great light. In the oldest ritual that we have, which is that of 1724,-a copy of which from the Royal Library of Berlin is given by Krause, (Drei alt. Kunsturk, i. 32,) there is no mention of the Bible as one of the lights. Preston made it a part of the furniture of the Lodge; but in rituals of about 1760 it is described as

one of the three great lights. In the American system, the Bible is both a piece of furniture and a great light.

Objections have been made to the incorporation of Lodges in consequence of some of the legal results which would follow. An incorporated Lodge becomes subject to the surveillance of the courts of law, from which an unincorporated Lodge is exempt. Thus, a Mason expelled by an unincorporated Lodge must look for his redress to the Grand Lodge alone. But if the Lodge be incorporated, he may apply to the courts for a restoration of his franchise as a member. Masonic discipline would thus be seriously affected. The objection to incorporation is, I think, founded on good reasons.”(pages 408-409)

Black Ball

The ball used in a Masonic ballot by those who do not wish the candidate to be admitted. Hence, when an applicant is rejected, he is said to be “black balled.” The use of the black balls may be traced as far back as to the ancient Romans. Thus, Ovid says (Met. xv. 41), that in trials it was the

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custom of the ancients to condemn the prisoner by black pebbles or to acquit him by white ones.” (“Mos erat antiques nivels atrisque lapillis. His damnare roes, Illis absolvere culpa.”) P. 129


The equipoised balance is an ancient symbol of equity. On the medals, this virtue is represented by a female holding in the right hand a balance, and in the left a measuring wand, to indicate that she gives to each one his just measure. In the Ancient and Accepted Rite, the thirty-first degree, or Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander, is illustrative of the virtue of equity; and hence the balance is a prominent symbol of that degree, as it is also of the sixteenth degree, or Princes of Jerusalem, because, according to the old rituals, they were Chiefs in Masonry, and administered justice to the inferior degrees.” P. 289

Female Masons

The landmarks of Speculative Masonry peremptorily exclude females from any active participation in its mysteries. But there are a few instances in which the otherwise unalterable rule of female exclusion has been made to yield to the peculiar exigencies of the occasion; and some cases are well authenticated where this “Salique law” has been violated

from necessity, and females have been permitted to receive at least the first degree. Such, however, have been only the exceptions which have given confirmation to the rule.” See Aldworth, Beaton, and Xentrailles P. 307.


By an act of incorporation, the supreme legislature of a country creates a corporation or body politic, which is defined by Mr. Kyd (Corp., i. 13.) to be “a collection of many individuals united in one body, under a special denomination, having perpetual succession under an artificial form, and vested by the policy of the law with a capacity of acting in several respects as an individual, particularly of a King, and granting property, contracting obligations, and of suing and being sued; of enjoying privileges and immunities in common, and of exercising a variety of political rights.” Some Grand Lodges in this country are incorporated by act of the General Assembly of their respective States; others are not, and these generally hold their property through Trustees. In 1768, an effort was made in the Grand Lodge of England to petition Parliament for incorporation, and after many discussions the question was submitted to

the Lodges: a large majority of whom having agreed to the measure, a bill was introduced in Parliament by the Deputy Grand Master, but, being approved on its second reading, at the request of several of the Fraternity,


who had petitioned the House against it, it was withdrawn by the mover, and thus the design of an incorporation fell to the ground. Perhaps the best system of Masonic incorporation in existence is that of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina. There the act, by which the Grand Lodge was incorporated, in 1817, delegates to that body the power of incorporating its subordinates; so that a Lodge, whenever it receives from the Grand Lodge a Warrant of constitution, acquires thereby at once all the rights of a corporate body, which it ceases to exercised whenever the said Warrant is revoked by the Grand Lodge.

Objections have been made to the incorporation of Lodges in consequence of some of the legal results which would follow. An incorporated Lodge becomes subject to the surveillance of the courts of law, from which an unincorporated Lodge is exempt. Thus, a Mason expelled by an unincorporated Lodge must look for his redress to the Grand Lodge alone. But if the Lodge be incorporated, he may apply to the courts for a restoration of his franchise as a member. Masonic discipline would thus be seriously affected. The objection to incorporation is, I think, founded on good reasons.” P. 408-409


The obelisk is a quadrangular, monolithic column, diminishing upwards, with the sides gently inclined, but not so as to terminate in a pointed apex, but to form at the top a flattish, pyramidal, figure, by which the whole is finished off and brought to a point. It was the most common species of

monument in ancient Egypt, where they are still to be found in great numbers, the sides being covered with hieroglyphic inscriptions. Obelisks were, it is supposed, originally erected in honor of the sun god. Pliny says (Holland’s trans.), “The Kings of Egypt in times past made of this stone certain long beams, which they call obelisks, and consecrated them unto the sun, whom they honored as a god; and, indeed, some resemblance they carry of sunbeams.” In continental Masonry the monument in the Master’s degree is often made in the form of an obelisk, with the letters M. B. inscribed upon it. And this form is appropriate, because in Masonic, as in Christian, iconography the obelisk is a symbol of the resurrection.” P. 613.


Red, scarlet, or crimson, for it is indifferently called by each of these names, is the appropriate color of the Royal Arch degree, and is said symbolically to represent the ardor and zeal which should actuate all who are in possession of that sublime portion of Masonry. Portal (Couleurs

Symb., p. 116) refers the color red to fire, which was the symbol of the regeneration and purification of souls. Hence there seems to be a congruity in adopting it as the color of the Royal Arch, which refers

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historically to the regeneration or rebuilding of the Temple, and symbolically to the regeneration of life.

In the religious services of the Hebrews, red, or scarlet, was used as one of the colors of the veils of the tabernacle, in which, according to Josephus, it was an emblem of the element of fire; it was also used in the ephod of the high priest, in the girdle, and in the breastplate. Red was, among the Jews, a color of dignity, appropriated to the most opulent or honorable, and hence the prophet Jeremiah, in describing the rich men of his country, speaks of them as those who “were brought up in scarlet.”

In the middle Ages, those knights who engaged in the wars of the Crusades, and especially the Templars, wore a red cross, as a symbol of their willingness to undergo martyrdom for the sake of religion;; and the priests of the Roman Church still wear red vestments when they officiate on the festivals of those saints who were martyred.

Red is in the higher degrees of Masonry as predominating a color as blue is in the lower. Its symbolic significations differ, but they may generally be considered as alluding either to the virtue of fervency when the symbolism is moral, or to the shedding of blood when it is historical. Thus in the degree of Provost and Judge, it is historically emblematic of the violent death of one of the founders of the Institution; while in the degree of Perfection it is said to be a moral symbol of zeal for the glory of God, and for our own advancement towards perfection in Masonry and virtue.

In the degree of Rose Croix, red is the predominating color, and symbolizes the ardent zeal which should inspire all who are in search of that which is lost.

Where red is not used historically, and adopted as a memento of certain tragical circumstances in the history of Masonry, it is always, under some modification, a symbol of zeal and fervency.

These three colors, blue, purple and red, were called in the former English lectures “the old colors of Masonry” and were said to have been selected “because they are royal, and such as the ancient Kings and princes used to wear; and sacred history informs us that the veil of the Temple was composed of these colors.”

Red Letters

In the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, edicts, summonses or other documents, written or printed in red letters, are supposed to be of more

binding obligation, and to require more implicit obedience, than any others. Hence, in the same Rite, to publish the name of one who has been expelled in red letters is considered an especial mark of disgrace. It is


derived from the custom of the Middle Ages, when, as Muraturi shows, (Antiq. Ital. Med.) red letters were used to give greater weight to documents; and he quotes an old Charter of 1020 which is said to be confirmed “per literas rubcas,” or by red letters.”


A number of mystical import, partly because it is the product of 3 and 7, the most sacred of the odd numbers, but especially because it is the sum of the numerical value of the letters of the Divine Name, Eleyeh, thus:

5 + 10 + 5 + 1 = 21

It is little valued in Masonry, but is deemed of great importance in the Kabala and in Alchemy; in the latter, because it refers to the twenty-one days of distillation necessary for the conversion of the grosser metals into silver.”

As you can see from some of the definitions, in becoming a voter, you ask to be enfranchised. To be enfranchised is to be incorporated. To become incorporated is to become the property of any one of or all of the various governing structures where you live. In short, you are owned or, they think that they own you. To find out why this is, you have to know what, if any, authority the various governing structures have over you and where it derives its authority to make such assumptions, presumptions or determinations. As for the definition for “female masons” one can plainly see why it is not a woman’s world, perhaps it ought to be.

Next time there is an all candidates debates, at the franchise renewal time also known as “voting”, question the incumbents as to exactly who the true party of interest your elected official is serving, viz, where is all the “money” coming from, in relation to debt creation, and, who is the party of interest receiving the “debt” payments? Let us also not forget to ask them about the Indian’s Royalties from the natural resources etc.

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(Map of 1763 from the Dorion Report 1971 Track 14)

What you see in this map is the settlement of the lands of Turtle Island as of the time of the Royal Proclamation of 1763. While the Royal Proclamation describes the boundaries the above map is a visualization of the lands referred to in the Royal Proclamation. The map has been taken from the Dorion Report of 1971.

When assessing the map one must consider some facts. Facts such as the Indians were not at war with the English leading to 1763 therefore, the thirteen colonies etc., are still Indian land subject to a unusual lien on the land and a percentage from the produce of the land. Also, all lands not ceded or surrendered or subject of any Treaty, were acknowledged as being reserved to the Indians and if there was to be any “selling” of Indian land it was to be undertaken with the monarch and not individuals or the various governing structures. The broad swath of land through what is known as the fertile belt is still Indian Territory or Lands Reserved to the Indians as noted within the Royal Proclamation 1763 and under section 91.24 of the British North America Bill 1867. This broad swath is still lands reserved to the Indians as if there were any changes to the boundaries since 1763 there would have had to have been amendments to the Royal Proclamation 1763 and there haven’t and there cannot be any amendments thereto.

Upon further scrutiny the map reveals another anomaly insofar as “Rupert’s Land” or Hudson’s Bay Territory is concerned. At 1670 Prince Rupert authorized to grant a Charter to the Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson’s Bay. The orders to the company included opening up trade with the Indians in the area and if at all possible, to conquer the Indians. The conquest of the Indians did not come to pass but what the company did accomplish was a monopoly on the fur trade within the three million square miles of Rupert’s Land. At 1870, when the Hudson’s Bay Company surrendered the 1670 Charter, the Charter surrender did not terminate the contracts between the Indians of the area and the company. Ergo, although the Hudson’s Bay Company may have surrendered its Charter the company is still on the hook with the Indians and the lands referred to as “Rupert’s Land” is still sovereign Indians Territory.

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Appendix “B”

(Map of 1923 from the Dorion Report Track 9)

What you are looking at with this map is evidence of a breach of trust and royal instructions. The breach of royal instruction is two fold. It is a breach of the sovereign power’s Royal Proclamation 1763 as well a breach of the Imperial Parliament with respects to the British North America Bill 1867.

I will explain the ins and outs of the map with respects to the so-called Treaties in order you may come to better understand what is happening here. Upon close scrutiny you will note the Robinson Huron, Robinson Superior “Treaties” of 1850. I have already dealt with that issue using the Ottawa authority’s document wherein it was asserted Robinson was not acting upon the authority of the sovereign power and the Imperial Parliament was negligent in policing those entrusted to uphold the royal instruction.

With respects to the “A, B, and C” “Treaties” it can only be said that those “Williams Treaties” are an illusion for several reasons. Primarily, those “Treaties” were entered into with the Ottawa authority to which the parliament has no authority to make Treaties. Section 91.24 of the British North America Bill 1867 only authorizes the parliament to protect the pledges of the Royal Proclamation 1763 and did not empower the parliament to enter into Treaties. After all, Treaties are between sovereign entities and the parliament cannot become sovereign until such time as all Indians have been extinguished.

The next trick contained within the “Williams Treaties” can be found within the signatures of the Indians who signed the “Treaties”. Those Indians who signed the “Williams Treaties” were Canadians. Representatives of one party signed on behalf of both parties. Clearly, this is not a valid legal document.

Another anomaly of the “Williams Treaties” can be found in the fact that had those “Treaties” been bona fide then there would had to have been amendments to the Royal Proclamation 1763 which, of course, has not happened since 1763 and, one would think, there would have certainly had to have been amendments to the Royal Proclamation 1763 in 1776 the alleged year of the so-called American Revolution or in the year 1789, the first bankruptcy of the united States of America. There have been no amendments. There have been no Indian wars where the sovereign power officially declared war on their Treaty partners.

When considering the “Williams Treaties” you must also factor in the Six Nations Indian Reserve outside of Hamilton, Ontario. The town of Brantford, named after the great Canadian “Free”mason Indian “Chief”, is alleged to be an Indian Reserve of significant size. Why does the Six Nations Reserve not show up within the areas of the “Williams Treaties”? Because the “powers-that-be” are tripping over themselves stealing the land and killing off the Indians so much so they cannot even do it orderly or methodically. It


would be akin to letting the children loose in a candy factory. You have also noticed the balance of the Indian Territory as of 1763 is not shown on this map.

The so-called “Treaty” of 1905, covering northern Ontario, is still subject to Hudson’s Bay Company agreements so that “Treaty” and the other numbered “Treaties” west of this alleged Treaty are all subject to Hudson’s Bay Company Treaties therefore, the so-called Morris Treaties fall. As well, agents for the particular governing structure were signing on behalf of the Indians and that too is a contributing factor in the thefts committed upon the Indians and breaches of “Royal” instructions. The Morris “Treaties” we are shown speak of “surrender” which was not contained in the original Treaties.

Alexander Morris, responsible for Treaties three through six, was not acting according to the Royal Proclamation 1763 insofar as land negotiations are concerned. He was giving the Indians more benefits than they already had, or were to receive benefits “on top” of what they already had and what they already had were the Hudson’s Bay Company Treaties so how could Morris, acting for the Province of Manitoba, also act for the Hudson’s Bay Company a company whose Charter was surrendered in 1870 and, how could there be any negotiations without having representatives of the Hudson’s Bay Company present? The answer is he couldn’t. Also, within the “Morris Treaties” you will find Morris’s intent was to turn the Indians into slaves or “loving subjects” of the Queen. Again, trustees have no power to enter into Treaties, only sovereign bodies can and the Dominion of Canada and the Province of Manitoba were not then, and are not now, sovereign bodies. Clearly, this was negligence on the part of the Imperial Parliament, or could have been a calculated move on the part of the Imperial Parliament?

The 1860’s was a turbulent decade. In 1861 you have the death of Prince Albert, the start of the American Civil War and the transfer of the management of Indian Affairs out of the Home Office in Westminster to the Province of Canada. By 1867, under the concentration “Act” of that year, those affairs were again transferred, this time, to the Ottawa authority under section 91.24 of the British North America Bill.

Charles the First enacted the Petition of Right in 1627 and one year later he dissolved the Parliament for the next eleven years. Charles had recalled Parliament twice in order to arrange funding for his personal initiatives and was twice refused. The first recall of Parliament is referred to as the “short Parliament” as Charles dissolved the Parliament once it was determined that he wasn’t going to get his own way. Shortly thereafter, he recalled Parliament again for the same reason and when he couldn’t get his way this time he attempted to dissolve the Parliament. Parliament refused and continued sitting in what has come to be known as the “long Parliament”. At about this time a Civil War broke out in England and, in 1657, Charles the First was executed. Once Charles lost his head, the monarchy fell and England became a republic.

NEW WORLD ORDER, Old World Concentration

The Earth is Pregnant with Lies, About to Give Birth to the Truth”.

Patrick Anthony Ellis 2003

Governments do not require taxation for bona fide reasons. Governments require taxation to ensure you have no wealth.”

Patrick Anthony Ellis 2008

Taxpayer Bill of Rights? Taxpayers have no rights! The reason why they are taxpayers is because of debt and the only entity having any rights is the creditor.”

Patrick Anthony Ellis 2009

Ask not what you can do for your “country”, ask what your “country” has been doing to you.”

Patrick Anthony Ellis 2009

There is something so consummately ridiculous in the idea of a nation’s getting money by paying interest to itself upon its own stock, that the mind of every rational man naturally rejects it. It is, really, something little short of madness to suppose, that a nation can increase its wealth; increase its means of paying others; that it can do this by paying interest to itself. When time is taken to reflect, no rational man will attempt to maintain a proposition so shockingly absurd”

William Cobbett, M. P. (1810) Paper Against Gold, p. 83

Comment on the Bank of England

The power to tax involves the power to destroy”

John Marshall 1819

On Janus 30th., 1933 the National Concentration Party was elected”.

Adolph Hitler Sports Palast February 1933 (PBS series on Joseph Goebbles at minute 25)

Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.

Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.

Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials

(“…the best method of promoting the peace of the country would be to send troops out of it, as it was ‘manifest that foreign wars are the aptest means of allaying civil strife’”)

Orsino, Papal Legate 1572


Individuals and societies are always in a transitory state from one age to another, but there are times when these transitions both for individuals and for societies are especially apparent and vividly realized …This transition consists in the necessity of freeing themselves from human authority which has become unbearable … The Eastern nations are placed for this purpose in especially happy conditions… not having yet lost faith in the necessity of the supreme law of Heaven or God…the law of Tao ….You should free yourselves from unreasonable demands of your Government which exacts from you actions contrary to your moral teaching and consciousness. Only adhere to that liberty which consists in following the national way of life, i. e. Tao and of themselves will be abolished all the calamities which your officials cause you … You will free yourselves from your officials by not fulfilling their demands and above all, by not obeying, you will cease to contribute to the oppression and plunder of each other. … If the Chinese were only to continue to live, as they have formerly lived, a peaceful, industrious agricultural life, following in their conduct the principles of their three religions: Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, all here in their basis coinciding: Confucianism in the liberation from all human authority, Taoism in not doing to others what one does not wish to be done to himself, and Buddhism in love towards all men and all living beings, then of themselves would disappear all those calamities from which they now suffer, and no Powers could overcome them. … In order to free oneself from the evil one should not fight with its consequences: the abuses of Governments, the seizures and plunders of neighboring nations, – but with the root of the evil; with the relations in which the people have placed themselves toward human authority. If the people recognize human power as higher than the power of God, higher than the Law (Tao), then the people will always be slaves and the more so, the more complex their organization of Power … which they institute and to which they submit. Only those people can be free for whom the law of God (Tao) is the sole supreme law to which all others should be subordinated.

Leo Tolstoy, 1901


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