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Anishinaabe is interpreted as “those who came up from the earth” much like Adam. The Anishinaabe are what some people call “Indians”. Governments call them; “Ab-Originals”, First Nations, Metis, Status and other fictions. This post is about the Anishinaabe and what has been happening to them since 1763.

At 1763 the Royal Proclamation was “born”. The Royal Proclamation 1763 is what gives Queen Elizabeth jurisdiction over what we call “Turtle Island” and corporately; “Canada”, United States of America, North America. The Royal Proclamation 1763 provides, in part, for the Queen to restrain the Pilgrims from subjecting us to improvident bargains, molestation and land swindles. For reasons yet to be uncovered the Anishinaabe had treaties with many nations but in 1763 all those treaties devolved to the King of England.

From 1763 until 1867 the management of the restrictions against the settlers and funds due the Anishinaabe from the produce of the land was handled out of the Privy Council Office England. The Lord Privy Seal heads the Privy Council Office England. The office of the Lord Privy Seal was invented 5 years after the unum sanctum of 1302 was decreed by Rome. For the first 200 years ecclesiasts where Lord Privy Seals. Today, the HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND aka Lord Privy Seal carries on business as Natalie Evans. A franchise of Natalie is the Privy Council Office Canada. Management of the Anishinaabe was transferred from the Imperial Parliament to the Dominion of Canada. This management lasted from “Canada Day”, July 1st., 1867-1965 and from 1965 to current by the Privy Council Office Canada.The reason for “Canada Day” being celebrated July 1st., is this is the day the Privy Council Office Dominion of Canada was invented. The so-called British North America Bill 1867 failed to receive Royal Assent.

The Dominion of Canada lasted 98 years. Canada is currently 52 years old.

The Law Society of Upper Canada was invented 1797.The Law Society of Upper Canada currently holds a monopoly on the law in Ontario and guards its purported authority zealously.

Canada has Ministers. The United States have Secretaries. Ministers are ecclesiasts. Secretaries perform “clerical” work. A cleric is of a lesser rank than a Minister. Who is wagging which dog’s tail?

When we peruse the Criminal Code of Canada there is something missing. What is missing are laws set in place to restrain the Pilgrims from cheating us and swindle us out of our land. In fact, taxi drivers, school bus and transit operators hold a higher standing in society if one is to be punished for assaulting one of them (s. 269.1 Criminal Code of Canada) yet nary a word for anyone violating the Royal Instructions in the Royal Proclamation 1763.

When one considers the close and loving relationship between the Anishinaabe and Elizabeth it can only be construed when one attacks an Anishinaabe he attacks the Queen. Therefore, while the Criminal Code may appear to ignore the Anishinaabe they are actually covered under s. 46.1; High Treason. High Treason carries a minimum-maximum sentence of life. If s. 46.1 fails to apply to the Anishinaabe then this is indisputable proof genocide was intended from 1763 to this day.

When one considers the Law Society of Upper Canada, such an extinguished fraternity and all those Privy Councilors over the years it is hard to imagine any of them would set about to destroy nations of Anishinaabe. Therefore, it is obvious High Treason awaits for anyone who trespasses on us and expects to escape liability.

HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF CANADA aka CLERK OF THE PRIVY COUNCIL OFFICE CANADA c. o. b. as Michael Wernick is the current incumbent. The Privy Council Office owns the Treasury Board. The parliament of Canada are employees of the Treasury Board therefore also owned by the Privy Council Office. With the Privy Council Office being exposed we now see the need for the scourge of society; “Democracy”!

With democracy the Privy Council Office Canada, using the Parliament and the vote as bait, enfranchises the masses every way possible from municipal to provincial to federal elections.

As we are speaking of Tribes it is safe to say we are all tribal. When we look to the tribal genealogy of Elizabeth we find she is being held out as the Lion of Judah or Chief of the Tribe of Judah. Accordingly, the Laws attached to her flow from Torah. Upon reading the Royal Proclamation 1763 we find it speaks, in part, about land purchase, which involve sales and Treaties, which are international contracts.

When we cross reference land sales KJV, the Queen’s Bible, we find the land belongs to the God of Elizabeth and not to be sold forever. When we search “contracts KJV” we find Judah is commanded not to engage in contracts lest they be a snare. So, there you have it. Elizabeth’s purported authority violates the Commands of the God she represents.

On February 6th, 1952, Elizabeth became Chief. However, on June 2nd., 1953 she donated her authority over to pope at the Temple of Dagon; Westminster. From “Christianity and Law” by Stephen C. Perks we find the papacy invented our modern western legal system. And, as pope is the trustee to Elizabeth, pope’s agents are called “lawyers”. The lawyer is backed up by brutal policy enforcers. “Police” is rooted in policy. Policy is not law.

Elizabeth, being of Judah, is commanded to uphold the law per Command Deuteronomy 4:2 from the Constitution Written in Heaven. Pope has a bible quite similar to Elizabeth’s King James version and is called the “Douay Rheams Vulgate” bible. The pope’s bible contains many of the same commands therefore also bound to this Command. In contrast, Vatican court (curia) has the code of canon law with, in my opinion, “canon” being a play on words for “Cana’an” or the laws of the Cana’anites. In deed, the Cana’anites are notorious sodomites and the priesthood are allowed, with seeming impunity, to sodomize boys. So, one may think a genocide is going on but it is actually a problem with the Anishinaabe as they fail to appreciate s. 46.1, High Treason.

This is the 7th Fire of the Algonquin-Hopi. This is the time to regain what was stolen. This is how its done. If we don’t catch it now we head into the 8th Fire which is “head for the hills time”.

We have also just passed the 7th Blood Moon Tetrad.