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Heresy is the act of denying papal infallibility.

At the year 597 Augustine II set about to christianize the pagan common law people of England.

At that time there were many tribes such as, but not limited to the; Saxons, Angles, Northumbrians, Mercians, Danes, Wessex and others. Each Tribe had it’s own customs, traditions and law. One Tribe had the custom and tradition of the “Wickerman” as a form of hue man sacrifice. Yet another Tribe engaged in the sacrifice of others in peat bogs (bog people).

By the time of Alfred the many kingheads were reduced to one easily manageable kinghead and at the time of Alfred he chose the laws which would be concentrated into the “Dooms” (laws) of Alfred”.

With the Tribes and laws concentrated we find the formation of the United Kingdom. United Kingdom being made up of 3 words; United, King and Doom or, the Dooms of the Kings United. Contrary to popular thought the flag of the United King Doom is such, not the Union of Jacob aka Union Jack, or Union John if you prefer!

Through various papal revolutions we arrive at our modern western legal system. This would include the invention of the “Witan“, the forerunner of the modern Imperial Parliament and the law profession.

Management of our modern western legal system is entrusted to the Crown of the papacy; church, state and justice.

From the time of pagan common law ruler King John pope had been diligently christianizing the rulers and to ensure the christianization worked he contracted with King John in 1213 because John was being bad. King John, who lacked land, pledged himself and his heirs and successors (all 45 presidents of the 13 Colonies) not to mention giving Ireland and England to pope. John was really just a figure head as his wealth was measured only to the extent of how much he could steal from the Catholic churches.

Despite Mary Queen of Scots pope set about setting Judahite rulers upon the Throne of Thorns and this was set in place, in earnest, with the placing of James the VI of Scotland on England’s Throne of Thorns in 1603.

From 1603 to current there was a mix of pagan common law, Edomite and Judahite rulers and today we have Elizabeth of Judah ruling. When a pagan common law ruler is placed on the Throne of Thorns the Crown of the papacy rules but when a Judahite ruler is on the Throne of Thorns the Lion of Judah rules but relies on the infallibility of pope to ensure Deuteronomy 4:2 is complied with.

Elizabeth rose to Chief of the Tribe of Judah on February 6th., 1952 yet 16 months later, at Westminster, she delegated her authority to her trustee; pope. In exchange, Elizabeth was granted a lifelong, grueling all expenses paid vacation which she may never recover and could lead to a premature death. As trustee, pope assigned his charges, the Law Societies, to carry out the Royal Instructions set under Command Deuteronomy 4:2 from the Constitution Written in Heaven. Pope has the Douay Rheams Vulgate Bible which is quite similar to the King James Version assigned to Judah and both ushering in the Ancient Scriptures.

With the law profession being charged with the management of God’s affairs, as agents of pope and in compliance with Deuteronomy 4:2, they have abandoned their duties, obligations and responsibilities assigned to them to invent self-serving legislation for reasons yet to be uncovered. In so doing the lawyers have tarnished the good name, reputation and dignity of pope rendering the pope perilously close to the equivalent to that of a liar. In short, the law profession raises the question of whether the pope is fallible to which the proper ecclesiast authority ought to make inquiry as to the depth and breadth of this heresy. Until then, we are stuck with the law profession who are evidently liars.

Through the frauds of “Democracy” the lawyers “enfranchise” the people in order to take away their voices in case they might like to contest the frauds of the lawyers. Once enfranchised the people have no voice but at the ballot box the next election. This is exemplified in the 13 Colonies wherein the obtuse voters vote over and over and over all the while “thinking” they will elect someone who might finally do something for the good of We the Person.

Perhaps it is time for the people to step in and ask their parish priests about papal fallibility due to the highest profession of society; the law societies. Until then, we can only ask the courts “why are the lawyers denying papal fallibility?”. It is up to us to raise this issue with the priest hood as the judges are of the law profession thus possible willing conspirators with the frauds of the law societies.

Time to speak up!