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Established in 1797 The Law Society of Upper Canada is controlling power of the courts within the Province of Ontario carrying out the wishes of the Privy Council Office Canada.

With the revelation of Senator Lillian Dyck concerning the absence of Criminal Code sanctions for crimes committed against the Original People (“Indians”) comes Bill 215.

Bill 215 is designed to establish the first law concerning crimes committed against the Anishinabe but she prefers to call us corporate “Indians”. Corporate Indians, such as; Metis, First Nations, Ab-Original, Status and other fictions which were invented through enfranchisement and bound to the Indian Act. In this sense, the Criminal Code of Canada is just fine the way it is!

Turning to the real “Indians”, who are actually “Anishinaabeg”, we must look to the Royal Proclamation 1763. Within this document we find the Anishinaabe(g) are not to be; molested, subject to improvident bargains or land swindles. Since this time not one criminal code sanction, either from the Imperial Parliament or the Canadian Parliament, has been established to reflect these Royal Instructions. Imagine, not one Privy Councilor, not one lawyer, not one ruler thought to create such law since 1763.

If not for Senator Lillian Dyck’s initiative we would be looking at one of two possibilities. The first one is to draw the conclusion the Anishinaabeg have been the subject of genocide by the English since the Proclamation of 1763. The other possibility would be considered upon the relationship between the Anishinaabeg and the Queen. As partners, one could easily conclude to harm an Anishinaabeg would be to harm the Queen. To harm the Queen would be an violation of High Treason law set out under s. 46.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Turning to the corporate Indians, owned by the Privy Council Office Canada and in consideration of Lillian’s initiative, we can safely conclude genocide was the intent of the English since 1763 through pseudo legislation such as the Enfranchisement Act, the necessary tool to make the Indian Act  a success. And now, a token law is being put on the books even though only for the female corporation which is naturally at the expense of the male corporations. This clearly shows the so-called governments were setting about destroying their own property, their own property gained through; fraud, deception and manipulation.

However, the question arises as to whether or not the Privy Council Office Dominion of Canada (July 1, 1867-1965) had authority to force certain Anishinaabeg into the franchise in order to own them!

Even if the Privy Council Office Dominion of Canada had such authority not all Anishinaabeg bought into the franchise thus leaving it open for the Anishinaabeg to rely upon s.. 46.1 for those Pilgrims who violate the Royal Instructions of 1763.

It is plain to see the Law Society of Upper Canada was invented to bring about fake legislation or laws aimed at destroying a race of people. The Law Society of Upper Canada has a strangle hold on the law and the courts therefore a monopoly and the monopoly to keep “prying eyes” from asking embarrassing questions before a court.

It is time to expose the Law Society of Upper Canada for its abusive behaviour and dismantle its monopoly over all law. The one stumbling block is the police. Police, rooted in policy and policy differs from law, means what we think of police and who they actually are are two different issues for what they really are are, at times, the brutal policy enforcers of the Parliament. They are military, no question. The Law Society of Upper Canada are the policy creators and police enforce the policies.  And it is a sad commentary to realize while we do need law and order we get low i. q. men and women who are quick on the draw and brutal at the blink of the eye.

It is time for a change.