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The sorry story of Chaney Wenjack is but one of millions. The reality behind his tragic end must be told. I highly doubt there is one man or woman who is aware of what you are about to learn but what I am about to tell you is the truth. It is not that I seek the truth, as one really is unable to know what truth is. As Pontiff Pilot quipped; “what is truth”. However, the lies which I have been shown, tends to reveal a certain truth.

Chaney Wenjack was what some claim to be “Indian”. What he actually was was Anishinabe, Anishinaabek, etc. The reason he was placed in the Residential School hell hole was because he WAS Tribal! We are ALL tribal! In contrast, none of the elected Chief and council are Anishinabe. They are owned by the Privy Council Office Canada. The Privy Council Office Canada owns the Parliament of Canada.

While I could go back in history, back further than the so-called British North America Bill 1867, I will focus in on events leading to the so-called event of 1867. Before the con job of “confederation” there were many Tribes and Nations of Anishinabe. They were dealing with Colonization, not unlike the current Norman Conquest or the Syrian Refugee Crisis of 1066.

Before 1867 there was the Fur Trade fueling settlement and commerce between the New World of Europe and the Old World of Turtle Island. The fur trade involved the liquidation of the spirit energy of the beaver in exchange for those things crafted by the hands of man; trinkets!

The reason for the fur trade focused on the eradication of the beaver in order to get at the natural minerals and resources which lay under the vast amounts of water on Turtle Island. What was happening then is no different than the Tar Sands of Fort (Hudson’s Bay Company outpost) McMurray. The Tar Sands are what is known as the “overburden” which protects the valuable; gold, silver, uranium etc. thereunder. This is why “they” are using 2 barrels of clean oil to obtain 1 barrel of dirty oil!
In 1866 the Province of Canada was responsible for two financial funds; one was the Consolidated Revenue Fund the other the Indian Fund. The former held the limited amount of taxes raised from very limited sources. The latter, on the other hand, held the growing, and phenomenal, funds consequent to the produce of the land owed the Anishinabe.

In 1862 the Duke of Newcastle borrowed, from what some claim is the papal Bank of England, 12,000,000 pounds of sterling money to build useless, what others claim as papal, railroads. The loan was coming due December 1867. By February 1867 the plot was hatched to refinance the loans and concentrating the debts of the Provinces of; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Canada, into one central authority the Dominion of Canada. This was what came to be known as the British North America Act 1867. However, the British North America Act 1867 failed to receive Royal Assent therefore, it was a bill which died on the order table but presented as a lawful act of the Imperial Parliament. The so-called British North America Bill was dealt with mid February 1867.

Incidentally, the reason “we” celebrate Confederation on July 1st., 1867 is because this was the date the Privy Council Office (Canada) was invented. The Privy Council Office Canada is a branch office of the Privy Council Office England. The Privy Council Office England is owned by the Lord Privy Seal,  alias HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND currently carrying on business as Natalie Evans [“Money Penny”]. The Lord Privy Seal office was invented in 1307 to compliment the office of the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England of 1066 or 2 years after the Syrian Refugee Crisis of 1066. In both instances the offices were under the control of ecclesiasts. Therefore, papally owned or controlled or “coincidence”.

During the last week of March 1867 the Imperial Parliament was dealing with the refinancing of the loan the Duke of Newcastle invented in 1862. The question arises; “if the Dominion of Canada” became a sovereign country in February 1867, why the need for the Imperial Parliament to deal with international loans? The reason is because the loan had to be paid as the Imperial Parliament were sureties. At 1867 the Indian Fund was merged into the Consolidated Revenue Fund as a money laundering scheme intended to fleece the Anishinabe out of their share flowing from Treaties.

As time went on, the benefits due under Treaties were diverted from the Anishinabe over to the Bank of England. In the meantime, the Parliament of Canada went on to invent the Department of Secretary of State Act 1868 then (short title) the Enfranchisement Act (1869). The former lines up the Parliament to define whom they can take land from while the latter redefines the Anishinabe into corporations; “Indians”.

In 1870 the Anishinabe were forced into the franchise (like the obtuse voters via the greatest scourge of all time; “democracy”)through the due diligence of great men such as Buffalo Bill and his destruction of the main food source of the Anishinabe; the buffalo. With the Anishinabe dazed and confused and hungry they were offered the franchise and “Treaties”. Those who complained were either executed or placed in concentration camps also known as “reserves”. Hitler did the same thing when he stole large corporations and trusts from the Israelites of the time of Nazi Germany. The Israelites were sent to reserves.

The so-called Morris Treaties were for specific purposes but, after being signed (pictoglyphs) , were sent to England where they were forged then sent back 10 years later.

The Indian Act, North-west Military Police, supreme Court of Canada all came about in this fake nation building designed to obliterate the Anishinabe to take their land and resources. The residential schools were necessary in the breakdown of the fabric of Anishinabe society.

Chaney, who was Tribal, had to be reprogrammed. He refused to be reprogrammed or to be the toy of a priest. Today, the elected Chief and Council are carrying out this tradition under orders of its master the Privy Council Office Canada. The so-called Parliament of Canada are mere mouthpieces for the Privy Council Office Canada and the reason Justin “sins-of-his-dad” Trudeau was floored when Gord Downie challenged him; Trudeau has no authority and is but a mouthpiece for the Privy Council Office Canada.

Of late, Glenn Hudson, Privy Council Office Canada employee, sold the Selkirk Settlement to the Privy Council Office Canada for a pittance of what is due the Anishinabe. Justice Harry LaForme’s disgusting family the Privy Council Office Canada property; Mississaugas of the New Credit Canada (Inc.) sold the Toronto area for $142,000,000 to the Privy Council Office Canada.

Where does Queen Elizabeth fit in in all this?

Elizabeth gains her purported authority here under s. 25(a) of the “Canadian’s” Charter of Rights and Freedoms U. K. 1982 ch 11 also known as the Royal Proclamation 1763. Elizabeth is being held out as the Chief of the Tribe of Judah, 4th., born family of the Israelites of Jacob. Elizabeth is bound to the Torah. Torah prevents Judah from engaging in contracts which Treaties are therefore all treaties are nul ab initio. The Royal Proclamation also speaks of land purchases which involves sales. Under Torah, the land is not to be sold as it belongs to God. Strike three against Elizabeth’s purported authority is the fact it has yet to be implemented.

On February 6th., 1952 Elizabeth became chief of the Tribe of Judah. On June 2nd., 1953, at the Temple of Dagon (Westminster), Elizabeth donated her authority over to the pope. In the exchange, Elizabeth was sent on a grueling lifelong all expenses paid vacation lasting now over 63 years.

In the exchange, pope became bound to Command Deuteronomy 4:2 from the Constitution Written in Heaven, not to add to or diminish from the Law as set out in Torah.

The irony is, there are no more Anishinabe! The only pseudo Anishinabe are the Mohawks who happen to be owned by “others”

If you were Satan and wanted to destroy everything God created what better tool to rely then God’s elect than Judah! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Awesome! No wonder why the music industry loves and embraces Satan!